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'Survivor': Ethan Zohn Says It Wasn't a 'Smart Decision' to Return

Ethan Zohn is the true definition of a survivor.


Ethan Zohn is the true definition of a survivor.

The former pro soccer player is a two-time cancer survivor.

I thought about how everyone else was going to perceive me. I was trying to put myself in everyone else's mind. There were rumors about who was going to be out there and I definitely researched that, and thought,"What do they think of me as a person?" I didn't think they knew too much."He was a nice guy." But I played so long ago that I don't know how to play with idols or hidden clues or blindsides. I didn't do any of that. It was such a different game. I think being underestimated in my strategy, in my gameplay, was my superpower.

's a game of relationships. I feel like that's something I excel in, is developing personal relationships. That's how I wonA lot of the players this season have met each other, played with each other, or, in Rob and Amber's case, married each other. How did that shape things for you? Were you worried about having to go up against some players, having watched them on the show?

, there were people who had strong relationships, including myself. I had a great relationship with Lex and Tom and that did not hold well for me because everyone else knew that.

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