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Cabinets, Zabihullah Mujahid

Taliban name deputy ministers, double down on all-male team

BREAKING: The Taliban announce a list of deputy ministers, failing to appoint any women, doubling down on an all-male, all-Taliban government in Afghanistan.

9/21/2021 9:57:00 AM

BREAKING: The Taliban announce a list of deputy ministers, failing to appoint any women, doubling down on an all-male, all- Taliban government in Afghanistan .

KABUL , Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban expanded their interim Cabinet by naming deputy ministers Tuesday, but failed to appoint any women, doubling down on a hard-line course despite the international outcry that followed their initial presentation of an all-male Cabinet lineup earlier this month.

Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid defended the latest additions to the Cabinet at a news conference Tuesday, saying it included members of ethnic minorities, such as the Hazaras, and that women might be added later.Mujahid bristled at international conditions for recognition, saying there was no reason for withholding it. “It is the responsibility of the United Nations to recognize our government (and) for other countries, including European, Asian and Islamic countries, to have diplomatic relations with us,” he said.

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The Taliban have framed their current Cabinet as an interim government, suggesting that change was still possible, but they have not said if there would ever be elections.Mujahid was also asked about the recent restrictions imposed on girls and women, including a decision not to allow girls in grades six to 12 to return to classrooms for the time being.

Mujahid suggested this was a temporary decision, and that “soon it will be announced when they can go to school.” He said plans were being made to allow for their return, but did not elaborate.Boys in grades six to 12 resumed their studies over the weekend.

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Hate to say it but it’s time to cancel the Taliban No way. Wow, didn’t see that one coming. They’re also on the forefront of tackling the climate crisis - so we should be thanking them. No shit Imagine that. Who would’ve guessed. Is this a serious post…. Holy fuck No shit

Afghan artists concerned about their future under Taliban ruleThe last Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001 saw women brutally suppressed, as well as music banned and the destruction of artworks and heritage, including dynamiting ancient statues of the Buddha. (when The thiefs disagree) France,America،Britain.The thiefs has disagreed,they exposed themselves.The Justice flew.Human rights flew in the wind and the truth has emerged. Now it is clear to everyone that thisWorld is based on theft,not to establish the rights.Putin celebrates Long live Taliban 💚 The United States of America has killed children and innocents in Afghanistan. The United States of America violates human rights

I'm going to contact my local Taliban to voice my concern. It's time the Taliban show some diversity in their government. What Are you kidding me? So disappointing, the Taliban isn’t what it was anymore🤔 Maybe there weren't any women best suited to the job So the billions of US taxpayer money spent on gender studies over there has not worked yet?

at least say the quiet part out loud and call for war, this is just boring starting to think the Taliban are kinda problematic :/// Meritocracy at work. *shocked pikachu*

Afghan high school girls protest Taliban for barring their educationAs young girls demand right to school, professional women express fear for their future as the new Afghan rulers take a host of measures to keep them from offices they previously ran or worked at. What a tyrant and shameful account TRT is. Blocked. now no pakistani will say something bcz its turkey media not irani media This incessant promotion of feminist inclined news needs to end

This is the last straw. I'm unfollowing them now saterienne_ Why do media/news Outlets still write such stupid pieces every day? Where they really convinced that the Taliban are beeing the saviour? Or have they really thought we belive this stupid Agenda? No! You don't say. They did promise, right? Hllo everyone, are we getting acquaintd?

Americans should respect other people's religion. They are pretty gay ngl

Afghan Valley Legendary for Resisting Soviets, Taliban Empties Out Afghanistan 's Panjshir valley was known for holding out during the Soviet occupation in the 1980s and the Taliban rule in the 1990s. But after the fall of Kabul , it couldn’t withstand the Islamist movement’s assault. Entirely different strategic circumstances. No, they did exactly what other Ethnic groups did. They didn't fall in American trap. this is terrible news

you know who had unusually advanced opportunities for women at the time? the soviet union. who we *checks notes* armed the taliban to defeat so they could consolidate their anti-democratic theocratic takeover of afghanistan in the 80s Let's see the results will be in the future. As long as they don't do more injustice in the country, I'm not hating them.

Guys, let's chat? I’ve got a good candidate it's the Taliban this is not surprising We should listen to Qatar and give them more aid money I am sure that will be well used. The more I hear about the Taliban the less I like them… …..😳 Breaking?

