Health, Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine Helped Coronavirus Patients Survive Better - Cnn

Health, Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine Helped Coronavirus Patients Survive Better - Cnn

Study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavirus patients survive better

Hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients, a study in Detroit found.

7/3/2020 11:10:00 AM

A surprising new study found that the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients better survive in the hospital.

Hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients, a study in Detroit found.

A team at Henry Ford Health System in Southeast Michigan said Thursday its study of 2,541 hospitalized patients found that those given hydroxychloroquine were much less likely to die. Dr. Marcus Zervos, division head of infectious disease for Henry Ford Health System, said 26% of those not given hydroxychloroquine died, compared to 13% of those who got the drug. The team looked back at everyone treated in the hospital system since the first patient in March."Overall crude mortality rates were 18.1% in the entire cohort, 13.5% in the hydroxychloroquine alone group, 20.1% among those receiving hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin, 22.4% among the azithromycin alone group, and 26.4% for neither drug," the team wrote in a report published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. 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Trump's history of promoting hydroxychloroquine 01:47It's a surprising finding because several other studies have found no benefit from hydroxychloroquine, a drug originally developed to treat and prevent malaria. President Donald Trump touted the drug heavily, but later studies found not only did patients not do better if they got the drug, they were more likely to suffer cardiac side effects.Read MoreThe US Food and Drug Administration withdrew its emergency use authorization for the drug earlier this month and trials around the world, including trials sponsored by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health, were halted."Our results do differ from some other studies," Zervos told a news conference."What we think was important in ours ... is that patients were treated early. For hydroxychloroquine to have a benefit, it needs to begin before the patients begin to suffer some of the severe immune reactions that patients can have with Covid," he added.'use strict';CNN.Videx=CNN.Videx || {};{};CNN.INJECTOR.executeFeature('video').then(function () {CNN.VideoPlayer.handleUnmutePlayer=function handleUnmutePlayer(containerId, dataObj) {'use strict';var playerInstance,playerPropertyObj,rememberTime,unmuteCTA,unmuteIdSelector='unmute_' + containerId,isPlayerMute;dataObj=dataObj || {};if (CNN.VideoPlayer.getLibraryName(containerId)==='fave') {playerInstance=FAVE.player.getInstance(containerId) || null;} else {playerInstance=containerId && window.cnnVideoManager.getPlayerByContainer(containerId).videoInstance.cvp || null;}isPlayerMute=(typeof dataObj.muted==='boolean') ? dataObj.muted : false;if (CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties && CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties[containerId]) {playerPropertyObj=CNN.VideoPlayer.playerProperties[containerId];}if (playerPropertyObj.mute && playerPropertyObj.contentPlayed) {if (isPlayerMute===false) {unmuteCTA=jQuery(document.getElementById(unmuteIdSelector));playerInstance.unmute();if (unmuteCTA.length > 0) {unmuteCTA.removeClass('video__unmute--active').addClass('video__unmute--inactive');'click');rememberTime=0;if (rememberTime 0) {$vidEndSlate.find('.l-container').html('');$vidEndSlate.removeClass('video__end-slate--inactive').addClass('video__end-slate--active');}};CNN.autoPlayVideoExist=(CNN.autoPlayVideoExist===true) ? true : false;var configObj={thumb: 'none',video: 'health/2020/05/18/trump-says-he-takes-hydroxychloroquine-vpx.cnn',width: '100%',height: '100%',section: 'international',profile: 'expansion',network: 'cnn',markupId: 'body-text_11',theoplayer: {allowNativeFullscreen: true},adsection: 'const-article-inpage',frameWidth: '100%',frameHeight: '100%',posterImageOverride: {"mini":{"width":220,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":124},"xsmall":{"width":300,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":173},"small":{"width":460,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":259},"medium":{"width":780,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":438},"large":{"width":1100,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":619},"full16x9":{"width":460,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":259},"mini1x1":{"width":100,"type":"jpg","uri":"//","height":100}}},autoStartVideo=false,isVideoReplayClicked=false,callbackObj,containerEl,currentVideoCollection=[],currentVideoCollectionId='',isLivePlayer=false,mediaMetadataCallbacks,mobilePinnedView=null,moveToNextTimeout,mutePlayerEnabled=false,nextVideoId='',nextVideoUrl='',turnOnFlashMessaging=false,videoPinner,videoEndSlateImpl;if (CNN.autoPlayVideoExist===false) {autoStartVideo=false;if (autoStartVideo===true) {if (turnOnFlashMessaging===true) {autoStartVideo=false;containerEl=jQuery(document.getElementById(configObj.markupId));CNN.VideoPlayer.showFlashSlate(containerEl);} else {CNN.autoPlayVideoExist=true;}}}configObj.autostart=CNN.Features.enableAutoplayBlock ? false : autoStartVideo;CNN.VideoPlayer.setPlayerProperties(configObj.markupId, autoStartVideo, isLivePlayer, isVideoReplayClicked, mutePlayerEnabled);CNN.VideoPlayer.setFirstVideoInCollection(currentVideoCollection, configObj.markupId);videoEndSlateImpl=new CNN.VideoEndSlate('body-text_11');function findNextVideo(currentVideoId) {var i,vidObj;if (currentVideoId && jQuery.isArray(currentVideoCollection) && currentVideoCollection.length > 0) {for (i=0; i 0) {videoEndSlateImpl.showEndSlateForContainer();if (mobilePinnedView) {mobilePinnedView.disable();}}}}callbackObj={onPlayerReady: function (containerId) {var playerInstance,containerClassId='#' + containerId;CNN.VideoPlayer.handleInitialExpandableVideoState(containerId);CNN.VideoPlayer.handleAdOnCVPVisibilityChange(containerId, CNN.pageVis.isDocumentVisible());if (CNN.Features.enableMobileWebFloatingPlayer &&Modernizr &&( || || Modernizr.tablet) &&CNN.VideoPlayer.getLibraryName(containerId)==='fave' &&jQuery(containerClassId).parents('.js-pg-rail-tall__head').length > 0 &&CNN.contentModel.pageType==='article') {playerInstance=FAVE.player.getInstance(containerId);mobilePinnedView=new CNN.MobilePinnedView({element: jQuery(containerClassId),enabled: false,transition: CNN.MobileWebFloatingPlayer.transition,onPin: function () {playerInstance.hideUI();},onUnpin: function () {playerInstance.showUI();},onPlayerClick: function () {if (mobilePinnedView) {playerInstance.enterFullscreen();playerInstance.showUI();}},onDismiss: function() {;playerInstance.pause();}});/* Storing pinned view on So that all players can see the single pinned player */CNN.Videx=CNN.Videx || {}; || {};;}if (Modernizr && ! 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Gupta says Trump should not be taking hydroxychloroquine 02:44The Henry Ford team also monitored patients carefully for heart problems, he said."The combination of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin was reserved for selected patients with severe COVID-19 and with minimal cardiac risk factors," the team wrote. The Henry Ford team said they believe their findings show hydroxychloroquine could be potentially useful as a treatment for coronavirus."It's important to note that in the right settings, this potentially could be a lifesaver for patients," Dr. Steven Kalkanis, CEO of the Henry Ford Medical Group, said at the news conference.US halts hydroxychloroquine clinical trial after finding no additional benefit for Covid-19 patientsKalkanis said that their findings do not necessarily contradict those of earlier studies."We also want to make the point that just because our results differ from some others that may have been published, it doesn't make those studies wrong or definitely a conflict. What it simply means is that by looking at the nuanced data of which patients actually benefited and when, we might be able to further unlock the code of how this disease works," he said. "Much more work needs to be done to elucidate what the final treatment plan should be for Covid-19," Kalkanis added."But we feel ... that these are critically important results to add to the mix of how we move forward if there's a second surge, and in relevant other parts of the world. Now we can help people combat this disease and to reduce the mortality rate."Zervos said hydroxychloroquine can help interfere with the virus directly and also reduces inflammation.US stockpile stuck with 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquineResearchers not involved with the study were critical. They noted that the Henry Ford team did not randomly treat patients but selected them for various treatments based on certain criteria. "As the Henry Ford Health System became more experienced in treating patients with COVID-19, survival may have improved, regardless of the use of specific therapies," Dr. Todd Lee of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and colleagues wrote in a commentary in the same journal. "Finally, concomitant steroid use in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine was more than double the non-treated group. This is relevant considering the recent RECOVERY trial that showed a mortality benefit with dexamethasone." The steroid dexamethasone can reduce inflammation in seriously ill patients.FDA revokes authorization of drug Trump toutedThe Henry Ford team wrote that 82% of their patients received hydroxychloroquine within the first 24 hours of admission, and 91% within the first 48 hours of admission. They wrote that in comparison, a study of patients at 25 New York hospitals started taking the drug"at any time during their hospitalization." But patients in that New York study, published in May in the Journal of the American Medical Association, started taking hydroxychloroquine on average one day after being hospitalized. "Maybe there's a little bit of a difference, but it's not like patients in New York were being started on day seven. That's not what happened," said Eli Rosenberg, lead author of the New York study and an associate professor of epidemiology at the University at Albany School of Public Health. UK Covid-19 trial ends hydroxychloroquine study because there's no evidence the drug benefits patients Rosenberg also pointed out that the Detroit paper excluded 267 patients -- nearly 10% of the study population -- who had not yet been discharged from the hospital. He said this might have skewed the results to make hydroxychloroquine look better than it really was. Those patients might have still been in the hospital because they were very sick, and if they died, excluding them from the study made hydroxychloroquine look like more of a lifesaver than it really was. "There's a little bit of loosey-goosiness here in all this," he told CNN. Both the Detroit and New York studies were observational: they looked back at how patients did when doctors prescribed hydroxychloroquine. While helpful, observational studies are not as valuable as controlled clinical trials. Considered the gold standard in medicine, patients in a clinical trial are randomly assigned to take either the drug or a placebo, which is a treatment that does nothing. Doctors then follow the patients to see how they fare. Two clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19, one in the US and one in the UK, were stopped early because their data suggested hydroxychloroquine wasn't helpful. Fauci: Science shows hydroxychloroquine is not effective as a coronavirus treatmentThe US trial, run by the National Institutes of Health, enrolled more than 470 patients.The UK trial, run by the University of Oxford, enrolled more than 11,000 patients. "We have concluded that there is no beneficial effect of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized with COVID-19," the Oxford doctors concluded. Get CNN Health's weekly newsletter Sign up here to get The Results Are In with Dr. Sanjay Gupta every Tuesday from the CNN Health team.

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Please do tell us why it’s “controversial” You mocked President Trump when he said hydrochloroquine was promising. You did a hit piece on the 1 of thousands of doctors who have treated patients with hydrochloroquine. Hiding the cure for political gain while people are dieing is premeditated murder. 9th June 2020 Science reports on hydroxychloroquine, writing that three large studies, two in people exposed to the virus and at risk of infection and the other in severely ill patients, show no benefit and scientists say time to end most of the trials still in progress.

Trump👏was👏right .jack Twiter censor or better yet, BoycottCNN and close their Twitter account. DLoesch, realDonaldTrump, RealCandaceO, TuckerCarlson, seanhannity,HARRISFAULKNER, greggutfeld, JesseBWatters,DonaldJTrumpJr, dbongino, w_terrence Imagine that TwitterSupport Hello? drumsolo1950 What's surprising about that, right from the very early stages doctors were saying it works. What is surprising is the number of people who have fallen for this scam.

Why wasn’t this censored for misinformation? Twitter POSTED AT 3 FUCKING 10 AM LMAOOO FAIL Thanks CNN! Sounds like a worthy medication. What the hell does “better survive” mean? 😂😂😂. How about simply “kept more patients alive”. So funny!! Aha It's not surprising. CNN just likes to lie to the public. This has been known for a while.

This didn’t age well for y’all 😂 Of course you try to discredit this and hundreds of other studies around the world on this 50 Cent a 💊 drug. Why? There’s no money in it! Big pharmaceutical would rather make BILLIONS to create a new treatment & vaccine 💉 let that sink in Have CNN gone rogue? Do the WHO know? 🃏

It should be between a doc an patient if they want to use the drug and no one else period, it is sickening that it has been politicized, and CNN is a joke I can’t believe how many people still watch this junk It should be an over counter drug, as cheap as vitamins ChanelRion Wake up! That is not surprising doctors have been using that drug to help treat and cure patients and make them better ever since the virus started! Months ago in Great Dark Zone Brooklyn cure 350/350 positive coping patients using that drug! dnc only want to.attack potus!

What's surprising is you've known for months and buried the stories because you hate Trump and were willing to let people die because if it realDonaldTrump has been saying this for months. Uh oh. Watch out...twitter gonna ban hammer you now Banned Did big pharmas allow report on this? AriAramesh در ضمن الان در ایران داره استفاده میشه و جواب داده یکی از عزیزان خودم استفاده کرد دکتر هم بود

liberty831 Not a fan of CNN, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Ran upon this report and it appears to be fair. Sounds like a dangerous conspiracy theory eh, oliverdarcy Nothing surprising about it. The President has been touting this for months. CNN just refused to acknowledge the SCIENCE used because it didn't fit their benefactors' agenda.

Jack Is this only banned when a black female doctor says it? Why do you hate black women dotors? 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Please forward this to Mr. Zuckerberg realDonaldTrump called it months ago... you’re abit late to party I only here from doctors that have used it successfully. I have never heard from doctors that have used it and had bad results. Its always the “studies” never is it a doctor that’s tried it . Crazy stupid sheep!

Surprising? It’s been going around for a while, remember? Tis a miracle! What is this never-before mentioned drug you speak of, prince of FakeNews?! The word surprising and controversial. Idiots It's amazing how many people are trashing this article - likely without actually reading it, or understanding how the scientific method works. Hoping the hard working scientists out there are able to keep the info sharing going and find some answers that lead to a vaccine.

I thought CNN was on the disinformation train. Goes they couldn't house it anymore & don't want to be sued. Now if we can get them to admit that there is Riots & Terrorism happening in this Country, that would be amazing but I won't hold my breath OMG! Where did you hear that? Fox News? About time you reported something truthful CNN! Where you been? You could have had a NEWS SCOUP on all your FAKE NEWS outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc, BUT YOU BLEW IT!!! Try REPORTING REAL NEWS instead of Editorializing “News”! Change Fake News!

