Supreme Court allows broad enforcement of asylum limits

BREAKING: The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the U.S.


BREAKING: The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the U.S.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the United...

By MARK SHERMAN 3 minutes ago FILE - In this Oct. 10, 2017, file photo, the Supreme Court in Washington is seen at sunset. The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States. The justices’ order late Wednesday, Sept. 11, temporarily undoes a lower court ruling that had blocked the new asylum policy in some states along the southern border. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) FILE - In this Oct. 10, 2017, file photo, the Supreme Court in Washington is seen at sunset. The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States. The justices’ order late Wednesday, Sept. 11, temporarily undoes a lower court ruling that had blocked the new asylum policy in some states along the southern border. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the United States. The justices’ order late Wednesday temporarily undoes a lower-court ruling that had blocked the new asylum policy in some states along the southern border. The policy is meant to deny asylum to anyone who passes through another country on the way to the U.S. without seeking protection there. Most people crossing the southern border are Central Americans fleeing violence and poverty. They are largely ineligible under the new rule, as are asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and South America who arrive regularly at the southern border. The shift reverses decades of U.S. policy. The administration has said that it wants to close the gap between an initial asylum screening that most people pass and a final decision on asylum that most people do not win. “BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!” Trump tweeted. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented from the high-court’s order. “Once again, the Executive Branch has issued a rule that seeks to upend longstanding practices regarding refugees who seek shelter from persecution,” Sotomayor wrote. The legal challenge to the new policy has a brief but somewhat convoluted history. U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco blocked the new policy from taking effect in late July. A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed Tigar’s order so that it applied only in Arizona and California, states that are within the 9th Circuit. That left the administration free to enforce the policy on asylum seekers arriving in New Mexico and Texas. Tigar issued a new order on Monday that reimposed a nationwide hold on asylum policy. The 9th Circuit again narrowed his order on Tuesday. The high-court action allows the administration to impose the new policy everywhere while the court case against it continues. Lee Gelernt, the American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who is representing immigrant advocacy groups in the case, said: “This is just a temporary step, and we’re hopeful we’ll prevail at the end of the day. The lives of thousands of families are at stake.” AP NEWS Read more: The Associated Press

Why isn't this called racism, which it is. They aren't seeking asylum. They are entering illegally SethPittman16 A bought and paid for Supreme Court. America is dead senatemajldr you are a supreme traitor— Merrick Garland. We the people were robbed. We are working with their countries to improve them and make their life better. The abuse of our asylum system for economic reasons has to end, that is not a valid reason.

Great news! The recklessness of immigration policies needs to be adjusted otherwise it is irresponsible to American ppl. Stop virtue signaling! Get some facts straight before going around endorsing dangerous open border ! If you live in Mex and work legally in the US, that’s fine. Same for manufacturing and farmers and tourist. Other than that close the border. No immigration unless they apply in their country. Now, take the Anchor Baby law to the Supreme Court. It’s meaning is being misused.

Trump and his supporters show us all how much ignorance, prejudice, violence, and inequality there really is in America and the perils of surviving a post civil war era whereby the laws and the mindset are not of the same accord. 7 to 2 shows you how idiotic the courts are in California even the right and left on the court saw they was nuts

From the comments it is quite clear that the majority of people commenting haven’t bothered to read beyond the headline. maggieNYT Good! It is the law and has been the law. Should have ALWAYS been enforced. Great, thank you for making America safe. God bless America.

Supreme Court allows Trump administration to enforce toughest restriction yet on migrant asylum requestsBREAKING: Supreme Court allows Trump admin. to enforce toughest restriction yet on migrant asylum requests. Good They can't allow him, it's in the Constitution that the president has full power to do this.

Come legally tired of paying for the world we need to care for our own first we homeless all over I suggest you take them in you and your elite friends Woohoo! Bout! Damn! Time! I mean doesn’t it make sense ?.. seek asylum at the first country you come to. US can’t take the whole world. Well .... all of this is paying off for someone ....

About time this whole asylum thing is being grossly abused. This is the best news I’ve heard all week we need to get another conservative on the Supreme Court as soon as possible Ruth or whatever her name is her time is almost up when that happens we’re going to raise the roof on this MF!!!!!!!!! This can't be normalized. It won't end with denial. The Holocaust started with tiny denials of service and eventually people were getting shoved in incinerators. This shit cannot go on.

Another institution corrupted by this shameless President Law and justice Thank you President realDonaldTrump and Judge Kavanaugh!! MAGA

The Supreme Court mulls whether to ditch a gun-rights caseDemocratic and Republican senators are browbeating the justices in a high-profile clash over the Second Amendment They don't need to expand anything. Just leave as is, as designed by the founders. They are to uphold the Constitution; the case is open and shut. The Second Amendment is considered constitutional and that is all they have to judge it on. Congress is full of Traitors who break their oaths on a daily basis and do not to the jobs they were elected for.

7 - 2, libs. Of course now he has his bitches in there to do his bidding. You got to give it to TPTB. They ruin and destabilize nations and then say sorry you’re stuck there and then have the audacity to call the people lazy for not fixing the country. Kavanagh and the rest of the Justice are giving Trump what he wants... sure he got information on a few of them sexual arrangements habits

NightRa63531436 😏 Thank You President Trump!!! MAGA KAG, it’s about time!!! Thank you!!! NumbersUSA All you whining liberals need to read up on laws. This is following international law for asylum. Asylum has to be asked for in the first safe country you encounter. Is Mexico unsafe? Nu xh2n

How RBG welcomed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme CourtWhen Neil Gorsuch joined the Supreme Court in 2017, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had something in store for him. Arianedevogue I’d rather be in an America where smug schmucks line Gorsuch aren’t sitting in a stolen Supreme Court seat. Arianedevogue Canada Arianedevogue

👏👏👏👏👏👏 When TheDemocrats win the presidency, they need to neutralize the impact of these stolen SCOTUS seats by adding more justices, and ending life terms. ' Respect, Love, and Value yourself. Always remember to be good to yourself by taking care of yourself. Make yourself a priority and know that it’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for loving yourself, first! You’re just as important as anybody else.' Stephanie Lahart

Yes! About time Victory Outstanding That proves trump has supreme court in his pocket 🚨RED ALERT/URGENT🚨

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac lawsuit win might be appealed to the Supreme Court, Steven Mnuchin saysA federal appeals court last week overturned a prior ruling that had favored the government's continued collection of the two companies' profits. To the many families that lost their homes due to the criminal acts of these agencies and their workers at your banks and lenders... I am so sorry to hear that the one who was possibly in with them and made millions off of you.. will most likely throw this out... you all lose!! EvaFandF Of course that rulers of the shithole will keep using taxpayer money to try to screw over......the taxpayer. EvaFandF Heroin addicts, much? What possible reason would they go there? Is ANYONE in the financial community AWAKE?

FUCK THAT Wow, sure hope these bigots enjoy being known as 'perpetrators of the 21st-century Dred Scott decision' for all eternity. And I imagine they will. FAKE NEWS This is a very good thing. Mexico has a higher standard of living than most of central America and, has no history of persecution. It is however, extremely corrupt and riddled with crime, which is why people don't want to stay there. But, if you really need asylum, it's ok.

More Winning for responsible sovereignty, rule of law, and citizen rights Depressing, S.C.J’s still struggling with managing differences in human beings. If u r poor u r less likely to get into U.S. unless some Am. business man can use u as their slave.AsylumBan Your Supreme Court is broken, your Congress is broken, your presidency and administration is incompetent. Hopefully, there is nowhere to go but up. Fingers crossed.

Good they are obviously stealing from American seniors Of course it did. It's completely in President Trump's constitutional power. GreatestPresidentEver 🇺🇸 Good

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TrumpIsARacist RacistSCOTUS We tentatively declare them bankrupt anyway, and it's never legal that we believe ourselves in that light, but they are arguing for only the most real and rare of the bunch that they can actually make all the hosting parts of our journey into that the most available parts to YEA

That region is always going to be distribution. Missing school and then reuniting with long lost friends shouldn't change the mission objective of resulting in the messaging systems in your life, memories and things like that might work, from becoming ordinary 'talking' methods. Great news. About time!

