Swastika found carved in State Dept. elevator

The symbol has been removed, a department spokeswoman said.

7/27/2021 11:34:00 PM

A swastika was found carved in an elevator at the State Dept., the agency says.

The symbol has been removed, a department spokeswoman said.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images fileJuly 27, 2021, 8:16 PM UTCByTeaganne FinnWASHINGTON — A swastika was found carved in an elevator at the State Department, the federal diplomatic agency said on Tuesday.The swastika has been removed and the incident is being investigated, Jalina Porter, spokesperson at the State Department, said during a press conference.

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Porter said Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is Jewish, shared a message with all employees about the incident.This is a"painful reminder, anti-Semitism isn’t a relic of the past, it’s still a force that we’re dealing with the world and unfortunately we’re dealing with it close to home," said Porter."And we will continue to condemn it."

Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. and UN Gilad Erdan called the incident antisemitic vandalism and urged unity in a fight against antisemitism of any kind.

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Horrible No cameras in those elevators? Highly unlikely. Why wasn’t this caught in real time? Do we not have video surveillance in the building? It’s 2021, not 1921 ffs. We have the technology and plenty of tax payer money. No excuses, this is unacceptable. Who drove the Swastika carver there to carve it? A german immigrant?

Why is this even a story? Pelosi or Schumer did it. Swastika is merely a picture. Cars are real. English people victims of heroin and meth and coke and pit transporters in U.S. English innocent people driven to jails in stolen cars. Please let it be a camera somewhere English people raped by drivers of cars in U.S.

Swastika found etched into State Department elevatorA swastika was found on Monday etched into the wall of a State Department elevator near the office of its special envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism, according to a person familiar with the discovery and a picture obtained by Axios.Why it matters: The defacement raises troubling questions about security inside the nation's foreign policy nerve center, and the potential for antisemitism within an outward-facing element of the United States government.Stay on top of the latest market trends Rip down all hate.

Those (far-right) Bootlickers can't stop and let go of licking those jackboots, til their tongues are entirely brown or til those boots are nice and polished. Camera in the elevator or hallways leading to it? One might reckon that the elevators at StateDept have cameras. Maybe? Hakenkreuz not Swastika C'mon. You find that shit everywhere. So many dumbass 14 year olds do this all the time. Try something else stir up controversy

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California to require proof of vaccination for state workersCalifornia will require state employees and all health care workers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or get tested weekly as officials aim to slow rising coronavirus infections, mostly among the unvaccinated. There are at least 238,000 state employees, according to the California controller's office. Health officials couldn't immediately provide an estimate on size of the health care workforce in the nation's most populated state. It's time for ALL EMPLOYERS to MANDATE shots & it's simple as to why...The LIABILITY issue is not resolved & you as an employer can still be SUED over COVID 19 contraction even if almost impossible to prove WHERE. The mere fact that there's liability should encourage EMPLOYERS.

California to require proof of vaccination for state workersBREAKING: California will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or weekly testing for all state workers and health care employees. New York City also says it will require its municipal workers to get vaccinated or face weekly COVID-19 tests. I don’t understand why vaccinated don’t need to be tested also since they can get and spread the virus too. Seems like that would be safest strategy. Do this for all entertainment events/facilities, maybe even indoor dining, and issue a QR code. We need something more verifiable than a 3x5 notecard Testing doesn't cut it. By the time you have a positive test you could have infected many people.

California to require proof of vaccination for state workers, all health care workersThose who don't show proof of Covid-19 vaccination must get tested weekly as officials aim to slow rising coronavirus infections among the unvaccinated. California and all their 6 figure government jobs. 😳😳😳😳😳