Supreme Court Allows Ballot Extensions In Pennsylvania, North Carolina, For Now

It was the second time the high court refused a GOP effort to block a three-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in either case.

10/29/2020 3:43:00 AM

JUST IN: The Supreme Court, in separate decisions, allowed North Carolina and Pennsylvania to extend their dates to count mail-in ballots. Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in either case.

It was the second time the high court refused a GOP effort to block a three-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in either case.

Patrick Semansky/APThe U.S. Supreme Court has refused, for a second time, a Republican Party effort to block a three-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. That means that at least until after the election, the court will not intervene in the way the state conducts its vote count.

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The court in a second case from North Carolina, also refused late Wednesday to block a similar extension of time to count votes, an extension put into place by the state election board.New Justice Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in either case. Her decision was particularly noteworthy because her vote might or might not have affected the outcome and because a Pennsylvania county had earlier this week filed,

and then withdrawn, a formal request for the new justice to recuse herself.A highly unusual statement issued by the court press office said that Barrett did not participate because of the need for a"prompt resolution" of the question before the court, and because the new justice"had not had time to fully review" the written arguments submitted to the court.

The practical effect of the decisions in both cases is to leave in place the extended vote-counting period, at least for now.In the Pennsylvania case, the ruling left in place a decision by the state Supreme Court, based on the state constitution. It extended by three days the period for counting absentee ballots posted by Election Day. Last week the Supreme Court upheld the state court decision by a tie vote, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the court's three liberals, and later explaining that state courts are free to interpret their own state constitutions in voting cases.

This week the state Republican Party came back to the court seeking a second bite at the apple before Election Day. And this time it failed again, perhaps by a more decisive vote. Only three justices noted their dissent this time — Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch. They wanted to hear and decide the question presented by the Republican Party prior to next week's election. The same three dissented in the North Carolina case, too.

The court, of course, could still hear the Pennsylvania caseafterthe election, especially if the vote in the state is close and pivotal to the outcome of the general election. Indeed, as Alito observed in his dissenting opinion, Pennsylvania officials have agreed to instruct boards of elections throughout the state to segregate ballots received received by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3, when the polls close, and 5 p.m. Nov. 6, three days later.

The coronavirus epidemic has caused judges in many states to allow greater protections for voters. But the court's conservative majority, until now, has resisted most of those changes if ordered byfederalcourts under a doctrine that dates back to 1989, and instructs the federal courts not to intervene close to an election.

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Statecourts, however, have been accorded far more leeway; the idea being that they are best able to interpret their own state laws and constitutions.This week Justice Brett Kavanaugh threw a spanner into the long-held understanding of that principle in a case from Wisconsin. Writing for himself, Alito, Thomas and Gorsuch, Kavanaugh said that when a state court, interpreting a state constitutional provision on voting rights, alters a statute to conform with the state constitution, that action is presumptively illegitimate. Chief Justice Roberts, however, had a very different view. While he agreed that the actions of a

federaljudge in the Wisconsin case stepped over the line, the the Pennsylvania case was different, he said, because the state court presumptively had the right to interpret the state's constitution and laws.What made Kavanaugh's opinion particularly noteworthy was that it contained multiple factual and important errors, and misrepresented the views of noted voting rights scholar Richard Pildes.

About the kindest critique of the opinion came from voting rights expert Richard Hasen, who called it"sloppy."The errors ranged from clear factual errors, to an attempt to resurrect Bush v. Gore, and reframe it as a"unanimous" holding that the the Supreme Court must police state courts' interpretation of their own state election laws. In fact, however, only three justices subscribed to that view in the case that decided the 2000 presidential election. And two members of the five-justice majority, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, specifically balked at that assertion, ultimately endorsing an entirely different rationale —

a rationale that until nowhas never before been cited in a Supreme Court opinion.As critics have noted, Kavanaugh, as well as Barrett and Roberts, were part of the team that worked for Bush in that case. So the blowback against Kavanaugh's flawed opinion on Monday in the Wisconsin case may be why the court in announcing its order in the Pennsylvania case on Wednesday night, said"additional opinions may follow."

