Taylor Swift Has Over 100 Songs — How Many Have You Listened To?

Are you a real Swiftie?

5/24/2020 3:51:00 AM

Taylor Swift Has Over 100 Songs — How Many Have You Listened To?

Are you a real Swiftie?

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A lot :) TSwiftNZ P. S. Only music I have other than Gorgeous Music is from the 50 s & 60 s . TSwiftNZ Every one that has appeared to me on this IPad and the DVD S . I'll say the same for Cover Magazines Pictures that I could find. I have all on display in My Living Room . Any visitor can pick up any Magazine and read ; all are on display . Gorgeous , Gorgeous , more Gorgeous .

All 104/104 Everything! na vdd ouvi todas, mas teve umas que eu so ouvi uma vez, ai nao marquei all of them Todas ♥️ Zero point zero. All none of them 104 All of them. Over, and over, and over again. Can't get enough. Where is eyes open, safe & sound, crazier and the cats soundtrack? Kkkk I’ve listened to them all 🥰💖

101 das 104 104/104 ❤️ TSwiftNZ All of them are so beautiful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🤗🤩🌻🌼🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have listened to 134 songs. None i havent heard 'I heart?' (will p check) but there are more songs that werent listed here NONE! 2 All of them samanthtweets All Over 100 kuhnSam None, but I’ve self achieved orgasm in her honor severel times

TSwiftNZ Over 100. 💗 EVERY SINGLE ONE. MULTIPLE TIME. EVERYDAY. 1 and that was too many... WHY DAYLIGHT IS NOT INCLUDED?!?! 84/104 ✨ None. 0 All of them 89 TSwiftNZ i- literally all of them asf finally a test i can ace 😌 Alll of them ♥️♥️♥️ 9999999999 Fake🤧 you forgot so many Forgot come in with the rain fearless platinum edition

ban this contributor they did he so dirty. half the songs are missing. TSwiftNZ all of them as i should 😌✨ None and a half. I can estimate how many 8 or 9 Will I listen any more As soon as you walk out the door I just wondered did you ever Alll the time . . allll of em all of them, also her unreleased songs 🤡

MikaylaArtkop 0. Tbh 3 🤷 TSwiftNZ TODAS 3 maybe... TSwiftNZ All of it. people in the replies think they’re being quirky saying “None.” ...it’s not impressive that you haven’t listened to a 10-time grammy winner, it’s actually embarrassing 😭😭 TSwiftLA Lol shocker. 💗 TSwiftNZ Who tf includes I Heart? But not all of lover or the platinum songs from fearless

TSwiftNZ Ummmm all pnutbutternmeli todas, duh ZulianacomJ chegou sua hora 87 TSwiftNZ All of them! 0 104 💁‍♀️ But add Permanent Marker to round it up to 105 ! TSwiftNZ I love her every single song😙😙😙 2 songs and I don't remember the name of songs. TSwiftNZ A billion. TSwiftNZ 💯 TSwiftNZ all of them + some unreleased and ones that aren’t there hehe

TSwiftNZ all TSwiftNZ All of them x1300000 All . bigreputyson better get 100% I have 91 in my iTunes 💕 I can’t think of a song she’s ever written or recorded. 😊 U forgot the bonus tracks off of fearless lol Famous. 💕💕💕 literally every single song off of every deluxe album plus unreleased songs and solo singles.

None intentionally. Just the ones playing at malls etc., and those too I doubt a whole song. None! About 5 You put 'I heart ?' but didn't put fearless, sparks fly, Me!, IKYWT, etc etc? Im sorry? My daughter has listened and knows every single song. Do Beyoncé next 113% —I’ve listened to her unreleased stuff too

All 104 💗 0 All of them obviously Just the 13 sung by TheRyanAdams mike_stahlman I really like Taylor Swift. Voice of an angel. I have a lot of her cd's, and listen as much as I can. Makes my day when I get in car and she is on radio, or I walk into a room she is playing. I'm not the biggest Taylor Swift fan so not that many ( sorry to everyone who are big fans)

All ❤ I have all ❤❤❤🥰 It's self quarantining NOT self-torture. all 😁😁😁😁😁 debbiethetexan TexansChica On purpose? None Why did I take this? 104/104 reddazzlinghaze 5sh Less than 100, more than 2. Non ⛄ None. I can't stand her. None None All of them Are we counting the ones that sound the same as separate songs?

I’ve listened to so many that I can confidently tell you that you forgot some of them outglower More than the ones you included. swiftsupdates 132 😌 100 and thats it! periodt! swiftsupdates Probably all the offcial releases, and even some unreleased stuff here and there Every single one & I know them all by heart. Plus the ones you left off the list.

zip Literally every single one that exists... ❤️😭 sarahcues I listened to allll of her songs except for one song ☺️ This doesn't even have all the songs One or two tops. She couldn’t sing in tune with Stevie Nicks on the Grammy’s. I got no time for that foolishness. One yuyugagarin nataliavazquez a ver enséñame cuanto te sale

102/104... looks like I have some catching up to do Almost all of them I know all of the words to every single one. 🥰 86! what is 'I Heart ?' swiftsupdates All of them!!! Who? ALL OF THEM LISTEN to this masterpiece: They forget IDWLF and Ronan Ok but do I get bonus points for songs that aren’t on here? none prolly

swiftsupdates All of them ! I thought she only had 2, maybe 3 tops. Do many sound the same? dippedinpaint all of them? Didn’t see Jump Then Fall or a couple others 0 I got 100 lol swiftsupdates Every single one 1 is too many! swiftsupdates All😁😁 All of them Several, unwillingly. swiftsupdates fucking all of them plus unreleased

39 geripannoburs Zero. Z. E. R. O.

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