Target employee says customer demanded she remove Black Lives Matter mask

'I just wanted people to see this is happening everywhere,' the Target employee said. 'And it's happening to essential workers that are doing absolutely nothing wrong.'

7/1/2020 11:31:00 AM

An employee at a Target store on Long Island, New York, says she was confronted by a customer who demanded she remove a Black Lives Matter mask because they found it offensive.

'I just wanted people to see this is happening everywhere,' the Target employee said. 'And it's happening to essential workers that are doing absolutely nothing wrong.'

The customer said that her ancestors were in the Holocaust, which is"worse than slavery" and told Tana she needed"to educate" herself," Tana recalled.The customer was screaming that Tana was"racist against white people," when a security guard intervened and told the customer,"If you do not leave, we will call the police," Tana said.

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The employee said the customer responded by saying"Do you want more police brutality to come? Because they will come."Tana said the guard, who is Black, was taken aback by the woman's response."He was being very civil with her," Tana said."He told her that she was causing a disturbance."

The woman left the store. About half an hour later, after her shift ended, Tana said she went outside to meet her boyfriend who was waiting in his car. Tana said she spotted the woman trying to re-enter the store so she went back inside to alert her managers and security. The woman appeared to be filming herself and was saying she was going to go back inside the store to"record faces," Tana said.

Tana's boyfriend, Christian, recorded thevideoof the woman outside the store that Tana uploaded to her Instagram account. Tana said she believed they needed to do so to prevent the woman from later claiming she was attacked.In the video, a security guard can be heard telling the woman,"You can't disturb business, that's why you're removed."

"No one is disturbing business," she responds."I'm talking and she was yapping at me. And it's OK. It was tit for tat."The customer, who was carrying her mask in her hand, approaches Tana seemingly to capture her name tag on camera.

"I'm going to ask you to leave one more time," a security guard in a red long-sleeve shirt tells her."And if I have to ask again, I have to call the police."The woman digs into her bag in an apparent attempt to retrieve something to give to the guard. He then tells her,"I'm not taking any merchandise from you."

She responds:"Oh, you're not taking anything? Well, this is going to corporate." She also says that she has the right to her opinion. The guard replies,"Yes, you do."The woman says,"And you know what? I'm telling you that Black lives suck because they got killed.” She mentions the name “Floyd," in an apparent reference to George Floyd, a Black man who died in Minneapolis police custody last month."So I'm telling you that I'm Jewish and my ancestors were also slaves and also in the concentration camps."

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"So you should understand," Tana’s boyfriend responds. The customer then says:"It's not Black lives. It's everybody."The guard tells her that he did not want to argue with her about her opinion. She continues:"What about the Chinese? What about the Mexicans? What about every body else in the world." She also says that there are"a lot of Black people that are f------ disgusting" and accuses the guard of calling her a bigot, which he denies.

The video was widely shared online where the customer was dubbed Ku Klux Karen, among other nicknames. Some sided with her in the comments of the Instagram post and accused Tana of"playing the race card."Tana said she did not share the video on Instagram so people would come after the woman but she does hope the customer learns from this experience.

"I just wanted people to see this is happening everywhere," she said."And it's happening to essential workers that are doing absolutely nothing wrong." Read more: NBC News »

Snowflake She should educate herself and not respecting what is going on. She should had supported it. My body my choice. The whole world has gone crazy. Why would a customer think she can tell a worker what kind of mask she can wear?!? I agree with the customer. It can be very offensive..You’re there to shop & you get offensive political messages in your face again. No one goes to Target to get in your face political bullshit when shopping. Employees shouldn’t be wearing politically charged offensive messages.

Really? We all know it's the All Lives matter stuff that's offensive BLM is a terrorist organization. Remember all those videos of people being harassed and even beaten up simply for wearing a MAGA hat? Yeah, so about that... hypocrites DoubleStandards BiasedNews Great ALL LIVES MATTER BLM is the real Racist term

Yes blm is very offensive. These stupid signs are in yards in my town. Those people better never need my help. Hell no. Clearly not safe after all its ok to target white people we saw what Karen Attiah wrote. She has a right to ask them to remove them. AllBlackLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter BlackTransLivesMatter BlackDisabledLivesMatter If anyone finds this offensive that's a problem with you and I have news for you, you're not as great as you think you are. Get over yourself already.

There are so many sick people in this country of ours Well... if a statue is offensive, then...🤷🏻‍♂️ NBC.... 🤦🏻‍♂️ BLM masks are made to create chaos in Businesses, they want civil war Clothes with writing... The original Facebook. Rasicm makes no logical sense It is a symbol of hate Riots, looting and 'peaceful protests' continue to fuel racial divide, with the added help of NBC news.

And the employee said fuck-off and get shopping Yes, equal rights, how offensive Let’s call it the way it is; people in America really are stinking up the joint right now. Division, hate and it’s lead, Trump. Can you prove that Jews were enslaved in Egypt? ADL jaketapper HikindDov splcenter BLM is founded by MARXIST, which believe in Communism, look them up. Only 6% of money donated to them, goes to help Blacks. Rest go to transportation, hotels, Democrat elections, administration, GREAT CAUSE FOR THOSE FOUNDERS, They love violence

BLM is primarily behind the Rioting, Looting, Arson, Assaults and Murders that took place in 50 US cities Wow! That’s a crazy entitled witch right there! Yelp and speak to your manager culture has wrecked people. No one cares about you Karen. No one ever cared that just wanted to calm you down. Now we can film you in your cultural tale spin

amazing. it's okay for some people to claim to be offended but not okay for others? Good. It goes both ways. Little minded people are triggered by such little things like hats and masks. If you do not like something do not look at it but do nit try to force someone get rid of what they like Why are they wearing a Black Lives Matter mask at work? No politics at work. Period.