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This is absurd we are all outraged that this is continuing to go on. This election needs stopped all poll workers in Pennsylvania need evaluated and Republicans need present from now on. We need a clean election If not all Trump supporters will not be happy with the outcome. THE DEMOCRATS WON'T LET REPUBLICANS PRESENT WHILE COUNTING VOTES IN PENNSYLVANIA. (RED FLAG UP.) WHY WOULD THE SUPREME COURT LET THIS GO ON. THIS NEEDS STOPPED AND ALL LATE VOTES NEED THROWN OUT AND ONLY COUNT LEGIT LEGAL VOTES. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS UP 400 THOUSAND PLUS VOTES.

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Let’s hope not North Carolina go and blue but with the Supreme court decision on being able to count ballots eight days after the election that swings everything to the Democrats it’s all bullshit and political and the Supreme Court has no reason to be involved in these decisions But, but, the court is suddenly conservative!!! Rushed process!!! Barrett didn’t participate and the ruling was made *gasp* days before the election. Days before the election people. Not months or years or decades. Days. So the system works.

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This is ridiculous. Post marks can be faked or manipulated. This is just so the dems can continue to add votes if they see they are losing. This will be the most corrupt election in our nations history. It won’t matter. We can wait. Let’s make sure they are all accurate. It is imperative all votes are counted regardless of which team you are on.

I DON’T FUCKING AGREE!!!!!! BUT I LIKE IT. TRUMP 2020. USA HAS A BADASS SUPREME COURT. Chips fall where they may. I love my boys, Thomas,Kavanagh and is what is...I like it, cuz I don’t agree with it. Make sense? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊️✊️✊️✊️✝️✝️✝️✝️👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥 Off topic, but I didn't get an I Voted sticker, neither did my son. Our early precinct was giving pens to each voter that they could use and then take home. They're nice pens, but I've gotten and saved my sticker for every year I've voted. I'm bummed!

BS You don’t move here w/ your failing politics from Blue States How about shameful Cal, kicking up his bootie for anyone willing disgusting!! The ballots could go out in July for gosh sakes! Not enough time for democrats No stamps! The Supreme Court voted against the constitution of the United States. That is shameful! November 3rd is the day. We've known that all year! Embarrassed to live here!

Fantastic. Phew. Absolutely WRONG, unless there is a postmark at least 5 days prior to the Nov 3 date. Folks know when the voting day is. As they should be counted. Oh hey, does anyone remember when she took part in getting the invalidated ballots illegally counted during bush vs gore? They forged corrections on the republican ballots needed for Bush to win and Amy Coney Barrett was the one who disregarded the justice system to allow it.

You think 2006 left a bad taste in peoples mouths. This stuff takes the cake. Good. I just took a pro Bono client in North Carolina. It took exactly 9 days for her to receive a letter from state agency. It was post marked October 19th but arrived today. I worried about mailed ballots in NC They won't it'll be called the night of. Trump will win by a landslide bc he is the perfect nwo puppet to usher in thier plans. Republicans are stupid they will give up thier rights for him and Democrats will either way

So we’ll get a tally of votes in NorthCarolina on Friday the 13th...? How about reporting what’s going on in PHILADELPHIA! Or did Twitter block that? I wouldn’t trust the Supreme Court, please make sure your ballot is in by Election Day. If Trump loses by a few votes, they will throw out all votes that came in after Election Day to help a Trump win. Please vote early.

So why not all states? What did Wisconsin do wrong? 1) why is this court opining on any of these state issues? 2) why are they not consistent? Hear some and not others. Ok for 1 state to count up to 9 days. Another must finish on election day. If supreme court wants to say something, it should be consistent at a minimun!

Amy, you are already our favorite supreme court justice- you've earned it! You have so many supporters. You have so much to be proud of, especially your nice family! I really wanted to! Let's just extend this for another four years. Keep counting those ballots. That’s just stupid, everyone knows Nov. 3rd is Election Day So every adult person should have their vote in by that day

Sooo...why allow late arriving ballots in some states, but not Wisconsin? That's a fraud on the making Small blessings... How judicial of them MPR is a failure. You lose in the end. Surprised? The sickness is being eradicated. Evil has never reigned supreme. Lies are the product of liars. Join the truth if you have the will.

Cue the adage 'a person cannot profit by his own wrongs'. One who deliberately dismantles the postal system cannot be heard to complain about delays in the mail. Of course in North Carolina there are way too many far left! If it had been Trump Country the rules would be totally different... The hunter laptop shows the Biden family is clearly not fit for the Whitehouse. This sort of influence peddling and corruption has no place in our society. If you love the Democrat party, it's time to walkaway.

