Fresno, Fresno Police Department, Hmong Community

Fresno, Fresno Police Department

Targeted mass shooting in Fresno backyard kills 4, injures 6; suspects at large

10 shot, 4 dead, as family gathered to watch football game in Fresno


10 shot, 4 dead, as family gathered to watch football game in Fresno

A search is on for the gunmen who killed four and injured six others in a 'targeted' mass shooting in a Fresno , California, backyard Sunday night, authorities said. About 30 people were at the Fresno home for a 'quiet' and 'peaceful' family party to watch football before

Just before 8 p.m. local time, at least two suspects, both armed with pistols, walked into the backyard"and began immediately firing into the crowd," Hall said.

The CEO of the Fresno Center, Pao Yang, said two of the victims who died were well-known singers in the Hmong community.

The suspects never entered the home, where the rest of the partygoers were, according to police. Witnesses described only seeing flashes of light from the gun, the chief said.

Authorities are"investigating several leads" and the Fresno Police Department is forming an Asian gang task force, according to Hall. Fresno Police Capt. Anthony Martinez said the shooting was in a district with a lot Hispanic families and Southeast Asian families, especially those from the Hmong community.

Two of the injured victims remain in the hospital and are in stable condition, Hall noted.

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Fresno mass shooting: 'Several' dead at Sunday Night Football party

Nine shot, multiple killed at family gathering in Fresno, CaliforniaThe exact number of victims remained unclear, but police said at least nine people were shot. JUST IN: Ten people were shot, four of them fatally, when someone opened fire on a backyard family gathering in Fresno, California, on Sunday night, police said. Some of the victims were in critical condition at hospitals.

10 shot, four killed at family gathering in Fresno, CaliforniaThere was no information on a suspect in the the shooting at a backyard football party, police said.

Shooting at Fresno backyard party kills four, wounds six others, police sayNine wounded in shooting at Fresno backyard party, police say

‘Several’ Dead in Shooting in a Fresno Backyard, Police SayBreaking News: About 9 people were shot and “several” killed after gunmen sneaked into the backyard of a home in Fresno , California, during a family gathering, the authorities said Update: 4 people were killed and 6 others wounded in Fresno, California, when at least one gunman opened fire on a backyard gathering, the police said

Nine wounded in shooting at Fresno backyard party, police sayPolice say the suspects sneaked into a backyard in southeast Fresno and fired into the crowd.

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