Supreme Court to consider landmark challenge to Harvard and UNC affirmative action policies

Supreme Court to consider a landmark challenge to race-based affirmative action at Harvard and the University of North Carolina

Affirmative Action: Supreme Court To Consider Landmark Challenge To Harvard And Unc Admission Polic

1/24/2022 5:48:00 PM

Supreme Court to consider a landmark challenge to race-based affirmative action at Harvard and the University of North Carolina

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will reconsider race-based affirmative action in college admissions, a move that could eliminate campus practices that have widely benefitted Black and Hispanic students.

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You guess what happens but we know the outcome because we know this SUPREME court is determined to go back to the way things were 60 years or more. I don’t get it But it’s ok to have colleges that are all of one race More collateral damage from not electing Hillary. 'Feel the Bern' I doubt that many of my black friends would have been able to go to Harvard without those guidelines in place. Why would the Supreme Court need to remove it? Why?

Why not just based it on merit? Instead of race, this is good news So, we all know certain “groups” are not advanced enough mentally to get the job done. The same “groups” have entire months devoted to them to brainwash others they are smart, not lazy. Trophy for everyone!! Let's go Brandon Asian and whites working together to bring down affirmative action because they believe it discriminates against them and Asians and advantages black people when in reality it mostly benefits white women but the myth of it advantaging black people is why they want it gone so bad.

Colleges are a business...they should have the right to accept/reject who they want.... The trumpian tribunal will do their master's bidding again How about you get in by your grades and not your color

Supreme Court to hear challenge to Harvard, UNC race admission policyThe Supreme Court announced Monday that it will take up a case challenging Harvard University and the University of North Carolina’s consideration of race in their admissions processes. Funny how the people that always cry about free enterprise have NO issue with a group suing to force a private institution to change admission criteria so their race can have an advantage. That's basically affirmative action in a nutshell 🤣 Sotomayor is so far out of touch with reality I can’t believe she’s in one of those seats smh

This is opening the wrong can of warms ugh I hate people period I finished college (PhD) 30+ years ago Is your human conscience dead? The UAE and Saudi Arabia destroyed the internet and communications, isolated Yemen from the world, and committed genocide on the Yemeni people in Sanaa and Saada. So that the world does not see these massacres 👇🏽

Admissions should be based solely on academic performance. Got enough green and you too can be a harvard grad, just ask Jared Kushner's dad. At the high school in which I attended - currently, 2 in the United States and a magnet school - when I graduated in 2001, our class was 45% minorities (representing the population of Charleston). Then wealthy, widely white residents donated money...

So what are they going to do? Say it’s illegal and then we go back to a world where only whites get into good colleges because they’re the ones born into positions of power and privilege? This country is going to a very dark place. I don’t see how anyone can approve of this It’s about time. End systemic discrimination!

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Is Ginni Thomas a Threat to the Supreme Court?“Ginni Thomas is behaving horribly, and she’s hurt the Supreme Court and the administration of justice,” the judicial ethicist Stephen Gillers said. “If you could take a secret poll of the other eight Justices, I have no doubt that they are appalled.” No actually Clarance is the threat. i actually do doubt this lmao. maybe like a couple other justices tops I appreciate that this illustration makes her look every bit as ghastly as she actually is

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Supreme Court won’t speed challenge to Texas abortion limitsOver dissents from the three liberal justices, the court declined to order a federal appeals court to return the case to a federal judge who had temporarily blocked the law’s enforcement. The court offered no explanation for its action.

Supreme Court takes cases on future of affirmative actionJUST IN: The U.S. Supreme Court says it will take up a pair of cases that could decide the future of affirmative action in college admissions. Today SCOTUS put private affirmative action on the block, just as it did protection of voting rights for blacks in the South. Shamelessly. The Supreme Court isn’t wasting time overturning established law. Ugh! And you ask yourself what good is Clarence Thompson to colored pple really - it would seem he agrees with every bad thing meted out to blacks.