Tara Reade's qualifications as an expert witness come under fire

In at least one trial, the Biden accuser appears to have misrepresented her educational qualifications, according to a transcript reviewed by NBC News.

5/23/2020 2:30:00 PM

In at least one trial, Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, appears to have misrepresented her educational qualifications, according to a transcript reviewed by NBC News.

In at least one trial, the Biden accuser appears to have misrepresented her educational qualifications, according to a transcript reviewed by NBC News.

During her testimony, Reade also said she had earned a law degree from Seattle University School of Law and a certification through the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers.“I train military and police on prevention of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault,” she said, according to the transcript.

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The federal law enforcement training center did not respond to a request to confirm this. A law school spokesman referred to a2009 university magazine profilethat says she graduated in 2004.The article says she was accepted through the school’s “Alternative Admission Program.” A law school official said the program is designed to get"diverse and non-traditional students" into the legal field.

Reade's role in the trials she testified at were not minor, according to some of those involved.Roland Soltesz, a lawyer for the woman charged in the attempted murder case, described Reade as “beloved” by local prosecutors. The district attorney's office didn't respond to requests for comment and it isn't clear how many cases she was involved in. But the legal group that handles appeals for indigent defendants in the region, the Sixth District Appellate Program, has reached out to local lawyers to try and figure it out, said Patrick McKenna, the organization's executive director.

According to Reade's court testimony, McKenna said, she has testified"over 20 times." McKenna said he hasn't confirmed that.Reade didn't respond to a request for comment.In Soltesz’s case, his client, Victoria Ramirez, was convicted of attempted murder for helping a woman try to burn down the home of a boyfriend after she caught him cheating. Ramirez, 18, and her co-defendant, Jennifer Vasquez, were sentenced to life in prison, Soltsez said.

At the hearing, Reade said that her work on domestic violence prevention began in Biden’s office, where she was a legislative assistant and he worked on the Violence Against Women Act, the landmark 1994 law that offered protections for abused women and other measures to fight domestic violence.

“I worked with Leon Panetta and Joe Biden and then moved to the King County’s prosecutor’s office” in Seattle, where she worked as a victim’s advocate, she testified. The office confirmed her employment to NBC News from August 1999 to October 2000.Soltesz and another lawyer challenged her credentials at the time, arguing that her experience was largely in advocacy work. The judge rejected this, saying she had the proper educational and training background to testify.

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Well if you ask me biden's violated everything since he's been in office. Something about her 'story' reeks of Trump. Hay once she was very pretty! I don't care if he did or didn't I'm still voting for Joe Bought and Paid for (Koch brothers). What does that have to do with joe doing what she said he did you believed glassey hmmmm

Lol I guess some women want to be needed and they can't find someone under normal situations so they get in a assault issue,makes them feel good guess! Once a liar, always a liar. JoeBiden2020 Biden2020 “Reade claimed to have obtained a bachelor’s degree from Antioch University, where she also said she worked as a visiting professor for five years, according to her list of qualifications used to bolster her expertise.”

My favorite is the people calling this a hit job against her, where were you guys when all the women came out against Trump? That's what I thought. No surprise here... Believeallwomen He gropes her and your big news is that she lied about her qualifications? Everyone lies about their qualifications LOL not all vice presidents grope women and children

Well I guess she learned that from Joe Biden! Mister Top of his class! What does that have to do with her accusations? I'll bet you tonight's road kill dinner that heffer is lying Lied* BarbaraB9999 Bovine And that means she couldn't have been raped by Joe Biden? What does this mean, ? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ From the beginning this story was suspicious. Biden has been in politics for decades, why now?

So obviously she is a lying B and a big Wh$$$ rhymes with door You know damn well no one touching her lololol A long, long history of misrepresentation......I will vote JoeBiden2020 Meanwhile SLEEPY JOE STICKS HIS FINGERS UP HER SKIRT . Hypocrites, me too , me too NBC = no broadcast content, out to do your masters (biden and the dnc) bidding. Too bad you weren't as objective with ms. Ford!