😴 ChanelRion ChanelRion Apologize CNN needs to be reported. This is false information, remember? The stuff has been being used for like 70 years. Lmao. Fools Surprisingly? This must’ve been painful 4 U to admit! Welcome to the party! THOUSANDS of doctors and patients have been reporting the safety and effectiveness of this treatment for months!

Clutch reporting from Wow what is surprising is that CNN even said a thing about it Oh jack , why aren't liberals touting hydroxychloroquine being suspended? Asking for all the conservatives you shut down! What is surprising about that. JustinTrudeau CPHO_Canada AndrewScheer PierrePoilievre ... so ? is the Canadian govt still going to push a vaccine?

Why did you post this? Confusing stands with AmericasFrontlineDoctors drsimonegold JamesTodaroMD stella_immanuel et al Surprising? Everyone knows that at least those tied to science. That drug is in wide spread use in India. What is the death rate there from COVID? Data does not lie. Liars twist data.

Twitter ban them. They're spreading false news, do as you did to pruagerU and so many other. Be careful or you'll lose all your power Hey, as a Canadian watching from north of the border, didn’t your President recommend this in the early days of Covid, and you slammed him for it?🤣🤣🤣 Y’all were the main source of controversy lol hater haters

Yall have set journalistic integrity a 1000 years. Well maybe you should inform your reporters as they have been insisting otherwise! You guys are very late Twitter why would you ban the doctors press conference on HCQ and not CNN They are both confirming the same thing.... that HCQ WORKS!! LIES! How many people did kill by lying to those who could have taken advantage of this drug?

No shit The hell, you say? Hey jack aren’t you supposed to ban accounts sharing this “fake” stuff? Ban That was a surprise? Sorta like this one Maybe a surprise to CNN, but not to logical thinking individuals. 🤣 Trump was right Why is this surprising? No shit!!!! Those results were in combination with antibiotics and zing, and if caught early, which is hardly ever the case. By the time it’s realized you have COVID-19, 50% of your lungs capacity is gone. Misinformation.

Surprising? Well, I guess to you gaping assholes it's surprising. I mean, jaketapper probably shit himself he was so surprised after he spent all that time lying his ass off. Twitter TwitterSupport you need to put on a 12 hour time out. Ya know, for consistency. , SuRpRiSiNg!¡!¡ TDSkilledgrandma Only surprising to you CNN....

Well well well. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You people are pathetic. Oh imagine that, about time. Also we aren't surprised. HCQCURES HCQWorks Hydroxychloroquine CURE Hey Twitter and jack you see this. Why won’t your suspend this extreme left group? 'Surprising New Study'? Trump said it 4 months ago a media crushed him. 🤯

CNN can't even keep its story straight through a single week. Lol Will Twitter suspend CNN for using the H-word? I kinda think CNN is changing it’s tone? Lol must be losing lots of advertising and viewers! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's almost like the left is playing politics with our health and economy.

Surprising? Didn’t Trump talk about hydroxychloroquine months ago? Commie News Network 'surprising'. EnemyOfThePeople Cnn telling the truth I think I’m going to faint!! But thank u! Sooooooooo Bunch of hacks... Clown News Network 🤡 Duh No shit Sherlock. Do y’all even believe the shit you put out You are beyond obvious.

Some of those die hard liberal cnn watches have already taken the cnn advice and it cost them their love ones. Shameful reporting. Law suit. Everyone is surprised that HCQ cures Coronavirus ~ that is everyone except President Donald Trump, who has told us all that HCQ cures Coronavirus for months. I’ve noticed that PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

Twitter better ban cnn Lol You guys at least retracted your previous propaganda Not very surprising to all of the people whose lives it saved! Reported for being fake news 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I won't call CNN a piece of shit because shit deserves better Cnn must be blocked just like Trump jr. This drug is so politicized, I don’t care

Everyone knew this but CNN.. The only surprise is how dumb CNN is for a supposed news agency Surprising you say? jack Hypocrisy in full swing that this tweet stays up These must have been very sick patients to have death rates at those levels Waitwaitwait... Let me get this straight... Trump was right? You were wrong? And you mocked people stating the same you state now? And the president? And you put people in danger? I won't even say you lied. But I say you were obviously wrong about something REALLY important.

IS GARBAGE. It’s not surprising... you mean “A disappointing new study...” Twitter if you don’t suspend CNN’s acct for this tweet, then you are truly showing your hypocrisy, political bias and shutting down of people’s rights & viewpoints that you don’t agree with. Your true colors will be showing. If I get one COVID symptom, the first thing I will get is Hydroxychloroquine,zinc, doxycycline/azithromax. I’ve been saying this for 5 months!

Surprising? Only if you were willingly rejecting previously available evidence for the sole reason that Trump repeated it. I hope someone sues you over this! Heck, Trump should sue you! Hello, independent fact checker here. This is fake news, and highly dangerous reporting this has become more about your politics and less about accurate science. Dems will say it doesn’t work because Trump endorses it and Repubs will say it does work and both sides will site studies (accurate or not) to support their position, leaving the rest of us confused

HCQworks Wow look at CNN finally telling the truth jack TwitterSupport BAN THIS ANTI SCIENCE TWEET Hypocrite liars! You’ve been attacking the President over this drug all this time, and now “a surprising new study found that the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients better survive in the hospital”. CNN should be banned and shutdown.

New study? Controversial? CNN is NEWS? TCBPubHealth ScherffiusNorma You idiots at CNN of course we’re suprised, cause you’re idiots. This was known from almost the start of the Kung Flu, but because Trump said it you vilified a treatment that would have saved the lives of 10’s of thousands. Well done. I hope this rides heavy on your consciences

Only surprising to CNN. Daughter 2 is a RN in a large hospital. She said they use Hydroxy Z pac and have lost very few patients. They were told not to discuss the treatment due to the politics involved. Thanks CNN for causing thousands to die. Hey Big Dog. Did it work for you? What did it cure? I’m listening? But I want to hear your experience or your experiment. Thank you

so say it. Trump was right Not very surprising at all. Guarantee you if a democrat was pushing this you would swear it is the cure. Stop playing politics and let's keep Americans from dying. We have the cure for covid! twitter isn't this in violation of the terms of service or is it because CNN are leftist hacks that makes it ok? You guys are terrible at hiding your bias. Imagine Twitter calling a bunch of doctors liars while believing CNN is a truth telling organization. 🙄🖕

Twitter jack why was this account not suspended? So, when a press conference of docs says it, it gets banned and blocked, but when CNN says it, it suddenly becomes truth. Twitter , you people are either retarded or crooked, and I'm pretty sure we all know which it is. Are you freaQing kidding me. After months of vilifying this drug, now the truth is so glaringly obvious, that you throw this out there to cover your ass! People died CNN HAS BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS

TwitterSupport jack please ban CNN for this disinformation. You people that are so adamant that HCQ doesn’t work, have you ever been against the use of a medical drug in your life? It’s just b/c Trump said it works. Don’t you think the President of the United States is privy to some top secret stuff? HCQCURES TDSisreal

And it's not surprising, doctors have been using it to treat Covid for months. Just ask amyklobuchar whose husband was treated with it and recovered. Even when CNN posts a true story, they taint it with their editorializing. ChanelRion Where is this surprising? The President has been saying it for months!


This is unusual. CNN is actually reporting something factual. This is a momentous occasion indeed. Democrats are racists The only reason it’s “controversial” is because of dangerous and misleading reporting. It’s been used for decades, and is a proven success in the treatment— even cure for Covid-19. Allow these Physicians to speak, show their case experience and treat America!

😲 I had it for Lupus years ago and for at least three years twice a day for rheumatoid arthritis. No side effects. I eat with it because it may irritate my stomach. I take several other pills including multivitamin so I can’t tell if it affects my stomach or not. Selection bias Wow cnn coming with some truth for the first time in 3 years

SternTwice Wow! Talk about CNN eating crow!! Yeah, that's what Trump has been saying the whole time LMAO Devils! The end must be near when CNN reports something the president supports. Quiet...that needs to be kept a secret until November. Idiots Where’s the Twitter ban jack Twitter you locked my account because I posted a video saying the same thing. So what are you going to do about this? Oh wait it's cnn, that's OK right?

Is TwitterSupport going to Bann CNN because they are speaking positively about hydroxychloroquine 🤔 DonaldJTrumpJr AjitPaiFCC add this one to the selective banning file for the SAME information Even professor of epidemiology at Yale says it’s the cure So Trump was right and liberal social media is wrong. Got it.

It’s not surprising.. Trump said this worked months ago How is this surprising? ChanelRion Surprising NEW study? Yeah...let’s go with that. 🙄 I got mine ...”but other researchers have doubts” Who is surprised? There have been non-conclusive, particular studies on both sides of the question for months now.

The only thing surprising is that twitter hasn’t taken this down! This drug works! Talk to the doctors all around the world who use it because it works. jack Twitter . cnn should be banned ban them TwitterSupport So biased. Only cattle still get information from cnn I’ll bet I could find or conduct a ‘surprising new study’ that finds eating horse shit gives you superpowers.

Is CNN now covering their a$$es for the landslide of lawsuits coming down the pike? How is a drug that had been on the market for 50 years contraversial Just wanted everyone to see how bad cnn is! New? NEW study?! You’re kidding. CNN you need to get woke to truth. So how many deaths are on you and the DNC for going on a crusade against hydroxychloroquine, all to hurt Trump. Get your shit together

lisa_deplorable No shit Like the one the president tweeted out with the doctors? So Trump was right again? No shit that’s what Trump said (and you bashed him for) 4 months ago. Cnn is a dumpster fire JohnSasjlg Something news worthy. Tell me it ain't so. For hundred millions it was never “surprising”. The only thing controversial about a 65 yr old drug that has been used as a preventative on the virus for 15 yrs. the fact you call yourself a news organization instead of an advertising agency

TwitterSupport please suspend this user for spreading disinformation How long until twitter makes you take this down? It seems whatever Trump puts his hands on turns into gold. Suck on Trump’s dick MSNBC maddow maybe he ll turn you to gold. Trump2020 MAGA2020 A 'Controversial' drug? Sure.... only because CNN lied about it first, because Trump was for it. What a bunch of fascist D-bags.

Say what? cnn is being truthful? It's not surprising. It's not controversial. It didn't help COVID patients survive better, it saved their lives. There. Fixed it. I most be dreaming, no one should wake me up bc to see the 🤴of fakenews & number 1 enemy of the people 💨💨 the truth and not their everyday lies and propaganda. What a joke to watch

ChanelRion fakenewsmasters 'SURPRISING'!!!| ChanelRion We knew this in New Orleans when we were 2 in the world with infections. BEFORE Trump touted it as being a tool to fight COVID. Everyone in my family is well. So basically Trump was right. You owe him an apology. Idiots. BoycottCNN BETTER DO IT OR U R GETTING A BILLION $$$$$$$$$$ FINE FOR FUCHING W/ WRONG PERSON: AMERICA!!!

But DonaldJTrumpJr can’t say it? Twitter Not new, Trump was right & CNN is the enemy of the people, rise up go at them hard. Lmao. What a joke cnn is Can it help covid-20 and 21, 22 ? rn The study done by the CDC in the early 2000s proved HCQ was not only a cure but a preventative for covid viruses. You need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity that has killed thousands of people because of your lying propaganda.

Did the weightlifter get the memo on this? Is this allowed on Twitter? I thought it was against Twitter policy to say anything positive about hydroxychloroquine. FallonTonight Didn’t...didn’t a bunch of doctors get banned from Twitter for saying pretty much this? Twitter but I thought it was a bannable offence to discuss alternative drugs for Covid treatment?

Well no shit! Didn’t your president tell you that months ago? He liked it. ChanelRion And....remdesivir is $3200 a dose, Hydroxychloroquine is a couple bucks...😜 BigPharma beenAroundFiftyYears Trash news MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople See them From the same article, 'Researchers not involved with the study were critical. They noted that the Henry Ford team did not randomly treat patients but selected them for various treatments based on certain criteria. ' Plus, the patients got steroids and/or antibiotics too.

jetrotter Your media really has lost all honor! Maybe you forget how you said about this medicine when Trump suggested people take it! You have duty for the death of people . Surprising!?! TwitterSupport time to ban cnn twitter Please Ban CNN, they are spreading false information just like DonaldJTrumpJr About the great cure for the ChinaVirus. That really works. hydroxychloroquine

Well, have they tested extensively each of the six clusters of covid? I don’t think this study’s results are valid. There was one study that showed absolutely no difference between hydroxychloroquine and a placebo. More study is needed. Its only surprising to you because you wanted to go against anything Donald Trump says.

This is like 3 months old news! You just finally got around to find this out!? Are you joking! ChanelRion Whoops. CNN is a disgrace! Twitter what are you waiting on? Go a head and ban CNN... Donald Trump is still a moron and a greedy dirtbag with oligarchic reaping in mind for this drug - but, he may have accidentally been right about this one.

Your radical, corrupt leftist network demonized it and now you’re covering your asses. Hey jack, looks like you missed one. Wouldn’t want to put anyone’s life in danger after all you better take charge here. 'surprising' 🤔 realDonaldTrump was right ✊✊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump2020 ChanelRion how about a class action lawsuit against all the MSM puppets, hold them accountable for all the covid deaths that could have been prevented if they hadn't tried to misinform the public about HCQ's effectiveness, The MSM has blood on its hands, they should be charged with murder

Truth for once. That’s a change. ChanelRion It’s brave to admit your mistake, you can still be a good media Twitter jack Here is another tweet that needs to be removed. They are publishing incorrect medical info! TwitterSupport please ban cnn It does even better if you prescribe it a priori to the hospital!

