Supreme Court Allows Release Of Trump Tax Returns To Ny Prosecutor - Cnnpolitics

Supreme Court Allows Release Of Trump Tax Returns To Ny Prosecutor - Cnnpolitics

Supreme Court allows release of Trump tax returns to NY prosecutor

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2/22/2021 5:53:00 PM

JUST IN: Former President Trump is dealt a massive loss as the Supreme Court clears the way for a New York prosecutor to obtain his tax returns

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Trump is back go Trump F About damn time cũng đc, hơi ít nói. thích tự kỉ..... sau này làm quen sẽ biết As an attorney, I can assure you that it is no “massive blow.” They will spend months on end manufacturing a spurious case. But it will flop. Has anyone ever sat through a tax evasion trial? The jurors haven’t the slightest idea what is happening and reach a catatonic state.

Well when you have billions, and only pay around $750 in taxes How un American is that? Police,infrastructure,hospitals,schools all need to be funded, tax evasion hurts USA ability to grow. I will call it plain ol selfish... He thought he had the Supreme Court in his pocket 😬 Nice one. He must not go Scott free

Oblio_And_Arrow Of note is that no one else would be dealt a 'massive blow' simply by letting the public see their returns. About time. Jesus, look at those dead lifeless eyes. What else is new coming from Democratic Houses ofCongress, Federal judges, includingSVOTUS, andStates Officials and of course the fake press assisting in the lies and attempts in destroying anything and everything he did for the American people.

Pur that devil in jail! Good Who cares, get a life CNN and try to cover something relevant like Chris’s criminal governor brother, or is that off limits? Fake Fake Fake Fake news Looks like tax evasion might be in Trump's future according to his former attorney Cohen Too bad Alternate headline: 'One term loser just can't stop losing'

No one ever goes into battle thinking God is on the other side. Source: Terry Goodkind. Patriots pay taxes, taxes fund and support military, police, firefighters, teachers, etc. If for years you do not pay taxes you are not a Patriot, not a Conservative. You are a grifter. LMFAO !!! 😂😂😂 Insanity. LOL. It's only right he's a person just like me and you. If we did something wrong they'd get us for sure. Sock it to him!

It’s long over due 👍👏👏 Tough times for him Though time for him Let the burning begin! I can’t wait to see this creep get what he deserves Why couldn't they do this before and during his presidency? When things get tuff The losers pack up and go to Cancun! Resign Cruz Thomas Tx.ATTN Gen .Tx Gov.Abbot r senators among many.oh and v.prezPence too.

Yay!! رفتی به سطل اشغال،خخخخ🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷 Hope they get him Trump is now a private citizen! No reason to get his taxes except for liberal Communist Neo-Nazi Gestapo vindictiveness! They mean nothing at this point! Let this Man rest? The lefts illegal atrocities are flagrantly out in the open and still nothing is done about it and YOU CNN are an accomplice in these crimes to humanity and decency! When the ramifications of all this corruption falls down around you. Blame yourself ....

Fake news The walls are closing in Donnie Boy!! Enjoy the comforts of your Florida mansion for as long as you can because prison life is no bed of roses. I mean you won't have s $70k annual allowance for hair products and orange tan for starters. 🙂🙂 Should have never been an issue. He was bypassed on everything that it takes to be an official of anything PERIOD!!!

'GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE!!!' When are they going to investigate Hunter, Sleepy Joe, and KamalToe I hope you like orange, Donnie. He's screwed for sure, time for him to make his exit to Russia ! LOCK HIM UP ALREADY. vui vẻ , - tâm sự , ăn uống và xyz... ko ràng buộc Happy Days are here again !!! Massive loss? After 5 years he finally has to do what he should have done 5 years ago? It’s not really a loss if he was on the up and up no problem? This didn’t interrupt him from getting elected or serve his term? Don’t sensationalize what the norm is supposed to be?

bull Tìm một bạn có thể gọi là top kín , men, đẹp càng tốt hhihi , có học thức cao để cùng nhau phấn đấu. Chí chí cầu tiến please put him behind bars and not ever behind our country's desk judt not right CNN wrote it So you know its not true,unlike most Democrats ignorant vote ill look up facts and Wow, The only Blow i see is CNNs lemonaid on his knees in 'Protest' if thats what thats called Now days.

