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Syrian Children Freeze to Death. Bombs Rain Down. And ‘Nobody Cares.’

The Syrian government’s assault on a rebel-held province has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of a brutal nine-year war.


“I dream about being warm,” said a Syria n father whose baby froze to death. “I just want my children to feel warm. I don’t want to lose them to the cold. I don’t want anything except a house with windows that keeps out the cold and the wind.”

The Syria n government’s assault on a rebel-held province has created one of the worst humanitarian emergencies of a brutal nine-year war.

“These are people who are trying to take the hardest decisions of their lives in conditions that are out of their hands,” said Max Baldwin, the North Syria program director for Mercy Corps. “The level of intensity, the fact that you’ve got the Turkish military here, the front line moving there, they’re continuing to target hospitals — it’s creating a level of fear and uncertainty that’s been a huge challenge for everyone. And this could get worse.”

Some fled hauling pieces of their old homes — like doors and window frames — hoping to improve their temporary shelters or to rebuild someday. Now those, too, go into the fire.Like hundreds of thousands of others, the Leilas had already fled from elsewhere and ended up in Idlib as a last resort.

These groups — dominated by the Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham — have given the Syrian government cover to justify its onslaught in the name of counterterrorism.With much of the area under fire, aid organizations cannot reach civilians, or take hours to deliver supplies to camps just a few miles away because the roads are so jammed. Aid workers, volunteers and contractors who supply water, blankets and food are fleeing their own homes as they try to help others, leaving the humanitarian response mired in chaos.

Cut off from countries that once sent military aid to the rebels, they plead for a rescue no one is offering.Turkey has protested the violation of the agreement and held talks with Russia, to little avail. Russia has promised to reinstate the cease-fire even as its planes

The United States, which has 500 troops in southern and eastern Syria, has ruled out military involvement in the northwest.On the Turkish side of the border, Syrian refugees watch in agony as their phones overflow with pleas from their relatives in Idlib, asking where they can go.

Under Idlib’s new calculus of risk, a few shells or bombs are not enough to dislodge many residents. In the town of Ariha, it was only after counting 27 airstrikes in one day that Inaya Aloush’s family decided to leave, even though there was nowhere safe to run.

“I wish I could bring my family here,” she said. “In Syria, I’m always dreaming about the warplanes. There, silver planes mean bombing. Here, they’re just … normal planes.”From some of the camps, the displaced can see Turkey, green and orderly beyond the border fence. On the Turkish side of the Reyhanli crossing, olive trees grow in tidy rows. Nothing sleeps beneath them but a stray dog.

She and one of her four sons crossed several days ago to Reyhanli, also for medical care — he is being treated for kidney problems. But soon they will have to return to their tent in Idlib, where her elderly parents and two other children are living.In the tent, their toilet is a bucket, she said. There is no school. They spend each day praying, trying to soothe the children — one cries from cold, another from hunger — and waiting for aid groups to deliver food. Every day, one son goes to a nearby mountain to collect firewood. But it is still so cold that they cannot sleep.

But to Ms. Shaker, the talk of political ideals feels almost cruel, if not irrelevant.

Read more: The New York Times

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Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Fahrenthold SecPompeo help the Syrian refugees What a shame ohhh my god Everyone is entitled to a house. ...horrible... MelissaJPeltier Heartbreaking. Monstrous, that this is an actuality. 💔😥 💔😢🙏🕊️ Assad you bastard 💔 leloveluck GermanyDiplo francediplo_EN SpainMFA ItalyMFA foreignoffice cafreeland realDonaldTrump AusForeign SweMFA NorwayMFA MFATgovtNZ MofaJapan_en It's NOT possible we allow genocides to happen in XXI. STOP THE SYRIAN GENOCIDE NOW u bunch of cowards. Syria

medit8now Thank you realDonaldTrump for this horror. The saddest and most simplest of wants. Heartbreaking.