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I wonder why they’re soooooooo special. Q: Why were Republicans trying to block NC votes from being counted? A: They don’t want your vote to count. People drop off your ballot! INDEED THIS IS A HUGE POSITIVE!! AmyConeyBarrett WILL DO THE CORRUPT GOP bidding! Thanks be to God she wasn’t in on these votes! 2020Election BidenHarris2020ToSaveUS

Setting it up for SCOTUS to toss out those late arriving ballots when they discover that Trump lost the election. 2000 redeaux 💩 Of course she didn’t! Get all the Demorat votes through the courts as fast as you can . Barret is coming soon the level the field. Why are people so ignorant to believe that people don’t know how to turn in ballots in time to have them in by Election Day. For those who are truly can’t figure it out, they shouldn’t be able to vote anyway. About as ignorant as thinking people can get IDs

And this is good. This is totally unconstitutional. NC has 16 days of early voting. Be ready for Civil War on November 4 This is not right This is not a 'liberal ruling'. This is just PLAIN COMON SENSE We now have 9 days , in the midst of a PANDEMIC to count properly postmaail in ballots. So sick of this clown car WH politicizing EVERYTHING So sick of the Rs suppressign OUR vote Now lets talk about tax returns

How does this make any sense? And so it begins. How screwed up is that! Thanks Cooper for making our voting a shit show - That is totally ridiculous! People have had 4 years to prepare for this election. Guess no point in staying up Strikes 1 and 2 for ACB. Hopefully at some point we will find out who stole the damning documents that were being delivered to Tucker Carlson from New York!!!! What is happening to our country? Are we just another third world country? Someone should be monitoring OUR elections. So much Biden corruption.

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Terrible decision, no vote should be counted after election day That'll give the left plenty enough time to round up some extras to cheat their way on through. Anyone wanting crooked Joe at this point is off their rocker. That's we won't know who won on election night. My absentee ballot has always said to mail it in within a week or it may not be counted. Which is why I always drop it off at a polling place on Election Day. This time dropped it off early, easy as that

I’m a N.C voter I’m all red! This should make people mad on both sides... Let’s see we’ve had all year to get ready for Nov 3 😡what the hellSo does this mean I can vote in person on the 12th? So I guess if I owe a bill due on the 3rd I can pay it on the 12th no interest I thought this SCOTUS was just sitting there waiting to do whatever Trump and the GOP wanted? It is so 'Right wing' that we have to add new seats? Oh, wait......!

Welcome to the new blue south. VoteBlue Who gives a shit. SCOTUS is over. Finally, some good news to counter all the judicial craziness. Yay! Justice Amy Coney Barrett should do the same on Nov. 10th, and not participate in the Supreme Court hearing of the ACA arguments. Don’t believe them. Hand deliver or cast your vote on Nov 3. This SCOTUS decision made it I’m perfectly clear that more decisions may be made AFTER Election Day. I smell a rat. Vote early, hand deliver or in person on Election Day. This misadministration is rotten to its core.

That should not happen. It’s another scam go vote at the library if you want your voice to be heard for both sides. This is not right . We should know the results that night! How do they allow North Carolina and Pennsylvania but not Wisconsin. Make it make sense?!? Fuck. Yeah. This rots! Amazing. That the vote went up without Barrett. Good for Chief Justice Roberts.

It’s pretty simple. You post marked on the third of November or before then count it. How hard is this gibbonlo YES! Covid miracle. BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica If they are postmarked by Nov 03 2020 they should be counted. Just my opinion. 😉 Gives them enough time to phony up the count. Typical liberal strategy, cheat and lie your way in to keeping power. Time will tell

JonesBeene So we won’t know who won the election for 9 DAYS? Defeats the purpose of a deadline. So PA & NC, CAN... But WI, CANT? Good thing my friends there plan on voting in person. So much for you leftists scare tactic that she’d end the world as we know it. Yay. People get to vote! What a novel idea. FANTASTIC!!;

Insane Isn't that a CROCK and I live here!! 😤😡😤 Good, should've been that way in wisconsin too. I can hear Republican heads exploding like someone walking on bubble wrap As it should be after DerangedDonald realDonaldTrump and the CrookedGOP tried to kneecap the US Postal Service! Shes too busy wiping DT’s shit off of her nose. ofdonald

Wow! You mean El Trumpo didn’t demand that his new puppet participate? I bet he starts trying to overturn her appointment as punishment for ‘betraying’ him like this. Bullshit Roberts has sold his vote to Soros Good thing. I was afraid she'd be confused by the need to say her opinion. Amy time to start doing your job i can not believe that we R so dumb we cannot count in N C and PA in time without the supreme court’s decision to take all the time you won’t deadlines don’t matter

Excellent !! That is pathetic Please write your tweets more carefully. I'm really disappointed that your would fashion a tweet that could potentially lead to people waiting on voting when those votes will likely be invalidated eventually. You're better than this. I wonder how long it will be before Donald calls Coney-Barrett a loser and says he never met her.