ChanelRion hydroxychloriquineworks ImWaiting4what Omfg, every week it’s something else. Does it work or not? Or depends? If nobody actually knows STFU until a definitive study is done!! ChanelRion Lol did CNN just admit something? tweet_stamp stamp remindmetweets remind me in 1 year Ya don't say. The real surprise is actually admitting it

It’s only surprising to you. Everyone else was listening to the doctors and scientists. Why is this drug now off limits to people here and sold over the counter in other countries? Seems many deaths could have been prevented using this drug early on. Shouldn't Twitter now ban cnn This is a NO NO CNN. You can NOT tweet about anything positive towards the healing or cure of Covid-19. UNLESS ITS DR FAUCI !! jack should CNN be censured Fair is fair right

God is the worst Imagine being this deluded and calling yourself a “news” network. _Leitadas_Loen Why does CNN want to get involved with doctor patient relationship? Is it because all of their sponsors are mainly pharmaceutical companies? Jali_Cat Yes fake CNN it works. Stop with the propaganda. Have you informed your medical expert, andersoncooper AC360? Or do you not exchange information with him?

Surprising to absolutely no one except Democrats who are in denial. Wasn’t it you with the fake HCQ news about a couple taking fish tank cleaner of which the surviving spouse is now being investigated for attempted murder. What was surprising about it? Sane people have known for months, thousands have been treated.

It isn't controversial. You tried to make it so because you A. Didn't want the virus to come under control so B. You could have fatalities to cry Trump bad while saying democratic governors killing people in nursing homes and the economy by shutting down business were good. Is facebag & thedailybeast censoring now too? Looks like the world got played by big pharma! WakeUpAmerica Hydroxychloroquine

This should be in the headline not the sub. drawandstrike This is not 'SURPRISING' it's just that your fake news wouldn't cover it bc Trump was telling us about it months ago. drawandstrike CNN lied People died... This has been known for months. And it isn’t just hospital use it is effective as a preventive treatment. People have lost love ones due to media and medical malpractice

drawandstrike Fake news drawandstrike Surprising? Really? My wife is a pharmacist at a hospital. This was never in dispute by anyone that was working on the frontlines. CNN and several politicians did a tremendous disservice by promoting a different, poorly verified, storyline. If you don’t take it, there’s blood on your hands.

Surprising only to CNN&their audience. Dr’s have said this from the get go, Fauci approved it for other COVID type virus 15 yrs ago before he got on the payroll of big pharmaceutical, now its too cheap for him to endorse. Is this supposed to count as an apology to POTUS realDonaldTrump being he was corrrect and y’all kept insisting he was incorrect and even told people NOT to take it?

The left is the only ones “surprised” Trump told us and you laughed. TiredOfFakeNews Pretty sure only you and your shrinking audience found this “surprising.” CC: brikeilarcnn And Cuomo allowed people to die without giving them the option of using it! Not surprising at all -- our great President Trump shared this info several months ago! CNNisFakeNews TrumpWarRoom

How MANY of 143000 could have been saved but instead you KILLED THEM!!!!WE'RE COMING FOR YOU JUSTICE SHALL BE OURS!! You dont say There's nothing controversial about it. You could start taking it right now, not even having Covid, and you'd be just fine. People do it every day. What's controversial about it? NOTHING, except that Trump spoke about its effectiveness.That's it. Morons.

ahh this is the drug you gave Trump so much shit on..only to find out it does work..Im a covid nurse and we give it to our patients..CNN....STOP LYING TO US !!!!! padden_nelson Surprising? Only to people who watch cnn No wonder people would rather watch cartoons than this Pandemic my ass more like planDemic Y’all motherfuckers planned this shit try and take Trump down it will never happen trump 2020 for life yo

Great news! We can’t let politics get into the way of saving lives. JonHaidt , what say you? Add right about HCQ now 😉 When dump Trump says or does something for this country then i would apologize. BUT IT WILL BE A COLD DAY IN HELL Maybe surprising to the lazy so called 'journalists' at CNN who don't bother to corroborate anything especially when it doesn't align with their biased narrative. FakeNews MAGA CNNISFAKENEWS

😂 CNN 🧹 this under the rug compared to the hyperbolic coverage of now debunked anti-hydroxychloroquine study... so funny how politically biased CNN has become. Everything from CNN now has to be vetted before it can be remotely trusted. 👀😂that’s not good for a news org 🤔😳 Controversial? CNN and MSNBC made it controversial.

Okay, so reading the report it’s clear that the research was poorly conducted, selected subjects, used no randomised controls and its own authors concede it doesn’t contradict other trials. Elizabeth Cohen is an enemy of the people. When will fake news media be held accountable for the lives they put at risk with their lies all in the name of the election

😂🤣😂 “send money, we need help” Tht statement might as well be on your Chyron. Habitual lying makes you lose money- Now you decide to try truth? Reap what you’ve sewn. A young woman just died from it.. Ah finnally hope this will save many lives in New York. No I will never because he doesn't deserve one.

Little late to the party, . But thank you for stating the obvious. It was only controversial, because you idiots make it so. FakeNewsCNN Don't understand the angle guys? Did this article slip by? Why admit your wrong at this point? Might as well go the mile lol Seems realDonaldTrump was right yet again!! But Fauci, Cuomo and Gates want you to believe otherwise

Surprising 🙄 So which is it? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 How's the humble pie CNN ? How many Democrat governors banned or made it difficult for doctors to use this life saving drug? Democrat legacy. What a disgraceful media outlet you are. You show no respect to your President. Even from Australia we can see how fake you are. It must have hurt to finally admit that HCQ works.

CNN you knowingly took part in the PREMEDITATED GENOCIDE in order to smear our president. You people are sick! WeAreTheNewsNow MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE MSMisdead WokeFakeNews EnemyOfThePeople Have no power Here. We Are Done. ImNotDone a1flaherty You really should have started that off with an apology for getting it so wrong, but like everything else you report on that is a apologies & no consequences. CNN still SUCKS!!!

According to this study it’s basically the antibiotics. Lol Hey its almost like you told... strange This is the news YOU trust liberals drs were saying this months and months ago It’s NOT surprising. Those of us paying attention have known this all along. But you fear mongering assholes made it political and killed people. hypocrites

Trump seems to always be right. But the left's hatred is the only thing pushed. Sad, sad people. Not surprising... you're PRESIDENT told everyone 3/21... you guys purposely made people afraid to take it by fear Porn for political purposes.... Wow how could CNN post this? Imagine that... Everyone has known this for months and you just figured this out now? Where have you been?

How hard was it for y'all to write this tweet.... CNN was wrong?! No way?! Correction: No surprise Trump was right CNN is propaganda trash 🗑 tried to put fear in ppl not to try this. Well NO SHIT CNN!!MAYBE YOU PEOPLE SHOULD SPEND A LITTLE MORE TIME LISTENING TO THE PRESIDENT AND LESS TIME FALSELY ACCUSING HIM!!!!

Why is it surprising?! Idiots! Lmao 🤣 Oh really Really than why did CNN deny its effectiveness for months Surprising? Is it really though🤔🤔 CNN SUCKS, AND I HOPE THEY JUST GO OUT OF BUSINESS. What is NOT surprising is how you reversed an earlier story with this one WITHOUT issuing an apology. The media really is the enemy of the people and proves it constantly.

Blood on the hands of media and big pharma, pure evil. What the hell is so surprising about that? President Trump said it would help early during this plague caper. Did you not listen? CNN is a stupid operation controlled by big money leftists. How many people died because of irresponsible reporting 🤔

CNN is responsible for any deaths after they denied hydroxyclorouine as an effective drug. Only surprising to a bunch of idiots HAHAHAHAHA, how does it feel being wrong ALL THE TIME aholes? Only surprising to CNN, lol. YOU DUMBASSES THIS WAS DISCOVERED MONTHS AGO!! TRUMP WAS RIGHT!!! realDonaldTrump Your a day late and a dollar short. CNN, you have blood on your hands. I can't wait for KARMA to catch up with you.

Gee that’s not what your talking heads kept telling us. They were sure that taking this drug would kill people. Once again you were wrong. Crimes against humanity I hope those denied helpful meds are able to sue cnn for the ridicule and false dialogues they reported daily!! 💰💵 You have blood on your hands.... you opposed it only bc Trump was suggesting it, morons...

CNN you are responsible for hundreds of lives lost because of your horrible lies and reporting President Trump told the media he was taking HCQ back in May, proving it wasn't dangerous. The media ignored it. Wonder how many people would be alive today had CNN and DemocRats not held this back from people because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome?

SURPRISING Pppppffff It's not surprising to me. You can thank the greatest President of all time for that you fake news fucks Suck it FakeNews mediascum frodo This must have been REAL hard for you to write. But not as hard as gay apology to realDonaldTrump is gonna be to write! We look forward to that!

Hmmmm. I remember this being said by the president in the beginning as a suggestion. Must pain you to admit this. It's not controversial at all, y'all are the ones who tried to make it controversial!! It's never supperising, we know all along but due to your hate against Americans and the realDonaldTrump you led a campaign against it's use and constantly instill fear in people. My question now is, what changed?

Gotta feeling cnn knew this drug was effective the whole time. Your hatred is nauseating. Losers. fakeAF Sorry Mr Trump 🙄🙄🙄🙄 VOTETRUMP Surprising? Only to you. No one else. No one is surprised moron fakenews How many died due to your failed reporting? The only place it was controversial was in CNN’s head. cnnpropoganda.

“Surprising” and “controversial” in what world? It's not surprising, it's something we have known all along. How many American deaths are on your hands for falsely reporting facts because it was something promoted by Our President? Lying, FAKE cnn Fuck you guys. Fr. If knew it was saving lies & still ran stories opposing its use shouldn't they too be guilty of FirstDegreeMurder TheJusticeDept ? FBI needs to kick in some doors & start confiscating servers NOW! If their realDonaldTrump bias was behind this they should all be charged!

helped kill thousands of people around the world by making Hydroxychloroquine a dangerous drug even though its been used safely for decades. Lawsuits should be directed not only at the DNC FauciTheFraud but at Politics as well. TheJusticeDept when did they know this? Even Donald Trump can be right from time to time...

Finally they realized..... AdamCoomer69 Yet they criticized Trump a while ago.Fake news CNN Only CNN would call this surprising. Everyone else knew this months ago. A little late... Apritions Foreign owned media rebuttal. 😷 Raise your hand if you read the article and saw that the mortality rates still absolutely SUCKED with or without the drug.

It's neither surprising (it's been known for months, CNN was just in denial due to TDS) nor is it controversial (peer reviewed studies have been in agreement). CNN hates President Trump more than it likes America. They prove it nearly every day. Surprising? I guess you should have been listening to Trump.... SMH

Stfu You liars. You completely ignored this drug because the President endorsed it. Do you know how many lives could have been saved if you scum in the media were more interested in helping people than defaming the President? Imagine that. Had you not been blinded by hatred you might have noticed that the rest of world has been using it effectively against COVID since early in the outbreak. HOW MANY LIVES WERE LOST BECAUSE OF YOUR INABILITY TO BE HONEST AND DO YOUR JOBS?

oh? is that right? Thanks CNN. realDonaldTrump and QAnon told us this about 3 months ago. SOON Funny how most things get around to proving Trump correct, but they just won't acknowledge it. And you cry when he calls you fake news. Wow. I’m shocked you actually reported the truth...and I bet it was especially hard to do since you had to confess that realDonaldTrump POTUS was RIGHT. AlwaysWinning winning Don’t worry, the more you tell the truth guys...the easier it gets!

Surprising only to people who don’t know that the media purposely promoted dubious studies to help their leftist fellow travelers. Anyone with half a brain or access to true scientific research knew this. Hey , why did you change your headline from 'Study finds hydroxychloroquine helped coronavirus patients survive better' to 'Study finds hydroxychloroquine may have boosted survival, but other researchers have doubts'?

Surprising to you and the people who died listening to you ! Oh, I think you owe realDonaldTrump an apology now don't you? all the bashing you did against him for saying it helps! Maybe next we can get a conviction for that woman who killed her husband and blamed Trump. Isn't the drug controversial because of CNN?

The biggest surprise is that CNN carried the story. Zeg chgroenhuijsen erikmouthaanRTL eelcobvr AmericanVos misschien een reden om iets positiefs te tweeten over POTUS ? Trump was right all along you traitorous devils! The fcc should pull your license. Noooooo... really! OURAMAZINGPRESIDENT has been stating how amazing this stuff is for a while now - duh

bobbydtv But CNN is BIASED against tRUMP?! This kinda backs his rhetoric right?! The 1% didn't count with this And that why Bill gate and his gang are mad lol and they trying so hard to bring the numbers up! With second wave they say and more testing and fasle positive they will get cough in their pandemic plan depoo

Good news Isn’t it FAKE NEWS Eric? After all it’s CNN reporting this. Guess you like them when it’s good for you,fool. So can people sue CNN for listening to them and scared to the extent not using the drug, both for Covid and for other treatments? There must be documented conversions between patients and doctors where CNN was mentioned and quantifiable damage was done.

We already knew that but you were getting drunk on kool-aid and having hatred for President Trump, get over yourself and grow up and take the ring out of your nose, they are for slaves, oh sorry you are slaves to the lies that you report It’s not surprising to people with diversity in their information sources. What else are you suppressing from your audience? This smacks of election interference.

'surprising' So where’s your PUBLIC APOLOGY to President Trump? CorruptNewsNetwork You are the problem. Twisting words from his speech you are the haters of America! How is it surprising? Trump told you that months ago but you know, hate Muh Trump Shocking after all your hate, you would even admit or publish something like this that doesn’t support your fake news narrative.

great CNN admitting this finding. CNN is becoming as bad as FOX. CNN is a joker! Wow, when did CNN start reporting the News? Ok CNN, back to Fake News. Surprising for you, not for the rest of the world.... Well, the good news is, there are enough cases now that any double-blind studies should have no issues finding patients!

