Africa, Sudan Foils Coup Attempt And 40 Officers Arrested, Senior Officials Say - Cnn

Africa, Sudan Foils Coup Attempt And 40 Officers Arrested

Sudan foils coup attempt and 40 officers arrested, senior officials say

BREAKING: A military coup has failed in Sudan and dozens of officers have been arrested, sources tell CNN

9/21/2021 11:04:00 AM

BREAKING: A military coup has failed in Sudan and dozens of officers have been arrested, sources tell CNN

A military coup d'etat attempt failed in Sudan on Tuesday and most of the involved officers were arrested, according to three senior government and military sources.

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Israeli scuba diver discovers ancient Crusader sword

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CNN IS Third world countries hold there Generals to loyalty To bad we don't General milley is a traitor to president trump&to this country Why is he still free?that traitor should be locked up&judged. This administration harbors benedict arnolds in the goverment. The arrested officers will be executed.

My business +24177050760 For more details Do they arrest the organizers of the coup in Sudan? kaitlancollins horrible sad bit is now countries like this whose opposition or ruling party is mad enough, they have the leading nation of the free world to look at for example that this sort of thing is somehow normal and indicative of legitimate power and strong nations

The Chinese version of TikTok is limiting kids to 40 minutes a dayThe Chinese version of TikTok is introducing a 'teenage mode' that will limit the amount of time children under the age of 14 spend on the short-form video app to 40 minutes a day. I could use that The us wants children to be brain dead to the world but fully functional on a phone First limiting video game playing time to weekends, now TikTok? Seems like in a few years China might ban both for minors at the rate the restrictions are going

Arson determined as fire cause at church with congregation of South Sudan immigrantsA federal investigation is underway after authorities determined the fire was intentionally lit, as starting a fire at a place of worship is a federal crime. Death penalty for arsonists?

40% of post-9/11 veterans have some form of disability: After Afghanistan, the war continues for disabled vetsMore post-9/11 veterans are wrestling with serious disabilities than vets of previous wars. Their challenge – and what we owe them – is steep.

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Rikers Island Conditions Spiral Out of Control for Inmates and OfficersPrisoners are left unguarded, suicide attempts are rising and nearly a third of correctional officers are out sick or can’t work with inmates: Conditions at one of the largest U.S. jail complexes have rarely been worse. Mostly nonviolent drug offenders are locked up in jails and prisons. For a fraction of price could fund mental health facilities and better temporary housing accommodations but everyone in the prison industrial complex needs to eat I guess. Can't have empty facilities. Who cares...let the prisoners starve and suffocate or mayb the liberals can open their houses to the prisoners deblasio

US closes part of Texas border, begins flying Haitians homeThe U.S. attempts to block the Mexican border at an isolated Texas town where thousands of Haitian refugees have set up a camp while also flying some of the migrants back to their homeland. Why didn't Republicans do this when they had power under Trump? Because they need the border to scare voters. Let them in America, Hillary Clinton, family members and close friends have looted Haitian so dry So we can welcome afghans in but not Haitians?