Even her own lawyer dropped her. Funny. Don’t remember you deep dive investigating Christine Blakey Ford. 🤔 oh yeah you are FakeNews. DemocratShill What’s the issue? She was admitted to law school. She graduated from law school. The judge approved of her testimony even if it was largely based on her work as an advocate. If the question is graduation from an Antioch, a transfer took place. Biden lied about having 3 degrees.

Color me shocked and surprised.. Tara, did you lie again? Or is your life one big falsehood? After the way this young lady has been treated by her fellow woman, rape charges don’t mean crap from media. Apologize to Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen. Not me, you women. I know they’re guilty. This crap with Reade says Hollywood set doesn’t believe in rape but to get ahead.

TIME TO ACQUIT HARVEY WEINSTEIN. I despise Weinstein for what he’s done. But not one f’ing major actress has stood up for Tara Reade and there is more credible evidence than a collage of here-say painting a picture. You women KNOW. You ALWAYS KNOW when a woman is on level. I will never believe any actress or any woman again who cries rape. Nothing but a f’ing game to them. This young lady votes Democrat. This hatchet job convinces me there are rapists in the media women tolerate so long as it promotes politics. I’ll get you a tanto & gun for X-Mas.

Irrelevant Here’s how it is: because of not standing up for this woman, everything MeToo ever said is total horseshit. BECAUSE THEY ARE TEARING DOWN A FELLOW WOMAN. Nothing but political prostitutes. Harvey Weinstein is innocent. Not one actress who accused him stood up for this Tara Reade. You decide to go through her history as if any inconsistency unrelated to her allegation disproves her allegation. If you're not willing to do this to public figures you 'like,' you have no business being in journalism.

🐷 What does this have to do which her being assaulted? So she lied three times by not graduating, not being a teacher, & prejury. I have been in the capital there r cameras everywhere it would be on camera. 😂😂😂😂so? Too many lies over the years ... disregard her. It's funny to me how, on the one hand, people don't value education and think that high school and college doesn't matter, also lie about their level of education. So, it must kinda be important.

Must have gone to TRUMP U !! And the discrediting of a woman who accuses a man of sexual crimes begins. Where was this during the Kavanaugh hearings? One trial? I thought it was 20+? What happened Does that invalidate the acusasion? Funny, there wasn’t this rush to discredit Kavanaugh’s accuser ...I wonder why?

Wow, this is so sad. If true, Ms Reade who portrayed herself as an advocate for abuse victims took advantage of them, too. Guess her current attorney isn't interested in representing her against any perjury or fraud charges. Are we not supposed to take her seriously because of her education background?

What happened to believe all women? How does that have something to do with the sexual assault by Biden? She's done! Just like rtump. Where was your in-depth reporting when Kavanaugh was falsely accused by a lying minion of Feinstein? Who cares? Biden lied about his majors, class ranking and assaulting this women, he’s still in the lead.

She’s a compulsive liar being paid off by the Republicans. It’s time for her to open up her bank account for everyone to see So did Joe Biden And Joe Biden hasn’t?! Expert on ham sandwiches! Seriously? The CorruptMedia will do ANYTHING to not cover a story about the CorruptDNC and scumdemocrats Two choices now...

Reade is a fraud, has no credibility, is not newsworthy She is as fake as the word phony! Stop taking her seriously! GOP paid her off to do it! Check her Russian bitcoin accounts. 💰 and anything offshore. She’s getting a lot of dirty money for this BS. Ain’t gonna work. YOU are the reason rape victims do not come forward.

And then there’s Joe. Remember that time scrutinized the biggest fraud of this generation Christian Ford? Neither do I. BelieveAllWomen * (Except when allegations are against Democrats) I wonder if Blasey Ford got “investigated” like this And the award for worst journalism of the year goes to... Okay, so she is an expert on sexual assault and has trained law enforcement on sexual assault and domestic abuse. Why didn't she speak up about her 'sexual assault' back when Biden was VP?