JoshStein_ NC_Governor BidenWarRoom NCSenateDems NCHouseDems Trump on Wednesday said at a news conference that he was depending on courts to keep states from counting ballots received after Election Day, even those clearly postmarked before then. That is bullshit! Guess it's not about the supreme Court, stupid.

Trump bout have Sissy fit This is great but AAAARGH! Can Wisconsin people do anything? Pathetic. So why couldn't Wisconsin? So why did they allow the extension in these states but not Wisconsin? This is why the slave era electoral college is incredibly stupid & embarrassing. Why should we let a couple of states effectively decide who the POTUS is regardless of who the actual majority of Americans choose. Can we finally have DEMOCRACY in this backwards ass country!?

A victory for all voters. Terrible I've been saying from the start of this pandemic that it was a bad idea to depend on mail in ballots. Everything that Trump can sabotage he will sabotage. Wear a mask,social distance,sanitizer & VoteInPerson. Unsurprisingly ballots from POC are being rejected at higher rates.

letsgo This doesn't mean they won't take these cases back up after Nov. 3d people and they can still require votes to be tossed. Read the articles on this carefully. Please people, go vote in person don't risk it with a mail in ballot TimBuckleyWX I smell Bullcrap Fucking CLOWN SHOES That is terrible decisions and promotes fraud

🤬😡🤬🤬😡 A vote for sanity _metafizik Amy Barrett had some other ceremonies to attend to before she can work at the Suoreme Court. Has to line Ofjesse out before she leaves the house. I moved to AZ a year ago. registered in AZ. I sent official forms 2X to NC asking that I’d be taken off the voter registers. I was sent 4 ballots for NC primaries. I got sent 4 for Nov 3rd election. I’m honest and won’t use them, but how many other people were sent ballots?

This is BS!!! Trump will still win. Bitches. I’m calling bull shit!! Could it be? I mean is it possible? Do you think? North Carolina can finally be going blue? That is if people can even get an absentee ballot. My son goes to college out of state and requested one over a month ago. Never got it. He is driving the four hours home this weekend so he can catch the last day of early voting.

That is Bull Shit There are 50 states in the 'United' States of America. Why are there different laws, regulations, and procedures for every state? Does this make sense? What a joke. People have had all year to prepare to vote be it in person or by mail. No damn reason someone should mail their ballot the day of the election. SCAM

V.O.T.E. YourVOICECounts 🇺🇸 Hmmmm Cooper must be shitting his pants about now. Scared his dictatorship is coming to an end in NC. Get ready RoyCooperNC red wave is coming!!!!! The slide to 3rd World Banana Republic has begun. WTF! Total Bullshit. Stupid VoteEarly in NC through 3pm Oct.31. YourVoteCountsNC

WTF!!! Damn. What’s stingy Effing Awesomesauce. nohopefpl How are we changing the voting rules right before an election This is insane Nor should she. Thats crap with all the bs about voting if people haven't stepped up then their diliberatly trying to Fk things up and don't deserve to be counted. Ridiculous

Kavanaugh should be fired from Supreme court and should take a corporate job at the Trump Corp. Sloppy puppy of Trump! Your gran mail seizures to get her to recuse herself were apparently unnecessary. So, go wipe the spittle off your chins and relax for awhile. Great! She shouldn’t have. First she is appointed and sworn in in a farce, then she recuses from what her gop masters put her there integrity!!! But thank you though!!!

Bobulinski She didn’t participate. That’s the reason why it was approved.... I wonder why Wisconsin didn’t.... ACB should report to work after inauguration day. Didn't the SCOTUS make a decision re: Wisconsin voting? This is a significant move as Pennsylvania is a key battleground state. Might be the one to decide the election.