Workplace is no place for political statements. If it was a trump hat she would have been ridiculed and beaten Huge racism news for nbc 👍 Maybe Target should consider employees wearing uniforms like so many other employers. Just the fact that this is newsworthy just proves that black victimization is a hoax. This is pure leftist propaganda for the low IQ.

Antifa protestators create a new CHAZ zone near the Capitol Hill in New York. People have lost their reasoning skills, influenced by 5G radiations as well. Read our benned twitter article on how to protect yourself: Follow us for updates Oh boy Long Island sure has a lot of white supremacists. You can tell by looking back at the 2016 election records. Lots of Trump supporters in Nassau County and Suffolk County...

Now we have a problem with snowflakes? $$$ Click click click $$$ The customer doesn't get to make demands regarding what the staff wears. White fragility is a helluva drug. Wear a MAGA hat as well as a BLM mask; everyone's happy. Racial Dialogue must address acceptable conduct of black youth hanging around stores shoplifting breakage intimidating customers one reason police get called. Then issue becomes how police react

Shouldn't bring politics to work So what. Get over it It is offensive I wonder if the customer would find getting punched in the face offensive? That was bound to happen when a business let's it's employees decide if they want to wear that or not. Anyone can wear whatever they want. It’s America and no side should try and each other this way

COVID-19 l*ng isl*nd continues its streak of being the most dogshit part of ny Racism wage gaps police confrontations not changing fast enough. Political solutions avoid needed changes attitudes wages workplace jousing practices Would it have been offensive if she wore a MAGA hat? Good We are Tired of the SLUSH FUND for Biden for a SOCIALIST President for SOCIALISM !!

Good on him How does this make national news? Must have been one of the ALL LIVES MATTERS crowd... I do not find it offensive nor is it offensive to say all lives matter. NBCNewYork She's Supporting Domestic Terrorists She Needs to be FIRED NOW! NBCNewYork Why are people allowed to wear controversial masks at work?

NBCNewYork Very offensive what a sensitive snowflake Karen: “I am not a bigot.” Also Karen: “Black people are f*cking disgusting.” Kiss ass people. We are as free to wear a mask as you are to not. The credo that the customer is always right needs to be relegated to the dustbin of the past. It’s been used too often to empower people to abuse employees. Respect for workers should come first.

There is plenty of blame to go around here. 1. Had Target provided suitable PPE to its employees, instead of trying to save a buck by forcing them to provide their own, none of this would have happened. 2. The “customer” clearly was looking for a moment of fame when she came Welcome to RepLeeZeldin ‘s Long Island.

I’m glad I don’t venture out to Suffolk County. Can you see this discrimination against a costumer stating their opinion. There are too many people that are blinded by their hate, that they cannot see who crossed the line. Most employers would terminate an employee for wearing a slogan to work. Target shouldn't be allowing staff to wear political slogans. You don't work for BLM, you work for Target ffs.

'Like snowflakes Republicans are white, cold, fragile, melt the second the heat is turned up, and when you get enough of them together they start shutting down schools, damaging public infrastructure, and killing poor people.' Sure it “offensive” but only for “all lives matter” She doesn't lie. She's a honest racist

Good. BLM is an extremist group. BLM has killed more people in the past 5 years than the KKK has in 30. I'll be 50 this year and it pains me to know I won't live long enough to see the America I loved return. Because of arrogant clowns. I bet this same lady gets offended when people say “happy holidays.”

People just need to learn to mind their business! It is offensive. All Lives Matter. But you never report BlackLivesMatter ‘ violences? Only pick and choose news which supports liberal narratives Shame on you I think the employee can wear the mask whenever he want as long as not in the work place . And the customers also have the right to express their feeling

BLM are communist so yeah they are offensive Just don't go to that store. Order Amazon or something Now do a video of a person wearing a Trump2020 mask and see the abusive attacks on free speech. Hypocrites. That sounds about white... Must be one of the ALL LIVES MATTER crowd... A Karen or Ken who actually thought they had figured it all out.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Based The customer is always right Her “argument” Is a lesson in “I to am special and want to stand out” Please! Indulge me while I contradict myself and attempt to pass my self off as “I’m not a racist fuck” I’m a racist Sarah! And I just wanna be special too Well, ppl do the same thing for pro Trump gear. Except Trump isn’t a domestic terror group like BLM

That customer must have been a racist Trump MAGA supporter. No one should be surprised. BLM reaps what it sows. I’m glad I don’t work at that place.. Target idk why they getting shit but I’d hire some ppl .. Sounds timely. Doesnt this seem like gossip? Why do you insist on calling yourselves, 'journalists?'

I find stupidity offensive

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After Repeatedly Denouncing Black Lives Matter, Trump Tweets A Video Supporting 'White Power'Prior to deleting the tweet, Trump praised the crowd, writing 'Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe is shot. See you soon!!' More trump bashing I see? Well at least done ad lib everything you say as fact. You just speculate and talk shit. That whole damn article is bullshit. If you are going to write something make it true. Instead f some gay lib hit piece. We ain’t buying it