Supreme Court refuses to block House Jan. 6 panel from receiving Trump documents

1/20/2022 2:39:00 AM

Supreme Court refuses to block Trump’s White House documents from House Jan. 6 committee

Supreme Court refuses to block Trump’s White House documents from House Jan. 6 committee

Trump was fighting the release of the documents by arguing the records should remain confidential so that presidents receive candid advice from aides.

for contempt and urged the Justice Department to charge him criminally.(CNN)The Supreme Court cleared the way Wednesday for the release of presidential records from the Trump White House to a congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.asked the high court to reject Trump’s request.Trump campaign attorneys Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, as well as Trump 2020 strategic adviser Boris Epshteyn.

Former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark has also refused to answer questions, but the House postponed voting on contempt for him until after he meets with the committee again.More: Who has been subpoenaed so far by the Jan.The move effectively moots former President Donald Trump's pending appeal in the case that centered on keeping the documents secret.6 committee? In the Trump case, the committee asked for written communications, calendar entries, videos, photographs or other media related to Jan.Trump was given an opportunity to seek a preliminary injunction in the appeals court on the fourth tranche of documents, but had only requested relief from the Supreme Court, Boynton said.6 and its aftermath; strategies on how to delay the Electoral College vote certification that day and the planning of the rally before the attack on the Capitol, among other requests..Though the focus was on Jan.AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File Former Trump campaign attorney Sydney Powell was among those subpoenaed by the committee.

6, it also spanned 2020 for Trump’s public remarks about the election and its validity, the transfer of power, potential changes of personnel in executive branch agencies and foreign influence in the election."The government has the burden backwards: President Trump is under no obligation to seek another injunction to prevent an act squarely prohibited by an injunction already granted him.Trump sued the National Archives in federal court Oct.18 to block the release, arguing the documents should be kept confidential because of executive privilege.Biden waived the privilege for Trump on Oct.8.This is a developing story.

refused to block the release.A three-judge panel of the D.C.Circuit reached the same conclusion.More: What did Trump do during Capitol riots? Jan.

6 committee telecom requests aim to recreate minute-by-minute account The initial batches of records have been divided into four groups.Besides the appointments and call records for Trump and Pence, the first set includes daily presidential diaries, schedules and activity logs.The documents cover drafts of speeches, remarks and correspondence concerning Jan.6.The bulk of the second set of documents includes presidential calendars and handwritten notes about Jan.

6, a draft speech for the Save America March, a handwritten list of potential or scheduled briefings and phone calls concerning election issues and a draft executive order concerning election integrity, according to the agency.The third batch of documents includes a draft proclamation honoring Capitol Police officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, who died after the attack, according to the agency.The documents feature a memo originating outside the White House regarding a potential lawsuit by the United States against several states Biden won.Other records contain an email chain originating from an unnamed state official regarding election issues, talking points about alleged irregularities in a Michigan county and a document containing presidential findings concerning the security of the 2020 election after it occurred..

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Supreme Court clears the way for House to get Trump White House documentsJUST IN: The Supreme Court has cleared the way for the release of presidential records from the Trump White House to a congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol But of course, if trump has nothing to hide, he'd be more than happy to turn over such records. Surely. Definitely. /s/ Very important This is getting good 👍🙄😷🇺🇸

Jan. 6 committee set to receive a handful of Trump White House papersUnless there’s an “intervening court order, the archivist intends to release records' Wednesday evening, a senior Department of Justice official said. Seditious conspiracy is the Russian nesting doll of crime & Donald is the little doll in the very center. Remember that for the political tornado in our near future. NoOneUnscripted warnings about it began weeks before the insurrection. TrumpCrimeFamily CHRİSTİAN BrothersHELP !!!!! I Need 50 Dollar i'm missing emergency aid help PayPal skymoon emmanuel denmark usa china germany ENGLAND instagram god BillieEilish Faith Jesus spain football France HelloWorld Austria Christian

Jan. 6 House committee subpoenas Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, 2 othersThe House select committee investigating the Capitol riot announced Tuesday it had subpoenaed former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani for documents and testimony. R I guess there’s nothing to do in Washington. Truly pathetic Nothing's gonna come of this💀

Jan 6 Committee Hesitant Over Subpoenas Fearing Retaliation If GOP Retakes HouseSome members of the January 6 committee are privately hesitant to carry through with the plans because of GOP lawmakers’ threats to retaliate. They've been retaliating for decades. They're going to do it REGARDLESS of what Dems do. The only way to stop it is to STOP THEM. No quarter. If you bring safety scissors to a knife fight maybe they’ll just pity you This is Trumpism. VENGEANCE is everything to Trump It's his way of getting everyone to FEAR him, thereby getting others to do WHATEVER HE WANTS. So now ALL Republicans in Congress are doing this... because it works for them.

Handful of Trump White House documents to be released to Jan. 6 committee unless Supreme Court intervenesThe House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot is set to receive a limited number of Trump White House documents later Wednesday, unless the Supreme Court makes a last-minute intervention.

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