Tara Reade caught lying about something else? “We Believe Survivors!” Unlessssssss—it gets in the way of peddling our narrative. If that happens, then we try to slowly discredit them. -NBC News What does that have to do with anything? Doesn’t change what gross Biden did Didn't Biden drop out of one race for plagiarism?

I believe her. This is disgusting you digging into her transcripts this why victims don't speak up So has 'Creepy Joe'....Now NBC News has found 'Victim Shaming' as Political pandering! She is not a incredible witness to her own claim and that is suspicious. Tara Reade is a fraud. Her claims v Biden are lies. Obvious from the beginning just as Ford’s claims v Kavanaugh were obviously false. Why is it so hard for people to see this? Because they only see what they want to see. Sad & stupid.

Tara has mental issues!! Seriously she looks easy....desperately flirts with everybody Tara is a fraud and liar Wha doe this have to do with being a sexual assault victim FakeNewsNBC? Such directed propaganda! what the hell? victim shaming to prop up grandpa huh? DNCMouthPiece Because that negates the fact JoeBiden sexually assaulted her Yeh, no. I don’t care about her education, or lack thereof. I care about the fact the left isn’t rallying around THIS sexual assault victim simply cuz racistpedojoe is the accused. Typical metoo ...on their terms

Sounds like sleepy Joe Omg breaking news NBC News on the DNC payroll Oh let me get this straight. She misstated her education... so she probably could not tell that she was getting “fingered” by her boss... Sleasebag pervert Joe.... The liberal savior of America, especially all people of color.... “come on man, you vote for Trump, your not Black”

She has issues clearly with honesty Which has nothing to do with what pervert joe has done his whole life Not surprising NBC=DNC Let the truth come out. Investigate. Big surprise: , home of MattLauer , trying to discredit a MeToo accuser Wtf does that have to do with anything? Sick FakeNewsMedia Transference 'rage' IS a thing... she's HARMED other men unreasonably, but not Joe, rationally... SUCH is Feminism's man hating agenda. -yet.

Gotta attack that victim for brother BIDENTHERACIST What does this have to do with sexual assault? Tara Reade 'appears' to have misrepresented her educational qualifications in one trial. I guess that means everything she says is a lie and Joe Biden did not sexually assault her. Good job NBC. You should change your name to DNC News. FakeNewsMedia

What happened to “we have to believe her”? Or does that only apply when it’s against a republican? And that doesn't make her allegation more or less true. But this is great character assassination stuff. Vice President Biden’s statement today represents the arrogant and out-of-touch attitude of a paternalistic white candidate who has the audacity to tell Black people, the descendants of slaves, that they are not Black unless they vote for him

WOW!! Way to victim shame, NBC. This is why women fear coming forward. Her credibility is not worth a damn. 🤥 Once twisted always twisted! Tsk tsk. Believe all women has become victim shame all women. Soooooo? Say 'Oink.' And the LIE Biden graduated in the top half of his law class killed his run for president in the 80's But do go on MSNBC

NBC prioritizing its rape you candidate over women, remember this women And remember it well because when the Democrat party has to choose between a wrinkly old rapist and a woman we now know what they’ll do Wow, now you’re running interference for Biden? What a classy news org. This is why women don't speak out..

Shame on you “Come under fire “ eff right the eff off Oh man! Well that sure disqualifies her from being blue to speak up and “times up” and “me too” and wear white and all that now doesn’t it. Leftists don’t give a DAMN about the women or victims of their leftists gods. so f what Let's talk about BreonnaTaylor being killed by cops in her home while sleeping And kennywalker being put in jail on a false charge of attempted murder for defending his home and how the cops killed breonna and shot a 5 yr old but blame the black man for it. BlackLivesMatters

Making it easier to read in between the lines So if you lie on your resume it’s OK for a powerful senator to sexually assault you? Let the smear campaign continue. Great example for all sex assault who are afraid to come forward I guess you’re proud of this for all future victims She lies! Why are you still talking about this liar? I’m unfollowing.

A note to NBC News who Trump calls Fake News: Stop covering Trump 24/7 and start covering Biden, Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Sanders, Democrats. Stop giving Trump millions of dollars in free campaign advertising like you did in 2016. If T gets re-elected you guys will be silenced. Attacking the victim isn’t journalism.

