Suspected bitcoin scammers take over Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

BREAKING: Major Twitter accounts, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Uber, Apple and more, appear to be compromised by bitcoin scammers.

7/16/2020 12:06:00 AM

BREAKING: Major Twitter accounts, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Uber, Apple and more, appear to be compromised by bitcoin scammers.

Cryptocurrency investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss said they believed all major Twitter accounts in the industry had been compromised.

Similar tweets appeared on the accounts of tech executive Elon Musk, rapper Kanye West and corporations including Apple, Uber and the money transfer app Cash.Some people were complying with the requests to send money, according to the public register of bitcoin transactions. The

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bitcoin addresslinked in the tweets was quickly inundated with more than 200 instances of people sending it money, adding up to a total of $100,000.Other people on Twitter called out the tweets as obvious scams before the tweets were deleted after several minutes.

Some of the accounts have huge followings. Gates has 51.1 million Twitter followers, whileMusk has 36.9 million. Apple’s account has 4.5 million.The tweets began showing up around 3 p.m. Eastern time, and the attack appeared to be continuing on scores of Twitter accounts more than two hours later.

Twitter spokeswoman Aly Pavela said the company was looking into the issue and would have more to say later.Cryptocurrency investors and brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss said from their Twitter accounts that they believed all major Twitter accounts in the industry had been compromised and were tweeting about a fake partnership.

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Hacking like aresstminded protests only stall your personal growth. It is a distraction from what you could be building for yourself. Profitless protest ruins too many these days. So will hacking. Public records show MuskIsNotATaitor GatesDrapes is. USTraitor USTraitors Ask yourself why did they ask for Bitcoin ?

And you are just now noticing this? It’s been going on for years. like really? Just now? Did the hackers use this to gain entry? A failing company has this much lower and influence I did a quick 1 take VID from the kitchen, the real message behind the hack. So sad This keeps other great personalties in fear, please Twitter , we urge you to take drastic steps as fast as possible.

Quite glad that in spite of so many brainlets around, Bitcoin printed a big fuck you and still did not move from its boring 9200 range. No one wanted realDonaldTrump account! All show. No dough. He doesn’t seem like he’d give a $1 away Yup, this was about Bitcoin, just like I'm also a Runway Model They have to come up with something better than that. Send me $1000 and I’ll send you $2000. I’m good at math. You can just send me $1000 and call it a day.

Russian hackers Fake money doesn’t count Two questions: 1. Could this have been an 'inside' job? 2. Was this a 'test' for the real 'event' to come later? Notice how they didn’t want US dollars? Maybe because they (dollars) are worthless ? Rubbles exchanges for Bitcoins. Yep...that who it was...uh huh...🙄🙄🤣🤣. Might want to ask jack about that!

Bitcoin is filled with fraud,scammers, and profiteers. Stay far away from the con game these scammers play. I honestly hope no one is dense enough to fall for such an obvious bitcoin scam and realizes someone hacked those account. Also how in blazes did a group hack Twitter accounts like that? Idiots should have better passwords!!!! 🙄

if you think Biden is the real nominee, your as stupid as the Democrats think you are this is the real democratic nominee and the agenda, they just knew he was unelectable,so they hide behind Biden Dems are using dementia puppet joe Biden as the face of this fraud Sounds like Russia could be involved to help Trump? realdonaldtrump POTUS JoeBidenForPresident2020 FBI

Meanwhile.. do some research yall! Google this man.. He is now elected Comptroller of The Currency Of the United States of America.. He also worked for Coinbase from 2018-2020 before being elected. BUY CRYPTO INVEST IN THE FUTURE OF MONEY!! The question is whether Gates and Musk will use their resources to determine who hack them and return the favor in ♠️.

They didn’t hack Trump’s acct as nobody would be able to tell the real bullshit from the fake! Interesting no known Republicans hacked. H’mmmm Lol Hushpuppi hussling his bail money TwitterSupport This is obviously a serious vulnerability, and it could be that the hackers went after famous accounts for maximum visibility, but everyone's account is vulnerable. It may be wise to log off Twitter until we know what's going on.

This is suspicious....who’s supposed to be watching Nincompoop in Chief. He spends an awful lot of time Tweeting yet his account wasn’t hacked. Very suspicious..., Scammers like Twitter & Facebook selling access to accounts and crying foul/security breach. hackers : potuspoker But not Donald J Trump? Gives me so much hope for integrity of our elections 😳🙄😤

Elons password was Spaceman77, Bills was ilovethebills44, Bidens password was 'sexualpredator5' The Ruskas are back. That was just a test run. They will be hacking emails next to help their puppet again. Twitter scammers not bitcoin BTC Probably Roger and Donnie up to their old tricks. How come nobody associated with trump has been hacked, not one person?

Not Good for the wealthy! Not Good at All. And no Nigerian is involved, thank you Lord 🙏. This incident was first reported TheBlock__ PARDON FROM TRUMP. NOW YOU KNOW WHY. TAP HIS PHONE AND HIS IP ADDRESS NOW. Obamas acct as well. If anyone dares to say the benevolent Chinese state are behind this, they're blocked. Don't say you haven't been warned.

For some reason....I don’t believe it! RealMelcolmX Is this a response on JewishPriviledge Jews Hebrews being trending topic recently? ShutItDown Hahaha Nigerian about to ball out somewhere 😂😂😂 So is Biden's... Oh, man... Elon Musk, dude . . . this is not rocket science. While you were running around boosting Kanye for president, hackers were scamming you. As for you, Bill Gates, our internet founding father, you ought to be ashamed. Jack Dorsey, what happened to your security software?

jk_rowling get in now apparently this means that the 2 authenication factor isn't satisfiabley secure Yea 'bitcoin scammers' lol. Does anyone buy that? Just follow me , i'll follow you back Asap. I only have 300 followers since 2016. I don't know if I'm using fake Twitter app The Twitter account of Joe Biden has been compromised amid the ongoing event.

He’s making bank as we speak... why can’t LatestAnonNews hack accounts this way! 😢 jack Wow 😳 Power to the people 😩 If only they took all their money and used it to end world hunger “Appear to be” Serves any Elon Musk fan right How could you tell if Elon Musk's twitter account is compromised? So nothing’s different with Elon musk’s page. Bet they come up with a better name for his child

If anyone was dumb enough to fall for this then they deserved it Good How come these scammers and hackers can’t do anything with these student loans? 😱😱🤦🏾‍♂️ They hacked Apple too.. People who fell for this scam .. what were you thinking!? :| Yeah! Here is full list , including Jeff Bezos

Hackers appear to target Twitter accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, others in digital currency scamA tweet sent by Elon Musk's account on Wednesday asked for Bitcoin and promised to 'double all payments' sent to an address. It's likely a scam. so many people falling for it 😂😂 It’s legit just sent over a couple corn 🌽 I reported on this an hour ago. lol

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