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Aaron Katersky, Eric Gripp

Suspect taken into custody after shooting 6 cops, barricading self in building

There's a large police presence and residents are urged to avoid the area.


The suspect who allegedly shot six Philadelphia police officers and holed up inside a building for hours has been taken into custody. Authorities say all six officers who were shot have been released from area hospitals.

There's a large police presence and residents are urged to avoid the area.

The officers were struck in various parts of their bodies and one had a graze wound to the head. All six officers who were shot have now been released from area hospitals, police said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross spoke at press conference from the scene of the standoff late Wednesday, pleading for the shooter to turn himself in.

"Despite several attempts to talk to him -- both on the loudspeaker and on telephone -- we have been not been able to make contact with them thus far," Ross said."This is a very volatile situation that is still unfolding, so as a result there's only so much I can tell you about what's going on inside of that property."

Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are at the scene to assist, a spokesperson said.

"Seek shelter. Secure doors. Be silent. Be still. Police are responding," the university tweeted.

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The black perpetrator. The Suspect of COLOR. The black dude arrested for over 25 violent felonies and who was not prosecuted by a Soros owned prosecutor was allowed to roam the highly GUN CONTROLLED streets of Philly shot 6 LEO's and endangered countless other lives... So the NRA takes money from Russia and does not allow their puppet politicians to create gun control, but allows weapons of war in the streets and unlimited ammunition to the point that makes it almost impossible for police to control the situation. They want to create Chaos.

100 police guns VS 1 junky !! well, police looks like a bunch of stupids useless ! JesusChrysler15 Regarding the horrible shooting of the Police in Philadelphia... “Good guys” all had guns, “Blue Lives Matter” Now Gun Nuts must decide if protecting Guns will outweigh their supposed love for Policemen. BlueLivesMatter I think we all know what they will choose.

Everything okay with the USA. 🇳🇱 must have been a white guy since they didn't shoot him Why the preferential treatment and not just eliminated? Repression of innocent gunmen is tyranny Shame on this stupid country Perfect time to rob a bank Only in the USA

Multiple Police Officers Shot in Philadelphia, Suspect BarricadedA gunman shot 6 police officers in Philadelphia. The world is falling apart. Reddit live is updating the status on a minute by minute basis. Take a look. It's quite disturbing, but the community and law enforcement are standing together in strength through this ongoing crisis holdstrong Put the mfer down!

Look how many cowards are cowering behind cars. Go in like you do when you choked Eric Garner He must of been shooting sideways cause the homeis was lookin on . I’m thinking we need some of them officers around here. To apprehend some druggies. IF I felt I had NO ALTERNATIVE but to shoot a person to protect myself, I like to think I would have the forethought to shoot to injure... but the intent of the shooter needs research

Do you think we need GunControlNow? Imagine that happening simultaneously everywhere. They need 300 pigs to get one person. Its obvious we the people are going to win. Terrorist Pigs you are on Notice. so many noobs Hmmm well since the shooter is targeting cops I’m not that sad. fuckthepolice they are racist to blacks and kill them just because of their skin colour.

Hey TomiLahren what happened to the good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun? There are over 100 officers, still no one could stop him. Can you stop spreading this myth pls....

Philadelphia shooting standoff that left 6 officers wounded ends with suspect's arrestA suspect has been arrested after he barricaded himself for hours in a North Philadelphia home in a shooting standoff that left six officers wounded, police said. If no deaths as a result of this viscious stand off, it's a miracle. We need to make drugs illegal so criminals will definitely obey those laws.

This is on you MoscowMich. Put the gun control bill up for a vote. FALSE FLAG no gun control ,no future

The Latest: Police: 2 officers in building with gunman freedPHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Latest on several police officers shot in Philadelphia (all times local): 9:45 p.m. Police say two officers who were in a building with a gunman barricaded... 'They have been freed' Yes! cool. Send in the robot with a brick of C4, end it now.

Philadelphia police shooting: 6 officers shot; suspect in custodyrealDonaldTrump WhiteHouse This tells me he is white August - Thoughts and prayers September - Thoughts and prayers October - Thoughts and prayers November - Thoughts and prayers December - Thoughts and prayers GUN CONTROL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congress Philadelphia PhiladelphiaShooting PhiladelphiaPolice

6 police officers shot in Philadelphia, suspect still firing from barricaded positionSix police officers have been shot in what authorities are calling an 'active and ongoing' situation in the Nicetown section of North Philadelphia. A police spokesperson told NBC News that the incident began when an officer attempted to serve a warrant at the address. hardball Let's end the failed war on drugs hardball Law enforcement need our full support! hardball Again. Another. What do you suppose the attitude of police officers is concerning gun safety and controls?

Ohio man who posted about mass shootings arrested with 25 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition in home: PoliceOhio man who posted about mass shootings arrested with 25 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition in home: police Shocked, shocked I say, to find out he’s white. You know what makes me sad. These are young people who most likely don't know a damn thing about life. Yet they feel the world old them something because they're here. I can go on and on about it, but it won't help the situation. This ain't mental illness. It's a practiced culture.

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