Supreme Court rejects another attempt to block Texas' six-week abortion ban

The Supreme Court rejects another attempt by abortion providers to block Texas’ six-week abortion ban

Supreme Court Rejects Another Attempt To Block Texas' Six-Week Abortion Ban - Cnnpolitics

1/21/2022 12:26:00 AM

The Supreme Court rejects another attempt by abortion providers to block Texas’ six-week abortion ban

Over the furious dissent of three liberal justices, the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected another attempt by abortion providers to block Texas' six-week abortion ban.

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Those are not protesters, they are rape and incest supporters! Naturally. It's a reward for going to the MeToo business and the BLM business. The regulation of womens bodies! We have No rights But having a mandate for masks? Oh hell no! Tell us again what scotus is When is the CATHOLIC Supreme Court going to remember there is supposed to be a division between church and state They continue to vote THEIR religion…

Yay!!!! More unwanted children to feed the prison system! Nice one! The subprime court !! BLM! Baby Lives Matter! ✊🇺🇸 Good. No need to be killing babies Get your COVID 19 pass type of crime 1. rape = ruin women's life 2. abortion = ruin unborn's life

Supreme Court deals another setback to Texas abortion providers who want new law blockedThe SCOTUSblog has lost all credibility. Their job is to interpret Constitutional LAW, not preempt it by incorporating their personal, oft times religious, beliefs into their LEGAL decisions. WTH?! Pretty sad that they can’t even follow a law that the Supreme Court enacted- Republicans want to take away a woman's reproductive freedom. Remember that on November 8, 2022!

being a social man think about women meanwhile baby is not 🤔 where's the equal justice? where's the equal rights? i am still wonder right now...🤔 Please keep backing Biden, your our best support ❤ 🙏. Can’t help but notice most of the ignorant posts are from men… who sit in a position of it can’t happen to them… they do not give one little eff about “life” if they did the courts would be full of cases making men support pregnancies, children… not one person buying it 🤮🤮🤮

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Hey everyone, view my Facebook profile Bobby Alty to hear some National Secrets. Obama Stole Biological Weapons from US Gov and tried to kill me with them. I am in Secret Service Witness Protection Informally. Amazing the same people arguing women have a right to make medical decisions regarding their reproductive health support vaccine mandates. The hypocrisy is inconceivable!

If u don't want a baby then don't have sex. Simple as that Those that want to take the life of babies will have not respect for any other life Abortion is the most racist thing in America go look at the numbers ethnic groups have a higher Abortion rate per population. Killing the unborn is only Killing our future.

Supreme Court takes up dispute over Boston flagpole and Christian flagA dispute over a Boston flagpole, the Christian flag and the First Amendment is testing the limits of free speech in public forums on government property. A Christian flag? So much for that concept of false idols, eh? It's ok to fly the fag flag but not the Christian flag? Hypocrisy at it's best. Freedom of religion is not Freedom from Religion. Maybe the stance should be to not fly any flag other than a government flag on Government property. Absolutely no reason to have anything religious promoted, or showcased on government property. Fly the flag at your church.

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Who will represent the SCOTUS when their support of the TX 6-week pregnancy termination law results in multiple maternal deaths? iraqi suni in prison of iranian militan in jail they revenge from iraqi because Saddam has 8years war with them. it was regiem not iraqi all iraqi hat the war, but iranian dont get it, and usa weaken iraq military and allowed iran to invad iraq, now usa defend ukraine,iraq?

Abortion! Good Biden call for equality, asks democrat women sign up for the Ukraine army - now is the time to walk the walk feminists! Baby world news Reuters and others reported that the U.S. proposal to include North Korean missile developers in the list of sanctions by the U.N. Security Council has been postponed due to a request from China and Russia to suspend the adoption.

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Supreme Court allows Jan. 6 committee to get Trump documentsThe justices on Wednesday rejected a bid by Trump to withhold the documents from the committee until the issue is finally resolved by the courts. Trump’s lawyers had hoped to prolong the cour…

In the name of equality, let democrat women sign up for the Ukraine army - now is the time to walk the walk feminist! Good, good.... Hopefully this will prevent murder of babies Something is wrong with this shit!!’ Where is the help for women, single mom’s and children?!? How in the hell are people going to tell women what the hell to do with their bodies? And the State don’t want to give assistance to single women and children!!!’

O God, separate me from my sins as You have separated the East from the West. O God, cleanse me of my transgressions as the white garment is cleansed of stains . O God, wash away my sins with ice and water and frost. Babies are a gift, if you are reading this, you were loved enough to live life, you were not murdered so what gives you the right to be so selfish as to murder your own child? It's murder, nothing else.

I'm ready to speak to CNN Chris Cuomo, Iraqi Veteran and First Woman President, I have a meeting with Mr. Puttin, and must speak to him first. Thank You Collateral damage from not electing Hillary.