Great I pay $1785.71 only for my assurance 🚗 car. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! 🍻🇺🇸 Let’s see how much he been lieing about all this time the joke on him . I love it !! Oh no🤷 what shall we ever do. I guess but popcorn and wait for the C-SPAN live streams 🍿 cnni Why not..who t hell is he I keep reading the tax returns are obtained. Who do I believe? When will the truth be shown? I'm ready to read the excellent job the NY Times did w the original records. 😼😼😷

Waited till he left office. Trump is good at losing. GOP Geez! How long has this been going on? Cần tìm người dễ nhìn. Có gym. Không ẻo lả. 22 tuổi Who is the hand behind the scene? Are you keeping him in the news to keep us from seeing Biden fucking up this country and taking us backwards? Glad I don't watch your news due to it's lies and bs. Do us a favor and start reporting responsible news! I know it's a leap but try anyways!

Hooray!!!!!!! Tick, tick, tick...Won't be long now DonaldJTrumpJr till you and you Dad spend SOME quality time together. Rioters, (Sorry, my spellcheck kicked in) Rikers Island prison awaits. very very good indeed...its time, clown and lier. In the end I pray justice is done. That's all we can ask. The Supreme Court is doing their job uninfluenced by an EX or future wannabe

CNN should be gone off the air and all it’s employees junk mail Yayyyyy!!! cannot wait for this Finally some justice!!! There's only one reason to hide something like tax records. Fraud. Great news As a citizen no evidence of any crime and the I.R.S. found nothing illegal either believe me they would have charged him his tax records I was told citizens had 4th amendment rights to be secure in our papers and possesions from unreasonable searches and seizures justice ?Ha

Using Monty Python & the IRS Trump will become the 1st witch convicted of tax fraud. Glad to see that tax returns from his accountants are finally being released to NY prosecutor. Hope they are also able to confirm what they receive against what the IRS has on file, if needed. It’s been several years since his tax returns were first requested.

Rudy will fight this of free of fees! GOOD! Only president who didn't follow the rules! Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up........ Oh dear, Trump will unleash his anger at Scotus and 'entice' his followers to target Scotus this time. We will see if he still command their loyalty, knowing they would end up in jail by following him.

GREAT!!! IRS by law support to keep your taxes private Good ruling! Why is he above any other US citizen? He’s skirted this issues foe years. Obviously he is hiding something otherwise why refuse to produce the info? Trump is not an evil nor demon but absolutely La C o s t e leader🐊🐊🐊 Why does his mouth always look like he's suckn on a butthole

Go to jail !! I hope they Prosecute Trump to the fullest extent of the law!!! cnn could have used any other image for this but they went with trump pog You can be jailed for tax evasion no matter who you are. YEA Jr was crying about it Okay.... And? Yeah you burnt a towers down. BYEBYE. CNN misses their ex Uhh ohh! Prison cometh, and that right sooneth!!

That's the only good thing I have heard about trump in four years. ♡ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Awe. Oh this is going to be fun! He thought he had 'fixed' the Supreme Court, fool. No more lame excuses, let the documents flow. This will be just the beginning, if he's done nothing wrong then he will be fine. The Times claims they got Trump's tax records from an anonymous source. That doesn't mean the tax records are real. Is ManhattanDA really going to waste taxpayer dollars investigating an anonymous source? If so, the DA is irresponsible and should be fired!

All the people he rushed to put in the Supreme Court! No one is coming to save his ass!! Woopie. ANOTHER WITCH HUNT TO TAKE DOWN A MAN THAT FIGHTS FOR THE PEOPLE!! The globalists want to stop Trump from fighting for the American people!! You know there's something wrong when they spend 18.5 million on a Dominion voting machine when a regular kiop is only 5,000

Everyone has to pay taxes INCLUDING TRUMP!!! He cheated now he expects to get bonus for being president. No wonder he didn't want to leave the office. Leave the man alone you all are so obsessed oh him. Start dealing with the situation that is the occurring this year GOOD ....HOPE THEY NAIL YOU! I'll send some ky !