Shame on the public for fat shaming her. If they did... Joe Biden has lied about his college degree and his record on civil rights several times. You people are just unbelievable 😡😡. I Have no words at how far you’ve fallen in your reporting. is now CNN . So you are saying her sexual assault claims are no longer valid now Wow you are walking a fine line here. You would probably also say prostitutes that are murdered are not important because of their lifestyle!! ONE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER!!

What does that have to do with being sexually assaulted? She is a con artist Ah ok, transparent as day. Please, tell me the relevance between her lying on her education qualifications and Joe's fingers inside her? You gonna say she asked for it cause she wasn't smart enough to know what was going on? News...pffft. MeTooUnlessItsBiden ImWithHer

She needs to move to Brazil! Just go away! So what, she been sexually harassed, no more . Now do Christine Ford It’s expected that NBC would discredit Tara Reade. Lack and Oppenheim killed the Weinstein story. Weinstein was recently convicted of sex crimes. Oppenheim still works at NBC. Brian Williams lied and still works at NBC. Biden plagiarized a speech.

Now share the time Joe Biden lied about his college academic. Well that means Joe didn’t do it, right? He has 3 degrees, grad top of class, never talked to Hunter abt $$, and so much more credibility She knew, because of her “education and qualifications”, that it would not be easy to come forward with these accusations. If they really are true, she should press charges and find another attorney, who will help her prove it. If not, put HER in jail. PutUpOrShutUp

So has most of Congress and a few presidents. Just a smear campaign by the democrats and msm ... why isn’t there 24 hour coverage of this allegation like you did with JusticeKavanaugh ? Oh because CreepyJoe is your Candidate. She lying about everything smh. And the smear begins They way people are bashing Biden feels like people want 4 more years of what I believe to be the worse POTUS ever. God help us if Trump is re - elected. Trump has had his share of misconduct towards women. So snap out of it people. Geez

working for the Joe Biden campaign So did Joe Biden You know if the DNC vetted Joe this hard maybe we could have had a candidate without any history of accusations and handsy creepy uncle BS who supports progressive policies instead of a guy who flashes his cell-phone from 1986 at the kids and says “this is pretty neat, right?”

Delete this it’s incorrect and she’s proven it with evidence. She was forced to change her name so of course her college didn’t have the name Tara Reade on a diploma. You people are fucking disgusting Attack the victim !!! Imagine trying to discredit Blasey-Ford..... yeah, I didn't think so either, hypocrites.....

JoeBiden corruptjoebiden Let’s attack the victim METOO In other words, Tara Reade is a pathological liar. Once you get caught lying, Tara Reade credibility is shot to hell. This doesn't matter after what Biden said yesterday. He gon Totally means she didn't get raped. So you have to be educationally qualified to be raped?

Remember when democrats said BelieveWomen ? Remember when democrats said you shouldn’t attack the victim? Remember when Joe Biden told reporters he was the only student at his law school to get a full scholarship (a lie) and he graduated in the top half of his class (a lie)? I’m not even worried about her.

Imagine if you had gone so far to discredit Ford 2 years ago. Alas, all we can do is imagine. Appears to have or did? Big difference! MSM has become both judge and jury.. And we have allowed this to happen! Shame on us and everyone of you! Can we move on from this please don’t give her anymore “ATTENTION” , “FAME”

So, we don't believe the 'victim' anymore and go straight to investigating and publicly crucifying them for the slightest of perceived transgression? discreditcertainwomen believeallwomen So did Biden. Said he had 3 degrees. NBC news cares nothing about abuse of women. NBC never represents truth. NBC news, new pro bono defense attorney for joe Biden

believewomenwaitnonotthatone NBC: She deserved it. And that changes anything about what may have happened how We remember Kavanaugh; in your efforts to discredit Reade, you're proving that YOU are the frauds. All we want is for Biden to get the same treatment as Kavanaugh. Or any Republican. A lot of mad Trumpturds in here. All of a sudden they believe the women. 😂😂

