Supreme Court says Congress can’t get Trump financial records for now, but says he is not immune from grand jury demand

The president has gone to great lengths to keep his tax and financial documents private.

7/9/2020 5:16:00 PM

BREAKING: US Supreme Court rules New York prosecutor can get President Trump's tax returns.

The president has gone to great lengths to keep his tax and financial documents private.

/July 9, 2020, 2:31 PM UTCByPete WilliamsWASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday gave President Donald Trump a chance to beat back House Democrats’ efforts to obtain his financial records but ruled he is not immune from Manhattan district attorney’s attempt to get his taxes.

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The Manhattan district attorney’s office wanted to obtain Trump’s tax returns as part of its probe into hush-money payments to two women although the president can challenge that in court and the justices said he can fight House Democrats’ attempt to obtain financial records from the Trump Organization’s accounting firm and two banks. Both matters will go back to lower courts.

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About time. Trump has always behaved like he is above the law. The court ruling is long in the waiting. Wow... You sound so excited NBC.... Now go get Pelosi's and Biden's..the real ones..!! Both makig millions while in public office.. NebrMichelle “bReAkiNg nEwS” hyzy Fake news! Passed back down to lower court!

Who care. Please let this man do his job. Fucking babies Im so sick of this argument. Why don't they just have to release them as part of the deal for being president? This gives renewed meaning to Trump's exclamation, 'I'm f*****!' 😷💙🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏿 Morning_Joe Shall is term that was not ruled on and the people noticed Surpreme Court skip that part about the Constitution

Morning_Joe Morning_Joe Where is little mr pissy pants? Quiet The loser looses! I love it! WillieGeist Speaking of $$$. Willie, you said today u can’t afford to shop on 5th ave? C’mon man ! Fair enough. Why should his returns be above scrutiny? NYC ALL THE WAY!!!! Except that they fired the lead prosecutor about a couple of weeks ago and put their own guy in there... corrupt president !!

One more 45 day stall is all that realDonaldTrump needs before election K cosas ... sera creible sto k dise.. en jocotepec jal,, sta echando las aguas negras al lago d chapala......... Can we see Joe Bidens? Still some remaining idependent courts? Some democratic concepts still alife What political BS. NicNack4U

AgelessObserver 1 down, 1 more 2 go!!! I thought the ruling was sent back to the lower court - layman terms: nothing will ever happen, another criminal lives with impunity plus a dishonor to the office of POTUS. The fact that Covid-19 and President Trump's taxes has more of your attention than the murderous. global elite child killers and pedophile ring blows my mind.

It’s gonna be 0 TaxReturns Im smiling, slightly curved smirking slyly. She might be running a victory lap, But honestly, hocus Pelosis is treading along hells half an Acre of crazy. Democrats will never Trump Donald Trump with Trumped-up allegations. Let the Trumpet Blow for Trumps less Triumphant Foes.

I’m gonna laugh my tail off if this was just a long troll and there isn’t anything bad on them. SCOTUS kicked the can down the road. Really no need to send back to lower court. They just wanted to avoid affecting November election. Maybe I don't have to burn my law license after all. MeetThePress It’s now time for the reckoning to begin Trump. They/we will see your secrets and lies. Your inability to conduct business honestly and with moral character. RESIGNATION REQUESTED NOW

Didn’t he fire the New York prosecutors who wanted his tax returns Finally Angelic76095657 Not exactly. It’s time for trump to step down BRAYK-N NEU’Z ALYRT: 2.3 MYLLYUN UMARYKUN’Z ZSAWT JAWBLEZ’Z AYDE LAZT VWEEK! ZSUM 1.3 MYLLYUN UMARYKUN’Z FYLE’D 4 UN-MPLOYMENT AZZST. LAZT VWEEK, AN UNUTHER 1 MYLLYUN PEWT-N 4 ZSELF M-PLOYMENT AYDE! AZ BUZSNESS’Z RE-OWPYN MYLLYUN’Z RE-MAYN OUWT UV VWERK! 😎👽💪🏿🇺🇸

It will be funny when they DON’T find anything... it’ll be on to the next hoax... 😂😂😂 😂He’s shaking nathan_pierson realDonaldTrump What the two 7-2 decisions today by the Supreme Court stressed and affirmed: No president is above the law -- Donald Trump is not above the law ... Here endeth the lesson ...

