Sundance exigirá vacuna contra COVID en 2022

Sundance exigirá vacuna contra COVID en 2022

8/4/2021 12:17:00 AM

Sundance exigirá vacuna contra COVID en 2022

Cualquiera que desee ir al Festival de Cine de Sundance en Utah el próximo año necesitará más que una insignia.

El Festival requerirá en 2022 que las personas que asistan al festival o eventos afiliados se hayan vacunado contra el COVID-19. Eso significa todos, desde voluntarios hasta cineastas y portadores de pases. Más detalles se publicarán en los próximos meses.

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Tras una edición en gran parte virtual a principios de este año, los organizadores de Sundance planean realizar eventos presenciales en 2022 con proyecciones en Park City y Salt Lake City, Utah, así como algunas proyecciones “satelitales” en teatros regionales en todo Estados Unidos.

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Podcast: To COVID shame or not to COVID shame?Coronavirus never exactly went away — but it’s back stronger than ever thanks to the Delta variant. But can shaming actually convince folks to finally take the shot? Especially when it’s communities of color? Of course it never went away, viruses don’t go away. You can run from this, no one can. You have to treat like any other virus and get use to it and do what you can to fight it and not enough people are doing that! I don’t think so. I think what changes people’s minds is personal experience. I have close friends who are in the medical field and they keep me abreast as to the seriousness of this Pandemic. Then seeing my neighbor almost die. It convinced me. vaccinated GetVaccinatedNow It’s like the flu, and it took decades and many variants and yet still not everyone wants the vaccines. If saving lives especially their own doesn’t motivate them then really shaming does very little to nothing

Tennessee won't incentivize COVID shots but pays to vax cowsTennessee sent nearly half a million dollars to farmers who vaccinated their cattle against respiratory diseases and other maladies over the past two years. Republican Gov. Bill Lee is less enthusiastic about incentivizing herd immunity among humans. That makes a lot more sense than trying to convince humans to take it. Cows need those vaccinations and their farmers aren’t afraid to give it to them because they know what a virus can do to a cow. Any animal. Oh the irony.

Analysis: A new trend to watch in the housing market and some good news on Covid'The American Dream of home ownership may be slipping out of reach for adults coming of age in and around the Great Recession and starting families in and around the pandemic,' writes zbyronwolf. 'But that dream may still be for rent.' | Analysis zbyronwolf 👀 Want to discover random articles from Wikipedia everyday? 👉 Follow us at WikiRandoms zbyronwolf You will own nothing and be happy zbyronwolf It's ok, giving birth in America costs $25-35k so nobody will be having families anymore anyway. This will all work itself out right?

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