There but for the grace of god go all of you who would deny help to another. Guess the asylum seekers will have to go to the safe third country of Guatemala Bravo. About damn time. Need protection for all Americans As it should be. 1. I'm a pretty hard-coded blue supporter, and something about this, once you look past that Trump did it, doesn't seem as objectively unethical. So, people terrified and running for their lives, right? So, why do they avoid the other countries to claim asylum?


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Excellent! USA USA!! Stop the loop holes, fraud, and corruption Its not a 'new rule', it is enforcement of existing law that's been in the books for decades They are suppose to seek asylum in the first safe country they get too so what's the problem This is awful, and Trump is subhuman. He claims to be a Christian. Maybe he should read Matthew 25.

No surprise here, we have no checks and balances 🤷🏻‍♀️ TheCrueltyIsThePoint TrumpHatesLatinos So, our Constitution officially no longer matters... Fascism is the gop This is stupid This is not a legitimate SCOTUS it has been soiled with criminals by trump.

They just pushed it into courts where they can rule on its constitutionality. This will not be allowed to happen since its being challenged in courts already. That makes your article disingenuous fear mongering CaseyDeSantis GovRonDeSantis EducationFL FloridaPrepaid HispanicHeritagemonth How can someone who is against Hispanics represent a contest or month like this? Shameless onlyinflorida ThisIsAmerica HateSpeech TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist

If realDonaldTrump wins, America wins! The worst part of this going into effect, is that America's drug policies cause the instability in South America. The White house is more worried about the money made off the war on drugs, then the people effected by drug enforcement. Drug treatment should be the focus.

I am not proud to be an American Surprise Surprise So much winning🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thank God! 🙏🇺🇸❤️ Good. This is how it always should've those seeking asylum can present themselves at a proper Port of Entry or at a valid USA Embassy and make their claim. This crossing our borders in the middle of the night had to end. Legal! Legal immigration is the way to go.

The Supreme Court is not 'allowing' anything. The made a decision that Trump asylum policy is within the boundaries of Constitutional law.

I think we need to stop all immigration until we can deport all illegals who have committed crimes 🤔🇺🇸🇺🇸 A sad day for America. First Bolten, now this?! Awwwww to all you people butthurt just remember theres thousands of homeless vets still receiving any help. Be mad at that, that out own vets are homeless. Start caring for them as well.

This is just common sense. It does not stop those seeking asylum. It’s nice that they are allowing the actual law to be followed Yesss.... It's horrible that Trumps hatred for LATINOS IS SO GREAT THAT ALL HE TALKS ABOUT IS THE GOOD FOR NOTHING WALL!!...HIS VOTERS DONT CARE OF HOW RACIST THIS SCUM BAG IS OR MAYBE THEY TOO ARE RACISTS...NOT ALL LATINOS ARE GANGSTERS OR CRIMINALS IN GENERAL...SHAME ON YOUR FOLLOWERS!

In America. As the world watches in horror & disbelief! Now we cannot even trust our own court system. He has control of the Senate. And now that he has control of the courts, it’s looking a great deal darker for the continuation of democracy. It looks more like the beginning of a 4th Reich.

WTF NOW START DEPORTING ALL OF THEM, WHOM HAVE ARRIVED DURING THE PAST DECADES! Glad to hear that paperwork will be processed before allowing immigrants in. The freebies rush without controls let in many without real asylum issues who disappeared into US to never show up for their court date. Stacking a court works

Congrats to Robert’s Court making racism now conservative. Boom DonCheadle Disgusting. maggieNYT Sad days for our American values. BearingTruth Oh good. Finally. But dont worry, Dems have allowed enough illegals in to pack more into their city slums Can you imagine what happens when Ruthy retires

Pathetic, despicable and appalling. 😔 Just as corrupt as the rest of the government. Until he needs them to work for him, or marry them Lola15363615 Impeach some Supreme Court Justices! Tigar should be thrown off the bench for such blatant unconstitutional activism. Ginsberg and Sotomayor predictably ruled by political feels, Constitution be damned. Thank God there are still enough SCOTUS judges that aren't total hacks. The ACLU can go eff themselves.

Years of precedence down the tubes...remember the boat people or further back WWII refugees? Monte_Alto Supreme Court is corrupt Hooray!! Progressive death grip on our sovereignty is broken..Trump 2020!! WebAppTechWrite Common sense. Sooooo how long do they have to cool their heels in Mexico before they can leave as Mexican refugees?

It's called the 'stay the fuck out of the USA' rule. Which is also the title of the new national anthem. Good kshaw58 It mostly just mirrors the exact same process they currently use in Europe. You file and the 1st country you get to and then apply to the country that you want to reside in. Pretty normal stuff

The Trump Administration and SCOTUS is correct, foreigners don't have an automatic right to asylum in the U.S. and that especially goes for South and Central American aliens traveling through safe countries to arrive at our borders. Exactly as it should be! If they are truly DESPERATE they would seek to live anywhere else - not solely the U.S.

Racism is alive and well in our current fascist state and corruption abounds. Rest In Peace US, you who used to claim to be a champion of ALL people. Now you’ve slide down into a cesspool of fear and ignorance, democracy shattered. Sad day for those who believe in our Constitution. It would be great if those who don't would secede, if they don't like the structure of our governing articles and instead of just ignoring them.

Looking forward to expanded SC, 13 would be good We should have open borders....and law enforcement that works for all

Sooooooooo the executive branch can now just ASK the judicial branch to do something, and they’ll do it? That is a dictatorship, no? Yay! Amerikkka is a joke This applies to everyone at the southern border, except Mexicans - Not just Central Americans. It applies to Venezuelans, Cambodians, Burmese, Chinese, Cubans. Everyone.

I mean.. it’s not like the migrant crisis in Central America is in part caused by the actions of the US government over the last 50 years... oh wait... *Allows. How ignorant most ppl are to believe a president needs permission from the judiciary to exercise his Constitutional powers. Because they *^literally** get asylum elsewhere.

As well it should... If they REALLY WANT ASYLUM they can claim it in the first SafeSpace ... which is MEXICO .. Painfully Obvious and Common Sense.. Which today’s “Democrat” (Socialist) Party Lacks... the govt reads peoples social media & sells their convos to the entertainers to make movies & tv dialogue. u can harass the latins and exploit them to steal their $ where they have nowhere else 2 go as u feed them the garbage u treat them w/ & donate to the ppl ur stealing from.

Who paid off Kavanaugh's debts? Why did Kennedy retire so abruptly? JohnRoberts_CJ

no but congress thinks its ok for the USA entertainment & nightlife to invade privacy, steal, abuse, harass and sabotage the central american citizens into craze. its happened to hondurans in this industry & fashion & ur ok w/ it bc they bribe u. Excellent decision. These illegals need to stay out of US. Let’s shut down sanctuary cities next.

Awesome What goes around comes around just remember that This will result in certain death. Heartbreaking Revolting. Disgusting. Shameful. The law is the law! Yes lets deny entry to people who need help bc of the mess this damn country caused in the first place. Our companies destroy their livelihoods n environments, our manufactured guns kill their people, our politicians destroyed their govts, created the gangs they flee from.

It's called enforcing the laws. Not that hard to understand.

I wonder if God will forgive us. I wouldn’t. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Winning Libs don’t like laws. Plain and simple Wait I thought we didn’t like illegal immigrants but we like legal immigrants? There sure are a lot of people in this comment section who seem happy to have no new brown immigrants at all whether they are legal or not. Seems like there’s another reason they don’t want them...

So what this Trump picks what color he likes for day and how much money they have? If you have big money come on in, if your looking for help, cover, that's a no. I hope we don't ever have someone that needs help. This hate will hit all, not good for this America. Who was Judge? JohnBWellsCTM He was elected to do this. MAGA KAG TRUMP2020

I am ashamed that in a land of immigrants the man who has divided so many on this issue has now the backing of the highest court in the land. The hate Trump shows openly has killed the hopes of those trying to get here. MakeAmericaAmericaAgain Awesome news JohnBWellsCTM Fantastic!

About time something is done thanks to the Supreme court and President Trump Suck it liberals! CRIME does PAY❗️ Everyone knows “Asylum” has become an exploited loophole in immigration law. Glad the Supreme Court agrees. Yeah I stopped respecting scotus after Kavanaugh joined. American institutions are just shit.

