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Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Says He Was 'Sweating' During Selena Gomez's Latest Ink

The reason makes a lot of sense.

4/18/2021 9:35:00 PM

Tattoo artist Bang Bang opened up about Selena Gomez 's latest ink.

The reason makes a lot of sense.

, which was posted on Friday, April 16, we see a close-up of the tattoo in black-and-white before the camera pans out to reveal a smiling Selena (donning a mask, of course, because safety first!). In the caption, the tattoo artist added, “We <3 Selena Gomez.”

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In an interview withEntertainment Tonight, tattoo artist Bang Bang explained that he felt a little nervous doing this particular tatt, because it was on such an open and exposed location. "She loved it. No pressure though, right?" he joked. "It’s right on her collarbone where everyone will see. It’s a couple straight lines and it looks easy. But I was sweating."

Bang Bang added that he knew that this tattoo was important to Selena, noting that any religious ink usually carries a heavy significance. "Tattoos are a really deeply emotional thing,"ET. "When someone gets a tattoo that’s in any way religious, I don’t even need to ask. I know that this tattoo is giving them power, and I like to be part of that." headtopics.com

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