The study was rigged. Read the details Now apologize to Trump, he was right again! Seeing a lot of conclusions from trumpers that I believe did not actually read the article.. Yep...ANYTHING factually accurate “SURPRISES” you, CNN/!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Purplepluslilac CNN , you guys made it controversial actually

Trump is brilliant.i guess injecting bleach wasn’t so stupid after all. As suggested by Doctor Trump FakeNews is the EnemyOfThePeople Fake News killed THOUSANDS of Americans because you wanted President Donald Trump to be WRONG. DementedDemocrats FALSE: The UK trial, run by the University of Oxford, enrolled more than 11,000 patients. 'We have concluded that there is no beneficial effect of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized with COVID-19,' the Oxford doctors concluded.

jeffsan23480899 I will just leave this here....... haha Bet someone at CNN was crying as they hit the post button on this one... lol My God this must have stuck in someone’s craw at to post this. 'surprising' Yes it it's doesn't help..which one is it?🤦😷💀👎 You are a bunch of a**holes. You are the leading cause of death together with communist China and the corrupt WHO

WHO just halted trials on the drug today because it failed to stop deaths... Oh what do you know Trump was right again Follow Dr. Zelenko...he’s saving lives with his protocol. Only 2 of 1000 patients died. Wake up DNC supporter's, smart doctors are treating Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine(Plaquenil)/Azithromycin/Zinc Oxide to heal from the virus & avoid ending up in the hospital.

Trump hyped it to avoid getting the virus not as a cure when hospitalized. donlemon ChrisCuomo pieces of shits Amazing to find that even if a drug is helping to save lives, because President Trump has been supporting it, the “crazy hate Trump group” won’t hear it. This says a lot about the people who expect you to believe they give a damn about anyone but themselves. REAL HATERS=DEMOCRATS

Eh. Not really. you support it Think of all the hit pieces that were written about this drug. Think about all the Democrats who tried to discredit this drug. Think about all the doctors who tried to restrict the use of this drug......... CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!!!!! YOU ALL SHOULD BE IN PRISON!!!

We knew that months ago, and you goblins knew it, too. So u, many Covid19 deaths r YOUR FAULT now? bc u so discredited it, that drs were afraid to use it, bc YOU would trash the drs Now admit you lied about it because you hate Trump! Trump is always RIGHT!!!! TRUMP 2020👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

We’re you scooped by Trump? No, never!! lol poor elizcohencnn Does anyone even watch that garbage network ? We knew this in FEBRUARY! People died because of this. CNN FAKE NEWS Please don't turn this over Biden he will just get weaker and weaker look at the last six months he continues to get worse TRUMP 2020

After Fake News & Democrats killed thousands by preventing use of Hydroxychloroquine, why stop lying now? Probably no apology to President Trump though. Trump was always right. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 And failed again! Time to apologize! You guys were finally forced to admit President Trump was right all along! Suck it!

You don't say..... No one made it controversial but the msm idiots. CNN's apology to the POTUS is soon to follow, i'm sure? You should apologize for your part in criticizing the President for recommending its use. How many people died because you scared them into not using this drug?! Shame on you! You don’t say

How many people died because of your previous reporting you went all out against the president to make him look bad how many people died because of what you did how many more beautiful people could have lived Or they could say..... we at CNN were completely wrong about hydroxychloroquine and would now like to apologize to Donald Trump.

Its not 'surprising'. Its just some obvious now that further denial makes you look even more stupid. Now that reported it idk if it is any good😂💀 Boa tarde, arthurmoledoval RenanSantosMBL kimpkat veramagalhaes SEUS ARROMBADOS PRUDENTES E SOFISTICADOS DE MERDA! You can just hear the CNN HQ yelling...abort abort abort!!

Wow Serious ? Ah, CNN... QLurker1 Oh good, no more mask! CNN lied people died jdriscoll1206 doc here. Looking forward to better studies but this one isn't great. It's a retrospective non-randomized study and the patients who received the drug also received dexamethasone at double the rate-- a drug known to help in this illness.

CNN, get the freaking chip off your shoulder and stop Denying Reality. Your full time brainwashing is getting old To those who understand science and facts, this wasn't a surprise. We've known for a while. Oh really... for some reason I remember CNN mocking people who thought it was effective. Hilarious

Read the whole’s not quite what it says! Observational study with potentially skewed data does not magically mean hydroxychloroquine is a pharmaceutically-approvable treatment for Covid-19, folks. Calm down. Surprising. Assholes. So Trump was right again! Any apology from trashing this drug months ago?

yet CNN told everyone they were going to die if they took it. You helped murder thousands of Americans in your hate for Trump and freedom and truth. Fascist, Prince Humperdink. Bwhahahaha. Soooo.. are they going to be allowed to prescribe it now? MINSAPma It's only 'surprising' to you Cant wait to hear your apology to Donald Trump you ScumMedia scumbags

Nothing surprising about it! Studies around the world have had positive results for months with minimal/no side effects. Another political hit job by the left. F ClownNewsNetwork🤡 CNN: looking for links that prove this medicine is racist SURPRISING? Holy hell CNN really has some fucking nerve. you love to see it

Especially before and even for years after it has been approved. It’s just illogical to those that practice medicine to make that statement. Along with that, the amount given was not even included in some tests. Surprising = counter to our lies Controversial = relating to a subject we told lies about You left this part out... “Two clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19, one in the US and one in the UK, were stopped early because their data suggested hydroxychloroquine wasn't helpful.”

Gee, CNN people. How do you feel about politically blocking H.Q. Are you proud of the of people you made sure died? Use your power for good, not evil. Shocking It must humiliate CNN to print the truth for once...! So in other words, CNN is nothing but the lying propaganda wing of the DNC. No surprise at all. FakeNews CNNSucks

Just like Trump said....TeamCavuto and Cavoto criticized him. FoxNews CNN - you are a disgrace to America The only one it surprised is . The rest of us heard from our very awesome President, realDonaldTrump ! Incoming lawsuits to media, medical advisers and politicians for denying a proven medical treatment that could have prevented tens of thousands of deaths. CNN trying to say NOW that it works is happening because Covid is finished ravaging the population.

Should be held liable for everyone who died because of your misinformation campaign! You wanted to shame Trump so you lied to the public! You are evil! Only surprising to you, perhaps. Lmao cnn is garbage SURPRISING? How many people would be alive today if you hadn’t “KNOWINGLY” mislead them? EnemyOfThePeople

I guess Trump was right again huh?! How hard of a pill was this to swallow? No pun intended, I am being very serious. Old news Surprise, surprise! President Trump told us this months ago and you rejected it. The blood of 1,000's is on your hands. It has taken 4 months to come up with 1 study that suggested there may be a some improvement in some patients but all of the negative side effects remained. Not a full vindication of this drug and certainly not of the Trump's inappropriate endorsement of a questionable treatment.

But CNN fake news? CNN FAKE NEWS!? It was only controversial due to your fallacious reporting.. Lives could have been saved, but you chose to lie. You are complicit in those deaths. The comments in this thread are insane. Trumpism is a cult Surprising. As in, surprising that people still listen to CNN. Another example of media bias attempting to make the President to look bad!

Imagine that? If Bill Gates & Fauci weren’t so greedy thousands of people would have survived by taking hydroxychloroquine. Their goal was 2 make billions on a new drug/vaccine & 2 keep America closed down 2 ruin the economy that Trump built. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Trump is right again! Ummmm... some people need to read the entire article before commenting . 🙄 No he was not unless he’s just goin by what SOME doctors say! No agreement on it! 🤔🙃 What reverses it’s position? Surprising to you maybe. The President has been talking about this, it has been around for years, it is safely prescribed, and I have used it in the past for malaria. Do you wonder why people call you fake news and the enemy of the people!? cnnbrk cnni Politics

'Quem pratica a fraude não habitará no meu santuário; o mentiroso não permanecerá na minha presença.' Salmos 101:7 'Não furtem. 'Não mintam. 'Não enganem uns aos outros. Levítico 19:11 'A fortuna obtida com língua mentirosa é ilusão fugidia e armadilha mortal.' Provérbios 21:6 Here’s the thing, you managed to silence even the doctors who knew the HCL protocol worked. You killed people. Are you surprised?

Surprising? It wasn’t a surprise! Trump TOLD us about it!! YOU shamed him for suggesting it!! Apologize!! Your “news” organization sucks! Make Crow Great Again! Eat up CNN! Apology Requested! Stop calling it controversial you pathetic hacks! How did your science team let you publish this. since you only produce fake news how can I believe this report?

No. That's not surprising. CNN is a disgrace. Unpaid arm of the DNC. Democrats would burn this country down just so they can rule over the ashes. One of the newbies probably did then got fired after haha Oh wait when the president said it was the best drug. You AHOLES said he was wrong, giving false information , Miss leading information!! You guys suck

It's not controversial. It never was. Screaming that it is, does not make it so. You don't say I haven’t heard the apology yet. Although, I would have to watch your schlock news station to hear it. Wait, I thought CNN was fake news Finally one shred of truth to your bogus reporting ! This is not surprising at all...

And CNN was hell bent to disapprove Trumps remark on HCQ shame their was a paper against HCQ but later they retracted and apologized for mistake also Request CNN which has international following not to make blunder just to pacify Democrats I wasn’t at an airport, so I missed this announcement. Surprising? Not true. It's cheap, safe, available, and Saves Lives, even if You suffer from TDS! Blood on your hands CNN. As is your goal.

Apologize to the President CNNHatesAmerica nuggy5 Maybe if you would report facts you could have saved some lives. But no. Only “surprising” to you... Not trusting cnn for nothing science related. Breaking news: CNN gets surprised with 3 month old news and breaks the story again. So you guys lied to try and discredit the president ?

U guys are terrible palkisu Liberalism is a mental illness! Go Trump! Did Big Pharma find a way to make some money off the HCQ cocktail? Or are they merely avoiding lawsuits? cnn Surprising perhaps to infotainment sources like yourselves...not to actual news sources... There never was/is anything controversial abt HCQ 's efficacy.What was and is controversial is how Gilead,Gates, Lancet & WHO partnered to prove it thus,so they could prove Remdesivir as the drug of choice.They even manipulated the study & data to do it.Reality is diff though.

GovMikeDeWine OHdeptofhealth Imagine that....... Duh. Surprising huh? Headline is somewhat misleading article says may and it also only seems to help if the virus hasn't hit the immune system so there is no timeline for when it should be taken. & doesn't debunk past studies Only suprising to people who willfully ignore studies, papers & articles writing early on from other countries. Suprising to y'all because of your willful negligence & piss poor reporting Suprising only to the feckless and morally bankrupt. Suprising only to you! fakenews

Trump correct again Lemme get this straight..Trump has been saying to use hydroxychloroquine SINCE THE BEGINNING..and you guys said he was lying...yet he was right all along? Do you people even care that you cost people their LIVES bc they trusted you? So disgusting. You guys really are fake news Not surprising at all and should not be controversial

Wow. Apologize to our President. realDonaldTrump So, an apology to President Trump appears to be the appropriate thing to do. 'Surprising' to the network who politicized a drug during a pandemic, making it 'controversial.' 🤷🏻‍♂️ It must have been really hard for CNN to print this. I guess that’s why they had to put “surprise” in there.

We need a 'Perp walk' for all those who've been directly responsible for casualties/deaths.. Gov Cuomo & Gov Murphy for their nursing home fiasco. CNN & MSNBC & ABC & CBS for lying/ withholding the Hydroxy effectiveness. Y'all are responsible for heartbreak & deaths. Funny to see all the right wing diaper heads commenting on and retweeting a CNN post without reading it as usual. Lyin cryin and denyin treasonous man baby trump and the trump swamp need to go. Remember in November and remove trump

Thousands of people literally died because FakeNewsCNN FakeNews would rather demonize realDonaldTrump than report fair news. Think about that, this is not journalism anymore it is political media activism, you cannot trust Trump knew the whole time, he always knows “Helped patients better survive”. What the hell kind of language is that? It’s almost as though they can’t get the words out! How about “HCC proves to be sucessful in fighting COVID 19”. There, simple.

How many people around the world died because you leftist clowns just wanted to be against anything Trump reccomended. Absolutely disgusting and the very definition of enemy of the people. No shit about time CNN told the truth about something. Even though you didn’t mention that President Trump said that months ago and you and every other fake news network put him down for it. Unfortunately some people still believe your stations and may have lost their lives.

This Is Only Surprising To FAKE NEWS cnn 🙄 !!!!! Not surprising at ALL!!!!!! realDonaldTrump Like said Trump, your great friend, months ago. Surprising only to you and your herd. We already knew that. Laus_Deo4ever What's 'surprising' is that CNN is actually acknowledging that Hydroxchloroquin, Azythrimycin, and zinc sulfate is an effective treatment for Corona Virus.

realDonaldTrump as POTUS was RIGHT AGAIN CNN!!!! TrumpWarRoom TeamTrump WhiteHouse FLOTUS VP KellyannePolls TeamTrump TrumpWasRight Only surprised Thanks for that Commies... You are the EnemyOfThePeople ladyAce6790 Was it a surprising study? No! Researchers not involved in the Henry Ford study pointed out this study wasn't of the same quality of the studies showing hydroxychloroquine did not help patients, & said other treatments, such as the use of the steroid dexamethasone, accounted for the better survival of patients

Why is surprising? It has been trialed in a number of countries... Israel and Uruguay to name two. All of this hypocrisy is because trump recommended it. And... wait for it... $ for big pharma. Pennies vs thousands of $... do some critical thinking! You own Trump a Apology immediately It wasn’t surprising to those who saw through media lies. How many people died because of the lies you spread?

Your false reporting on this issue to hurt the realDonaldTrump was not only unpatriotic it was immoral. You should be held criminally liable for any life that was lost due to the false information you spread. You also owe the President and the American people an apology. I watched the twin towers fall on cnn. Now I would not watch cartoons on cnn!!!

mithisa_motho People still listen/watch BBC🤦🏽‍♂️they fought this in April when trump said it now this . CNN sucks I’m sure it was hard for you to admit you split tongued vipers!! You & your cronies set out to lie about its efficacy! Lives were lost because of the media. No one with a brain, or AGENDA, is surprised HCQ works. (Follow the $$).He spoke the truth but people are so blind by hate.