Supreme Court Justices Dispute Report Of Gorsuch Denying Requests To Wear MaskAn NPR report claimed Neil Gorsuch won't wear a mask on the Supreme Court bench despite Sonia Sotomayor's preexisting condition. Good! It’s called … wait for it … FREEDOM!!! I remember when Fauci, Biden and Maddow stressed if you were vaccinated you couldn’t contract or spread Covid. Stop the Panic

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Babies are a gift, if you are reading this, you were loved enough to live life, you were not murdered so what gives you the right to be so selfish as to murder your own child? It's murder, nothing else. I think when tha hearts start beating,it is not good for abortion,neither for babies nor for mothers

I'm here to show my appreciation to TarellaCampbel who took me out from zero to hero. I'm so glad to be among your winning team ma'am and I will always show my gratitude and work with you always.

Campaign finance law challenged by Ted Cruz met with skepticism at Supreme CourtSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the Supreme Court in a friend-of-the-court brief to use Cruz's case as a vehicle to scrap the entire 2002 campaign finance law.

Why are they allowed to let personal opinion dictate laws about our freedoms? Is that how all lawyering and judging works? German scientists emphasize the precise technology of 'vaccines'. See his photos and videos يؤكد العلماء الألمان على التكنولوجيا الدقيقة في 'اللقاحات'. شاهد الصور ومقاطع الفيديو لذلك

stackthecourt The Trump nominees lied through their teeth at their hearings. Good luck USA. good, abortion is MURDER You know what the Supreme Court didn’t reject? StephenCurry as the NBAAllStar captain. These votes actually count when you retweet… unlike all them votes people be squabbling over on both sides of the aisle.

Seen Biden’s approval rating lately? U guys should get off the bus while u can, ur ratings are becoming a joke The Supreme Court is really the US Stench Court. It's enabling Gilead Supreme Court should pay child care credit then for every child born by force in the state of Texas. Thanks to the 3 enemas The Trump Administration pushed thru The Supreme Court.

Joy Reid: Mitch McConnell nuked the filibuster himself to steal three Supreme Court seatsPresident Biden’s news-making press conference on Wednesday touched on voting rights, Build Back Better, and the situation between Russia and Ukraine. Joy Reid and her panel discuss how the Biden administration is grappling with these issues, as the Senate sits on the verge of determining the fate of federal voting rights legislation. JoyAnnReid True Anti_Fascist247 JoyAnnReid Yes, he did and then some. JoyAnnReid Question ? Is this the same term as what a traitor is called ?

Perfect CA & NY can pass law and start banning guns as well. Let them have taste of their own medicine. 'Let us kill babies!!!!1' If course they did. Most of them do not subscribe to the opinion that women possess bodily autonomy... they're only for breeding, I guess, in their minds. GOpDomesticTerrorists

Biden needs to intervene

(CNN) The court's order is the latest setback for providers who are trying to revive challenges to the law five months after it was allowed to go into effect, bringing a halt to most abortions in the country's second-largest state.The three liberal justices wrote a scathing dissent. "This case is a disaster for the rule of law and a grave disservice to women in Texas, who have a right to control their own bodies," Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote, joined by Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan."I will not stand by silently as a State continues to nullify this constitutional guarantee."Last month, the Supreme Court allowed the controversial law to remain in effect but it cleared limited path forward for the providers to sue a handful of licensing officials in Texas in order to block them from enforcing the law. The court's ruling was a devastating blow to supporters of abortion rights who had hoped the justices would block the law outright. Instead, the case was returned to the conservative 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. Read MoreThe dispute settled Thursday centered on whether the appeals court should immediately return what is left of the providers' case to a district court judge who has expressed deep skepticism over the law, or whether the case could remain in the 5th Circuit for proceedings that could take months to resolve, further delaying the providers' case. The providers asked the justices to step in to demand the 5th Circuit return the case to the district court. Without comment, the Supreme Court's majority denied the request.In her dissent, Sotomayor castigated the majority, noting that the law has"devastated access to abortion care in Texas" even though it violates"nearly 50 years of this Court's precedents.""Instead of stopping a Fifth Circuit panel from indulging Texas' newest delay tactics, the Court allows the State yet again to extend the deprivation of the federal constitutional rights of its citizens through procedural manipulation," Sotomayor said. The liberal justice also outlined the unusual nature of the novel law that critics say was written with the express intent to make it difficult to challenge in federal court. That's because the Texas attorney general is barred from enforcing the law. Instead, anyone from anywhere in the country can file suit against an individual who they believe helped a woman obtain an abortion after six weeks."Because our precedents are clear that Texas cannot directly ban abortion before viability, the state legislature enacted a convoluted law that instills terror in those who assist women exercising their rights between 6 and 24 weeks," Sotomayor said.She said that after the Supreme Court issued its opinion, the case should have landed back at the district court, but instead the appeals court distorted the Supreme Court's ruling."Texas wagered that this Court did not mean what little it said," she wrote."That bet has paid off."Under most circumstances a justice will end a dissent with the words"I respectfully dissent."In Thursday's order, Sotomayor simply wrote:"I dissent."This story has been updated with additional details.