Suni Lee and Her Parents Went Through So Much Before the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic gymnast’s family has an incredible story of resilience.

8/1/2021 7:47:00 PM

Suni Lee and Her Parents Went Through So Much Before the Tokyo Olympics

The Olympic gymnast’s family has an incredible story of resilience.

Stephen MaturenHailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, the 18-year-old athlete has worked towards this moment for more than a decade and has had support from her parents—father, John Lee, and mother, Yeev Thoj—along the way. In fact, it was Suni’s dad who helped the Olympian get her start in the world of gymnastics. When she was seven,

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reports that he repurposed an old mattressinto a makeshift balance beam. It was on this homemade apparatus that Suni’s dad taught her how to do flips in their backyard.Throughout her competitive gymnastics career, Suni has heard pep talks from her dad before taking the floor. But this routine unexpectedly changed in August 2019, just two days before she was supposed to leave for the U.S. National Gymnastics Championships. While trimming a tree, John fell from a ladder and was left paralyzed from the chest down. He also suffered a

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Suni Lee reflects on missteps in bars routine, still winning bronze: ‘Sad but blessed’Suni Lee reflects on missteps in bars routine but still winning bronze: 'Sad but blessed' Good for her! Loved Suni. I don’t understand the media making a big deal over Biles tho’

Suni Lee Passes 1 Mil. Instagram Followers After Gold Medal, Could Make Millions!Suni Lee is about to be one VERY rich 18-year-old -- the gold medalist just surpassed 1 million followers on Instagram ... and is poised to stack some SERIOUS endorsement money!!! This kid is gold 🥇🔥🇺🇸👍🏼😎☮️🇺🇸 & hopefully a beacon of light 💡 for Minneapolis 🙏🏼 they truly needed a “community / life win!by the people for the people!” God bless all in the twin cities & St. God Bless Mr. Floyd 🙏🏼 The Catalyst 4 Change Across The World 💛💙🌎 🌍 RIP! ☮️🇺🇸☮️!

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Hmong Americans are often obscured by model minority myth. Why Suni Lee’s win means so much.Suni Lee’s Olympic gold isn’t about meritocracy in the U.S.: It’s a reflection of the resilience of Hmong Americans, a predominantly refugee community, as well as her own, experts say. 'Suni Lee’s Olympic gold isn’t about meritocracy in the U.S.' way to dumb down her effort and hard work dipshits. Oh yeah, those are American values, so of course you don't like them. So, like… nbcnews… Suni could only go one day as just a happy American who won 🥇 — before turning her into a social specimen slide for a forensic deep dive into her culture PLUS a polemic for meritocracy? One day? No wonder people hate the media.