It's nobody's business to check on Trump's finances to see if he paid bitches for sexual favors. Like you all don't have nothing to hide.? Sure they’ll get them in about a year when he’s reelected. FU NBC Insane rulings. The NY prosecutor wanted financial records as far back as 2011 for alleged 'hush payments'. Hello? NDAs are mutually agreeable documents that two parties voluntarily agree to. There is zero indication that Trump illegally used funds in these matters.

What is this president hiding! No other president has worked this hard to hide their taxes! Biden and all members of Congress needs to release theirs sunschamps2023 MontyMMA Why is he fighting so hard to hide them? 🤔🤔🤔 Rather convoluted ruling - allowing NY prosecutor but not House Democrats. BREAKING UPDATE: US Supreme Court gives President Trump a chance to beat back House Democrats’ efforts to obtain his financial records, but ruled he is not immune from Manhattan district attorney’s attempt to get his taxes.

WillieGeist WE DONT CARE ABOUT HIS TAX RETURN This president USES the BULLY PULPIT as often as he likes as he likes. When the 🇺🇸 public disagree's with his view PIONT then it's PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT! WAKE-UP 🇺🇸!It's political because of its and ELECTION YEAR! TRUMP'S dropped the BALL on the VIRUS THING!HE'S A LIAR!SIMPLE!

His last card, Bill Barr to the rescue!!! When I was a young girl we had a peculiar laugh when something was so good but you wanted to be both mischievous and lady-like. We would say 'tee hee'-fast and furious fashion with twinkling eyes. 'Tee-hee' This is perfect news for my tee hee I’d worry less about the tax returns of a billionaire who chose to become a public servant and more about the taxes of the public servants who became millionaires while ‘serving’.

Wow! Oh Boy ! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc LockHimUp After Nov. when Trump is ejected from the Whitehouse he will spend the rest of his life fighting to stay out of prison. Millions and millions of dollars on both sides for court. What a jackal Why does everyone assume his tax returns will be legitimate? He’s had a long time to pretty them up. I mean, he “Aunt Becky’d” his SAT. Don’t imagine the IRS will release their copies...

When can we see all Cuomo’s taxes? His wife stole Billions from the state of NY and no one knows where the money is. getyourtaxesreadybitch Misleading headline. The New York prosecutor is not getting Trump's tax returns anytime soon, if ever. Well there you go opening the door for Congress to do the same. He is f*****.

You are crooks at that station,SusanRice husband works there& You Dam Well know it. Put all FakeNews Media,All Judges Tax papers & Pelosi, Democrat’s Tax Papers Out also! QBlueSkyQ realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump AllenWest Jim_Jordan RichardGrenell He’s always bullying Democrat higher-ups about having a “lack” of honesty and transparency, as if he’s any better lmao

It's about damn time! He's hiding from something on those tax returns! Otherwise, why would he be fighting so hard? If there's nothing to hide, why so nervous? NBC29 I would rather see the tax returns of politicians who became millionaires in office than the tax returns of a billionaire who became president.

