Suspect fired 50 rounds in Buffalo supermarket hate crime shooting that killed 10: Police

Reported mass shooting in upstate New York TOPS Friendly Markets

5/15/2022 5:46:00 PM

NEW: New York Attorney General Letitia James calls the mass shooting at a market in upstate New York 'domestic terrorism,' while speaking at a Baptist church service in honor of the victims. 'This were acts of hate and it should be prosecuted as such.'

Reported mass shooting in upstate New York TOPS Friendly Markets

Ten people were killed and another three wounded when a mass shooting erupted at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, that authorities say was a"racially motivated hate crime" carried out by a heavily armed white teenager who fired a barrage of 50 shots outside and inside the market.

The gunman then proceeded to shoot nine more people inside the store, police said.Joshua Bessex/APThe Buffalo police officer working security was among those killed, according to a law enforcement official. He was identified as Aaron Salter Jr. by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

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Politics Those who hate others become victims sometimes fat ''ABORTION''SHOULD BE CONSIDER acts of hate and it should be prosecuted as such.' Politics Workplace violence. Isolated incident. NewYorkStateAG Don’t label it as domestic terrorism it’s a white supremacist racist attack by white supremacy loving 18 year old indoctrinated by family, friends & SUPPORTERS Like Tucker Carlson & sympathizers like Sen Ron Johnson & Fox hosts who encouraged these ideologies

'Multiple people' shot at Buffalo, New York, supermarket; suspect in custodyMultiple people were shot Saturday afternoon at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, police there tweeted. Shame on Congress! No one should have an assault rifle. This also happened at a supermarket in El Paso Texas killing 23 Hispanics. This hate crime has to stop. Again, thank Trump for all his ugly rhetoric. All that needs to happen is that these 'gun controlled' states need stricter gun control policies. Leave the rest of the nation with responsible owners alone for when the crazies from these supposed gun controlled' states show up, we're ready

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