JohnBWellsCTM Hallelujah!!! Thank you President Trump. Greatest President of our time Thank you!! 🇺🇸 Love too live in the concentration camp country Trump is a WHITE NATIONALIST DOMESTIC TERRORIST! Republicans & Conservative SCOTUS justices are White Nationalists. RadicalRacistRepublicans are responsible for anti-Latino/anti-immigrant hate! VOTE OUT REPUBLICANS 2020! BigotAbbott txlege monitornews lmtnews callerdotcom

I love waking up to great news Alyssa_Milano Any migrant who passes through multie countries offering asylum to them but keep going to the u.s will be denied. If asylum is your claim and mexico and another country already offered it then your agenda isnt asylum. Great win for the trump admin and should be a great curb.

Failed to mention this has been an existing law for decades just now being enforced because POTUS has balls Thank God they finally approved something to protect our security! Trudeau says Canada will take them all morewinning ReallyAwakenNow It’s about time. Dissenters? Ginsberg, Sotomayer Keep in mind that the Trump administration asylum policy is no different than what is standard under international law. Real asylum seekers are fleeing grave danger, not choosing a new home. MAGA KAG AmericaFirst

MoscowMitch strikes again. They got the courts they wanted. This is an illegitimate presidency, and these nominations should be removed the moment trump is rid of. You can't cheat your way to lifetime appointments. Best news yet, hey liberals don't like it feel free to leave. Give back the statue of liberty. Replace it with a fat white dude at a computer.

You take losing very well. ? How far have we gone when we applaud blokes in black robes 'permitting' the duly-elected President from operating inside the bounds of the Constitution? This is heartbreaking. This is great! We need to get our immigration under control before we allow one more single person in this country! This is mass migration because they refuse to fight for their rights in their own country! They come here and hate America! This is just sad! Wake up!

👍 This is good news. The SC has become a political enabler of fuckery.

Goood! About fcking time! Kudos to the Supreme Court!! would those be the supreme court judges he appointed? Just asking Trump Administration is turning American Constitution to be a piece useless and meaningless paper. 😂 realDonaldTrump court ruled in favour of......realDonaldTrump . Separation of powers is everything people, look at the state of the states.

Supreme Court finally working for us maggieNYT Womp Womp Libs! This is great news!! Unique absence of context and history in the Decision of this Scotus SCOTUSblog ChiefJustice0 The Executive claim that those crossing our border are a National Security threat is without evidence. Illegal crossings result from lack of man power.

maggieNYT Sad day for America, that's for sure. And thank goodness for simple common sense. It seems to be in low commodity these days. all the racist being happy about this, a damn shame. Typical Sweet . The independence of our judiciary is dead. Sweet 7-2 vote shows not just conservatives supported it. Libtards just want to cry

maggieNYT look how terrified these racist pricks are of the most vulnerable people imaginable. Incredible level of pussiness, just shitting their pants scared of the poorest people

This is not normal! What happened to this country?! ShameOnYou The rationale: seek asylum in the first country you come to. The US is not the police force for the world nor the only refuge. What the actual hell is wrong with America? I won’t bother going into how racists and disgusting this administration is (as well as their followers), they already know.

We needed the Supreme Court to enforce our immigration laws? Winning AmericaFirst 9th Circuit judge seeking to dictate US asylum policy for country smacked down by SCOTUS yesterday. Here’s a bit of retrospective info on that. JonTigar /1 It's what happens when you allow unfit people in power to suoercede norms and appoint judges who are in compliance with his/their unjusg agenda...biases and attacks on others

maggieNYT thehill RawStory BeckyBunzy NicolleDWallace Well perhapes we also need to apply this rule to European immigration. Maybe end H1B1 visa. Especially among Scandinavians. Honestly don’t know why any of these people would want to come hear. maggieNYT Big thanks to all the Jill Stein voters out there. You're personally responsible for this.

maggieNYT Shameful and outrageous Oh yeah!!!! Stolen Court. Impeach. Show you how corrupt the Democrats are when the court vote 7-2 in favor of Trump Hmm. Is anyone really surprised that the bogus SCOTUS filled with right wing radicals voted in favour of Trump admin? Confirming Gorsuch and Kavanaugh big mistake.

Cruel and evil. The Supreme Court no longer represents the America I knew. Probably one of the biggest reason Trump was ejected was due to immigrations - Democrat’s have to come to terms with immigration or trump will be re-elected Good A big win for our bought-and-paid-for Supreme Court. MoscowMitch and his henchmen must be pleased.


my3monkees Good. We have lost our soul 🔥 Another Victory, thank you Lord!!! Congress needs to work on fixing immigration laws instead of trying to impeach our President! Why on earth are Democrats spending valuable time on this? We ALL know it will never happen - FOOLISH ☹. Because they suck. Disgusting trump inhumane - if not us - who?

Great victory! About damn time something is being done about the out of control open borders bs the left keeps promoting. Protecting our borders is protecting our country. If someone is truly seeking asylum they don’t need to travel across 3-4 countries to do it. As it should be. Good. They aren’t supposed to be partisan, but it also has become the party of trump. A disgrace to the Constitution.

I hope that when they economy tanks, because it’s not sustainable without immigrants, that the MAGA’s are the first to feel that pain. ExpandSCOTUS2021 You mean it took him 3 years to correct it. Good SCOTUS please take a field trip to the Statue of Liberty and read her base and walk the halls of Ellis Island. Don’t be complicit with this hateful administration that is trying to destroy our core values as Americans.

Completely false tweet. It’s not a Trump Administration rule, and the key word missing is ‘first’. They can’t pass through other safe countries and request asylum here FIRST. If there weren’t so many fraudulent applications for asylum, you wouldn’t have this solution. But, since YOUR party, has decided that they need the votes, legal or not, they won’t fix the system. Enjoy the 4 more years of Trump. Unless you can get more fraud voters in

ImpeachTrumpNow Grrrr

Disgusting. 👏👏👏 A victory for white privileged people... sickening! Next the will try n bring back slavery ! RBG and Sotomayor are political hacks. Clearly shown in their dissents. Anybody who actually practiced immigration law saw this coming. Why the media didn’t know this is beyond me. If only that had been in place to stop the European invaders all those years ago.

Endora_ Make Amerika Great Again! maga Well that investment in Frat Boy is paying off. Yes!!! The supreme court rules that our immigration LAWS should actually be followed... Who knew?

Language is important here. People seeking asylum are refugees. Refugees are not immigrants. Best news all day! 9th District Crazies lose, again! BRAVO 👏 Sorry, not sorry Dems- We all know U were counting on “buying” these peoples’ votes for 2020-a priority for The Left. I’d prefer to focus on helping AMERICANS who are struggling in one way or another-but that’s just me. vets poor homeless mentallyILL addicted

Well gee, when you stack the court in your own favor... The AP reporters in my market are honest, solid journalists. The partisan national organization is a slap in the face to them and all the other hardworking reporters who try to do this job right, usually for little pay. About time the Potus was allowed to do the job we elected him to do!!! Victory 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿🙏🏻

Racism is a hellava drug. Wow a lot of racists and xenophobes on this thread Wonderful News!!! Winning

The cruelty with this administration is the point.. But Russian birth tourism is fine 🤷‍♀️ 😔 The outcome of 2016 election continues to have a deep impact of laws and interpretation. As it will for the next 15+ years. michresist A new low for our country. Disgusting racism. What a huge surprise that the Republican majority Supreme Court, whose last 3 republican members were appointed by popular vote-losing presidents would back a new Republican law. Sad how broken your system is in the U.S. SCOTUS

Kudos to the Supreme Court for protecting American citizens!!!👏👏. The ban should include ALL states....that’s the next step! And that's something to be proud of? Sounds legit! I’m tired of them raping everyone. Oh, you mean the same Supreme Court that Trump just added one of his criminal cronies to? Oh okay, that makes sense

Trump appointees have undermined the neutrality of the law in the USA. It should be totally free from political bias to serve all its citizens equally!!! If I was Trump, I would close all USA diplomatic missions abroad, demand that all diplomatic mission in US closes, I will ban all diplomatic agencies like UN,IMF,I would ban all international flights. That's what would represent my version of USA!.

I'm sure this will have a positive effect on illegal immigration. There is no reason they can’t get asylum in Mexico. It’s safer than the west side of Chicago. The Supreme Court sucks mushroom balls. Disgusting but not surprising. Common sense. The way it was, an individual could simply claim they were seeking asylum when actually they just wanted to come to America. let's deal with the national debt, red flag laws, and sanctuary cities DumoulinBd We must impeach their ass. Need a big Senate majority though. I think people were already corrupt they were just looking for a leader who makes it ok to be open about it. We are hopeless!

