Bachelor Party, Obituary, Tawny Kitaen, Whitesnake

Bachelor Party, Obituary

Tawny Kitaen Dies: ‘Bachelor Party’ Actress And Whitesnake Video Vixen Was 59

Tawny Kitaen Dies: ‘Bachelor Party’ Actress And Whitesnake Video Vixen Was 59

5/8/2021 6:23:00 PM

Tawny Kitaen Dies: ‘ Bachelor Party ’ Actress And Whitesnake Video Vixen Was 59

Tawny Kitaen , an actress whose stunning presence in two Whitesnake videos helped propel that band’s multiplatinum albums to No. 1 in the late ’80s, died Friday in Newport Beach at age 5…

The Perils of GwendolineAfter Midnight.Director Marty Callner, who was behind the camera for the memorable Whitesnake videos, posted on Facebook about the time he met Kitaen.Related StoryRev. Ernest Angley Dies: Controversial Faith Healer Televangelist Was 99

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“When I met David Coverdale, we met for lunch, he had $5, a condom in his wallet, no car insurance, and was staying at the Mondrian hotel (he couldn’t afford it, but the owner liked him), singing jingles for New York Seltzer, and basically out of the business. I was approached by his manager, Howard Kaufman, who also represented Heart, who I was working with at the time. Howard and John Kolodner asked me if I would direct a video for Whitesnake, on the cheap, because Geffen records had no money to put into the project. I liked the song, and decided to go ahead with it. We made our first video, “Still Of The Night,” which was a 9 minute song, with some guys who didn’t even play on the record.

“Near the end of the shoot, I knew we didn’t have a video, and in walks Tawny Kitaen to my house, with David, and I immediately asked her if she would be in the video. I knew it would be the perfect layer. She had so much magic, so much charisma, so sexy, so sweet, I loved her immediately, and I knew, and was right that she would be not only the first, but the ultimate video vixen.

“Whitesnake ended up saving Geffen Records, we went onto make groundbreaking videos, including “Here I Go Again” & “Is This Love.” They sold millions of records, and Tawny became a bigger superstar than she already was.”Kitaen started out on the game show “To Tell the Truth” in 1976 and eventually migrated into movies.

After her video success, she married Whitesnake lead singer David Coverdale in 1989. She then married Angels baseball pitcher Chuck Finley, and had two daughters with him. Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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HFS. She was GREAT in Witchboard. And she was a pretty good hood ornament. RIP. ATT DIZ TYME DA CAWZSE UV DETH, AZ NAW’T YET’T BYN GYV-N! 😢 So sorry for her family's loss. R. I. P. Tawny Kitaen NYMammoths saw her at The Tunnel late one night. she was with O.J., the ex-NFLer. RIP the original video vixen

Didn’t she date OJ or AC Coslings?🤔 Omg! annettebpink bigbrothrgossip

Tawny Kitaen, ’80s Music Video Vixen and ‘Bachelor Party’ Star, Dies at 59Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who famously appeared in several music videos for the rock group Whitesnake in the ‘80s, has died. The Orange County, Calif. coroner’s office, which listed her as Taw… May she Rest In Peace wtf happened? Fuck!!!!!!!!!

Tawny Kitaen, ‘Bachelor Party’ Star and ’80s Music Video Vixen, Dies at 59Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who famously appeared in several Whitesnake videos and starred as Tom Hanks’s fiancée in Bachelor Party , has died. She was 59. Kitaen died in her Newport Beach,… RIP 😢 Oh no

1980s siren Tawny Kitaen of music videos and 'Bachelor Party' dies at 59Actress Tawny Kitaen , who appeared in ' Bachelor Party ' and provocative 1980s rock videos, has died in California. She was 59. Sending ❤️🙏 to her family and friends. May she RIP She overdosed. That's a shame. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel really odd when clicking the 'like' ❤️ when it's a post about someone's passing or something sad? Can't do it. Maybe a 'heard' option because it'll cover all 'sorry', 'sympathy', 'thoughts' etc. Just sayin. 🙏😔🤝💔

Tawny Kitaen, '80s Music Video Vixen & ‘Bachelor Party’ Star, Dies at 59Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who famously appeared in several Whitesnake music videos, has died at age 59. WoW.. 😳😳😮😮😮😮 انقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح savesheikhjarrah ŞeyhJarrahmahallesinkurtarın SalvailquartierediSheikhJarrah RettedasViertelSheikhJarrah sauvezlequartierdesheikhjarrah الشيخ_جراح حي_الشيخ_جراح لا_لتهويد_القدس أنقذوا_حي_الشيخ_جراح لن_نرحل القدس_تنتفض

Tawny Kitaen, star of Whitesnake videos and 'Bachelor Party,' dead at 59 Tawny Kitaen , the actress and model known for her appearances in a series of Whitesnake videos and for her co-starring role in the 1984 comedy ' Bachelor Party ,' has passed away. She was 59. So young... So sad! I'm so sad over this You’re a bit behind. This happened days ago