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MeToo not gonna like this TheMixItUpPod Damn I was rooting for them Shocker. This is an absolute shocker! Seriously? How is this news? WOW, truly shocked and distraught. shaking with rage, how could the TALIBAN do this? talibanisoverparty Sounds like Texas. Shocked. Be better taliban. You’re telling me the TALIBAN isn’t a feminist organization? :0

dude seriously? what did u expected?

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Those h**ny Taliban criminals come from the wombs of women not from their religion. No woman no Taliban, they must whorship women & ensure unconditional emancipation. International donors must hold Taliban with half clutch until they comply fully & give women full rights. Gender is the least problem that the Taliban represents.

“BREAKING” 😂😂😂😂😂 Wow. Color me shocked. How is this shocking news? Our arrogance in this country is bonkers something tells me they don't give a shit The Taliban is now CANCELED wow canceled

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Why are you reporting this? It’s an Islamic State, DUHH!!!!! What in the hell did people expect from the Taliban? And that. is where I draw the line. No longer a taliban supporter ! JEEZ WHAT A MERGUEZ FEST Y’all surprised LMAO I don't understand why this would be breaking or even news at all Where are the Indian Muslims who believe that Taliban 2.0 is 'reformed' and were too quick to defend the takeover of Afghanistan by these radicals?

Can they take the pressure though? Fucking canceled Mind your own business

A goat would hold more power than a woman in Afghanistan Trade one for AOC? Meanwhile in first world develop land called “USA” Abbot just made it law to put bounty on women getting abortions and the Supreme Court approved.. but those gosh darn Muslim treating their oh so bad We killed 1 million civilians since 9/11 and wasted over $ trillion dollars and you're focusing on how there are no women initially in the 1 month old government? In our last days alone we killed 9 innocent civilians of which 7 were children. We need a hard look in the mirror.

how many trans did they appoint? Quelle surprise. The Taliban appointed no women?! Surprise!!! Why aren'T you bigots from the AP not using inclusive terms like Birthing Person? The bigot tweeting 'women' needs to be held accountable

That's how you defeat two super powers. Keep wamen out of the decision process. This is not a good look for the taliban! 'Dog Bites Man'. Do... do people not know who the Taliban are? imm fuckicng cryryring rn hhohly shshitt ii canant bleliev tht tllaaliban donsnt hirre wewomen Whhaaaaaat nnooooo 'Holy motherfucking shitballs, the loony fundamentalist theocratic back-asswards and incredibly violent nonces just took over a country, which is bad I guess... but did you hear that they dIdN't ApPoInT a SiNgLe WoMaN!!?!?!?!!11!one' Priorities, folks.

Do Saudi Arabia next

I'm starting to think that maybe the Taliban are...bad🤔 is that a fuckin vz26 TalibanSoMale TalibanSoMale There is no money for basic infra and healthcare, but have enough money to buy arms. Who is giving them money for all this? Who is doing business with them? Taliban wyd What, how did this happen. I'm so shook. Goodness me.

…duh? Don’t be so quick to judge they could have just made an honest mistake and forgot to appoint a woman

Sounds like Texas I really expected more from the.. *looks at notes*... Taliban. They tried so hard… Its not that the Taliban doesn't like women, they despise them. i can excuse the tyranny enforced through violence but this is just too far that's fucking insane, no longer supporting the taliban And? You expected something different?

Pakistan giving bases to America Secretly (Pakistan pa Pta Amrike ta Ade Warkre) UnfreezeAfgMoney AUAF_ACCAStudentsInRisk Afghanistan The Taliban Kabul AfghanWomen ISIS Canada China Jalalabad England PAKvENG EducationForAll PriceOfAbsolutelyNot Lol..... how tf are people surprised by this?

Taliban... Do better Wow. This is my surprised face: 😐 The. Hell. You. Say. No way Can they even drive yet? How is this possibly a surprise? Is anyone actually surprised at this? making republicans proud Is this really breaking news worthy? so like every trump cabinet photo

This is satire right? When will people learn that we are not going to change everyone in the world into our way of thinking. If bombing them doesn't work, what will? Do better, Taliban. guys stop wasting your time they’ve already been cancelled They’ve learned from the US not to have too many varieties of people wrecking their historical form of Government. Perhaps we should learn from them?

