“Stupid Stress”: Taking on the World’s Suffering

Being agitated about events you have no say over compromises your health.

9/23/2021 7:09:00 AM

'We are responsible for only what is in front of us and within our control,' DrDavidHanscom explains. Here's why it is so important to let go of all the other stressors.

Being agitated about events you have no say over compromises your health.

Solitary, white, unmoving for hoursA fish! Quick avian dartingThe prey captured365 Tao3This is a powerful metaphor for us in that we are responsible for only what is in front of us and within our control. Conserving your energy allows you to act decisively and quickly when it is required to do so. Remaining agitated drains you and is not helpful.

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Source: allybuster/AdobeStockThese books drove home that the history of the human race is largely made up of extreme suffering, and we are lucky to be alive in this modern era, in spite of its ongoing challenges. I easily can get stuck on what is wrong and contribute to the world’s collective suffering, or I can step up, learn to enjoy my life, and be a conduit for

happiness. This is a choice to be made multiple times every day.The essence of healing is using tools and approaches to minimize your exposure to threat physiology. Your chemical state is partially determined by the nature of your input. If you are agitated for any perceived or legitimate reason, your body chemistry will be altered. headtopics.com

Choosing to remain angryabout situations that are beyond your control is a sure way to remain upset. It creates a negative baseline perception of life, and makes it more difficult to find enjoyment, which is a physiological state of safety and is the essence of healing.

Letting go of situations that you have no control over frees up a tremendous amount of energy to live a more fulfilled and pleasurable life. You are then able to contribute to the well-being of those close to you.This post presents a common way of being and remaining a victim. You may not yet see how this term even applies to you. But it is universal, and anger is an essential element of remaining alive. It's just that you want your anger to be situation-specific, appropriate, and time-limited. The first step in moving forward is always being aware of where you are.

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