So, you're saying Trump was right? 🤣 What? RealNews contradicting FakeNews by FakeNewsCNN News only to CNN. The world already knows. CNN = Pure Garbage Waiting on your apology to realDonaldTrump It wasn't surprising to anyone who was watching. AND it inly seems surprising to those who were villifying its use in service to their big pharma masters who were promoting the much more expensive alternative (Remdesivir)

Notice how all the major news outlets waited until the busy Forth of July holiday weekend to dump the story. 😆 🖕 🗳 🇺🇸 How painful was it to do that story? Did you choke as it was written? CNN STILL SUCKS! The left was hoping it would kill people only because our great President was hopeful that it would so lots of lives could of been saved. The left wants as many bad numbers as possible so they can say our President is doing a bad job, but we the people know different.

Thia was reported by CNN, Fake News It’s controversial only because Trump spoke fondly about it early on during the pandemic, you lying hypocrites Duh What a shocker. 🤦🏼‍♂️ It was never “controversial” except when you idiots try to make it CNN needs to be sued. CNN lied, people died. They are a Disgrace!

The sad part is how many people actually listened to CNN and lost their lives or loved ones to coronavirus, on CNN's reports that hydroxychloroquine - the 🦟 malaria drug - would harm them? CNN's grudge against Trump is so big, they're willing to endanger lives to satisfy it. 'Surprising' 'Controversial' - nice adjectives 🙄

Am I hallucinating? Did CNN admit that hydroxychloroquin is effective?!?! Dr said it worked all along. You reported otherwise and hack politicians sought to ban the use of the drug. CNN spread rumors and people suffered and lost their lives. Only thing controversial about this drug is the fact Trump suggested it.

Gee.......looks like POTUS left a mark. As citizens, we knew this months ago, thanks for finally fact checking yourself! Why is that a surprise Ohhh I know why ... because your agenda is to do not believe anything the President supports. Shame on you ! The Chinese deep state in the US didn’t want this drug from India to hamper their Christmas sale purchase of US land and stocks.

Then and Now... Funny way of saying you were wrong. “You will die”? Was that right? Same thing you absolutely ripped Trump apart for I love it I freaking love it There’s nothing “surprising” about this OLD DRUG that has been used medically for over FIFTY years to cure a WIDE range of ailments. You just preferred pushing FEAR over the TRUTH to people !! Your rotten news network has COST US 100,000 AMERICAN LIVES!!! AND MASKS don’t work!!

Doesn't this mean that y'all owe the President an apology? cnnfakenews ScumMedia Surprising and controversial to who? You guys? You guys that constantly lambasted POTUS and his support for its use. You are lying pathetic hacks It’s only “surprising” to you Bozos. No one with a brain is surprised about this.

So Trump was right...again Good news Governor Whitmer of Michigan issued an executive order blocking sick people from taking this life saving medication. WTF? The evil CNN, it was you who said that it was not easy to use. In order to fight Trump, the bottom line was completely lost. ‘Surprising’? Really Come on....hasn’t Trump been saying this all along? 🤔

NOT surprising! So...CNN has to retract more fake news that actually got people killed. Lawsuits should be in order. It was only a controversy with your network. Why is it a surprising new study? This information has been out for a long while. CNN and your ilk only discounted it when President Trump supported its use.

This is not surprising at all, if you people would stop looking for every opportunity to slam r president and stck to reporting the news, then r country would be a better place FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople I don’t believe anything you say anymore. You’ve lied for years and years. Fake news may be harsh but if the shoe fits wear it.

No surprise to me and other free thinkers Congratulations CNN show,the only tweet you got some likes!! We told you. .Communist News Network should realize they are hurting America with their fear mungering and lies and help unite the country! JOIN US So Trump was right! How many people died because they listened to CNN condemn this drug?

I think Dr. Fauci believes differently. This study is BS. Don't worry. Bleach works better. you guys going to acknowledge that the president was right or take the low road? Are you kidding me ? I'm from Australia, and plenty of us down here heard the crap you gave to realDonaldTrump for using it... You are the absolute epitomy of hypocrisy.

Shit it's true! CNNLiedPeopleDied CNNLied You have failed the public. You run headlines to purposely run an anti-trump campaign until you get caught. If trump came out in favour of air, CNN would stop breathing I am so sick and tired of them insulting our intelligence. Everyone knew that. Didn't surprise me. I already knew this. Guess I'm smarter than CNN

Trump....was....right.....again.... tiredofityet? So how many deaths on CNN hands for propagandizing a life saving medication just to swipe at the president. There should be a law about such an act by media that ends in death Glad you guys caught up No CNN it is surprising when you follow the studies from around the world.

“Surprising”? “Controversial”? CNN and the partisan left are so anti-Trump that no matter what he claims you can’t help go “anti-“. Think for a moment about all the lives lost because you discredited this drug. I thought it was bad? CNNLiedPeopleDied Late to the party again... Heh? 🤷‍♂️ OMG. That guy was right again and you were wrong......SHOCKING

You people killed thousands when you said this drug was bad. You're a disgrace Oh, so HCQ does cure the wuflu and POTUS was right all along... Do you ppl Ever get tired of being wrong? gen_heleno filgmartin ernestofaraujo DamaresAlves AbrahamWeint AiltonBenedito depheliolopes CarolDeToni majorfabianadep BolsonaroSP filipebarrost Biakicis Por favor Pr jairbolsonaro , peça pro Ministro eduardopazuello mostrar essa Matéria da CNN ao Celso de Mello.

'Surprising new study' 🤣🤣🤣 How about meth? Y’all should explore that ave to maybe curve that death Toll Hahahahahaha... cnn surprisingly catches up with what is already common knowledge.... your parody is a little stale.... but you play a great villain! I am looking forward to y’all’s next skit... love y’all as humans!

But.... But.....President TRUMP was NOT surprised!!!! If you read through the entire article, and not just the headline, some of the patients were also given steroids which will help reduce inflammation, something they are crediting to the Hydroxychloroquine. They also note other differences. It’s only surprising to CNN. 👮‍♂️🗽🇺🇸

Kijk hugodejonge blijkbaar toch geen 'kwakzalverij' ! Hoeveel slachtoffers ... Opps. Thats embarrassing for you all at CNN! Called that on wrong! issues a surprising confirmation that Trump was right all along. 👆 What the hell is this?! CNN accurately reporting news? What is this the Twilight Zone? Is this a Babylon Bee satire article? What's happening? I'm so confused.

Surely whoever hit the send button to this tweet was dismissed!! Only surprising to the people who still think you are “news”. Thats what Trump said long ago. Is this the one u yanks bought the lot? CNN have but one agenda only. To constantly bash Trump. It’s so pathetically transparent! MAGA Surprising to who? Trump knew. We knew. You even knew but couldnt admit it because y’all are so blinded by TDS that you’d even lie to Americans just to spite Trump

“A surprising new study...” If the results of this study are surprising to you then you really need some better sources of information! Even if you like the main stream news channels, do yourself a favor and check out some independent journalists with alternative views also. lol! Humble pie Fuck politics and big pharma, I'm just for the truth!

So realDonaldTrump was right all along. And is a fearmongering MediaBias FakeNews FakeNewsMedia outlet. TrumpWasRight CNN is the disease. Trump is the cure. Democrapic Crap!!!!! billburr 😆 Surprising? Not if you had a grain of sense. Who said it first? WHO caught red handed banning HCQ research and pushing costly remidsivir. ShameOnWHO

CNN has blood on their hands. Journalism’s dead. You can say President Trump was correct, it's Ok mithisa_motho A surprising new study? realDonaldTrump always ahead of you. Hate is such a bitter pill You ridiculed realDonaldTrump when he said that! Will you issue him an apology? I wouldn't watch your crap for a million dollars..

You don't say, I thought trump was crazy and lying. cr14carlson Hardly surprising. Your President told you that months ago but you despise him so much that you ridiculed the suggestion. How many lives have been lost because of the media behaving in this way? You are a disgrace to your profession Surprising!?!? You dipshits.....

Apologize cowards You are bullshitters CNN Why surprising as months ago POTUS made a statement it was working and took it himself? Oh that's the issue you wanted it to fail and so he would fail? nothing surprising,in the region where they used it in France there were 3 time less death case than average. this medicine was banned as soon as the president tweeted it. What media did has probably killed a lot of people, we will never find out of course.

mithisa_motho Lol what next? 'Controversial' herb, Artemisia/Wormwood, actually works? White racist assoles how will a drug become controversial. Explain. Surprised only because of TDS You do realize that you guys and your armchair experts did not help save the lives of many! The data from doctors in the field was showing an HCQ cocktail was significantly effective given over 3 days of treatment. Your actions were despicable. You helped bury the info+people.

NO KIDDING! POTUS said this months ago! YOU FAKe news .. PO- YOU ALL HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS! OH wait!! I forgot ! Soros owns you so you don’t care! He’s evil and loves it! Right George? Surprising? Only to those who overlooked clinical results in favour of politics. How many lives were lost because politics suppressed science?

What! You said this drug would kill you CNN! How many people believed you and refused to take this drug? How many died as a result! Holy crap CNN! f.....g hypocrisy in this statement . You guys actually make me sick. What? Trump was right AGAIN? Damn, this must be hard for you. When will you apologize to Trump and the rest of America for saying 'It will kill you'?

LMAO.. fake news have made a U-turn Doesn’t surprise me— FakeNews could be a real news outlet one day ... just stop making shit up and report the great things that realDonaldTrump and the United States is achieving for Americans and the world. You didn't want Trump to be right. People died that could have gotten help, but you politized this drug. Absolutely sick.

Does this mean you have blood on your hands? In Brazil people are taking Ivermectine to prevent and if infected they take Hydroxychloroquine + Azythromycine. The President passed a law that all Doctors should make meds available to treat patiet on early stages. Patriots in US should protest more often on streets.

DepDefenders Will CNN apologise to President Trump? Trump already told us about it Nobody was surprised, but the people you brainwashed... Do you see people that Trump is not the evil one. These companies like CNN are the ones lying to you all the time LOL only one that was surprising was the MSM, The Ingraham Angle been saying and Proving it for 4 months now.

thierrybaudet Het is toch wel diep en diep triest al die controverse omtrent dit medicijn, wat zegt dat over de wetenschap, de politiek? How can this be surprising when Trump told you this months ago Yeah, you’re behind. We knew it all along. Next...... Trump be like Nikki_Cush What? When does ever tell the truth? There’s gotta be a catch....

TRUMP E BOLSONARO sempre estiveram com a RAZÃO! It’s only surprising to idiots on everyone else knew it That's gotta hurt! Well I for one am shocked 😒 CNNisGarbage FakeNewsHatesAmerica DemocratsAreUseless It was only strange and controversial in your useless twisted minds. But was not, crucially, found to be either a preventative or cure...

Welcome to the party, CNN. We’ve known about this for months. You don’t say! Never Trump, right? Hey CNN, are you kidding me with this headline? The entire article essentially contradicts the title. You can do better! Be still my heart! You posted the truth we already new! 🙄 Only surprising if you didn't believe Trump when He recommended it. Eh, CNN?

This can’t be True, it just can’t be. 😂😂😂 And the only one surprised is the CNN. Maybe it is time to wake up! This is only a shock to the lamestream media and their followers. Wait... CNN rushed to judgement, against journalistic best-practices, just to throw mud at Trump? Nah... The only people who were surprised was the Trump hating media.

This is only a surprise to sheeple The problem is trump promoted it and would of been different if it was promoted through many known doctors worldwide but it’s not so I remain skeptical karthikpiduru BernardKerik Only surprising to cnnbrk It was said frm the jump it was the best thing 4 treatment...I’m not surprised

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️ U fkkn’ lyin’ FakeNewsMedia the whole time boldly lying to Americans just because u had to inject Venom this is y! 'surprising' 😂😂😂 - nope not surprising What do you do when CNN starts reporting factual data? Now I have to be skeptical of Hydroxychloroquine. There is nothing surprising about it, President Trump already made this info available, months ago, you denied it then, now you want credit? Lmao

🤣😂🤣😂 We knew it worked back in February because they knew it worked in 2005. The evil reason you believe disastrous study is the same you keep believing anonymous sources backed by the MSM. Gates vaccines gilead fauci and al. greggutfeld so..... is this why so many more dead in Cali, NY and NJ then Texas where they use it? Thanks for alm the deaths realDonaldTrump

You fools should as a matter of urgency apologise to realDonaldTrump now Then you will be publicly apologizing at the head of every segment? Surprise surprise, CNN is wrong again Placebo effect. ajonnewsong this clown news network LIES alot, & calls realDonaldTrump a LIAR, but when the truth comes out, they quiet. This is their headline now, after several months of calling POTUS a LIAR.

You’re the only people that are surprised CNN. What a lot of embarrassing baffoons... BolsonaroTemRazao 👊🇧🇷👊🇧🇷👊🇧🇷 Trump isn’t surprised. He got it right, FakeNews got it wrong ...because all they know is, it’s their job to contradict POTUS Bite on this,,,,,,, drdrew and Elex_Michaelson Surprising? You are EnemyOfThePeople

You put this out at 310am rather than 310pm or 515 or 1040 or any other normal time that Americans are awake. It is not suprising that you cannot put the name Trump and Hydroxychloroquine in one Headline. is truly Fckd up. The methodology on this study reads like a fourth grade science fair project. Fails the basic science smell test.

winning JoJorgensen2020 LetHerSpeak LetHerDebate The only surprise is CNN tweeting actual news. The fact that you guys stopped people from taking something that could of saved their lives all because you hate Donald Trump, is disgusting! You are cowards at CNN! Cowards every one of you for lying to the people about this drug that saves lives from the Chinese covid virus. How many people died because of this. You are cowards and hipocrites. Traitors to the people whom you claim to protect from evil.

Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cheaper one works better!!!!!!!!! Damn, i can hardly believe is posting some truth. Lol No surprise you just didn’t want to believe it Wait.... now the news says it actually helps? An people wonder why people shout out fake news You need ot read the study and research how flawed it is.