De pratende kut is weer in het nieuwe Go get that&$“ Nail this prick!! They will show he donated his 400,000 salary for 4 years back to the American people As much as I hate Trump with a burning passion, I also hate taxes and I don't agree with this way of 'taking him down,' it would be better to get him on something else. His taxes couldn't matter any less to me, it's his stupidity and hate toward certain groups that bothers me.

Ouch😊 They are bought and paid for by the Dems their oath means nothing. So sad. Finally! Some progress!!! No one is above the law Oh FFS when is this BS going to end And they will find nothing...if they only asked instead of requiring him or demanding he give them up...why would anyone with a set of balls comply with a bunch of demo trash

The nail in the coffin & I hope they bury him. He ain't special anymore, just a regular civilian dealing with 'LAW & ORDER ' without any helpful interference. solusnan1 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Best laugh I've had in 4 years! TrumpTaxes Lock him up !

Biased people That graphic really captures the man perfectly. Total life loser. Let's just get the returns already. Enough sh*t to wade through is over. It’s about time. Time for the next bitter victim diatribe. Stand by.... About time. About bloody time! Question now is whether Donald Trump is *more* scared his tax returns will reveal his scams, or that they'll show he's not NEARLY as rich as he boasts 😁 Seriously, his desperation to hide them is telling... TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison

Let the good times troll. Let’s now get the truth I bet he really is in bed with Russia Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa Not holding my breath. The real “deep state” is the GOP demagogues and Trump supporters. How many of them lied and obstructed for him already? Could someone please explain how finding out Trump’s tax’s returns are fouling to change anything, and if so, what is it going to change?

plot twist: he's actually a billionaire and was hiding his tax returns because he was humble 🤣 👏👏bravo. 🇺🇸 Lol you people can’t quit Trump. You need him. Trump 2024 🇺🇸 What a collosal waste of time, get over your TDS. If Trump spent an ounce of the energy he uses fighting to keep his tax returns private on the rest of his life he would be a saint. But instead he used it all on keeping secret the fact that hes the most evil man who ever enter the White House.

I thought he wanted to release them but was being 'Audited.' and unfortunately could not.🤣 :p Fraud is a crime ! Life in the labs A:Are you going to get vaccinated ? B:You’re crazy they haven’t finished human trials. 實驗室生活 A:你要接種疫苗嗎? B:你瘋了,他們還沒有完成人體試驗。 COVID19 vaccineshortage Jail. Lots of jail. I see lots of jail in Trumps future. Jail with no burgers and steaks and no golf. No polyester pants and no wonderful wonderful awesomeness and great great things 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤘🏽✌🏽✌🏽🤚🏿🤙🏾🤚🏿🤟🏽🤚🏿🤚🏿✋✋🤘🏽✊🏼👎🤟🏽

It must suck being a crook! For a guy who doesn't like losing, he'll pick up a few more losses in months and years to come! It’s really interesting that not even the judges this scumbag appointed are on his side, state or Supreme. I can’t comprehend how his base can’t see this. The level of ignorance and brainwashing is terrifying.

Most people won’t care they are so smothered in his deceit and his lies if your bad they will follow him no matter what 😢 Excellent. Supreme Court. Good job...👏👏🇺🇸🙏 I fucked your wife she give good head You killed hundreds of people Who cares. Can’t believe they are still talking about this. Yes 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪😂😂😂

Those are certainly not His judges as he believes😂 Isn't going through taxes how they caught Al Capone? Maybe that is why he never wanted us to see them. About freakin time! I thought this was mandatory to even run for president 😡 should’ve never been able to run without producing these to begin with😡😡

Great!! Trump, needs to be held accountable for tax crimes, etc.. He, no longer has the Presidency, to protect him! Trump, only care about enriching himself, family, friends, and businesses! At, the expense of, the middle class! While, people's are dying, he rather play golf!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS About time this bully got the boot