THIS is how an extremist court, with most appointees being conservative/Federalist Society picks, operates. IMMORAL and AGAINST humanity. 'Without applying in amd being turned down by Mexico first'. Fixed it for you. Good it makes sense. Why should people bypass safe countries just to come to America. They get here won't assimilate, make demands, fly flags of the country they left and hate on America.

Wtaf?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are a sick and evil country. GunnerVike It was a 7-2 decision. That means two liberal judges voted in favor. God bless America. What a day. Happy days are back. Obama judges , you are a joke.

G00D! Seven of the nine justices on SCOTUS decided in favor of this. We must get control of our borders for the safety & security of all Americans. Let those w legitimate claims have their day in court. Legal immigration only. realDonaldTrump is keeping his campaign promises. Those against Trump who said The Constitution maintains a system of checks and balances, JUST GOT CHECKED! TRUMP 20/20.

The rise of Hitler ,the similarities are frightening. About time too. Jali_Cat Stop twisting people's words 8 US 1158 is upheld! Thank you Supreme Court Jali_Cat Wrong, it's immigrants coming THROUGH Central America. Apply first, it's the law! Jali_Cat FakeNewsMedia FakeNews It’s about time Wright

Matthew 25:44-45 (NIV)“They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me Disgusting Sickening All anyone has to do is obey the LAW!!!

That’s because the majority of immigrants seeking asylum do not actually qualify for asylum. So they’ll need to come into America by applying for entry. We have the responsibility to vet those entering our country. maybe people on the Supreme Court read this little document The SCOTUS is a just another bought and paid for extension of GOP.

So ... No Border Wall required. About dam time.

MOST? Then the law is not the law. It's the same old game. A ray of hope is food for the lawyers. If this were ALL there is no money in it. Barf O’Kavanaugh comes through again! 🍺 2 Supreme Court Justices are illegitimate. The TraitorGOP is compromised. TraitorTrump is actively destroying America. TheDemocrats are too gullible and passive to do anything about it.

DonCheadle We are no longer a Christian country. Sad😢😡 Awesome VeryStableGeni1 This country has become a warped and perverted shell of having any morals or decency. Shameful VioletIrwin76 Trump got his way with minimal resistance because you idiots focused on tweets and sharpies. You get what you deserve

Winning. Cc: “GOP consultant” TheRickWilson 😀 Elections have consequences

Stand in the queue like all the rest megwalker712 😤💔 Great news for the American tax payers 😊 Once the GOP stole Merrick Garland’s seat then seated a dry drunk sexual predator, SCOTUS lost all legitimacy. No one believes they are anything but an arm of the GOP. All around the world they look at scotus as illegitimate. It’s the GOP legacy.

ForestFern2000 About time we enforced our laws. We LEGALLY allow more immigrants than any other nation, so why can’t we just follow existing laws and borders. What a completely deceptive headline. It was apparently a 7-2 decision which stopped a temporary decision of one circuit court to apply its jurisdiction over the entire US. None of that info is in the article. Little facts, tons of opinion. Expect nothing less from

Isn't this ruling completely contrary to what's stated in the refugee convention, which the US is a signatory of? That was in place before everything has a limit The beauty of a common sense Conservative majority 5-4 Supreme court. Common sense coming into law. AmericaFirst. Well done POTUS SupremecourtUs 🇺🇸👍

Great news for America 👍🏻🇺🇸🇬🇧 BAM Disgusting WHITE WASHING AT ITS BEST Dems are upset that their big voter registration drive is shriveling up. They won't be flooding the country with illegal aliens anymore to get Dem votes. Thank You! When trump was a builder he imported migrants from Poland to demolish a department store in new York. Then got rid of them .part of his 40 year no tax paid agreement with the Irs

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸AMERICAFirst It’s a shame that a simply security measure that BOTH parity lawmakers should have taken was contested in court! His rich man’s agenda is being fulfilled in the making before our very eyes !!

Congress could EASILY fix this problem by taking away the over-broad statutory authority it gave POTUS years ago. But the GOP will never allow it since it is built on racism, bigotry, and fearmongering. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica VoteBlue2020 GOPistheProblem Good. If you really are afraid for your life a normal person would stop at the first safe haven they get too. This way it's easier to go home once the danger passes. Now if your looking for $$ & planning on staying there then you travel to where you want to live forever. NotFear

A win's a win for now. Note that 100% are currently allowed to try and immigrate legally. But hey, that's crazy talk these days. EVERYONE CALM DOWN Yes, the crooked system is being reworked & so many things will require us to adjust to. This is for the best for our country. After all, we can't offer what we don't have. A legit asylum seeker will still seek, just not the liars.

Finally, some good news for all of America 🇺🇸. His people appointed by him doing his bidding. USA should be ashamed of its Judiciary Human rights? MrJonCryer Of course they are man. this is awful

'enforcement of asylum limits' shockingly truthful headline. Props for that. Sad When will Congress take its power back? The executive branch is supposed to be your beotch It's official. The United States of America no longer exists. And to have that happen on the 18th Anniversary of 9/11 is beyond ironic.

🤣 If you don’t wear Red, White, and Blue then you don’t matter. If you have to hopscotch around the hemisphere to get to the U.S. and request asylum, you're not really needing asylum. legality =/= morality but we never learn... About damn time.

Dovewoman1 Cruel treatment! Well done Mr Trump. Fuck the Supreme Court. They have lost my respect But how about take an airplane via transfer country This is at least more along the lines of immigration reform. Subjecting them to this process, in my opinion is much better than treating them as caged animals upon entry. Their lives in their homelands surely couldn't be much harder on them then the conditions they'd face here.

YES!!! A WIN FOR AMERICA! Deceptive headline. Unclogging the system will make it function better. It doesn’t prevent them seeking asylum, it just prevents seeking asylum at the border if they have passed through a safe country first. Well, there you finally have it America. You elected a xenophobic, bigoted, racist PresidentPussyAssBitch who told you, publically, that nominating him would get you thismuchcloser to the conservative SCOTUS judges that would be needed to pass this kind of crap. Good job! 🙄

Supreme Injustice.

soledadobrien That’s why there are more republicans than Democrats in the Supreme Court so they can get this crazy person agenda across that’s why republicans are silent about all the unlawful craziness that is happening ‼️ fakenews just another awful twitter account lying and making up fake news. Where does it say anything about now allowing asylum?

But, but, how can we get all those undocumented democrats to vote now, if they go back to their own countries? Can’t begin to imagine the devastation this will cause funneling refugees (we’ll conveniently still “lose”) into whatever prisons & concentration camps created by Aug 2019 “Safe Third Country” agreement w/ El Salvador. And the precedent it sets for any & all other refugees 💔

Sad we are just going to deny help to those in need. How would we feel if tables were reversed. Sinister and depressing that the USA has fallen so far. If 2020 is not won with overwhelming majority then we are no longer free nation. They will still contest any win, but this is why we have to fight so much harder.

Guys can you seriously just place a link to the ruling in your article? It wouldn't be too hard Timcast! But the top trending story? Trump misspeaking about something. Very sad news. People who just want a better life for their families are denied by a country that was built by immigrants. DumpTrump Hypocrites

OH OK WORD TWISTER. Prevents WHAT exactly False reports or leading to thereof will be a federal offense like “Swatting”. Actually the same thing so, report reports, not total false information. If a Guatemalan flees Guatemala and heads to Mexico, they can seek asylum in Mexico. Why come to USA? Did a gang follow you to Mexico? Why not go on up to Canada and seek asylum there?

Yay Rah! More Winning I love our Prez. Trump2020 Conservatives knew the importance of the Supreme Court from day 1 We have absorbed as many as we can. Jobs are scarce. Wages are miserable. This is NOT an asylum. Indigent central Americans are loading our systems not building them. Life boats only hold so many. Be glad if Trump shuts off the faucet.

Crank. It. Up! I have to understand the full article before I mis judge anything. Well that bodes well for upholding democracy. Finally Justice is served!

