Suspect's parents charged with 4 counts of homicide involuntary manslaughter

At least four teenagers were killed in a school in Oxford, Michigan, on Tuesday. Follow here for the latest.

Live Updates: Oxford High School Shooting İn Michigan

12/3/2021 8:12:00 PM

The parents of the 15-year-old suspect in the Michigan school shooting are facing homicide involuntary manslaughter charges, according to court documents. Follow live updates:

At least four teenagers were killed in a school in Oxford, Michigan, on Tuesday. Follow here for the latest.

Suspect never left school building after meeting with officials prior to Michigan shootingFrom CNN's Kristina SguegliaThe suspected Michigan high school shooter never left the building in between his meeting with school officials and when the shooting began, based on video surveillance inside the school, the Oakland County sheriff said Friday.

“We have to believe that he had the weapon either on his person in his backpack or somewhere secreted in that travel rout and because the process never had him leaving the school,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN New Day’s John Berman.The sheriff also addressed an Instagram post CNN obtained where the suspect apparently refers to the gun as his.

“Legally that’s not his, he cannot own or possess that weapon outside the house or any kind of process of transporting carrying or using without very few restrictions,” Bouchard said.Authorities previously said the suspect's father bought the gun on black Friday.

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The suspect is permitted to legally hold and possess a gun in some places, such as a gun range, private property, or within the home, Bouchard said.“Not outside the house, they can’t legally own it either,” the sheriff said.As the investigation continues to turn toward how the suspect came into possession of the weapon, the sheriff weighed in on what potential legal jeopardy the parents could be in.

The prosecutor has indicated a potential charging decision could come at any time pertaining the parents without specifying in detail what evidence they have.“It’s a bit of a challenge obviously neither the parents or the suspect have been speaking with us,” he told Berman.

Authorities are endeavoring to answer questions, including “What process did he come into possession of the weapon that day? Was it given to him was it allowed to be picked up and taken freely at his discretion or was it stolen was it broken into something to be removed?”

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When pressed on the school's actions surrounding the suspect's “concerning” behavior, the sheriff reiterated, “We would have liked to have been looped into that conversation either in the room or told about it immediately.”“They may not have certain authorities or they might not have wanted to do certain things but that’s different for us we have a different role, a different process,” Bouchard said.

Meanwhile, authorities are investigating “hundreds and hundreds of threats” that have lead to closures at 60 schools in the wake of the fatal shooting.None of them have been verified “as anything that ultimately has any credibility” but as the sheriff noted all threats will be investigated thoroughly as “we can’t afford that one out of a hundred.”

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Was that kid bullied!!!! Havana syndrome As long as guns are legal, we are always going to have these kinds of incidences. There is no other way you can look at this. You can blame parents, kids, teachers, etc., but if guns weren’t legal, this wouldn’t have happened (at least not with a bullet)! They’re off to Canada. Long gone,for now.

Lock them up .. it’s time the gun purchasers are held responsible.. Every parent knows if their kids have these issues !! How’s those gun rights working out for ya now? Good, and when it happens again, because it will, charge that kid's parents too. Blame Trump. He cultivated a culture, among his followers of 'no personal responsibility...I'll do what I want...I owe society nothing...'Which fostered anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers and aggressively obnoxious narcissists. The shooter's parents were Trump mini-me's...

She. Parents want to be their kids friends instead of real parents … they should be criminally charged.

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The parents didn’t acturally kill anyone. How can our system charge someone with something they didn’t do? Yeah, the father was negligent but they didn’t kill anyone. Charge them accordingly. Surprised it took this long.. What Evidence? haha muricas and their guns actually nvm im pro guns, world is overpopulated anyway

Good. Put them away for life.. good The woke Michigan d.a is targeting the parents for owning guns and being trump supporters this prosecution is politically motivated Good. Glad they're not in Wisconsin That’s BS😡you anti gun activists think your slick🤨. NRA From reports, it seem these parents were irresponsible. They knew before they bought a gun for a troubled 15 year old that this boy was very troubled.

It is about time the parents were held accountable! See, this is how you do it. Justice delayed is justice denied They should have been charged with murder along with their horrible son

And the NRA? The parents are 100% guilty sadly plus the school failed to check his backpack for a tragic The school system should stop sweeping stuff under the rug until something happens like in this situation. So sad! About time How tf did Kyle Murdahouse's mother escape any charges Ikr, wait until they start charging all the inner city minorities. You think prison is full now. How very sad.

Good. They should also be held accountable. So glad this Prosecutor made this decision, maybe parents will see being held responsible for ur child's actions is a possibility & keep their damn guns locked up!! Good

Parents of suspected Michigan high school shooter are charged with involuntary manslaughterBREAKING: The parents of a teen charged with killing 4 students at a Michigan high school have been charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter, prosecutor says. In China, I cannot get justice for my father's death due to academic corruption caused by medical corruption, malfeasance in judicial, law enforcement agencies, government administrative departments and discipline inspection, and lack of conscience in media supervision. Cool do the school next cuz they ignored everyone trying to warn them About time parents are charged. They need to lock up the guns

Michigan School Shooting Suspect’s Parents Charged With Involuntary ManslaughterBreaking: Prosecutors charged the parents of Ethan Crumbley, the Michigan high-school student accused of killing four classmates this week, with four counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the gun used in the shootings As it should be. I don't know if the mother was as complicit, but we'll find out when all the evidence is in. just Retweet till it reaches the right eyes. Please Rt ❤️

Parents Of Oxford High School Shooting Suspect Charged With Involuntary ManslaughterEthan Crumbley's mother and father face charges in the wake of a Michigan school shooting that left four students dead and seven people injured.

The parents of the Michigan high school shooting suspect are charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the rampageThe parents of the 15-year-old charged in this week's deadly shooting at Michigan's Oxford High School have been charged with four counts each of involuntary manslaughter. donlemon When the Crumbleys appeared in a video call during their son's arraignment, they were wearing ball caps. Do they usually wear hats, or was that to disguise their appearance since they were planning to disappear? US elected a 🎃who has NEVER held life w accountability, who teaches politicians, who teaches judges, who teaches cops, who teaches parents, who teaches kids. We r a cycle of ignorance & gun violence/killing in America. It starts the top. Hold the insurrection 🎃responsible.