Only to the FakeNews Are you saying Trump was right... again? CNN Got Trumped! “Surprising” Interview Dr Zelenko. Show different opinions for once CNN a bunch of fools I’m not saying President Trump told you so but HE TOLD YOU SO It must have killed you guys to have to post this And donlemon (ade), andrewcuomo (the guido) & andersoncooper (the pooperhead) be playing 'CRICKETS' in their uber rich, snotty white enclave of Sagaponack, LI. 🤨

Surprising? Surprising to who? To people who are blinded by their hatred for Trump? So you're surprised? Everybody in America knew this months ago. Great scoop! Trump one more time was right ! When people will wake up ? Duh. So Trumpers accept one study that states in the right situation their MAY be some benefit from taking the drug while ignoring others that say there is no real benefits of taking the drug. This study all so clearly stated the drug was only administered under specific situations.

You have blood on your hands along with Fauci. Just like the president was saying all along. No duh. Eat crow, CNN. CNN is sick. You are controversial. FakeNewsMedia Not surprising I'm so sorry this is happening to you. No. He is never going to get an apology. He’s complicit in the killing of people this minute! TrumpFamilyTrash

Lol. MAGAs in the comment section treating this like it's real after calling all news that's not infowars, fake news. Suddenly it's real. Hmmm😂😂 Surprising CNN is saying thing, they finally came to their senses wow Surprising? Controversial? It would be funny if it hadn’t cost people their lives. Goodgrief CatchUp

Where’s the apology All that time you criticized our President for touting the drug! Hyprocrites What’s surprising about this? Nothing. “Surprising” ? Bullshit. Alô Brasil cadê essa matéria por aqui? leandroruschel Rconstantino AdrillesRJorge BoletimCoppolla augustosnunes Really now ? Only now are you incompetent FakeNews fools seeing the true picture.

What makes this “suprisingly?” Why is a medication described as controversial? The F N MEDIA and FAKENEWS SHAME ON YOU ! Didn't Trump mention this in like March. You people are such hypocrites uspoli rjchoppy What up now Neil Cavuto!! People have been takeing this drug for years ,like most drugs there is always a very small % that have problems with it FACT. CNN IS AMERICA'S BIGGEST RACIST NEWS NETWORK..

Surprising only to FakeNews traitors like you. BanCNN NaziPropaganda You can thank👉 President Trump for that information, YOU CRAZY CLOWN CIRCUS! FakeNewsIdiots 🖕 hope you feel great knowing you helped not only kill people but kill their hope as well! FakeNews MAGA TRUMP2020 Only controversial because you, “Reported” that it was. The CNN affiliates should be charged with murder for scaring people away from a cure!!

Wow, you sure have trashed POTUS , over Hydroxycloroquine! NO WONDER POTUS CALLS YOU FAKE NEWS! WE TRIED TO TELL YOU. Where is Neil Cavuto on this? Can I just say 🤦‍♀️ CNN you are the enemy of the people. We regular folks knew this months ago. Where were you, media they “survived better”, huh? let’s see how we can spin this so it doesn’t sound like they didn’t die! you are all repulsive and should be stripped of your platform to lie!

We've known this for months. You've withheld this for months. CNNs rhetoric is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths Your apology to the POTUS will be forthcoming? How many deaths did CNN cost by their FakeNews Not surprising to realDonaldTrump Only CNN and your Leftist Overlords deemed it controversial

How many people died because you scared them away from this drug, all because Pr. Trump recommended it? I hope their survivors sue your butt off Surprising Study? No not really POTUS Trump's been saying this all along. Just say UNCLE CNN you lose. Again. We all know it. I'll bet you think Rosa Parks was about a Bus? 🆘🚫 DNC

“Surprising”. Whatever Only thing surprising is you actually told the truth today. CNN is FakeNews. Surprising? RSBNetwork CNN is Trash Translation: Trump was right....AGAIN. Also, you are still FakeNewsCNN It isn’t surprising you assholes. We knew all along. Shame on YOU. How many lives where lost due to your negative reporting on this medicine just because DJT mentioned it.

Breaking news...CNN apologizes for putting politics ahead of public health CNN= Cartoon News Network. cnnliedpeopledied You cnn are criminal propogandists They wrote it. This proves you guys lie all the time. Your sick in the head. The way yall twist things on so incredibly wrong. The Father Above will deal with you fake news people. God Help your soul.

If only you loved America more than you hate Predident Trump. Oh really Well what do you know? Maybe DJ T was right after all No one was surprised. Except you. You crooked “news outlet”. is a total joke surprised? CNN made it controversial. how many people died as a result of your false reports cnn ? Only surprising to you. I hope your Trump hate hasn’t inadvertently killed people. That would weigh heavily on my mind if Inwas the editor responsible for the story line against it use.

You mean the Communist News Network has it wrong? Oh my what a shock... what a bunch of dimwit dipshits. They couldn’t report a story if it was written in crayon for them. Is this true Mr CNN ? Or is it fake news Wow breaking news. Oh wait nevermind. We all knew this BC we listened to the doctors using it not a fake study that CNN couldn't stop talking about. Glad to see once again you are having to admit defeat. After all that the only reason I keep track of CNN. To watch u fail. 😂

“Surprising” only to the blue few. Well, well, well. realDonaldTrump was RIGHT all along. 👈✅💯 How long ago was that? 🤔 You owe POTUS a public apology FakeNews !! MSM ClintonNewsNetwork CommunistNewsNetwork Hydroxychloroquine HydroxychloroquineCuresCOVID19 HydroxychloroquineWorks Trump2020

Surprising new study? We (people with common sense and objectivity) have known this. How are you dumbasses so wrong about everything with all the resources you have? Clowns Where was this study? Trump Univ. Ha ha FlushtheturdNov3rd cnn murdered thousands of Americans. Another win for Trump. The headline for the CNN article reads: “Study finds hydroxychloroquine may have boosted survival, but other researchers have doubts”

Well well look at that. CNN and all the liberal brainwashed sheep loved bashing our president (because that’s what they do) and anybody else who was in favor of helping sick people. All those people should be ashamed of themselves. But they won’t, cause that’s who they are. Oow Really? is a sinking ship. Either the journalists are fully invested in going down with it or their too stupid to realize their Captain is sacrificed them.

We’ve known this all along. It’s just like the mask! First the masks won’t help - now mandatory? This is about control and fear mongering. Don’t buy into the bs Trump was right afterall .. 👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 Somehow I don't find that surprising at all. Lots of doctors said so! Political CNN is killing people with their lies. Fake News.

Ok, now Im sure its bad. The surprising thing is that you have reported it. It's FAKE News..remember? And CNN was against it. Could have helped more people but was against their agenda. This study was not surprising,yaw knowing lied about Hydroxychoroquine/Az,you the enemy of the people...FAKE NEWS! The shit stream media is always regurgitating lies and propaganda, which is why I haven’t subscribed or paid for cable vision for over 20 years. People need to cancel their cable vision for obvious reasons, their IQ will also increase after doing so.

No sherlock shit How does that 'Trump Crow' taste ....yall gotta love it since yall been made to eat so much of it.....I bet you are sick of us winning lol No it always worked and it was safe because they have been using it for 50 years. Your problem was a Republican was promoting it. If any Democrat did you would of road that train to start.

🖕CNN you lie people died Is it surprising or just surprising that 99% of physicians are saying it and you don’t want to look like jackasses anymore, at least on this issue So.... Trump was right I'm old enough to remember this..👇 Drug that has been around since the1950's is controversial? Haha. Fake news being forced to tell the truth! Love it!

Life comes at you fast when you're fakenews Parabéns, ao Presidente do Brasil, jairbolsonaro 🥰 Boy I bet that hurt didn't it😂😂😂😂 Surprising! How many? Who were they I told you people at the time media was bashing It that it’s been around for 80 years and works & is cheap to produce because the patent ran out! THAT’s one of the reasons so many were poopooing it! They wanted to hold out for expensive drugs and vaccines! Fake news is dangerous!

Why is it surprising? 1000’s of doctors around the world have been using it It's only 'surprising' and 'controversial' to the sheep who get their news from your network and those like it. Not really a surprise for those WHO don't mix health with politics. Anyway, cheers for CNN for letting people realize there is a cheap and effective way tô treat Covid-19. Facts are sacred.

Waiting for you apology to the POTUS.... CNN Has been less than forthcoming about this known treatment so let me fix their headine. CNN Hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients better survive in the hospital. and also what is 'controversial' about it tho if it works then USE IT Someone owes realDonaldTrump an apology. Who is responsible for the thousands of lives that were lost because people were too afraid to take a drug that saves lives? You are so done CNN! weknow MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE

Your previous reporting against Hydroxychloquine designed to get realDonaldTrump endangered many lives. Wonder if any were your family members? Disgusting Think about it, TDS literally killed people. Thanks CNN. How much did it pain you to write this? It wasn’t controversial until y’all made it controversial. 🙄 The media never ceases to amaze me.

wow!! Very good news :) No que no? delete your account CNN is a terrorist organization Surprising? Ha! Way to feed the trolls CNN with a headline They just found this out now? Info has been out for 4 months now. CNN (Crap not news). Go Trump Winning Winning Surprising Kinda remember somebody talking about this months ago. 🤔 But the MSM went into DEFCON 1 denial.

Hey CNN, how about thanking Trump CNN, MSNBC and others should be shut down for their willingness to trade LIVES for political cheap shots at the President! We want a correction and a SPOKEN ON AIR APOLOGY!!! It’s the duty of our elected officials to stop this kind of evil!! 'Our results do differ from some other studies. What we think was important in ours is... PATIENTS WERE TREATED EARLY. For hydroxychloroquine to have a benefit, it needs to begin BEFORE the patients begin to suffer some of the severe immune reactions patients can have with COVID”

The Don was... right. Stings like a bitch doesn’t it. Bloggers, not journalists. It’s not a SURPRISING study...we knew this...but you just hate Trump so much and couldn’t deal with the fact he said it first!!! Trump 🤩 “A surprising new study”....somehow different than the licensed doctors telling people that HQ worked on the vast majority of who they treated with it🤷🏻‍♂️ CNN is an absolute disgrace and they know it!

Why is it surprising? It’s a shame this medicine could have saved so many lives, however you as a main media didn’t report the fact but rather played political game at the cost of people’s lives! I feel so bad for those people who could have survived if they were treated with HCQ at first hand. CNN has got to GO!! Murderers! Where the fuck is the smart ass owner now? Has the time to reply to trump all the time now take ownership for killing people via fear mongering and smear campaign against this drug. Just because trump liked it

Really? How many due to FakeNews didn’t recover because you all said realDonaldTrump was lying!!! Bolsonaro and Trump was right! Oh, CNN, you know that Red Hats can’t be bothered to read whole article, like the part where multiple studies don’t support this & explaining that this risky drug was only given to low-risk patients (who already had a better chance of survival). Do better.

You pos, I would not retweet if you paid me... Who did this surprise? Can we stop killing people now Please apologize to President Trump for saying he was wrong to recommend the drug to Covid 19 patients. It's only a surprise to you numb nuts. Our POTUS told We the People about hydroxychloroquine months ago. There were many successes reported by doctors who were curing patients with that drug, antibiotics and zinc. Bzzz, swat, die pesky bug.

Honestly, CNN, if you could gather all the grotesque, horrific, unbelievable, vile things of this world-you would still have to look deeper into that evil, horrendous pit of hell, to find CNN. That’s how horrible you are. You don't say? And the fake news FINALLY has to admit it stings huh? You are the enemy of the people CNN FakeNews

We've been saying it all along, but you idiots wouldn't listen because you wanted your Trump gotcha moment. Congrats, all you got was yourself. So....Trump was right and people died because of your bullshit? CNN-Several studies in Europe already new this, our President new this, yet you paraded doctors for hire to attack our President. Once again CNN is fake news.

Someone at is getting a scolding today for tweeting this.... Those of us who listened to our president knew. Too bad you guys were too busy pushing fake news, and fear to actually tell the truth. FUCKING HACKS! Surprising? Only to Leftists, their propaganda outfits like CNN, and the Never-Trumpers. How many Americans suffered and died needlessly because Dems & the media bent over to criticize its use just because the President was hopeful it worked. Shame on all of you!

Trump was right. Imagine that. Where's your apology to the President? Coming guys, I’m sure if you try hard enough you can make this sound like something JimCrow Biden thought of. “Surprising” 😂😂😂😂 ‘CRAP CALLED NEWS ‘ YOU’RE LATE TO THE PARTY! We already knew because we listen to more liable sources than you. Like doctors all over the world that were successfully administering it two months ago.

jairbolsonaro was right. Best trade in the year. FUCK the communists. Maybe more people would have survived if they didn’t listen to this pretend DR.: “surprising” Surprising only to CNN 🙄 Why did you lie to us I love it. A cheap CV-19 treatment. It won’t make BG or AF rich. Im so sorry this is happening to you

So.... Orange man right? Hold on a second let me get this for you. Not surprising!! Are you all embarrassed yet? Once a respected news network has fallen to a propaganda machine(that is failing horribly). It’s only surprising to you, FakeNewsMedia They were giving that out in late February, early March- to patients in critical condition, with excellent results. It’s only surprising to people with TDS

CNN is pissed more lives will be saved by Hydroxychloroquine CNN wanted more deaths!! Oooh that must be a bitter pill for CNN to swallow after riding the anti-hydroxychloroquine train for 4 months. CNN was the FIRST LSM outlet to slam Trump for his push on it. Amazing how the CNN bird is singing a new song.

