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Swastika leaflets stating 'we are everywhere' posted at Virginia businesses

Swastika leaflets stating 'we are everywhere' posted at Oregon businesses

1/19/2021 3:59:00 PM

Swastika leaflets stating 'we are everywhere' posted at Oregon businesses

Ashland Mayor Steve Trivett told those responsible for posting far-right fliers: 'We will pick up the trash you dropped.'

AshlandPolice are now encouraging businesses in the area to review their own security camera footage from the early hours of Sunday, and note anything of value to this investigation to police.Posting on, Rachel Levy, candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, wrote:"Much appreciation to the

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Ashland, Virginia Police Department for addressing this very serious incident swiftly and thoroughly."Sadly, incidents like these are far too common in the 55th District, and there has been an uptick in their occurrence across the region in recent days. I am sorry for the fear and pain they cause. Please be vigilant and careful, especially in the coming days."

AshlandPolice has been contacted for further comment.Anyone with information about this incident should contact theAshlandPolice Department at (804) 365-6140 or leave a tip at Read more: Newsweek »

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Wtf!? Stop the madness you Fvcking nerds This is amazing. Russians are protesting in the streets to be freed. Americans are protesting to be enslaved. Please get it together! This is just lazy. Virginia or Oregon? Perhaps nowhere? FFS 🤦 Thanks Trump. To those who said it can’t happen here, it almost did.

Like we didn’t know that Pure evil & hatred☠️👹😖🤮 This is trumps world Outlawed. Even Mar-A-Lago Little wonder. Oregon was actually founded as an all-white-only state. CoreyColoma You need to get a handle on your people! The tweet says 'Oregon.' The article says 'Virginia.' The picture looks like Russia. What's really going on here ?

That's scary because those idiots are everywhere. Sure. Show your faces, then. Ppl disgusted by the use of this symbol are everywhere too. The tweet says “Oregon businesses” but the article talks about a happening in Ashland Virginia. Please correct this. But Republicans get butthurt when anyone acknowledges the reality that we have always had and continue to have a white supremacy problem in the US. Why do they despise reality so much?

Wrong country Deport them Yeah well, there’s more of us than you nazi’s , so I wouldn’t play that game. 🤣😂. We are everywhere Peace 🤣🤣🤣 only cowards hide and run around in the night putting up ridiculous propaganda. Who really protested after inauguration, Antifa or MAGATS? I'm thinking MAGATS ...and you lose every time.

marklevinshow RMConservative Those lefties are everywhere If the GOP wants unity they can start by denouncing white supremacy And racism Time to think, America. Pretty sure this can be blamed on Joe Biden. Well, and Biden didn't do anything about? Didhe even condemn it?! trump's base. False flag incoming.

The headline says Oregon but they mean VIRGINIA. This is treason! Track them down and show the government’s resolve! This is why Trump must be impeached and removed for all times,so as he never can hold any public office of trust ever again in the USA! True face of Republican Party. I’m confused. Virginia or Oregon

More trash for the garbage. Enough already