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Supply-Chain Crunch, Chip Shortage Focus of White House Meeting

The Biden administration is urging companies to volunteer information about their supply chains.

9/24/2021 8:30:00 AM

The Biden administration is seeking more information from companies struggling with the global chip shortage, an effort designed to increase transparency in supply chains and ease bottlenecks

The Biden administration is urging companies to volunteer information about their supply chains.

Updated Sept. 23, 2021 9:26 pm ETWASHINGTON—Auto makers, technology companies and semiconductor producers met Thursday with Biden administration officials amid a global chip shortage, as the federal government pitched a program for companies to reveal more information about their supply chains.

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The goal is to “understand and quantify where bottlenecks may exist,” the White House said in a statement after the meeting. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo asked business leaders to respond to the voluntaryin the next 45 days. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

Man builds rotating house so his wife has better views - CNN Video

Vojin Kusic from Srbac in Bosnia-Herzegovina says his wife was undecided about the view she wanted to see from their window, so he came up with a solution - a rotating house.

LOVE EACHOTHER ❤!! If you like nature hiking and biking check out Grumps The Wanderer on YouTube!! Good supply chains are a competitive advantage. Caution is needed when govt is trying to spy on yours. If the govt was serious, they’d remove red-tape around “green” BS and insane labor restrictions to get more factories built/restarted in the US.

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ռդ_ի ՆԱԽԿԻՆ պրէզիդէնտ ԱՆԻԾՎԱԾ ՊԻՂԾ ՄԱՀՄԷԴԱԿԱՆ ԲՕԶԻԿ ՉՈՒՐԲԱՆԸ մի միլիգրամ խէլք ՉՈՒՆԻ։ Why hasn't this been done a lot earlier? The chip shortage has been going on for months and months. Inept administration. it is the curse of globalization Parts have to be imported from China using diesel powered containers The best bet would be locally made US/Canada n Latin nations would have a big market on its own

Huawei will release newly engineered 5G chips on 21st next month, you can procure from China firm as ultimate solution. If we flipping run out of tater chips you are as good as gone

Top Republican calls on Biden admin to share pre-withdrawal intelligence reports on AfghanistanA top Republican lawmaker is demanding the Biden administration share with Congress recent intel reports on Afghanistan in the run-up to the withdrawal of U.S. troops last month, including estimates on the likelihood of a Taliban takeover of the country. I don't think republicans should be in a position to demand anything . The evacuation was a shambles because of the Trump administration didn't have a plan and when he lost in 2020 he worked as hard as he could to sabotage any withdrawal from Afghanistan. No one thought that the corrupt kleptocratic regime left behind in Kabul would survive. That top Repulsivecan needs to raise the debt limit

old chips gotta go, legacy gotta upgrade to new stuff not old stuff. wow

The Biden admin is helping fuel the horrifying border crisis with this Trump-era policy.thereidout blog: In approving Title 42, President Biden has literally adopted an immigration policy that stemmed from former President Trump’s racist view of nonwhite countries. thereidout Four Months Ago, Biden Said Haiti Wasn’t Safe. Now He’s Deporting Thousands There. The Biden administration is using a Trump-era policy to justify mass deportations — only Biden is doing it at a faster pace. thereidout Well that’s a stretch! thereidout It’s not racist illegals come in every color so stop trying to divide the nation

Texas challenges Biden admin guidance on transgender worker protectionsTexas AG moves to block Biden admin. guidance requiring that employers allow transgender workers to use bathrooms and dress in a manner aligned with their gender identity, following a separate challenge by 20 other Republican-led states. Homophobic Misogynists & Religious Hypocrites dragging US back Decades, Sneaky BODY-SNATCHING INDIVIDUALS' RIGHTS; Ruthless 'Reps' Should be Inciting TIRADES! America's NOT Just for Distorted, White 'Christian' Right, Home of the Free's a Rainbow of Beliefs & Colors Dark & Light! So how do you tell a law abiding transgener male in the women’s bathroom from a male by birth rapist creep? Can we just kick Texas out the Union . They are not American 🇺🇸 “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!”

‘Failure is not an option’: Hayes on why Dems must unify on Biden agendaSince Biden’s approval will likely predict the midterms, Dems must boost his success by passing his agenda. “They all need to understand that for both their political self-interest and for any goal of improving the country, failure is not an option,” says Chris Hayes. chrislhayes Isn’t this dude supposed to be an objective journalist LMAO chrislhayes Biden's Afghans are committing crimes chrislhayes thanks

Joe Biden Seeks To Unite Democrats In Do-Or-Die Moment For His AgendaThe president held a series of meetings with lawmakers on Wednesday in an attempt to quell the warring progressive and moderate factions in his party. Democrats are walking to a slow defeat in 2022 and beyond. They just don't know how to govern for the people who sent them there. nice

Biden cools Democratic fever over domestic agenda, but can't cure itModerate and progressive congressional Democrats met with President Joe Biden today on the party's domestic agenda. But it remains to be seen whether they can thread the needle on intraparty debate on two huge bills with a self-imposed deadline looming your power dwindles JoeBiden SenSchumer 2022. They....are.....NOT.......MODERATE. Republicans love this infighting among Dems. They are playing right into their hands. Dems get it together. You need to stand united or you will be standing in the minority in 22.