Tana Mongeau Poses in Nothing But a Thong Bikini and Rubber Gloves


4/1/2020 5:41:00 PM

Tana Mongeau Poses in Nothing But a Thong Bikini and Rubber Gloves While Social Distancing


Getty ImagesIf you're looking for a little escape from the endless blast of coronavirus news, I highly recommend giving YouTuber Tana Mongeau a follow. Ya girl is out here blowing up feeds withsocial distancing butt content– a wonderful new genre of photography that has sprung up in the age of COVID-19.

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tanamongeau yeah but what’s wrong tanamongeau I work at a nursing home and have been staying in a hotel in case I come into contact with the virus ( so I don’t spread it to older members of my family ) please help! We also desperately need Mask! Face shields, gowns, and more!! $Adriannababy23 ! God bless you!

tanamongeau What a total legend tanamongeau Is this really what you are writing about these days Seventeen?. Geez, what happened to the publication I used to love? Cause it ain't here. 🧐 tanamongeau and what about it tanamongeau $lovehalzepop plz plz 🙏🙏🙏 i have a baby on thw way and a 3 yr old to feed. I havent been eating to keep my family fed. I am so ashamed. Rent is due, plus power/water. Please help my babies 😥 tanamongeau

tanamongeau Tana! I feel like a failure for asking but I need help with rent & groceries, anything helps! Im out of work bc of the virus & Im scared for my family & 3 cats I rescued. I lost my mom in Jan & she was who Id go to for help. I want to give up but trying not to. $tori396 tanamongeau I wish i could do that. Wear a bikini that is

tanamongeau Hi, can you help me out Currently, my hours have been cut at work bc of the virus and im also in nursing school. If you can help by sending me money. Anything will help. I could use to buy groceries or spend toward school. $Whitneyxadams is my cash app. Thank you tanamongeau I’m sorry but why do we give this girl any attention? Jw

Bikini Babes of 'RHOBH'Bikini Babes of 'RHOBH' Bones!

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Coronavirus hits hundreds of U.S. police amid protective gear shortagesNew York police are making arrests, walking beats and responding to 911 calls without gear to protect them from coronavirus, according to nearly two dozen NYPD officers and scenes witnessed by Reuters. Now the force has more than 800 COVID-19 cases 😫😡👎

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Remember FOMO? Yeah, neither do we.FOMO is suddenly gone now that everyone's staying inside 😂

Coronavirus hits hundreds of U.S. police amid protective gear shortagesAcross the nation, cops are falling ill and calling out sick, as major U.S. police departments confirmed 1,012 cases of COVID-19 among officers or civilian staff amid severe protective-gear shortages At first I was worried about this. But criminals/organizations must be suffering similar fates, so hopefully this isn't a good time for them either. 🤞 This is just another reason why we have a Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment. solution covid-19..every citizen must have a bottle with 250ml vegetable oil.applyin on hands several times a day. Totaly forbiden the use of cloves. Using masks for at least 15 days from applying oil on hand. Then we have al the serios engeries in hospial.must reactivate economy