Syrian Opposition Fighters Retake Key Town From Government

The government’s attempt to recapture Idlib has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe.


The government’s attempt to recapture Idlib has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe.

The government’s attempt to recapture opposition stronghold Idlib has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe and the war’s largest single wave of displacem...

The retaking of Saraqeb which sits on the highway is a setback for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces who have scored major gains in a weeks-long Russian-backed campaign in the last rebel stronghold in Idlib province. Officials had hailed theThe government’s military campaign to recapture Idlib, the last opposition-held stronghold in the country, has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe and the war’s largest single wave of displacement. According to the U.N. almost 950,000 civilians have been displaced since early December, and more than 300 have been killed. Most have fled further north to safer areas near the Turkish border, overwhelming camps already crowded with refugees in cold winter weather.

Smoke billows over the town of Saraqib in the eastern part of the Idlib province in northwestern Syria, following bombardment by Syrian government forces, on Feb. 27, 2020. Syrian state media reported intense clashes near Saraqeb, saying insurgents sent suicide car bombs and that Turkish forces bombarded the area. It said a small group of insurgents reached the highway to score a “propaganda stunt,” adding that “Syrian troops are dealing with them.”

Over the past weeks, Turkey sent thousands of troops into Idlib province. Clashes between Syrian and Turkish troops have killed 18 Turkish soldiers.

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the same was said prior to other cities the gov recaptured. Then this critical emergency just faded away. Why? NeedRealJournalism Let's thank Obama for prolonging the war

Syrian opposition fighters retake key town from governmentTurkey-backed Syrian opposition fighters retake a key northwestern town in Syria recently captured by government forces, and cut the highway linking the capital, Damascus, with the northern city of Aleppo. It's a setback for President Assad's forces. Meanwhile the rest of the world is just funding and fighting a pending pandemic. No big deal. They are not'opposition fighters' As you know clearly they are old IS and Al Qaeda members and they are 'Turkey backed jihadist groups' Mercenaries terrorists headcutters and Turkish invasion forces against Syrian people

Syrian opposition forces retake key town from regimeSaraqeb is at the juncture of two main roads linking the capital of Damascus and its second-largest city of Aleppo and another highway west to the Mediterranean.

Turkey-backed rebels regain key Syrian town of Saraqeb - oppositionSyrian rebels backed by the Turkish military have recaptured the strategic town ... Not for long 😂 Boom goes Mid-East They are not rebels. They are Syrian citizen. They are fighting for independent

Syrian father teaches daughter to laugh when the bombs fallSyrian father Abdullah Mohammed would do anything for his 3-year-old daughter Salwa — even forcing himself to laugh with her at the sound of exploding bombs Why dont write Turkish goverment taking care of them ....😳😳😳 That’s actually really heartbreaking. 😢 Just don’t molest the little girl

Syrian girl from viral video begins new life in TurkeySalwa, a Syrian girl who became famous after a video showing her with laughter in the face of bombings by the Syrian regime in Idlib province went viral on social media, was brought to Turkey to give her a safe and secure childhood. Mashallah 🌹 AlhumduLillahi Rabbil Alamin 🌹🤲😊 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Why he was teaching her to laugh at the sound of bombs?

Turkey will drive Syrian forces back from Idlib posts this week: ErdoganTurkey plans to push Syrian government forces away from its military observation... So it begins, game over Russia & Syria Assad regime. When the Turks come , you can better run....!!! 🤘🇹🇷🤘 hot air as usual 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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