Omg trump said this so did real doctors. Your prior article cost folks their lives TrumpWasRight, again! CNN is the very definition of FAKE NEWS! “Surprising” Wow CNN.....gonna apologize to doctors, Republicans, and Trump now? Again, he was right all along. Wonder how many people lost their lives cuz of you bullshit politics

You are still being deceptive, hydroxychloroquine has never been a controversial drug, you, others, politicians, Hillary & Dr Fauci for example cost people their lives, you got people killed, you chose death over life, you chose deception over truth, you chose evil over good You're only surprised because YOU ARE THE FakeNewsMedia

Become actual journalists again instead of an arm of the DNC you wouldn't have to eat this big of shit pie CNN has blood on their hands for the smear campaign of the drug. Because of CNN’s hype people were afraid to take it. BOOM! CNN lied. AGAIN!!!!! Holy shit, you feeling ok having this headline? How many deaths you guys responsible for

we're not surprised..... No 💩 CNN? 🙄 We’ve known that since President Trump told us it would. FakeNewsMedia constantly spread lies that it wouldn’t. EnemyOfThePeople What's 'surprising' is this drug wasn't 'controversial' for decades prior to President Trump speaking about it. You fake news chumps.

lied; a hundred thousand people died. Your evil is limitless. Me when I think of CNN writing this Trump 2020 So trump was right It’s only surprising to those who denied it because of political bs. Did hell freeze over? Surprising new study shows that CNN grossly fukkd up when they published a partial video of the Covington incident. When the whole video surfaced, CNN was sued! CNN is fake news and a joke!

LOL Clown News Network called Trump out and said he was killing people for his support of this drug. Hows that crow tasting CNN? Well...No shit For decades, it wasn’t controversial, then CNN made it a football! Neil Cavuto, CNN is hiring. I bet it hurt y’all to have to admit this. Yikes. You have blood on your hands. Cuomo has blood on his hands.

The only reason it was controversy was because Trump said it . the mass media propaganda machine censored doctors and ppl, saying it was false information. if it wasn’t for u worthless cucks thousands more wld be alive today. anything to get the big orange guy out amirite You inept idiots. How many lives could have been saved if you weren’t spreading a lie that it did not work. realDonaldTrump is right again.

Ouch bet this burns ya right up the ole peehole. I don’t say this lightly but go to hell Can't wait for Kayleigh McEnany to call out CNN and the MSM in the next WH press conference. So... does this mean you will be issuing an apology to realDonaldTrump ? Nope, I don't think you will. If you did that will mean you have integrity. 🤨

blumenfeld good news “Surprising” only to those that listen to FakeNews, not anyone else! We knew this 3 months ago. But it became a “controversial” drug because Trump mentioned it, and news outlets like CNN were desperate to discredit anything he said. Trump said that months ago! The fake news media and Democrats are malicious

Eff you CNN They refused to give it to the people in Minnesota that's all we have so many dying all the time cuz we're Democratic ran can you imagine you can't get a choice of what you want in the hospital that is f****** b******* it's all politics Must be hard to be forced to report truth after this whole campaign to destroy humanity with your lies

Wasn’t this a story three months ago? cnn y’all have issues. Straight propaganda TrumpTrue 😉 Defund CNN Surprising? Excellent to know that Mr. Donald J Trump was right, not to think that mediocre media defamed him for making the most of what they confirm today. CNN is pure trash!! You owe ur PRESIDENT an apology for all your lies!! Mr Trump is right and your wrong yet again go figure!! GOD WINS 🙏🏽💯

Lmao 😂 America is funny... now it’s a surprise 😂 ! After remdesivir has already ripped America off suddenly chloroquine works... you guys should get a life. Money isn’t everything You are responsible for misleading a lot of people just because of your hate for Trump. Thank God the truth is out at last saynotohate

Wait I thought CNN was fake news? Now it’s the truth? Interesting how that works. So...realDonaldTrump was right from the beginning... CNN IS FAKE NEWS! You seething anti-America crackpots asserted the opposite last week. Can’t imagine how many heads are in hands at today. This must hurt to have to report this. Too damn bad!

No hock Sherlock, surprise surprise ! This is no surprise. The real surprise is you are reporting it accurately. So CNN sneaks this tweet on here but would never report it on their tv station news with all their liberal hosts and news reporters. CNN is a disgrace and all you reporters and hosts are mandated by CNN as to what you can and cannot report. You all are shameful.

They rather die a slow and painful death than admit Trump was right. Only surprising to dishonest media outlets like CNN. . . Surprising new study? Has CNN been living under a rock? This drug has been helping patients for months. Imagine that now apologize to the president you ratchet news network. 😂 CNN’s previous shaming of the drug may have cost thousands of lives.

Should be held accountable Where have I heard this before? Oh right the President. Wait... so you were WRONG to mock President Trump over this All along brianstelter - time to man-up and apologize, Tater... “Suprising”? Ummm no Surprising? You got people killed with your nonsense. Waiting on the apology to realDonaldTrump from your “news” organization.

“Surprising” & “Controversial”? It’s only because you ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to give this President any credit. BiasedMedia Only a surprise to you nitwits What's surprising is that is reporting on this at all. It shows what a joke you are. Glad I dropped you and MSNBC from my TV plan! How many lives did TeamCavuto cost as they worked so hard to minimize Hydroxychloroquine with their fear mongering spin, I remember seeing Cavuto in hysterics on his show the one day over Trump supporting HCQ, Cavuto, how many lives did you cost who listened to your fear?

No surprise here. How many people had to die because you hate the President? TrigonTrigon1 Oh so now after you freaked out on Trump truth be told it does help Lol. Controversial. Hell CNN your the only ones that made it 'Controversial ' in the first place. Now that Trump is coming after your pedophile Bosses do you want to play nice. Ha

Scum media 'Suprising' only to those who exclusively get their news from CNN MadameMagi Apologies to all the families who weren’t given access and lost loved ones! The media did not help! fakenews EnemyOfThePeople We have an awesome president. So, we already new it. cnnfakenews Controversial? How?because Hindu India supplied the world with the life saving medicine that a white man could not invent or was it because Trump also mentioned HCQ as a treatment option ? will jaketapper andersoncooper camanpour islamic Terrorist FareedZakaria apologize?

lsferguson Not surprising, Trump said it months ago. Enemy of the people The left must be going nuts EnemyOfThePeople That’s why you can never believe the SCIENCE either political party touts. A study is usually going to give favorable results to whomever paid for it. Someone paying to show it didn’t work gets the results they want while the same can be said for one paying to show it works.

None of the patients with any kind of heart disease (the most vulnerable to COVID19 ) were given the drug because it's too dangerous! Read the article, people. Also says actual tests in patients did not occur, just a review of medical records. It runs counter to every study. Trump said it and CNN vilified it. It could have saved your loved one from an isolated painful death.

I was suspended for posting about HCQ... Hmmm Duh. HCQ has been used in India for treatment of malaria since decades. Even kids are administered without any side effects. Therefore it was surprising when a vicious PR was launched against it's supposed harmful effects, it was evident that there was a strong pharma lobby behind it+

For what? Surprising To who? He told you so! President Trump was correct! You should apologize to him! And that hurts doesn’t cnn It's actually not at all surprising. DefundCNN 'surprising' Thank you for contributing to many more deaths with your lies, that could have been avoided. You knew from the start that HCQ is effective bc it has been used for medical staff & patients all over the world. But preferred to lie. You share responsibility for the many dead.

It was “controversial” thanks to CNN & the DNC media cuz Orange man bad was optimistic about about it from preliminary studies & anecdotal evidence of its effectiveness. How many more lives could have been saved if docs in certain states were allowed to prescribe this early? And in other news, air is good and water is wet.

And this drug is a lot cheaper. It’s about time you report the truth. Wait! Did you really report a factual statement... ? Surprising to liberals that opposed the drug out of of hatred to Trump. When your under oath see what happens when you twist the truth. What is surprising (not really) is that the media took so long to admit what the rest of the world has been practicing for months.

AKA realDonaldTrump was right. How many people needlessly died because fake news CNN politicized a lifesaving medicine, because they'd rather their viewers die than admit Trump was right? Apologize to realDonaldTrump how many people died because in your hatred of everything realDonaldTrump, you and others dismissed the use of hydroxychloroquine just because the president saw it's benefits.

Yeah that’s what the President has been saying... honestly F U Admit you were wrong and apologize to the President You told everyone over and over that it was dangerous and didn’t work Don’t believe it. Where did the funding come from? This has Betsy DeVill written all over it. The only thing surprising about this is CNN finally admits the truth.

Seems like I heard that before.... Its a combination of HCQ + Zinc... this was the 2nd result in a google search. 🤔2017-2020 pattern realDonaldTrump says something or Tweets it. MSM flips out 🤪🤡🥴 Short time later...usually 2-3 weeks. It's found to be true 🤨 😉It's almost like he knows things🧐 Trump2020NowMoreThanEver

U need to take out the anti Trump glasses from ur eyes first Yet when POTUS promoted eviscerated him...Thankfully, no one watches your fake news channel.... RETRACT & APOLOGIZE Trump was correct 🤷🏻‍♂️😄 SURPRISING?! Only if you're an idiot. Oh, that's right. You're CNN. Dr. Fauci has known SINCE 2015 that hydroxychloroquine has not only curative, but prophylactic effects against coronaviruses! WHY HASN'T HE BEEN RECOMMENDING IT?!

Why did he stop taking it? Surely not because the medical community said the medicine could possibly make it worse. We knew that FakeNewsCNN. You owe realDonaldTrump an apology! Now! Only surprising to you bunch of hacks at CNN and other FAKE NEWS Propaganda mills. You people are a vile bunch and there really needs to be a reckoning. Think of the lives that could have been saved and the spread prevented if you and your ilk were not so bent on political gain.

Yes, this is very 'surprising.' Of course, realDonaldTrump has been constantly lampooned by you for months for even suggesting this. Still waiting for an apology... NO SHIT You lying bastards should be held accountable for all the deaths contributed to your inability to report the news rather than your political stance..NY, NJ, Cali, Minn, class action lawsuit for libel and deformation of correct life saving information that they had banned. FAKEMSM

JoyVBehar You might want to apologize to the guest you had on that you lectured for taking a PRESCRIPTION medicine. You were WRONG! Are you effing kidding? This is not a surprise and was only touted as dangerous and ineffective by lunatics who hate Trump. 😳 what ? You are reporting actual news that shines a positive light on what the President has been saying. 😎

That’s weird because it was also CNN who said it would kill you when TRUMP said to take it. Maybe we should call them racists against POTUS and all American people they wanted to die without medicine that could help Hahaha!!! Owe djt an apology Where is America's Apology you tweets are a desperation for your dad love, sorry he did that. Stop trying. Its pathetic

No, this is NOT surprising to most of us; only to and rest of the ridiculously biased propagandists in the media. It only became controversial because you guys hate Trump more than you want to help the American people The drug is not controversial and the results are not surprising. How many have died due to CNNs corruption. FU .

Most liked tweets for CNN! The lancet retracted its statement on hcq and its efficacy. NYU also did a small study and proved that it was effective as well. This was a smear designed for Remdesivir and a $3,000 copay. So who exactly is to be held responsible for countless lives lost because of misinformation spread? The almighty Dr. Fauci? Mainstream media? The numerous celebrities hell bent on bringing President Trump down?

sonjoachim Bah alors les 2 gilets jaunes du grotesque aveuglement anti-Raoult, on ne tweet rien sur cet article ? Il est pourtant pertinent et mériterait d’être pris en compte dans votre analyse 100% objective du sujet 😄 Enthoven_R GerardAraud Prepare for some lawsuits brianstelter According to ..its controversial to take a drug that actually helps COVID19 patients. This is exactly why I give myself maybe 6 minutes of news a week.

Trump owns these hacks. MAGA YA DONT FUCKING SAY!!!! How many deaths is CNN responsible for? Serving the Democrat conspiracy agenda and Big Pharma? YOU CHOSE TO LIE! And PEOPLE DIED.🤬 CNN blows again How many people could it have saved if you hadn’t been telling people it wouldn’t work just because POTUS talked about it being a possible treatment. THIS is not journalism.

Not really a surprise there cnn.... ‘Surprising’ CNN this is why you are insignificant and are considered fake! This is another study that ignored combining zinc with hydroxychloroquine. That is the magic combo, and for some reason researchers are avoiding it. I mean the president told you it worked. Not really surprising.

This is the FIRST TRUE STATEMENT CNN HAS EVER MADE!!! Still lowest form of media. Y’all need to read the article and if you think this one study proves the others wrong I hear their are millions of tabs available so dive in Holy shit the Donald was right again. What do you know lol Christ. CNN! My God. But when realDonaldTrump said this, you people ran a smear campaign! I wonder what Timcast has to say about this. This is really troubling. Really, really troubling.

Knew it all along...get up to speed. FakeNewsMedia Chirping a new song, CNN? What changed your mind? 'An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof.' — Marcello Truzzi Not surprising at all. Any person who was complicit in downplaying this drug (including the media & politicians) because of their deep seated hatred for Trump is truly a person without a soul.

It's not surprising. Many countries have been using this drug. You only vilified it because Trump said so. And you have no scruples playing with people's lives. Calling you fake news is sugar quoting it. 'Surprising new study'. Because when the president advocated it CNN cared more about demonizing him in their endless quest to be good stooges for the Democratic party. How ridiculous you are. Why do you still pretend to be journalists?

Just goes to show you that you cannot trust CNN and they should loose their news media status. Should be more like the comedy channel. Divide divide divide. Thanks Chuck Don't act surprised. You're a sh*ty MEDIA STATION. You're helping a group of men with an agenda led by Fauci, to lead the American people astray. You want to destroy an entire generation all for profits & money. It's sickening.

Surprise, surprise surprise! How many people did fake CNN murder by telling them not to take hydroxychloroquine because it would harm them? There’s no surprise. Conservatives have known this for months. “A surprising new study”...?!? Interesting, very interesting 🤔 🤦‍♀️ ZelenkoProtocol IS THE CURE! ZERO REASON 4 LOCKDOWN! CV19 CURE = HCQ+ZYNC+-ZPAK ZelenkoProtocol with doctors care, treat early. Shelter elderly/at risk. Only a CURE needed 4 most severely affected by ANY disease! Vaccines, Hand sanitizer, Masks = POISON! Trump2020 MAGA

Now you let us know after you tar and feather dt. Nice! CNNLiedPeopleDied Surprising ONLY to fake news. Old news, CNN. As usual, you lack journalistic integrity or quality. Fakenews news outlets like you are the REASON the drug was considered controversial. how much suffering is on your hands now, cnn? nothing quite like causing human misery because 'orange man bad'...

