Supporters of prominent Kremlin critic accuse state of dozens of raids

The searches took place days after Russia's ruling United Russia party lost one third of its seats in the Moscow city assembly.

9/12/2019 2:15:00 PM

Russian law enforcement authorities have been accused of carrying out mass raids on the homes and offices of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's supporters.

The searches took place days after Russia's ruling United Russia party lost one third of its seats in the Moscow city assembly.

ByReutersMOSCOW — Russian law enforcement authorities on Thursday was accused of carrying out mass raids on the homes and offices of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's supporters, as part of an investigation into money-laundering.Supporters said searches took place in dozens of towns and cities, four days after the ruling United Russia party, which supports President Vladimir Putin, lost a third of its seats in the Moscow city assembly while easily retaining its dominant nationwide position.

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Navalny had urged his supporters to vote tactically in last weekend's local and regional elections to try to reduce the chances of Kremlin-backed candidates, a strategy that appears to have had some success in the capital."Putin is very angry," Navalny wrote on social media after the raids."This is a case where the actions of the police are no different from those of burglars."

Authorities told activists that the searches were related to a money-laundering investigation into Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation, an organization that has published embarrassing investigations into what it says is the wrongdoing of corrupt officials.

State investigators last month opened a criminal investigation into the alleged laundering of 1 billion roubles ($15 million) by the foundation itself. It also froze a slew of bank accounts linked to the foundation, a move Navalny's allies said was a trumped-up attempt to cripple his political movement.

Kira Yarmysh, Navalny's spokeswoman, said on Thursday that the scale and nature of the latest raids was unprecedented.Leonid Volkov, another senior Navalny ally, published a list of towns and cities where activists had been targeted."The overall number of searches is over 150 and no less than 1,000 Russian law enforcement employees are involved (in the raids)," Volkov wrote on social media.

He linked the searches to Navalny's tactical voting strategy and said the homes of activists, their relatives and the regional headquarters of Navalny's movement were being targeted.Activists were being taken in for questioning, he added, saying technical hardware was being confiscated.

"The state has two tasks - to frighten and steal," wrote Volkov."It's obvious that the aim of this operation is to destroy our headquarters structure and to obstruct the work of our (regional) headquarters."Golos, a non-governmental organization that monitors Russian elections, said on Thursday that the homes of its activists were also being raided by the authorities.

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That is the Russian democracy. Putin and all his followers are living a dictatorship dream. Putin has camouflage under democracy to rule as an authoritarian. We should look at this as a harbinger of things to come if trump gets another term - or refuses to step down from the current one. Russia is becoming more and more like the US.

We The People NOT POLITICIANS WE THE PEOPLE Even here in Russia We The People, ALL OF US, around the world are sick and tired of the OPPRESSION OF THE 1% B SANDERS IS RIGHT. We have to get the 1% to quit stomping us into the dirt WE THE PEOPLE ARE RESISTING ACROSS THE WORLD tass_agency tassagency_en RT_russian ламе PUTIN

Because Navalny is a dirty crook. He's no saint. This is the part -socialism implementation, that Democrats never talk about and don’t want anyone to know about In Russia, the power of the state comes down on critics, while in the U.S. police are judge, jury, and executioners for Blacks. The tyranny of wealth and institutional racism capture us in this democracy.

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Putin wants things to back to the way things were before the USSR collapsed...with him in charge. 普京再不下台俄罗斯彻底完蛋,支持反对派把普特勒赶下台 Coming soon to the US of A

Russia searches homes and offices of Kremlin critic Navalny's supportersRussian law enforcement authorities on Thursday carried out at least 150 searche... 😆 'Russia searches homes and offices of Kremlin critic Navalny's supporters' Of course they are... 🇺🇸 'unreasonable search' 4th Amendment 👍 Live it, learn it. How long before the world sees news stories like this about America? How many times has trump already ordered government agencies to act against American citizens? ImpeachTrumpNow SpeakerPelosi

Russia raps Netanyahu's Jordan Valley plan before Putin meetingRussia condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex ... Does that mean they are returning the Crimea? Kettle pot black Considering how Russia annexed Crimea, I think they should sit this one out. Israel has much right to do whatever is in her interest, as the Russians had over Crimea. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

US removed top spy from Russia in 2017: reportCIA informant who was extracted from Russia had sent secrets to the US for decades, but concerns about the informant being exposed led to him being removed from Russia, the NYTimes reports. Is that Ronald Trump The CIA says this is fake news.

First on CNN: Lawmaker petitions Pompeo on delayed Russia sanctionsThe chairman of a House Oversight subcommittee is seeking answers after it took the Trump administration nearly nine months to impose legally mandated sanctions on Russia for its use of chemical weapons. Because Putin is taking it out of Trump's per diem with interest. They just playing with this country. Your channel is a waste of space!

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Says Russia Orchestrated Chechen Rebel’s Murder in GermanyU.S. officials say Russia was behind the murder last month of a Chechen rebel in Germany, the latest fatality in a flurry of assassinations that has claimed lives the country’s perceived enemies abroad. Let alone the Conspiracy with the Orange Man realDonaldTrump trump's lover IMPALES ANOTHER OF HIS ENEMIES ABROAD. trump worries if he's next Isnt this almost exactly how WW1 started? 🤔🤦‍♂️

Michael Flynn: Defense alleges DOJ cover-up in Russia investigationusa doesn’t even know who Ms Powell is or how smart she is If nothing else she is a good Texas girl! Combative.. yea. They hid evidence and you guys know it. Didn’t Flynn plead guilty?!!!