Good news... But not Wisconsin? I’m confused. in my state you cant get a mail in ballot unless there is a request and you are physically unable to go vote. You have to show valid ID and vote in person. They have early voting so get off your butt and go and don't depend on our sorry mail system . What a cluster. Oh wait tRump touched it so of course it is

VOTE EARLY TO SAVE YOUR VOTE Trump: 'Hopefully the few states remaining that want to take a lot of time after November 3rd to count ballots, that won't be allowed by the various courts.' Serious question. I thought all elections were under the control of each individual state. How can the US Supreme Court weigh in on this?

Is this one of their please don’t pack us rulings? I feel an Orange shit fit tantrum coming soon. Sounds like the grownups sent boof to his room Wow, Epstein's 'evidence' on Justice Roberts is still paying off for the Deep State! Good. Because she has to recuse on this election. They will wait to see if they are sufficiently pro-Trump. If not they will be invalidated.

It depends on the wording of the state law basically Outside of hating democracy, how can you not like this ruling? if you don’t want every vote to matter and be counted, you’re not very american. Awesome! I can't get to ballot box until Christmas The “Just In” boat left hours ago. You missed it. PA decision didn’t close the door completely on it. The Supreme Court left open the possibility of revisiting the situation after the election but before certification

I live in a state where one candidate is going to win by 20+ points and my vote still counts cuz run it up baby! Let there be no doubt! She should have zero say in any case involving the election What was the reason not to allow Wisconsin, then?

Supreme Court turns down GOP appeals to limit time for mail ballots in North Carolina, PennsylvaniaN.C. Republicans said the state legislature, not state election board, sets the rules for elections. If Democratics win the election and senate they absolutely must do as the Republicans have done and move aggressively, with thought for the long term, and EXPAND. THE. SUPREME. COURT. SupremeCourt With the comfirmations of party hacks like Kavanaugh and Barrette, Its time for the Democrats to hit the ground running+ take the gloves off with this party that operates from the notion of 'Steal it if its not glued down'. SupremeCourt HappyHalloween2020 LockHimUp2021

U.S. Supreme Court will not allow extension in Wisconsin mail-in ballot deadlineSiding with Wisconsin's Republican-led legislature, the conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court refused on Monday to allow an extension ordered by a federal judge in the deadline for returning mail-in ballots in the state, dealing a setback to Democrats. Naturally the courts are not working on the side of the American people. They should be making it easier to vote not harder- how is this not political 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 No shit. Did they hold extra hearings to get this done in time or something? SCOTUS seems to have a very flexible schedule when there's votes to be stopped.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to block North Carolina absentee ballot extensionThe U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request by President Donald Trump's campaign to block North Carolina's extension of the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots as the justices acted in another voting case ahead of Nov. 3 election. How is this fair? The supreme court is literally allowing more democrat votes to be counted.

North Carolina can count votes received 9 days after Election Day, Supreme Court rulesThe Supreme Court allowed the counting of ballots in North Carolina received up to nine days after the election as long as the ballots are postmarked by Election Day, a victory for Democrats in another key state. Why wouldn't this apply to EVERY GD State 'COME ON CNN TELL THE STORY.. YOU GUYS CAN'T HIDE / SUPPRESS IT !! TELL THE STORY AND GET A PRIZE... 😎✌️

Supreme Court won't block mail ballots in North Carolina arriving up to six days after Election DayJUST IN: U.S. Supreme Court declines to block lower court rulings that allow six extra days for accepting ballots sent by mail in North Carolina, leaving the later deadline in place. Now we have to be careful what we wish for. Six extra days for Trump now to produce chicanery. This election is going to be such a landslide, he’s going to want those states to accept ballots after election day. Walk your ballot in to the ballot box or city hall, they can change this nov 4th, don’t trust it Can't believe this court did the right thing, but I find it suspicious that Kavanaugh dissented on the first case involving this kind of voter suppression, but then supported the following NC case, while Gorsuch wrote the dissent.

Supreme Court leaves in place Pennsylvania's Nov. 6 deadline for return of absentee ballotsThe action sets ground rules for mail-in voting in one of the nation&39;s key battleground states, where 2 million ballots already have been returned. A lot of Republican voters are voting for BIDEN. I hear it in the conservative FL retirement neighborhood I live in. Voted for Trump last time, voting for Biden this time. Tired of the lies and the chaos - want decency restored. Trump failed on COVID. Elections are up to the state. SCOTUS shouldn’t have any say over this...😤 FOR NOW... They may decide to review it after the election. Don't start celebrating yet!