👍👍👍 This means immigrants will start traveling by sea through the Gulf of Mexico taking greater risk to meet the new requirements to turn themselves in to the US Coast Guard. Are bodies washing ashore going to become the norm now in America like in the Mediterranean Sea? Two words: Neal Gorsuch Right, BarackObama SenSchumer? NealGorsuch StolenSCOTUSSeat BeschlossDC

💔 this is America 😔 This is why The GOP stole 2 seats for surpreme court. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Guess NY can demolish that Statue of Liberty now. It’s about time About time we get some control on our borders like other countries have! Why is it so illegal in the public eye to have more secure borders?

Welcome your new SCOTUS! Try to ban guns next and see what happens. Progressives, see what the hubris of the Clintons and Ginsburg got you? We, the mighty USA, created the mess in Central America. IranContra Just like US to look the other way HumanRights HumanRightsViolations From the article, it was 7-2. Ginsburg and Sotomayor were againts it, as expected. So Elena Kagan, an Obama-appointed Justice, voted for this?

SCOTUS is lost. A great news! What’s happened to my country? So when are we gunna band together and riot worse than LA in 92? We do t trust the Supreme Court no more! They are biased and bought off by big money 💴 they are selling out our Country! MoscowMitch is giddy.

7-2 Some people did something Of fucking course the end is near for our republic y'all just watch because no one is actually doing anything to stop our fall With a stolen Supreme Court seat the GOP are destroying our country Good! Immigrants need to apply for LEGAL entry before coming here. We are no better than Nazi Germany. All of this shit is a prelude to Trump’s final solution.

What the hell this is unnecessary This is the best news I’ve heard all day I do not want those poor sick flea infested people coming into the United States and posting up and living off my tax dollars to hell with that make them stay in Mexico Bye... Our Democracy continues to crumble.

Lawless. Haha. Cry, AP, cry. 😢 Once again, the Executive Branch has issued a rule that seeks to upend longstanding practices regarding refugees who seek shelter from persecution,” Sotomayor IS WRONG WITH HER. Is the only place in the world safe from persecution the USA. People alot of these who comments are in support are Putins trolls ignore..

Great !! Now let’s Ban abortion too Are we supposed to be shocked by their bought and paid for Supreme Court? Term limits for the scotus would have prevented this sacred institution from being manipulated and controlled by anyone. Term limits for this congress and scotus is absolutely paramount SOMETHING must be done about this far right supreme gop-aligned court system.

Bought and paid for. Wow! That is sad! What happened to America? Good. This is devastating news to all the people who will be denied an opportunity to apply for asylum. The SCOTUS has upended decades of settled law and policy. AsylumSeekers Immigrants Asylum Migrants Migrantes Asilo Get all the illegals out of here !!Democrats won’t have no voters then 🤣

Wow, common sense won out for once. It’s about time,now I hope they concentrate on getting rid of all the people who broke into our country illegally. Maybe they can actually make some progress, we are getting a wall, help from Mexico, positive Supreme Court Ruling. Wish there would be repercussions to the 9th POS

CowboysChica Fantastic Jali_Cat Sweet!!

One more Supreme Court pick - MAGA We need more foreigners to be construction workers No millennials want to work in construction all you want to be youtubers any house repair will cost a fortune soon. Terrible. Bye, Felicia, to the US as a beacon, or whatever. Joshua Potash I started supporting a 4 year old young lady in Columbia via , Children’s International, feels so good 😊

Trump term in a nutshell: Mad? Pick up the phone. Demand Congress DefundHate by doing the following: * Cut funding for the agencies that most drive these abuses: ICE & CBP * Set guardrails and accountability measures to ensure that the funds Congress provides go to address humanitarian needs This ENDS the Border Emergency, FULL STOP. No more trafficking of kids and infants as tokens to enter the US, no more SEPARATIONS. This is what the Democrats SCREAMED about for months, AFTER they scoffed and laughed at Trump for declaring an emergency. We WIN.

DonCheadle Of course they would. All honest people know he doesn’t care for Brown People.

Apparently national sovereignty is a one-way street. The US gets to spend the whole 1950s-80s ratfucking these countries every which way but doesn't have to offer any atonement or refuge to the children of its victims. Jali_Cat 👏👏👏👍 GOP Big win for America today. 🇺🇸 Julie72788745 YES!!! toomuchwinning trump2020 buildthewall lockherup

You mean stacking the supreme Court with terrible human beings brings terrible decisions The hell you say!! BobLonsberry SCOTUS gets this right. AsylumSeekers are passing through other countries where they could receive asylum if their cases were legitimate, but they don't want to live there. Really seeking an end-around or short cut to the US immigration process. Not fair to legal immigrants

Awesome 💪🏼

👏👏👏 It’s the Political racists now on the Supreme Court. No longer worth their salt or opinions SCOTUS I told as many people as I could that the 2016 presidential race was way more than just Hilary vs Trump. IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT JUDGES!!! This is why Dem’s should insert as many judges as possible when they get their chance.

Yes! winning BuildTheWall MeritBasedImmigration TYSCOTUS Yikes. RobProvince When will the winning stop? Muh Resist can't take much more lol Our supreme Court has been bought and paid for. No justice in the USA.

Bought and paid for Justices. jd_adler Filth. A sad day for the USA. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Worrisome...but what the hell? Apathy tastes great! SCOTUS who agrees with inhumane Trump admin policy should walk in the shoes of the asylum seekers and see if they'd rule the same. SCOTUS has lost its humanity. corruption racists SCOTUS

What is amazing is how many people posting feel that foreign nationals seeking asylum actually have a constitutional right to do so in this country. Seeking asylum is a privilege not a right. I can’t got to another country and claim asylum as a right. They will laugh in my face! DonCheadle ElectionsHaveConsequences🤯 VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020

Jimbippy READ THE ARTICLE and not the headline people This is why Susan Sarandon deserves shit - losing the courts for a generation- butbutbut her emails If other Latin American countries do it, is it still racist?🤔

Winning is NOT getting old! Trump2020 KAG2020 Winning. Winning ... liberal meltdowns in 3, 2, 1 🤣😂😅 GREAT NEWS!!! 🇺🇸💕 Even Obama said unhappiness and violence is not a reason for asylum I dont understand what the problem is. It is just saying you should run until your safe and if that country cant take you or your in danger still keep moving. Besides, this would have passed with or with out the republican dominated court. Ugh pick your battles.

Of course they are! That's why the Republicans are stacking the courts including the supreme Court! Disgusting and sickening! They are causing the USA to no longer be a democracy! Trumps courts paying back their debt. This is terrible. We owe those people for years and years of fuckery perpetrated by our own CIA and state department. We broke it, and the poor and vulnerable pay for it.


Best little court money can buy. Sadly, our SCOTUS is political and it’s decisions are partisan making our highest court in the land illegitimate. SCOTUS IllegitimatePresident IllegitimateSCOTUS ExpandSCOTUS immigration CentralAmerica Stolen Supreme Court 💔🇺🇸💰😢 This is why Dem’s should insert as many judges as possible when they get their chance.

Bought, paid for. Wow, the court needs to be revamped. Sounds racist to me. Because Republicans are racist Awful court majority! So disgusting. What's so Loco about Russians participating in our elections Ese'? Correcto?

Not true. They can apply in the first country they enter. 7 - 2 decision Great News BREAKING: The Supreme Court is full of paid operatives of the Republican Party (Russia). There should be term limits for all justices going forward. Period. Shitholecalifornia 9th Circus court😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funfact for everyone upset over this, by UN treaty definition, a refugee is more than just someone born in a poorly developed country

So the Supreme Court is full of henchmen and women now too. We are beyond screwed as Americans 7-2 was the vote. This is following a 2-0 decision in North Carolina last night. AMEN In God We Trust Best News I’ve heard all day !!!

So we destabilize their political systems by screwing with their economies. Destroy their environment, through increased greenhouse gases that impact their climate and agriculture. Then say 'no' to letting them have asylum because they aren't Caucasian. Sounds about white. Racists run the country, all of them

This is BREAKING THE LAW SCOTUSblog ACLU ACLUTx Only if they skip through other countries where they could have also seeked asylum. Tell the truth... Finally we get this lawless country back under control. Sad day. Everything is broken and ruined They have to have a legitimate reason to claim asylum. Not just show up and claim asylum. It amazes me how they think asylum applies to anyone

Trump so worried about keeping people out but was going to bring the Taliban here for a meeting on 9/11! I’m not sure why people want to come here since we have domestic white terrorist men roaming killing people and nobody gives a shit! HOW & WHY is this okay?