No one could've seen this coming It’s 2019 people come on Talibanisoverparty You effing clowns. Stop your human centipede routine with the Biden admin and do some real journalism. I would never do this And this surprises you?

this is almost as bad as when apple hired antoniogm Imagine my shock... BASED No shit Shocking Guess we better re-invade and slaughter a bunch of women and children. Wut? NO FUCKING SHIT Are you actually surprised? Don't tell me you actually believed that propaganda they put out? I am shocked, next thing you know they will cancel pride month!

Is this supposed to be an article for TheOnion or TheBabylonBee ? What were you expecting? Really? No way! They said they were feminists now… what happened? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shocked I tell ya! Based 'failing to appoint any women' As if there ever was any intention or promise from the Taliban, it was funny the first 100 times. You guys are truly delusional. Living in your own lala land

How is that a failure? Yeah because a backwards, tribal, backwater isn’t going to do what a backward, tribal, backwater will do? 🤷‍♂️ Based. Asking everyone in the comment section to clean your room.

Literally nobody is surprised by this lmao tHe tAlIbAn aNnOuNcE A LiSt oF DePuTy mInIsTeRs, FaIlInG To aPpOiNt aNy wOmEn, DoUbLiNg dOwN On aN AlL-MaLe, AlL-TaLiBaN GoVeRnMeNt iN AfGhAnIsTaN 😩 That's very smart of them. Women shouldn't be in positions of leadership. Men the other 'gender.' 'Failing to appoint any women' I think you meant succeeding.

Surprising absolutely no one ah yes, because we know the gender of people making the decisions is the ultimate factor 'BREAKING' Ring any bells.. where was the story when Americans did it Please do better! This was America not long ago. Shocking

Can’t believe the Taliban didn’t appoint any women. This is shocking. Shocking! Totally unexpected! Based talibros The only reason the media is acting like they ever expected the Taliban to be 'inclusive' is because the Biden administration is trying to pretend the Taliban is the legitimate government of Afghanistan to cover for their absolute failure of a withdrawal.

Let’s contact their employer and register are objections! Why do you think they would appoint any women? I mean is that the premise? The left : 'that's OK. That's sharia. Let's bring them here.' Maybe send in the social workers.. Real news would be when the people fight back and are not led by terrorists. We shouldn’t do a damn thing to help anyone there. You can’t help those that won’t help themselves. If they attack us again, blow them off the map.

Professional. Oh no shit!? Sounds like the American GOP.... Shocked....not at all. Well I cant speak for the afghan people but the National Afghan Surrender Corps clearly wanted this. Why are people surprised? They said they would respect women's rights under Islam. Which means Sharia Law. All the Males are those who fough for freedom During the 20 Yrs Occupation.

So what? They are 1 month old government. Give them time to find the right people. Let's not forget our own past. It's a good idea to sometimes look in the mirror? ….no shit? why would they do anything different lmao Please enough of your fake news 20 years of war crimes was enough nytimes RichardHaass thesundaytimes WSJ RepJeffries morningmika Eugene_Robinson kabeleins BrusselsTimes lemondefr woodruffbets Sulliview MarthaRaddatz margbrennan kilmeade ABCaustralia MarisePayne

We left. Not our problem. Best of luck Afghanistan……. What a shock! Islam right 🤷‍♀️ 'All male'? Mayte, they're all jihadis... No women -No futur. Oh my god we had no idea this would happen this is unprecedented the Taliban treating women bad we had no idea this would happen this is so unbelievable this is unimaginable...

Does anyone actually believe that this will turn out different? Maybe they have other plans for women there aparanjape Nobody expected any woman being nominated as a Deputy Minister... Hope this exclusiveness does not spread to Pakistan which is already having a renewed wave of conservatism/anti feminism. shariahcompliant

No shit, Sherlock. ektaka Color me shocked. Who would've guessed evil assholes afraid of a uterus would strip women of power and leadership positions? allahu akbar! Who could have seen that coming? Pakistanis love taliban. But they do not want taliban like rule in Pakistan! Taliban is proxy of pakistan to control afghanistan. They do not care if taliban brutalizes, kills afghans.

All the blame to the US Our country didn’t allow women to vote until 1920. Expecting The Taliban to immediately jump into the 21st century is illogical. SHOCKING 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