Taiwan is getting more global support — and China is pushing back

As countries including the U.S. deepen ties with the self-ruling island, Beijing is using military and other means to assert its territorial claims.

10/20/2021 1:05:00 PM

NEW: China wants the world to know it's 'not going to get pushed around' on Taiwan, while experts say China’s recent military maneuvers may be aimed less at Taiwan than at the broader international community.

As countries including the U.S. deepen ties with the self-ruling island, Beijing is using military and other means to assert its territorial claims.

According topoll resultsreleased in August by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, a majority of Americans believe that the U.S. should recognize Taiwan as an independent country and, for the first time, that the U.S. should send troops to defend Taiwan if China were to invade. Lawmakers from both parties have also said the U.S. should

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end its policy of “strategic ambiguity”and commit to Taiwan’s defense, though others argue that could backfire.Chinese fighter jets at a training base in Ningbo, China, on Jan. 14. China regularly sends warplanes into the skies near Taiwan.Tian Jianmin / FeatureChina via AP Images file

Shifting American attitudes toward Taiwan are motivated partly by cooling attitudes toward China, the council said, a trend that is echoed inadvanced economies around the world.Amid America’s hardening attitude toward China, Beijing is also making clear that it is willing to exert influence far beyond its borders. Taiwan accused China of obstructing it from buying coronavirus vaccines internationally, and China has continued to block Taiwan from participating in the World Health Assembly even during the pandemic.

In August, China recalled its ambassador to Lithuania and expelled the Lithuanian envoy to Beijing over plans for Taiwan to set up an unofficial embassy in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, called the “Taiwanese Representative Office” rather than the less provocative “Taipei.”

Taking issue with the way countries and organizations refer to Taiwan is a key way China tries to isolate the island, said Tiffany Ma, a senior director at BowerGroupAsia. In recent years, global airlines and hotel chains have altered their websites at Beijing’s request to avoid any suggestion that Taiwan is not part of China, lest they lose access to the lucrative Chinese market.

Ma also pointed tothat nongovernmental organizations seeking consultative status change the way they refer to Taiwan on their websites, including the World Bicycle Industry Association, the American Sociological Association and a Jewish group in New Jersey.

“At this point we see that nothing is really too small for China,” she said.The backlash China is experiencing on the international stage presents real opportunities for Taiwan but also real dangers, Rigger said.“If you overplay your hand then you may find yourself facing the wrath of the P.L.A.,” she said, referring to China’s People’s Liberation Army, “and you do not know for sure that all of those countries that were talking such a great game before are actually going to come to your aid.”

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Download theNBC News appfor breaking news and politicsIn Taiwan, residents are keenly aware of the increase in Chinese military activity and worry about the possibility of war, according to a poll conducted this year by theBrookings Institution. But that doesn’t mean they live in constant fear of an attack from Beijing.

“I think they’re just flexing their muscles,” Mary Chen, 65, a trade company manager in Taipei, told NBC News this month after the wave of military sorties. “This is what they do all the time.”Chen said she actually felt more relaxed these days, “because now we have visibility internationally, which is something we didn’t have before.”

Beijing has good reason not to jeopardize its international position ahead of important events like the 2022 Winter Olympics, which it is hosting, and next year’s Communist Party congress, at which Xi is expected to seek an unprecedented third term. But if there is some domestic crisis that threatens the party’s hold on power, Ma said, “obviously that calculus shifts.”

James Teng, 39, a designer in Taipei, said he wouldn’t be surprised if Taiwan came under attack one day, but that it was impossible to predict.“I think the only win-win situation is that the threats are balanced enough to keep everybody alerted without actually starting a war,” he said. “Once there is war, nobody wins.”

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Mother of Taiwan slay victim blasts Hong Kong authoritiesHONG KONG (AP) — The Hong Kong mother whose daughter was killed in Taiwan in 2018 on Wednesday lambasted authorities in the Chinese city for letting the man who confessed to the crime walk free, while Hong Kong blamed self-ruled Taiwan for “political manipulation” in the case. According to HK law, that killer is a freeman in HK now. What to do? China will retake Taiwan. It’s only a matter of time. Eh, HKSAR laws explicitly prohibit extradition/transfer of suspects to other regions of China. When HKSAR govt tried to amend those laws in 2019, the separatists rioted and burnt the city down, remember?🙄

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Taiwan isn't gonna get pushed around... The government that is offended that their leader looks like Pooh Bear is trying to act tough. 🇨🇳🎙️💀 I hope that the United States will help the people of southern Taiwan improve their livelihoods and increase their incomes, without saying anything meaningless.

Taiwan is part of China, period China is a paper tiger they want Taiwan to turn over the keys without a fight. They know it will be ugly if they go in with force. Maybe we fought for the wrong side in WW2…. Looks that way.

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America and its gang is not the world. There are 195 countries in this world. Get educated. China must be more concerned about the world they can be defeated. China has never owned Taiwan. It has been a separate island with it's own indigenous people for 6,000 years past, long before the first Han Chinese settlers reached its shores.

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White House mum on reports of China testing nuclear missile, says admin welcomes 'stiff competition'White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday would not comment on reports that China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, but instead, said the United States welcomes “stiff competition,” while maintaining that the Biden administration does “not want that competition to veer into conflict.” I'm optimistic that nuclear war will never happen among US, China and Russia. Because we all will die if it happens. But sad to see that we are on the wrong way. We should embrace peace, cooperation, not conflict and race.

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More global support? Can you list them here? Go and read China's history before supporting Taiwan. Taiwan is a part of China Thank you!

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