Excellent!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 WTF?!? Wht kinda country are we becoming!?! Buy bitcoin, send them bitcoin, they need bitcoin, we all need bitcoin. It's easy when you stack the supreme court with your own yes men ItsASham So far all the accounts supporting this are fake. Report them. revmagdalen We are gonna have to do some MAJOR restructuring of our 'justice' system. The 'Supreme Court' is nothing but tyrannical, dishonorable, & threatens our very democracy. It's complicit in genocide with the defense of crimes against humanity being committed by 45's orders, now theirs

Trump 2024!!!! Supremely awesome garyonwater They won't back up anti-gerrymandering statutes but will back this.. Effed up priorities, there.

😆 good Of course. Look how these people are saying most with out any proof BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO TO THE SUPREME COURT 👏👏👏👏👏. KEEPING THOSE ILLEGALS FROM SEEKING ASYLUM IN THE USA!!! PACK UP YOUR 💩AND GET OUT OF AMERICA funder Can’t wait til the day these MAGA folks ask why are we blocking Europeans from entering after their economy collapses

Hmm interesting how the article does not mentioned that the “new enforcement” is not new at all, its more or less been reinstated! Finally some good news. profiling contents....

And SCOTUS did so in a 7-2 Decision. That's because it's a slam-dunk, no-brainer for anyone with a working abacus in their skull. If they want asylum, there are plenty of closer countries to apply for that asylum. The US teat is not for everyone to suck on. That’s right, they need to seek asylum in the first country they come to.

GOPSCOTUSisComplicit As they should. It’s clearly lawful. Great news! It's not America's place to take in people from other Countries. Thank goodness! Enforcing our Immigration Laws is what it's all about! We have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to unfuck this country after next year.

And it begins. Welcome to Amerikkka Good Allow is incorrect. SCOTUS confirmed the law. Finally a ruling in favor of the law and American citizens! Read the actual ruling. It makes sense. The opposition party is going to deeply regret advancing presidential powers when they are again in the minority. It’s only to get worse.

The hatred this sorry country demonstrates will ultimately be it's downfall. How shameful that so many people would cheer a inhuman decision like this. Next up, roll back of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. RobProvince BREAKING: SCOTUS Allows Trump Admin to Follow Law. Leftists Loose Control of Their Bowels.


Disgraceful and unAmerican. Duh soledadobrien When the Nazi Party takes control of the Supreme Court.... Wtg nice ruling I believe it’s called “enforcing the law.” Supreme Court is a biased piece of crap Close the border. America needs some 'Me Time' Sweeeeeet. In a vacuum, this is bad policy. In context, this is a court with multiple justices put there by Presidents who did not have the popular vote, voicing the partisan ideology of a political group representing 20% of the nation. This will not end well.

A cruel, conservative, racist SCOTUS. Congrats to berniesanders' ratfucking & his narcissistic bernieorbust cult. With special thanks to putins b*tch drjillstein & her selfish voters like susansarandon, marclamonthill, rosariodawson,berniesanders2020 campaign staff, etc.

Sicko Well this should get people out to VOTE 🗳!!! It better !! Great So, he bought himself a Supreme Court majority, huh We are gonna have to fix that . . . Good Keep it simple: DonaldTrumpIsARacist. RepublicanParty a RacistParty. If you don't want to be called a racist, don't be racist. If you don't want to be accused of supporting racist, don't support racist. It really is that simple. 🇺🇸

The stacked court. We have filled the Supreme court with racists America doing what it does best; making racist laws

Amen Great we are all doomed. Just killed a section of the world from not getting asylum. Disgrace. It’s all too much... today I feel defeated... I want to cry.... if we don’t stand up and fight we are toast.... we can’t play nice... they don’t. I’m literally getting scared. Only 37% of registered voters showed up in NC yesterday... 37%‼️we are screwed.....

Packing the court with conservative a$$holes pays dividends! Yessssss Hell yeah!!!!! I'll never understand the impulse to deny help to another human being Courts finally coming back to the center. Hopefully more judges the next 15 months and a second term realDonaldTrump CNN FoxNews DESPICABLE 😡

Sick. Of. This. Shit. Great day in the morning we will have America back again yet,barbeques, camping trips and happy care free times,like before tens of millions decided to self declare themselves US citizens, and fanatics in government chose to steal from us and give to them Yah! 👍 Cruelty is the point of this administration. God forbid anything happens in America and any of us needs to seek asylum. We couldn’t blame anyone for slamming the door.

LadyLibertyInEx BuildTheWall Hahahahhahaha we keep winning and you losers keep crying. Just wait til we get another four years. That’s when we really bring the pain. MAGA soledadobrien Stolen seats paying off for the Confederacy (GOP) SCOTUS just doomed 1000s of people to their death RobProvince IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!

Thank you Supreme Court for all of the hard work you do for USA 🇺🇸 KAGA Why burden these people further? nktpnd Finally, some sanity. Supreme court paid off too? LadyLibertyInEx A good day for the protection of vulnerable people all over. Trump2020 Very good MAGA Looks like Republicans who spent decades creating conservative judges is working. Not working so much for America and for Freedom... but for the oligarchy that America is forming into in 21 century America. 😞

I'm ok with this. AmericansFIRSTinAmerica I agree w/the Supremes. It’s an unconvincing argument that a refugee fleeing persecution/violence should b allowed n the US if he hasn’t 1st sought asylum n the 1st country he entered where the threat was removed. If safe, he has no need 2 travel further unless he’s denied asylum

Quid pro quo is finally paid off I see Good. Controlling who enters and how/when is a fundamental right of all nations. Great! Can we get back to the rule of law now, folks. Just when the Mob rulers thought they had complete control of America, Hillary goes... Son of a B*tch! XenophobicPresident LadyLibertyInEx Wow, thank you Supreme Court for allowing us to enforce the laws that are on the books

So in other words Trumps Racism & Discrimination was Approved Legally By the Courts/ You know what Amer. Has turned to💩 just like DT 👋🏾👋🏾 HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN 🎉🎉🎉 Hell yes 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thank you Supreme Court!!!

Victory What would merrickgarland do? adri16 Just unbelievable. Thanks and blessing to all the Supreme Court Members who put American citizens first. Good call. Asylum is from persecution not for potential economic gain.If you need asylum and are in fear for your life, you will take shelter in the first safe space. Let’s have a little common sense.

Excellent news soledadobrien The Republican Supreme Court has no legitimacy. Wow, we have three branches of government again 👏👏👏🇺🇸 If it's not a racist agenda, why single out Central America? That is how you pack a court folks!

Weak That's wonderful news for American's. Hey_joeb Soooo.....this is it, huh? Great news! The U.S. Supreme Court bends to racism as it has done w/ WarOnDrugs by weakening 4th Amend search & seizure affecting primarily Blacks & Latinos. The Court also has bended to the authoritarianism of Nixon, Reagan, Bush & Clinton.

Well my brain just broke under the weight of the GOP nonsense so this is me now Truly B undo. Here is why this is bad precedent the next president can undo these rules and instill there own nothing get solved and illilegal will come here during those times when they are excerpted... 7-2

Wooohoooo nice 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Breaking, the Supreme Court is run by Nazis! We need to declare Trump a usurper and flush Gorsuch and Kavanaugh as illegally appointed justices! I'm so sick of how racist and broken this country is. We don't always have to be a nation built by slavery and genocide. We're told to fear Hispanic women and children, while white supremacy is the leading cause of terrorism and mass shootings. This is America, a facisist country

realDonaldTrump do we the people have a WhiteHouse press secretary? 🤔 Asking for a friend... Never mentioned: 7-2 decision. Never mentioned: rationale of the majority opinion, you cite just the dissenters. Could the story be more biased? Thank God Come the right way Why Why would they do this Other than they’re also in trumps pocket...

BreyerResign KaganResign soledadobrien sweet Funny seeing all the triggered libs in these comments. They talk about the Constitution but don't even know it. Disgraceful. Excellent Its international law Yes! Make no mistake. God will not be mocked. realDonaldTrump and his 'Christian' (& i use that term loosely) will be judged for this and other actions fueled by hate.