Хоть здесь говорят правду Well, if she lied about her education there is NO CHANCE of ever being fingered. Good work NBC News!! 🙄 Cool. Joe Biden did the same while running for President. Probably why joe raped Tara I can't believe such a nice young lady would lie about something like that! “appears” 😂 nice one NBC! Don’t worry, we’re on to your narrative

Focus on Trump's lies and stop pushing this story. She's an obvious shill, let it go. And did you report Biden’s misrepresenting his Law School educational qualifications It’s on tape go do some real journalism and show that. You mean like how joe biden misrepresented his education saying he was top of his class? Or when he admitted to plagiarizing an essay from a bobby kennedy speech? He’s not even a good cheater. Just dumb and lazy.

What has that got to do with her and Joe ? In other words, she lied. She’s lost all credibility There doesn’t appear to be any validity to her accusation. Stop covering it until she can provide a consistent story without multiple inaccuracies. Biden lied about his grades and education level so they are even I suppose. YouAintBlack

I want a full expose of Biden’s lying. This is so disgusting to just go after victims and protect accused rapists. I’m confused are right wingers saying it’s ok for trump to grab women by their genitals but if a democrat ....on the same notion are hyper-liberals proxy voting for trump in protest .... limitless Hypocrisy

Can we all agree that this story line isn’t holding water and move on. Enough with this already. We have ENOUGH real damage the president give us ever day. FOCUS PEOPLE. 'misrepresented her credentials'....... appears to have. Well, that's definitely not as bad as Biden lying with a straight face to the camera during the debates huh? You are really trying with all your might to trash Tara Reade when this is what you come up with.

MeToo- RIP 2020. Wow, you mean like Biden? That must disqualify everything else she ever said on any other subject. I'm old enough to recall the days when NBC was able to credibly pretend to do journalism, instead of just Democrat Party oppo-research pretending to BE journalism... So did Joe Biden. So JoeBiden lied about having multiple degrees, lied about graduating top in his class, lied about scholarships, lied about being outstanding poli sci student. Where is your reporting on that?

So did Biden , repeatedly, when he was running to represent Delaware...look it up...what's your real point here? She’s a Trump/Putin plant 🇺🇸 What a coincidence-Biden did the same thing- *I went to law school on a full scholarship *I finished in the top half of my graduating class *I was the outstanding student in the political science department *I earned three degrees All LIES! He finished 76th out of 85.

How much was this bitch paid U never kno who's A-Biden by the rules NateluvsAmerica toatally credible isn’t she? So now it’s time to smear Tara? If she lies about that. What else have she lied about 🙄 Anything to make her look bad, huh? Her friends and family said they were told when it happened and still believe her.. CNN erased her moms call in to the larry king show. While Blasely Fords friends and family dont believe her and she never mentioned the incident in the past.. Democrats crack me up 😂🤣🤣

How many times did Biden lie and plagiarize? I dare to report that. That’s how the MSM I know treats the victim of a rapist who happens to be a democrat. Good job, boys. Yo could you please link to the investigative reporting you did on Christine Blasey Ford after she made up the allegations against Bret Kavanaugh and why she erased her social media accounts? inthetank

Joe is attracted to gaffe prone people And thus begins the liberal media smear campaign against Biden’s accuser. You mean like Biden did? Rep. Corry Booker said Joe Biden’s defense of the 1994 crime bill’s role in mass incarcerations This is absurd. A) this has nothing to do with the assault accusation and B) guess who literally had to end a presidential run bc he lied about HIS education? Guess who lies about literally almost anything? Joe Biden.

She is a liar. This has been established Remember when Joe Biden misrepresenting his education credentials disqualified him from running for President? This person is a joke. CNN This seems similar to Joe Biden saying he had full scholarship, 3 majors, top of his class, didn’t plagiarize, outstanding student. All which are lies. When is NBC going to air thise Biden clips.

