Suspected Church Shooter Warned Acquaintance of Dying in a ‘Big Event'

5/19/2022 8:18:00 AM

Suspected Church Shooter Warned Acquaintance of Dying in a ‘Big Event'

Suspected Church Shooter Warned Acquaintance of Dying in a ‘Big Event'

Those who know David Chou say the suspected shooter’s life was unraveling. In the months leading up to the church shooting in Laguna Woods, a neighbor and acquaintances told NBC4 that many aspects of his life were going downhill.

Android and pick your alerts.An Orange County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit checks the grounds at Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, Calif.May 16, 2022 "Without the actions of Dr.California church shooting: Murder among 10 charges against suspected gunman "This case is about a person concealing themselves in plain view," Spitzer said.

Balmore Orellana was his neighbor in Las Vegas.Orellana said at first he was friendly but in recent months that changed.(Damian Dovarganes/AP) Updated May 16, 2022 at 9:43 PM ET LAGUNA WOODS, Calif.Orellana said Chou was the owner of their apartment building, but last year it sold for less than he hoped.A group of congregants stepped in to help Cheng, using items inside the church to stop Chou, who was ultimately hogtied by the legs with an extension cord.Judi Rock was his realtor.The shooter killed Dr.She said the same time as the sale took place, his wife was dying of cancer and his anger grew for Taiwan.Sheriff's officials said Chou was carrying a incendiary devices similar to Molotov cocktails.

"He doesn't like Taiwan's current situation trying to depart from China, trying to betray the Chinese," Rock said.Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said the motive of the shooting was a grievance between the shooter, identified as a Chinese immigrant and U."The heroic actions of Dr."Betray Chinese politics and cultures so he stands very strong against the Taiwanese." And on Sunday morning police say Chou walked targeted a Taiwanese congregation in shooting that killed Dr.citizen, and the Taiwanese community.John Cheng and injured five others.."My heart went cold.The suspect was identified as David Chou, 68, of Las Vegas.In addition to the incendiary devices, Chou was also carrying additional ammunition, the sheriff said.

I wonder how could he do this for real?" the unnamed person said.His former neighbor is still processing the news.Chou is expected to appear in state court Tuesday and it was not immediately clear whether he had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.Dr."I feel like his presence is still here, ya know.He was next door.Chou's family was among many that were apparently forcibly removed from China to Taiwan sometime after 1948, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said.It's that dark feeling that you have," Orellana said."After others had been shot, he took it upon himself to charge across the room and to do everything he could to disable the assailant," said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.Spitzer said it appears that after Chou shot Cheng, his gun jammed, giving congregants more time to subdue the suspect.

"I can't forgive him.Barnes, the sheriff, said Chou drove from Las Vegas to the Orange County church, where he was not a regular attendee, secured the doors with chains, super glue and nails and started shooting.He was my friend.Now he completely ain't.Orange County Sheriff's Sgt." "That irony in a church is not lost on me," he said.If he did that, he got to rot in jail." This article tagged under:.John Cheng, a 52-year-old victim who was killed in Sunday's shooting at Geneva Presbyterian Church.Spitzer said earlier it appeared that Chou's family was forced to move from China to Taiwan and that Chou complained he was treated poorly as an outsider over the years.

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California church shooter was motivated by hate for Taiwanese people, officials sayA gunman in a deadly attack at a Southern California church was a Chinese immigrant motivated by hate for Taiwanese people, authorities said:

Prominent doctor killed while trying to stop Calif. church shooter hailed a hero'Without the actions of Dr. Cheng, it is no doubt that there would be numerous additional victims in this crime,' officials said.

NFL star remembers 'hero' Dr. John Cheng, killed trying to disarm California church shooterThe NFL star wrote on Twitter Monday that Dr. Cheng was his primary physician and was an 'absolute hero' adding that he 'wanted his name to be known.' The race and ideology of that shooter again? Strangely absent from your propaganda Shame Biden has not recognized this man is a hero making the ultimate sacrifice giving his life so others may live . Biden had a extra day to come to California to pay his respects , same as he did on Tuesday in NY but this shooting does not meet his political agenda , shame !

California church shooting: Murder among 10 charges against suspected gunmanCaliforniaChurchShooting update: Orange County DA Todd Spitzer says 10 counts have been filed, all of which carry the maximum punishment allowed by law - death or life without the possibility of parole. The FBI currently has an open investigation Is the buffalo shooting classed as a hate crime or he was mentally ill? AskingForAFriend But double faced KingGavinOfTyphus doesn’t want anyone sentenced to death, so this CCP agent will just get a U.S. state pension and a platform instead. He’ll be free to spread anti-Taiwan and pro-China propaganda from prison. If it was Gascom he would have walked them out of jail with lunch!

Suspected Gunman in Deadly Laguna Woods Church Shooting Set to Make First Court AppearanceThe suspected gunman was booked on one felony count of murder with the use of a gun, enhanced with special circumstances of 'lying in wait;' five counts of attempted murder, and four counts of unlawful possession of explosives. As a liberal mostly against the death penalty, I believe if you’re a mass shooter you shouldn’t get the option of prison. You shouldn’t get the option of a drawn out trial. We saw video of these shooters killing people. The Buffalo ass streamed it. Just rid them from earth.

Suspected gunman in California church shooting could face death penalty, prosecutors sayThe suspected gunman of a politically-motivated shooting at a California church could face the death penalty for due to a special circumstance his murder charge. The guy shouldn't even be able to cry for leniency and life in prison when you kill someone you shouldn't be allowed Give Em The Chair 'Could?' WTF