So his bought and paid for SCOTUS worked out Finally.... us doing what’s best for us. Screw the Supreme Court and every aspect of the establishment that upholds its disgusting and rotten judgments Fascism continues it's ugly cycle soledadobrien Cruel and unusual. This is a Big deal. I love all the “It’s political” & “Stacked Supreme Court” comments. It was a 7-2 decision. If the 2 more liberal leaning judges that agreed w the policy had wanted to dissent, they could have. Even if it was just to save face. They didn’t dissent. Maybe cause it was a good idea?

As usual the AP headline and first paragraph is misleading. There is nothing stopping any Central American ASYLUM seeker (not immigrant necessarily) from first seeking it in the first country they enter before the US. Not a thing. It's also important to remember our asylum law 😡😡Now who is gonna clean my house for $10 and do my lawn and garden for another $10.

I am not a Trump fan but this is common sense. When did Guatemala become another US state?

MAGA Trump2020 Winning soledadobrien So why the wall ? With bone spurs screaming about rewriting the constitution to remove birthright citizenship does he not realize Baron is a birthright citizen? Of course they did. Did we have any doubt? MrJonCryer Thank you realDonaldTrump for slowing down the death of our country. Democrats hate our freedom and one day it will be history.

winning Nanny nanny boo boo Winning BuildTheWall crime will fall. End the DemocRATs human trafficking cartels! Deport all illegals all 22Million need to be removed. OMG we're all doomed because not just anyone can sneak into our country? The horror.😱I can't decide if these comments are funny stupid or sad stupid.

As the many hundreds of millions of dollars that the United States has given to central and south america, I don't think 'asylum' should be a checkbox on the application. If they accept their governments use of those funds and still request more help, they are the problem. Brilliant! Well done. SCOTUS doing their job interpreting the US Constitution. Well Done!

KAG2020 y’all let this fat bitch do whatever tf he wants soledadobrien Funny thing is if a big natural disaster happened in the United States and Americans need asylum somewhere else due to that natural disaster United States would probably invade and occupy a country rather than asking for help. Alito and Thomas are useless. Gorsuch is such a gore and Kavanaugh caves in ad nauseam.

This is going to be remembered as the worse SC since Taney ruled on Dred Scott. This Supreme Court upheld a Muslim ban (freedom of religion doesn’t matter) and asylum enforcement. Fuck this country! kavanaughlikesbeer chiefjusticerobertsisatwat Our scotus is such a political hack group. We are no longer a legitimate country but instead banana republic. RuleOfLaw

soledadobrien When thinking Precedence, Board v Board of Ed was not considered? this is scary. If they are singling out Central Americans from government services, whats stopping them from “specific” American ethnicities? Welp Donny Darko was successful in breaking and corrupting our Judicial System. More destruction He’s heaped upon us.

How Christian of them! Gross Have the libs cancelled Kagan and Breyer now? Awesome! ImpeachTheMFTraitor soledadobrien Wilbur threatened to fire any Conservative Supreme Court Justice that voted against Trump. soledadobrien camron_ra You are not an ASYLUM seeker if you go through one country to get to another. Yoh ard essentially chosing the country to go to. Because to be a real asylum seeker, you would b ed happy in country who excepted you

Well that's what happens when you buy a supreme court justice

😎 AMEN!!!!!!!! Anyone who supports this rule, they will be shamed. Why is it not okay for Central Americans to live in Mexico where it is safer? Why does the USA have to be the only safe place for asylum? Cant take in the whole world . Get a grip. I read trump is giving the wall money to Iran. Great News😊

Hell yeah! The left can't use their activist judges to stop this one. I'm sure they will try tho.

Racist racist racist racist Missing Merrick Garland. Awesome. Thank you SCOTUS This is what Trump was doing when 90% of Twitter was distracted by “Go Back Where You Came From”-gate. TRUMP2020Landside BuildTheWall I am appalled that none of those other 'sh*thole countries' like Denmark Norway, U.K. ; NPK and Soviet Union um ... I mean Russia aren't included in this DonnyT (lol ... 'administration') ruling.

Elections have consequences. Especially with a wannabe dictator taking control and republicans following him like he’s the great leader. sad It's not a Trump rule. It's the law. MSM useful idiots take note.

Trump has raped American values. thepelicanbrief Winning Thank you Supreme Court for upholding the Trump policy on immigration America for sale. Thank God the court did this. Dems liberals are so far gone they don’t care or make any sense. Finally Conservatives have a voice thanks to Trump. BTW liberals we are not going to sit back watching you cry babies destroy America anymore. Trump 2020

soledadobrien The republicans Supreme Court For those who thought the courts would hold & keep this administration in check, wake up & take action. POC told you this way back. Stop believing in this American Exceptionalism bullshit & do something meaningful if you really care. MAGA!!!

This ain't the United States any more it just lets these idiots mess our country up whenever they want. its already like that, few actually get it Well, that investment in the purchase of the Supreme Court seat certainly paid off, didn’t it? Finally soledadobrien The Trump owned Supreme court. The sellout Supreme Court

MrJonCryer I never want to hear a repub call the US a Christian nation. We are not. s_soteria Wonderful decision. I'm confused. Is Mexico so fucking dangerous that we need an eleventy billion foot wall on the border to protect us or so safe that we can reject asylum seekers and insist they stay in Mexico? 🤔🤔🤔

What was the vote Because why follow the Constitution when you can fellate Trump’s ego? Fuckery is afoot. 🔥‼️Kavanaugh was the vote that clinched this DISGUSTING, REVOLTING & ABHORRENT VOTE,INCLDG GORSUCH & ROBERTS—proof that SCOTUS is the RU MOB NewYorkStateAG GavinNewsom RepJerryNadler SpeakerPelosi RepJoeKennedy SenWhitehouse RepSwalwell UN Oath to Constitution is mud

soledadobrien Why? What happened to them? Yes, they are a right-leaning U.S. Supreme Court, but what happened to their sense of decency? And Trumo must be the first patient soledadobrien Another bad decision from the Court's asterisk era. soledadobrien Justice being eliminated in plain sight. All that winning is tough, but I’ll take it. 7-2 decision, what happened to the “resist” “blue wave” movement? Hahahahaha, suck it

Great news for this Country’s sovereignty. s_soteria Awesome! America has a long history of welcoming immigrants. But like so many good intentions it is grossly being abused. Breaking into the US illegally is..well...illegal. Using ACLU loopholes to try to circumvent a legal path has consequences and the taxpayer pays.

soledadobrien So it begins! This was part of the plan all along! I believe what goes up must come down. I hope the young people are paying attention so they can remember! soledadobrien Putin purchasing tRump, tRump purchasing Republicans is proving to be really paying off for them. Next is the evacuation and/or elimination of anyone who is not white and ‘Christian’.

soledadobrien The Supreme Court as it is today is a joke. A sad, terrifying joke. Well then who is the administration going to blame murders, rapes and violence on ? All 3 branches of our government have been corrupted.

Well, he does have the Constitutional and legal authority to determine immigration laws, so this isn’t surprising. soledadobrien And so it begins. soledadobrien Illegitimate justices making wildly broad rulings will not end well. soledadobrien This is a sorry day I winning Mount up regulators 👉👉 ICEgov and round them up! If your deepstate democrat boss is not allowing you to round up illegals for political reasons then please call the JusticeOIG and write your senators DHSMcAleenan

You misspelled illegal aliens. And they’re not all from Central America you racist Excellent. This is after they walked through the first safe country to get here.... Fawk you and you Dem talking points!!!! Finally! Everyone knows this is correct. The way it should have been all along. Now they can start walking back. Maybe Soros can pay for Ubers for everyone? MAGA2020

Excellent news. ripMerrickGarland Oh my god what the actual fffuuuck!? This is hideous. win You said Come here illegally Wrong “The Supreme Court is on the ballot!” —President Barack Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and every other loyal Democrat in 2016 Good for Americans bad for predatory coyetes. Asylum seekers can still seek it.

The law will be enforced. This is a good thing!

NumbersUSA Great job. Now let’s get the leaches off our soils Welp, we are fucked. Great logical news for America Can we move up the presidential election? Excellent! The 9th circuit taught a lesson! 👍 Pathetic! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Amen but her emails

But.. but Hillary is SOOOO corporate! Fucking mewling children who didn't vote. What happens to all those caged people The separated children?!!!! This is why Democrats need to control House and Senate...need to make new law or clarify existing laws OMG! This government is so evil! Makes me really sad. We were warned again and again.

