Sunday Reading: Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

From the magazine’s archive: a selection of pieces about the significance of Dr. King’s extraordinary work and devotion to principle.

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1/16/2022 8:00:00 PM

This weekend, revisit a selection of pieces from our archive about the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,’s extraordinary work and devotion to principle.

From the magazine’s archive: a selection of pieces about the significance of Dr. King’s extraordinary work and devotion to principle.

Save this story for later.The commemoration of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., comes just as the Senate, and the entire country, is embroiled in a battle over voting rights. Once more, ballot access is in peril, with members of racial minorities disproportionately affected. The future of the country as a multiracial democracy depends on this battle, one initiated long before Dr. King, but one that seemed to reach some measure of resolution under his leadership in the mid-sixties.

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Poem for MLK

MLK DAY: Events, Days Of Service In Honor Of Martin Luther King Jr.Looking for somewhere to volunteer this MLK Day? Check out our list of events and days of service happening in the region in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. ➡️ What a joke! Almost NO ONE actually does any 'service' for this. Just another day off.

How to watch the 'Ice Moon' rise on Martin Luther King Jr. DayThe full moon is the first of 2022. Screw your fake moon marketing flavors. It’s the moon. Not something we should ignore every day except for the mere 24-hour window each month that it is considered “full”, making it briefly worth looking at. This whole marketing promotion for the moon is sheer idiocy.

Can Biden Revive Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s Vision of Voting Rights? Martin Luther King , Jr.,’s thinking was “informed not only by theology but deep regard for history,” jelani9 says: “exactly the areas of history that are now effectively being patrolled.” Listen here. jelani9 lol jelani9 So well observed. Thank you. jelani9 Noticed pundits+politicians who arrogantly opine POTUS’ 'tone' calling out the implicit racism in anti-Voter laws+resistance to strong Voter Rights look like people in no danger of THEIR Right to Vote stolen. Implicit “You (people of color) need to ask me nicely if you can vote”

Events celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Find events this weekend and on Monday celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Honor Martin Luther King Jr., In-Person and VirtuallyWhile many Martin Luther King Jr. Day events have been canceled or postponed, volunteer opportunities are happening, and virtual celebrations, too. King’s family has requested no celebration unless federal lawmakers pass voting rights legislation. Honor families requests please.

Omicron surge could make Big Bear even busier during Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekendFor those with plans to head up to Big Bear for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, it might be wise to prepare for the mountain community to feel even busier than a typical holiday weekend. tipsloc Omnicron surge so lets all go to Big Bear is the weird reality we're now in. That sentence structure sucks.