Justice need to be serve. Trump is no different than anyone of us. If he broke the law he need to go to jail. Lock him up already. Donald, you can RUN but you cannot HIDE forever. You will pay for all your crimes. Nemesis is catching up with you. This is just the beginning. Gotcha. Get ready folks... and it’s only just begun

JJFan18 Brilliant 😀 about time About time! Many questions remain, how can a public servant respect the Law by fighting tooth and nail, so nobody can have access to his public finances - beyond transparency, this is almost a criminal behavior to protect, who knows, crooked transactions, perhaps showing what everyone knows

It is about time! We would like to see Warrens, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Gore, the Clinton’s, The Obama’s, Harris & The BIDEN’s also!! 😂😂 What's that you were saying, fake news cnn? You said something about the winner of the last presidential election? oh wait, you're going to cancel me because I recognize the Mount Everest of evidence out there?

The ex President's a private citizen and not in office. Until this changes he should be left in peace. Massive? The GOP senators will not convict. Another reality show? 'Humpty trumpty 'GONNA take a fall 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣✌✌✌💙💙💙😷😷😷 Love it! Nice work! Go Trump. Politics is not Corporate America. See you later.

Will the big guy be a bit upset about this or has he been upfront with his supporters all along. My sense is they will love him even more.That’s their style after all. And he, as we know loves them. That’s why they’re all invited to Mar a Lago and Melania is flipping the burgers. More woes to the evil man!!

Yes & what a pleasure to not know what Trump has to say about the SCOTUS decision! Just knowing Trump & Co. lost this one makes my day! Maybe Trump will be in prison in 2024. People like him don't get justice anymore. However the average guy will usually have the full force of law thrown at them to keep everyone in line.

This is so American Lets do Bloomberg, all of Congress and Senate! Lets see how much money Pelosi has made along with Mitch... I want dumb, non business owners, non governors in office who never learned how to run a budget. Thats a great American future🤦‍♂️ Oh Happy Day!!!! 💃🏻🕺👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻 Hallelujah!

that is not a massive loss. A massive loss is what Texas just went through. This reporter needs to go back to school. We need him In prison next and NY would love to welcome him home. Oh dear Can’t wait to see what he has been hiding. Yea!! For now, the Supreme Court's message is loud and clear: Nobody is above the law!

No more Squealer of Animal Farm tactics. Let's see exactly what he's been trying to hide. Follow the money. Ewwww! He's looking more grotesque as his woes grow! Who cares? I can't imagine there is anything in these tax returns that will change anyone's opinion on him. Especially now that's he out of our White House?

Haven’t we heard this 30 times already? Can this year get any better politically for us Democrats. We win the White House, Congress, both Georgia Senate seats, Trump and the GOP implode and now this. Karma. 5 years late, but we still need to know. Its about time he answers to something, if he didn't want things to be public then maybe he never should have been President.

Why is it a massive loss? Does Make America Great Again include non disclosure tax returns? toxic trump 1 conman..... Action needs to be taken against this lunacy. The Trump threatened not just the American democracy but the whole liberal world! I heard Rudy wants trial by combat with Chief Justice Roberts, but Trump said he would first appeal to the Supreme Court of Russia. And if that didn’t work, everything would still be on the table.

Massive loss? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople IT IS WHAT IT IS... Ok... I know I said I was sick and tired of having him spoken of quoted and covered constantly... but THIS I can handle... Cnn is like that perv next to you in the public bathroom stall, looking to see what you’ve got. Disclosure/production of records should be limited in time as well as scope. Every overreaching request should be vigorously challenged. That is how prosecutorial abuses should be kept in check.

What was the vote? Who voted yes and who voted no? ProfessorTrump All the GOP and Trumpsters ‘hE wAs AqQuItTeD!’ Courts of law: Not quite. morgfair He will be dealt the harshest punishment possible short of death: The revelation that he is not rich. Off to prison tsktsk it breaks my heart ha ha Today is a good day for Trump's Twitter account to be permanently banned.