Turkey-backed rebels regain key Syrian town of Saraqeb - opposition Syria n rebels backed by the Turkish military have recaptured the strategic town ... Not for long 😂 Boom goes Mid-East They are not rebels. They are Syrian citizen. They are fighting for independent

Religion of Peace for you. Keep OUT amanda0852 😢 This, in Syria and the neighboring atrocities in Palestine demean humanity. Unspeakable Dude we all want a house 🏠 then the United States turkey and they're terrorists should get the hell out and end the occupation of Syria and let them have access to their own resources like Heating fuel and water that turkey has cut off

😥Please donate to sams_usa if you can to HelpSyria. It is a wonderful charity! Never mind that endless war kills an infinitely greater number of babies... Let's drop a few more bombs and endanger a few more Americans' lives... SnarfxFrans But the USA prohibits building shelters! The New York Times is shedding crocodile tears.

if there was no war, they wouldn't have become refugee. if they weren't refugee, they might have shelter, sufficient food, enough clothing.

Syrian opposition fighters retake key town from government Turkey -backed Syria n opposition fighters retake a key northwestern town in Syria recently captured by government forces, and cut the highway linking the capital, Damascus, with the northern city of Aleppo. It's a setback for President Assad's forces. Meanwhile the rest of the world is just funding and fighting a pending pandemic. No big deal. They are not'opposition fighters' As you know clearly they are old IS and Al Qaeda members and they are 'Turkey backed jihadist groups' Mercenaries terrorists headcutters and Turkish invasion forces against Syrian people

Cocorica2 💔💔💔😢 I’m ashamed I don’t have the strength to click to read the full story, this is just beyond horrible 😢 in germany with a welfare cheque I imagine - stop getting your wife/s pregnant no NY slime - Europe doesn't want any more 'syrians' Cocorica2 😢 leloveluck Become Christians So please stop funding the terrorists and suggest your government to not intervene in to Syria. First destabilizing the country second showing your humane side but this family had best life in Syria before America democracy.

I remember when America cared. I want that America back. Heartbreaking

Turkey will drive Syrian forces back from Idlib posts this week: Erdogan Turkey plans to push Syria n government forces away from its military observation... So it begins, game over Russia & Syria Assad regime. When the Turks come , you can better run....!!! 🤘🇹🇷🤘 hot air as usual 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

That is so sad. People without the basics in life. God damn us for not helping them. Köszönet mindazoknak az államoknak,akik embertelen háborúikkal ide júttatták az ártatlan embereket. Most meg nem gondoskodnak róluk. This is sad. This could have been prevented if refugees where treated like humans with dignity, our responsibility and duty of care, neighbors without boundaries.

In Malaysia the politicians wants to be dictators and shove aside the mandate by voters Really syria blood powder tears judge dying a lot of kids homeless remaining families and what will exetuve certain process A 'Press' that obstructs and promotes obstruction are just as guilty as those unable to take all the actions they would like because THEY WERE OBSTRUCTED! .. Go look in a DMN mirror if you want to find the 'Responsible' party.

And Hong Kong is giving away millions in free subsidies... Atrocities like this shouldn’t happen. The world’s nations are too rich for these horrific stories to still exist. It’s 2020, we are all responsible for allowing this to happen The minimum wage of five ($ 5) dollars per hour almost 90 years ago was set by Roosevelt in the occupied and ruined US oligarchs and bankers in the Great Depression. Other is genocide - as in Russia. Finally, the same amendment must now be made in Russia -

Anyone really believe this BS

Syrian girl from viral video begins new life in TurkeySalwa, a Syria n girl who became famous after a video showing her with laughter in the face of bombings by the Syria n regime in Idlib province went viral on social media, was brought to Turkey to give her a safe and secure childhood. Mashallah 🌹 AlhumduLillahi Rabbil Alamin 🌹🤲😊 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Why he was teaching her to laugh at the sound of bombs?

Do you EVER have any actual proof asides unknown sources, and people who sniff backpacks for chemical weapons? I just couldn’t read the rest of the quote, it’s just painful. 💔💔💔💔 Syria Terribly sad world we live in. When will there be peace. What about the kids who died in Mosul?

Syrian father teaches daughter to laugh when the bombs fall Syria n father Abdullah Mohammed would do anything for his 3-year-old daughter Salwa — even forcing himself to laugh with her at the sound of exploding bombs Why dont write Turkish goverment taking care of them ....😳😳😳 That’s actually really heartbreaking. 😢 Just don’t molest the little girl

Syrian father teaches daughter to laugh when the bombs fall Syria n father Abdullah Mohammed would do anything for his 3-year-old daughter Salwa — even forcing himself to laugh with her at the sound of exploding bombs Why dont write Turkish goverment taking care of them ....😳😳😳 That’s actually really heartbreaking. 😢 Just don’t molest the little girl

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