It's not a 'new rule'. We'd been saying that for months before he brought it up. It's been the law for a long time and people were angry that it wasn't being observed. Stop lying Wtf The rule of law is dead in America It just gets worse

UnAmerican. BobLonsberry Any presidential candidate who doesn't support or even mention reforming the SC is a no go for me. The Republican Supreme Court.....When can they be stopped...... When someone pays $200,000 worth of debt for you, well you simply tow the line. Kavanaugh BobLonsberry I would say this is a big win.... and the Liberal meltdown gets bigger

If correct then only a small portion would qualify, well I can understand the supreme court ruling. We need a overall immigration that and everybody should be working toward that end. Not fighting all these other issues. Anyhow just my opinion. Vote in 2020 This is awful HIP HIP HORAYYYY!!! Well, Hillary wasn’t very likable, was she?

What about white people? Can they still get in? Look what an 💥Illegitimate 'President'💥 can do, while Obstructing Justice and Abusing Power! Pretty Amazing.. Obstructionists must pay for delaying Justice. 🍑⚖🇺🇸 TheDemocrats HouseDemocrats SenateDems GOP Great news. Glad to hear it. I’m thinking this will only result in more asylum seekers crossing into the US Illegally...

👏👏👏👏👏 Most of Europe did this to Syrian refugees seeking asylum from persecution, starvation. Now we’re doing it with Latino refugees. The humane American path would be to work with Mexico & help these people live there. America is shit. 7-2 decision We have turned away from the ideals that made the US admired. We've stopped reaching for them, or even pretending to.

MAGA!!! White supremacist policy hello fascism my old friend The SCOTUS is bought and paid for. Who paid Kavanaugh's debts? Why did Kennedy retire? I do not trust they are working for the American ppl Thank You Supremes for looking out for Americans! Look at all the liberal tears. Haha so much winning. 💜💜💜💜

“Breaking News: Court upholds rule of law” (for a change) Not looking good for liberty now is it?

The Supreme Court is a political joke now. What will happen when we all decide not to listen to them anymore? Cool A common sense rule. I thought we went to the moon in the 60’s. realDonaldTrump Good job! Lol at all the triggered leftists that don’t even realize it was 7-2 decision. JonLemire Therefore ending the whole concept if asylum. ShameSCOTUS

This is insane. This court is an abomination. With more to come. Well, of course it does. Going to Mexico this winter to look for a place to live. We are not America anymore. “In effect, the rule forbids almost all Central Americans—even unaccompanied children—to apply for asylum in the United States if they enter or seek to enter through the southern border, unless they were first denied asylum in Mexico or another third country.”

Our democracy is broken! Bad, so bad. Good ! Finally !!! WTF! I hope renegade ninth circuit judges are paying attention! Way to go Roberts court! American values at their best (Sarc). We are lost. winning POTUS realDonaldTrump SebGorka LindseyGrahamSC senatemajldr EricTrump DonaldJTrumpJr Pack the Court

Remember when some of us thought it might be ok to have a majority gop USSupremeCourt Scotus, they’d be impartial? Yeah, me neither. We’re starting to see that the Supreme Court has, indeed, been bought and paid for by the GOP Trump 2020!!

Why is the supreme court being used for political purposes Good France may as well come and repossess the Statue of Liberty now. It doesn't stand for anything anymore. The Republicans have made sure of it. All the people pissed off about this and blaming Trump, GOP, Kavanaugh also need to blame Clinton, Obama, And the DNC since Breyer and Kagan voted with the majority. The decision is not close or controversial on ideological lines.

ktivnews Finally JonLemire We’re a mess Thank GOD!!! ... America is NOT responsible for providing for the WORLD. keep your ass at HOME!! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Yay!!! Winning!!! Trump2020 YES! Our court is broken because of the GOP.

🔥🔥FLASH SALE: Supreme Court Conservatives. 60 percent discount for your soul. Why did U think, Moscow Mitch was confirming, at an alarming rate? This why the Republiclan party, tolerates his buffoonery? U R witnessing, a New World Order... Guaranteed2 flip Democracy on its ass! Comey, the Bernie clowns, & the fake, I voted 4 HRC...but really put trump!😁😂

Awwww the lefty open border crowd has a sad...... Exactly like Jesus would do. We should probably stop calling ourselves a Christian nation now... hypochristians Hmmm...sounds about white. 7-2 ruling. Only Ginsburg and Sotomayer dissenting. Imagine being upset when it was also bipartisan decision Surprise surprise. He who controls the SC controls everything.


Correction: Republicans are allowing it. the REAL American way!! what a nation of fools That's great! Finally policies that mirror the rest of the world. Yes!!!!!!!! 👍 This had to happen today, of all days? Just when it seems the vile GOP can’t possibly go any lower, they outdo themselves. This country is ruled by the minority

FINALLY!!! Fuck yes! Finally LOLOL now I shall read the replies and count the tears

That’s just SAD and pathetic for America What an absolute SHAME. What Its to late for some cities McConnell and Trump are evil. They bought the highest court in the country 🤬 Wooooo! Life is good! Keep crying, morons! Lolol This is un-American. This is un-Christian. This is inhuman. This not wanting brown people in your town type of racism. This is 'We have the greatest economy ever in the history of the world, but we cannot share not even the smallest slice of it' greed induced insanity.

Fuck the Supreme Court, it’s antidemocratic Democracy has flown the cuckoo’s nest. These judges just live to overrule lower courts. We have a bunch of political stooges on the SCOTUS. Supreme Court justices dying at a very badly dark period in 'MERICA's history.

What a disgrace. It will only be a matter of time when they start doing this to other ethnic countries and other races that are not “white” Sad day in American history Good. We have enough taco trucks. Only 2 justices disagreed so even the other liberal justices knew 9th circuit overreached as usual Job 1 on day 1. Oust supreme court

We’re doomed! impeachnow Another 9th court Appeals political bias ruling overruled. President Trump's order is even consistent with UN asylum laws which apply to adjacent countries. The lib judges that ruled against the Trump Administration made politically biased votes. We'll be paying the price of Trump's stocking the Supreme Court for decades to come.

How did we get here?

America is dead. Everyone grab your buryin' shovels! Awesome Win!!! Watch what happens when its a democratic president...the operatives in robes will take a dim view. But her Fu’king emails. JonLemire At least we can finally call bullshit on any Republican calling themselves a Christian Turns out we are who they thought we were

Sieg heil The “ Supreme Court” does not control immigration. No surprise here, realDonaldTrump has most of them in his back pocket. Guess the majority of the USSupremeCourt has the same level of empathy and compassion for its fellow man/woman/child as POTUS WTF!!!I thought that we were safe for a few months. Don't they return on the 1st Monday of October?

So, a death sentence. Bought and paid for no surprise here It’s just one shit show after another I’m so tired of him and his bullshit I’m just not sure why anyone is afraid of this PUSSYASSBITCH actually, it's none of the scotus business to tailor (states) rights, only decide the legality of an action. It's actually discrimination.🤔

Good This what happens when the popular vote is “trumped” by the Electoral College.

JonLemire MoscowMitch 's Supreme Court Making sure lying rapey Kavanaugh was bribed and put on SCOTUS has really paid off. SCOTUSblog Or maybe green card is misleading name. Issue instead Taxpayer Identification Card and let’s see how many ask for one😳 .It reads as a level above partiality to single out a particular people, and deem them as 'ineligible' to enter the country seeking asylum .The US is a beacon of hope for so many, this tramples on much of what this land was built upon, hard labour from foreigners turned citizens

Democrats and liberals are so brainwashed. They’ve let elites influence them on thinking open borders are a good idea. Again, liberal activist judges on the lower courts are put in their place. They should all go back to law school. drpaolandmd Supreme Court as become an anti-immigrant system. Disgusting

With another Trump justice, he and his supporters can start removing all people of color including citizens. RACISM

Good They are not being prevented from seeking asylum. Your article doesn't bother mentioning Central Americans can now seek asylum in their countries without having to risk their lives traveling through Mexico at the mercy of human traffickers. This is for their safety and ours. Huge win for our Country and thank you POTUS realDonaldTrump Trump2020

JonLemire Last nights victory and now this! Woohoooo!!!! Winning!!! Hand them over at the border, no names just pictures and numbers on the green card. Make it a drive threw boarder! Hola welcome to America!

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