Supply chain questions answered, plus tips and solutions for smart shopping

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis, Becky Worley and Tory Johnson explain how to shop smart amid the shipping crunch and supply chain issues.

10/20/2021 11:41:00 AM

The strained supply chain and worldwide shipping crunch has had an impact on everything from holiday shopping to every day goods and services. Tips on how to shop smart here:

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis, Becky Worley and Tory Johnson explain how to shop smart amid the shipping crunch and supply chain issues.

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We need food more than toys 😡 SupplyChain SupplyChainCrisis

Homebuilder sentiment bounces back despite ongoing supply chain problemsHomebuilder confidence rose in October thanks to strong buyer demand. Wait till rates rise.

GOP Sees Opening as Biden Copes With Pre-Christmas Inflation, Supply-Chain IssuesThe White House is wrestling with supply-chain issues and elevated inflation ahead of the winter holiday shopping season—two economic problems that Republicans say the Biden administration’s own policies would exacerbate I don’t care as long as I get to do a lot of shopping in my home Florida orlando winterpark holiday You left out the comment that all this inflation is caused by the Trump and GOP policies. Let’s talk root cause Another distorted picture imbalanced story from the WSJ. It is always bad for Republicans when lower income people have more money for urgent demands which is part of the story.

Chips and ships: Philips cuts outlook as supply chain problems growDutch health technology company Philips on Monday cut its outlook for sales and profit growth this year and said the global supply chain problems that added to its growing list of worries in the third quarter would likely intensify.

How school cafeterias are being hit hard by supply chain disruptionFrom distribution delays and shortages of fresh foods to cafeteria supplies like trays and tongs, districts across the U.S. have had to rework breakfast and lunch options for students. Hear me out: Maybe we should be producing our own stuff right here in the USA. My niece's school has plenty of food. I think you are lacking in ratings and have gotten desperate Maybe don’t let companies who operate private prisons supply public schools. Only in AmeriKKKa.

Despite supply chain woes, these shoppers can get early access to hot holiday gifts“Gift-givers this year are at a new peak of anxiety,” said one retail expert. “This could be the supply chain that stole Christmas.” How much did Walmart pay to get their picture used here? That’s not the real meaning of Christmas. Maybe take a pause on the ridiculous Christmas spending? Smart families agree NOT to do gift exchanges. Saves a ton of money and hassle returning crap you don't need.

Home builders grow more confident in spite of continued supply-chain headachesHome price increases are creating affordability concerns across the industry. good