Love it.....don't let this bastard go away.....he has to pay his taxes. 4yrs too late 🙄👎🏼 What is the point? They are tax returns that were legally verified by the IRS... Who gives a fuck LMAO How much taxes has Bill Gates and Jeff Brazos paid? I don’t understand Trump is mot the president go pick on Joe

They hype everything up, when it comes to Trump! That's great news. Where's your story on Cuomo? About damn time He never hid them Statute of limitations on tax offenses 3-6 years. All years prior to this day 2015 are irrelevant for criminal matters. He also used tax attorneys so any issues means he can use advice of counsel as a defense. That’s if he even did anything wrong.

Good, I bet Crooked Trump is boiling mad! He's F'd Could not have happened to a better guy. Thank God this man has been cheating the system for over 50 years. Creating shell companies when he was in his 20s. it started with his father. According to file history research. CNN EX PRESIDENT THANNK YOU KEEP CALLING DIS BIATCH PRESIDENT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENDS

Who? The tax returns won’t show anything. It’s things like unreported transactions by hundreds of LLCs that need to be found. buddy is going to jail Thoughts and prayers. This is bigger than tax fraud and this man’s $$. He knows too much about too many people in high places - those we know and those we don’t know they Mamma had them - and rest assured Trump will blow the whistle should this turn out any way other than how he wants....

Finally. Please stop giving us news its fucking annoying Wow, what ugly! Posing for Putin bestie. 'LOCK HIM UP!' The phrase he loved so much for far less. GOP criminals MUST GO to MAKE AMERICA GREAT and MUCH BETTER BEFORE THEY CRIPPLED US. careystrombotne Pobrecito👈😆😆😆 Anyone wanna start taking bets about what will subject be on the top of the CNN news ap? It seems like just about every time I open it I see TRUMP news at the top. It seems like with Bidens outrageous popularity there would be daily Biden positive news at the top of CNN news ap.

cnni Pass it on! Boycott all media that gives Trump any coverage at CPAC 2021! Call sponsors and tell them you will boycott their products because they support Trump news coverage. Don’t River him one minute! Change the channel! Save America! Good! Suck it up, TRAITOR When Donny goes to prison will they provide babysitting services for the two snot nose boys of his?

He’s going down quicker than the Christmas decorations in January 😂😂 How sweet it is lock him up The real question is, “Why did this matter get to the Supreme Court at all?” Did other “Courts” not have the courage to rule properly? Or is the Supreme Court the de facto arbiter of justice for the rich and powerful? I know CNN answering that would take more than a retweet.

At some point a criminal enterprise comes head to head with the law..They can run but they cant hide..This is far from over.. He would use the 'legal processes'now to delay and deny justice..Good luck America. Make Ameica hate again When they 'get' the tax returns, then we will see. There will be nothing even 'afterwards' that can be criminal in nature. Value of property is up to whatever maybe one particular buyer would pay, vs. what someone that is not in the market to buy a property.

🎶 I 💘 NY 🎶 His followers don’t care what he does they only care about what he says. Since he lies about most things they don’t care that he is a liar. Kind of sad don’t you think? Salam Air Dhaka Office, Bangladesh Contact Info Good! This is for the evangelical followers of this moron. 'Thou shall not engage in adultery'.

Loser keeps losing. 😊 Trump still giving you something to talk about. Be honest, you miss him and are desperate for ratings. Circle back to Jo Jo. 😂🤡😂 Yes yes yes! I’m not sure the orange jumpsuit will work well with his complexion. This should be done with .Do America a favor stop putting dictator in front of us.

Why do they still care yo? They aren't gunna do shit anyways So next stop for trump is Rikers Island I suppose. cnni I see a problem though.. Accountability doesn't seem high on the list in the US, so this probably won't stack-up to a-hill of beans.. 🇺🇸😔 Can you say “Al Capone”! Yeah!!!!!👍👍 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 the world of this rabid dod

This will be fun. The con will finally be revealed. Hmmmm..... Daddy going away IvankaTrump You guys are obsessed with president Trump!!! Arrest to bastaaaard 🍻👍 He must be 'furious'. Good. He going to JAIL JAIL 🤣🤣🤣 CNN can't get over their ex. i bet he is packing