What does this have to do with her being sexually assaulted? 'Misrepresented'? Good gawd, the word is lied. It has nothing to do with her being sexually assaulted by JOE BIDEN! NBC News doing in-depth vetting of Tara Reade. Just like they did with Christine Blasey Ford. Oh, wait.... Hahahahaha what is relation between sexual assault and educational qualification

So did Joe Biden. But but but me too.... you scumbags. Figures So has Joe Biden 😂 well, all she did was mimic her ex Boss's behavior. Anyone with an honest mind will remember JoeBiden 's claim of 3 degrees & being at the top of his class while the truth was quite the opposite on all counts. MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople

Another hit job for the Biden and the Dems. Where was your scrutiny of Christine Blasey Ford? Look NBC does 'some' investigating, wow. Why dont you find the transcripts at the University of Delaware. Hey! So did Biden. You people are awful. Her accusation of Biden just doesn't sound credible, but why now is saying this, either she's getting paid or wants just attention?

This is not working anymore Biden lied about the NAACP endorsing him. What's your point? “Her skirt was too short.” Is that suppose to take away from the fact that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her? Because it doesn't. Sounds like you’re trying a build a case against her. 👏🏻Discredit👏🏻Certain 👏🏻Women👏🏻!

BelieveAllWomen (except Tara Reade) Do the story about everyone who said that there was no basis for Russian collusion under oath. But lied to the public the entire time and have made a false narrative true in many peoples eyes. And joe Biden plagiarized a speech. Multiple people can do bad things but that doesn’t make what Joe did ok. Thanks for reading

....and? Tell us what that has to do with sexual assault allegations? or are you simply a tabloid now? What the hell did her education qualification has to do with JoeBiden sexually rape her with his fingers? Why are you not using a pic of the way Tara Reade looked with Joe Biden Sexually harassed her? Here she is !

NBC/Concast remainig true to it's culture. A con just like Trump She is a troubled woman. Lol mental gymnastics for liberals to feel good about themself She has a history of not telling the truth and changing her story so why should I believe she’s telling the truth? 🤔 Believe all women?! Metoo is a joke

Wouldn’t be writing this is she was accusing trump. That is the least of her problems. There has to be a easier way to get paid. So what? Doesn't mean creepy Joe didn't touch her This ain’t no Monica Lewinsky Wouldn’t matter if there weren’t such widespread major contradictions in the current story Cool. Stop talking about this bitch.

The time for her to go is now. She's naturally FRAUD

Top #MeToo lawyer says he is no longer representing Biden accuser Tara ReadeAn attorney for Tara Reade, the woman accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of sexual assault, said on Friday that he had dropped her as a client without providing a reason. She a big girl. MeTwo Shocking Because she’s lying!

Lawyer says he's no longer representing Biden accuser Tara ReadeA lawyer who represented Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, announced Friday that Reade is no longer his firm’s client. Lol lady bye go back to where you came from 1993 Poor woman. Look what happened to teddy Kennedy gf.

Lawyer For Biden Accuser Tara Reade Drops Her As A ClientTwo weeks after taking on Biden accuser Tara Reade, attorney Douglas H. Wigdor announced that he and his firm would no longer represent her. Go figure. Zero $ and Zero Credibility. This has to mean..... something..... I've always knew this was one controversial case

Defense lawyers look to reopen cases where Tara Reade testified as an expertTara Reade has for years testified for the prosecution as an expert in domestic violence cases. But a number of attorneys may challenge the convictions of their clients amid questions about whether Reade misrepresented her credentials under oath. This lady has some mental health problems. I'm not saying that mean - she needs some help. this bitch is working with russia Stay on her, Politico.

High-Profile #MeToo Attorney Will No Longer Represent Tara ReadeAttorney Douglas Wigdor said his decision to drop Tara Reade as a client is not a judgment of her claim’s truthfulness Apparently she’s not gonna score the paid interview or book deal, and pay the retainer. Was the decision to drop Reade the result of political pressure?

Tara Reade's lawyer no longer representing her in Joe Biden sexual assault allegationDouglas Wigdor announced he would no longer be representing Tara Reade a day after California defense attorneys say they will review cases in which Reade testified. Says it all ! 🤣🤣🤣 Duh duh duh!!!