Sunisa 'Suni' Lee Is About to Become a Household Name

Who Is Sunisa 'Suni' Lee, the Olympic Gymnast on the Cusp of Becoming a Household Name?

7/30/2021 1:39:00 AM

Who Is Sunisa 'Suni' Lee, the Olympic Gymnast on the Cusp of Becoming a Household Name?

Her performance in the Tokyo Olympics all-around gymnastics competition is history-making.

Lee has also hadher share of personal setbacksrecently, and it wasn't always clear that she was headed to the 2019 Olympics. Her father suffered a spinal cord injury in 2019 and is now paralyzed from the waist down—and Lee was forced to compete in the national championship almost immediately after.

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In June 2020, she helped win team gold at the world championship (and came closer to Biles than anyone had in a long time), then she fractured her ankle in a fall and had to sit out for months. She lost an aunt and uncle to COVID-19 (she had to say goodbye over Zoom) and thought she might have contracted the virus herself. In interviews, she's said a gold medal win would be for her father, family, and the Hmong community."I fought off the negative thoughts and the sadness, and just focused. Now I feel like I’m maybe tougher because of it. No, not maybe. I am tougher because of it," she told the

New York Times.This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.Lee also toldshe's been devastated by the recent rise in anti-Asian hate, saying, “People hate on us for no reason ... It would be cool to show that we are more than what they say.”

She said she also felt depressed when the Olympics were postponed.She's supportive of her teammates, including Simone Biles. Read more: Marie Claire »

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Sunisa Lee, Jade Carey compete in gymnastics all-around in TokyoAn event initially thought to be a showcase for the all-time great, the all-around field has been blown wide open with Simone Biles' withdrawal. Tokyo2020 So hoping that both Jade and Suni can medal. They are well capable of it. No offense but I am glad to see that there are OTHER ATHLETES than the 2,

USA's Sunisa Lee wins gold in the women's individual all-around gymnastics finalWithout Biles, a heavy favorite to defend her crown heading into the Tokyo Games, Team USA's Sunisa Lee defended the title. Seriously msnbc you couldn’t find a photo of Sunisa Lee Why is the picture not Suni? Many people are saying 'Suni looks a lot darker in this pic compared to the last time I saw her'

Sunisa Lee wins gold in gymnastics all-around in Tokyo OlympicsAmericans Sunisa Lee and Jade Carey competed in the individual all-around gymnastics competition at the Tokyo Olympics. TonyBarrios_24 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wow what a turn of events for her! Way to go. 🏅 Great day for Sunisa and American gymnastics. Congratulations!

U.S. Gymnast Sunisa Lee Wins Gold For All-Around Olympic Gymnastics In Tokyo🚨American Sunisa Lee has won the Olympic gold medal for all-around women’s gymnastics, becoming the fifth straight U.S. gymnast to do so. Beautiful! Minnesota proud!! Congratulations Suni Lee!! 🥇🇺🇸👏🏼

USA's Sunisa Lee wins gold in the women's individual all-around gymnastics finalThe Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are underway after the Games were delayed for almost a year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow here for the latest news on the Summer Olympics.\n The stimulants are good... 🐐 AWESOME!

American Sunisa Lee Wins the Olympic Women’s Gymnastics All-Around GoldBreaking: Sunisa Lee won the Olympics gymnastics all-around final, securing a fifth-straight gold for the U.S. women in an event that was missing Simone Biles Learn from the German gymnasts who have accepted the sacredness of covering up. Go make some Muslim women friends and read about Islam. Give up this shameless display - the German girls are setting a lovely example as the West starts to move in a sacred direction Super inspiring to see and watch live! Makes me wish I didn't quit women's gymnastics when I was younger. olympics Enquanto uma desiste, apesar de toda estrutura,uma brasileira ganha prata. Contra tudo e todos mostrou o que é um atleta olímpico.