Morning_Joe AdrianNormanDC Goes back to the lower courts, but bask in your shallow victory. Tomorrow’s news: For some unknown reason they won’t. Hope realDonaldTrump’s tax returns don’t accidentally go public before November 3rd. LOL MeetThePress Waiting for the TrumpMeltdown Ahhh shit! Here. We. Go!!!

oh it comes.....Trump Twitter tirade in 3....2.....1..... Supreme Court rules Trump not immune from New York grand jury process Turn them over baby! TrumpKnewAndDidNothing And how much does he owe Russia? Can not wait to see Doesn’t mean he they will. It’s being sent back to a lower court. Lol! Trump wins again! Goes back to the courts which will take over a year. Boom

AdrianNormanDC I THINK WE SHOULD GET YOURS ALSO NBC!!!! No they didn’t. They said it needs to go back down to the lower court. It will be delayed until after the election. Victory for Trump. For more cartoons subscribe to I see Agent Orange taking all copies and jumping off his tower before he lets that happen.

Hahah haha MeetThePress The extent to which American politicians/media spend time, money and resources to undermine their opponents is appalling. On both sides. Resignation announcement soon? oh hell yes!!!! Heading is misleading. It got sent back to local courts where he will argue further. 😂🤣 fakenews again!

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Morning_Joe now we got em'.... AdrianNormanDC The Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party Lol this makes me happy The wannabe dictator isn't above the law after all. Oh, boy howdy. At last Morning_Joe 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 maddow 🕵️‍♂️ Here come the trash SCOTUS tweets. 3,2,1...

That's one less lame-ass excuse Biden has not to debate. WillieGeist 😁😄😁😄😁😄 We are about to find out how poor Trump really is Oh Shhhtttt! MeetThePress What justices voted in favor of realDonaldTrump ? The ones he appointed? Time call call the HillaryClinton IT team led by RobbyMook Why are you so obsessed with his tax returns? Give it a rest!

Supreme Court says Trump administration can let religious employers deny birth control coverage under ObamacareSupreme Court says Trump administration can let religious employers deny birth control coverage HobbyLobby we're watching you 👀 Let’s take away more women’s rights. Let’s go to the streets Religious institutions should pay TAXES!

Supreme Court says Trump can weaken Obamacare contraceptive mandateThe Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for the Trump administration to expand exemptions for employers who have religious or moral objections to complying with the Affordable Care Act's contraceptive mandate. Weakening birth control coverage will only lead to an increase in pregnancies and thus abortions. The GOP is doing all that they can to lose the female vote... Let kids pay for their own birth control or abstain. Why should taxpayers fund their screwing around. Conservatives: Every life is sacred, unless it steps on your property, then you can shoot them dead. Liberals: WTF?

Supreme Court decisions likely Thursday on Trump tax returns, financial recordsThe president has resisted efforts to make him turn over the documents sought by Congress and a New York DA. Rage tweeting in 3-2-1

Supreme Court Rejects Trump Bid to Block New York Subpoena Seeking Financial, Tax RecordsThe Supreme Court rejected President Trump’s bid to block a New York prosecutor from enforcing a subpoena seeking years of his financial and tax records from his accountants, potentially opening the president up to widespread scrutiny. I hope Trump was wearing his brown pants today. Sing along: Happy days are here again, The skies above are clear again Let us sing a song of cheer again Happy days are here again, It should be noted that PDJT's financials in addition to many around him were evaluated by forensic accountants over a 2 year period during Mueller... Manafort was charged with mortgage fraud and Cohen was charged with tax evasion. Trump is probably the cleanest guy in DC.

Trump tax-records ruling expected from Supreme Court on Thursday morningThe high-stakes dispute, which could be resolved Thursday, tests the balance of power between the White House and Congress, as well as Trump’s claim that he... mrtgr Today’s word must be ”schadenfreude.” I’m equally giddy not just for the Supreme Court Trump tax ruling, but because of paint. Today, the City of New York is painting in front of Trump Tower, on Madison Avenue BlackLivesMatter TrumpTaxes SCOTUS --Suzanne

U.S. Supreme Court to rule on Trump bid to conceal his financial recordsThe U.S. Supreme Court is due on Thursday to rule on whether Democratic-led congressional committees and a New York City prosecutor can get hold of President Donald Trump's financial records, including his tax returns, that he has tenaciously sought to keep secret. We are all curious here. Here's what you need to know about the battle