CNN is worse than COVID-19! Wait till you figure out about Gov. Cuomo and USNS Comfort. Instead of using it, he murdered thousands when he forced them _back_ into retirement homes so covid-19 spread even more. But hey, it made Cheeto look bad, so it's a net win, amirite? Science has become political prostitution

Hydroxycloroquine Wow is CNN actually reporting truthful news ? shocker Not this again... It isn’t surprising you dumbasses. Doctors out in the field doing the real work, unlike the clowns you have in studio like drsanjaygupta, have been saying the Hydroxy HAS been helping their patients. They have had to battle pharmacies like CVS to fill scripts. You failed

It’s not a NEW STUDY!!! How many people have died because they listened to you?!?!? Surprising to who? “Controversial” no you did that. Again? Back and forth all over again! I think everyone is confused Oh... so Trump was right then? I feel genuine pity for anyone that believes in CNN. Despite this, your network lied to Americans about its effectiveness

Wow ! This finally came out and could have been helping THE WHOLE TIME. A Free Press is one that also runs independently from the parent company and shouldn’t be under any control from it. Until you can investigate the parent company and run the story your not a free press. You have blood on your hands because of this and your hatred of DT. I hope karma gets you

Why was Bleach, Lysol or UV-LIGHT in the ass not studied? More importantly, a 26% success rate is rather abysmal. Surprised I am to see this network actually noting this drug study proving how wrong they've been. Didn't mention that fact though, must be an oversight. Uh huh. Trump isn't a stupid man.... Just because the left constantly take his trolling seriously, and claim he is. Get over yourselves and let him help ffs

Did CNN just agree with something realDonaldTrump said? It’s not a surprise and u damn well know it. How is it suprising? We had MULTIPLE DOCTORS FROM THE US AND ACROSS THE WORLD SAYING IT WORKS. It was all the ANTI TRUMP FUKWITS INCLUDING YOURSELF THAT SAID IT DIDN'T. It's not surprising at all CNN intentionally shamed anyone who considered using it based on the very numerous ONLY POSITIVE anecdotal stories about it You were on a campaign to hurt Trump and so caused millions of people to avoid using a very powerful therapy. Everyone that works at CNN is culpable.

“Oh Surprising” YOU PEOPLE ARE REALLY UNBELIEVABLE 🚫 Bet you guys loved running this didn’t ya... hahaha CNN is FakeNews. FakeNewsMedia Civil Lawsuit for lies and deaths. In the words of 2chainz your observation is sanitation realDonaldTrump was right about: Hydroxychloroquine☑️ Looting & shooting ☑️ Mail in voting election fraud☑️ China virus ☑️ Fake news ☑️ Democrats ☑️

Maybe now more will believe we can get back to living now!! Even CNN is admitting it!! Trump saved some lives until the MSM came to the Democrats' rescue. CancelCNN Get it trending No surprise to us!!! Once again the trumpster was right just think of how many people would still be alive pelosi and her swamp rats should be charged idiots

So apologize to realDonaldTrump! Here come all the Trump followers!! It’s not like they actually read the article NOT surprising in the very least!! What IS surprising is all of the effort, time and money that CNN put it to calling it fake.... E agora, José? A surprising new study found that son of a b*tch Trump was right; controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine does work There fixed your headline for you.....

Tweeting this at 3:40 in the morning was brilliant. It's like you hoped everyone was still sleeping No shit! 🤔 NOT FUCKING SURPRISING AT ALL, ACTUALLY. I wonder how many lives were lost because of your false reporting? 10s of thousands or 100s? 1. It was never controversial 2. It’s not surprising it helps 3. Who writes the headlines for this crap?

Trump told you that months ago. cnnfail cnnfakenews realDonaldTrump was right again......and again...and again... and again__ UNPOSSIBLE! OrangeManBad so hydroxychloroquine must be bad, it must be. 😟 Who is surprised? We knew this in April Not surprising 🙄 I’m not surprised in the least. And I don’t need a study to convince me of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. I work in a hospital and every patient (even those with the poorest prognosis) who received hydroxychloroquine fully recovered. That’s proof enough for me.

HeleneFernand16 Like the President said you idiots Imagine that! And you tagged on realDonaldTrump POTUS for saying such. SHAME ON YOU CNN “Finally, concomitant steroid use in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine was more than double the non-treated group. This is relevant considering the recent RECOVERY trial that showed a mortality benefit with dexamethasone.' Contextualizing is hard!!!!

HEY !!! I found a MUG FOR YOU!!! because he keeps PROVING YOU WRONG and HIM RIGHT!! Surprising only to people who rely on for information. Trump always ahead of cnn lol What’s surprising about it? You’ve been told this from early on. Your fake news denying this early on probably costs lives sav_says_ damn it must have nearly broken cnn to admit that. Wonder how many people died b/c of media obfuscation.

Better late to the party than never, I guess CNN you are the only ines surprised by this. I remember when you all went aftet Trump for taking it. We all already new this. You played politics and cost people their lives.....yet again No kidding! CNN you made Hydroxycoroquine a political pill, ringing the alarm that it could kill patients. YOU cost many lives of Covid patients needing a viable treatment. CNN you should be cancelled!!!!!!!

Truly you are a reprehensible organization. It was only controversial because you said it was poison. Doctors all over the world use it with great success. ya dont say wow..wonder how many lives wouldve been saved if you didnt demonize the use of it, eh? This you? One day cnn reports the drug doesn’t work , the next week they report it does help . I can get better news from the muppet show . Back to you Kermit .

What ever happened to that fish tank cleaner couple? Proof from CNN 😂 They lied. Just over a month ago they said it would kill you. I wonder how many people died because you're a hack network Hope you meet your demise soon 'Surprisingly, our propaganda does not correspond to the real world'. Assh*les! So now that you report it it's news? Our realDonaldTrump reports it and he's crazy? There is a special place in hell for you all!!!

Blahahhahahaha CNN. If you were a real business yall would be outta business by now lol Damnn, the salt in that headline You know... YOU KNOW that had to blow the pea brains of CNN to admit TRUMP WAS RIGHT!!!! lets all pretend to be surprised. Trump wasn't crazy now, was he? Did you apologize to our President for the negative coverage you gave him because he supported the drug. CNN fake corrupt media.

Trump 2020 landslide . Biden landslide Loss. The second the DemoRats started ripping up our historic figures they lost all credibility. Slavery was invented in Africa , go to Africa and destroy everything there . You have blood on your hands this drug could have helped thousands yet you attacked it because the president acknowledged it you have blood on your hands and once again your network is wrong because you wanted to attack the president

Really only surprising to you and the sheep that listen to your dribble. “Surprising” Seems POTUS was right again AGazetaES bora publicar? Assunto de interesse muito grande But I thought orange man was wrong about this You guys are a joke CNN lied and people died. So Trump was correct? No one is surprised. No one. The drug is not 'controversial' either. Used effectively for decades. Unfortunately it can't cure lunacy, hubris or bias which MSM has in spades.

🤡🤡🤡 Corporate media is the enemy of the People. Screenshot before you delete it It’s the Democrats and the leftist media that will spin anything Trump says as negative- and totally discount his views- China News Network and their phony doctors insisted that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and now they are changing their tune? Is it because they had sooo many weeks of being the lowest rated news network because they act like a pack of lying liberal clowns?

lol surprising? really? 😂 jairbolsonaro corre aqui CNN surprised? A generic drug will always be fought. $18.00 VS $3,500.00. Full ICU VS Home treatment? 'WHO' will demand the World take the genetically modified Vaccine...That Gates Family will not. Only surprising if one’s only source of news has been CNN. If CQ becomes a raging well-known success I would hope you’ll credit the President for having been ahead of the curve because you’re really eager to point him out for any shortfall.

“They noted that the Henry Ford team did not randomly treat patients but selected them for various treatments based on certain criteria.” Isn’t that what you should do? Underlying medical conditions for different people exclude them from test trials all the time Hardly surprising to those of us with an IQ above that of a potato - in other words: those of us who don’t watch CNN

Surprising? The data has been there, you motherfuckers helped suppress it and spread disinformation. Enemy of the people. All of you. Surprising? We've known about it for months. It's best use is in the early days and with zinc to prevent disease progression. You murderous lying thugs continuously lied about the benefits.

costs lives Surprising? Only to you guys. Looks like the real story is dexamethasone saved lives but okay 🤷🏻‍♀️ The only surprising thing is reporting truth the rest of us has known since the beginning. Surprise surprise having a hard time admiting your fake news Understand that publishing this will lead to people's deaths by reviving this nonsense.

Trump is right again. How many deaths are on CNN’s hands. Evil just evil. Lol SUPRISE! you are accessories to MURDER Trump told you this months ago, losers. 😆 It’s never to late to say you’re sorry...CNN sonjoachim Faudrait p’tête avertir Hirsch ? DJIA100K Surprising?!?! You mocked our president every time he mentioned this drug! You went out of your way trying to prove it is dangerous! You people are sick!

Cheap and effective...I believe that's what our great president took prophylactically for the corona virus X22Report A report from April /May & Dave is right again!! No shit. Anyone paying attention knew this but the media and anti-Trumpers would ratter people die than prove him correct. Great world we live in right now. Thanks media!!

Three months ago you were reporting that HydroxychloroquineCuresCOVID19 was a hoax because realDonaldTrump said it worked? TonyFauci said it didn't? Think of all the people who died because of what you reported back then due to TrumpDerangementSyndrome. Criminal. Minga761 „President Trump is wrong in so many ways about hydroxychloroquine studies.“ Here are the facts By Elizabeth Cohen and Dr. Minali Nigam, CNN Updated 6:30 AM EDT, Sat April 11, 2020. FAKE News. Désinformation

Unexpectedly! But Orange Man bad? When a Dr. Uses it to treat his closest friends in a tight knit religious Jewish community and demonstrates disproportionately low COVID-19 devastation, despite the community living close together and being slow to implement social distancing, it cannot be useless as claimed.

Surprising = inconvenient Yes You killed people by pushing your agenda THEY LET PEOPLE DIE When did HCQ become controversial? Been successfully used for decades with no controversy but because it was being tested for Covid, it’s now controversial? Are these reports or blog posts of opinions? you have blood on your hands you let people die all because you hate Trump

Our President took this long approved drug and is still healthy!!!! So sick of FakeNewsMedia MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE My congressman tedlieu has been tweeting that HCQ is deadly. The Studies were done months ago your Fake News Channel pushed the Narrative that it was a danger to people, think of all the Lives your Channel has Cost, You Have Blood on Your Hands. SHAME ON YOU.

Surprising? Nothing surprising about it. It’s been that way since March, but big pharma wants new expensive drug, and media (aka cnn) wants bad news. Throw in Zinc and it’s even more effective. Nothing surprising at all. Cnn is fake news per excellence!! Go ahead..... Say it....... realDonaldTrump was correct about this medicine! Guess what else He is correct about....CNNISFAKENEWS !

You are planning a formal apology to realDonaldTrump, correct It’s not surprising What’s surprising? That the President was right again? I picture whoever had to write this alternating between bawling, pounding their fists on their desk, and taking cheap whiskey straight from the bottle. Really not surprising to anyone that actually read those early hcq studies claiming it was 'deadly'. The corrupted minds of your activists (not journos), putting on reality tv for an ever shrinking audience of like minded sheep, just couldn't acknowledge something so obvious.

Surprising? realDonaldTrump has been touting this drug for a while now, along with many doctors who have been prescribing it to their patients. Successful results for a long time now! Boy, I bet it hurt you liberal, communist pinkos a lot to finally admit that... Hmm A surprising new tweet found that the controversial CNN was able to report a counter-narrative headline with only two editorial insertions.

. CNNLiedPeopleDied Ooooo so shocking. Morons. You are three months late due to your any-Trump bias! Political pawns for Soros. TRUMP 2020 -- boslonarotemrazão oatila tem como vc dar uma olhada e ver se esse estudo não é mesmo sério, como algumas pessoas tão falando? Obrigado, mestre! A surprising now study?! This is old news. Trump has been talking about this for literal months. There’s nothing surprising about this other than it’s surprising that you called him crazy... Actually- cnn calling him crazy isn’t that surprising.

BLOOD ON YOUR FUCKING HANDS NO SHIT! Your host Fredo is the dumbest human beings on TV “Surprising” only to CNN and the wacko America hating left there are people who died that could have saved if it wasn’t for your relentless attacks against using hydroxychloroquine for the sole purpose of attacking realDonaldTrump - beyond shameful!

CNN rallied all the Trump haters before with their coverage of hcg, now they're rallying all of his supporters with this tweet. CNN playing both sides all the way to the bank. .... ' Surprising' ... No way way...pelosi...whitmer..schumer neck nadler amd aoc....whats your response to this!!!

They encouraged you to protest so that you can spread the infection all over the country. Then they discouraged you from taking the drug that is very effective against the WuhanCoronaVirus. Do you think the Democrats (devils) really care about you? Nope! They only want power. Only surprising to cnn and those forced to watch them at airports

POTUS told me this months ago. CNN is nothing but propaganda though, so they did everything possible to scare people away from effective treatment.Its obvious CNN wanted ppl to die so they could blame Trump. Its downright criminal. You’re all complicit in the deaths resulting from not allowing people to get this drug.

President Trump wins again! sUrPrIsIng Surprising to who? POTUS So essentially the media lied to us to try to prove the president wrong? Costing people their life? Guess democrats Governors have more blood on their hands So when did CNN decide it works now? It worked then and works now. Nothing surprising here. realDonaldTrump told you as well as many Doctors throughout the country and you vilified them for it. BestPresidentEver45 TrumpWasRightAgain

Enjoy your crow CNN! Or as I like to say... suck it!! I suspect you’re only surprised that once again you’ve been called out for being wrong. So you are issuing an apology to realDonaldTrump correct? MrChelseaBoss .... You're giving me whiplash. You need to at least stick to a story. We already know you're actors, please do a better job at it.

'controversial' hmm I wonder why Surprising? Only to the idiots on the left that only wanted to discredit President Donald Trump. So OUR POTUS was right. Thanks for saying that It’s not surprising 🙄 It's only controversial because morons like you mocked it because realDonaldTrump had high hopes for it (and knew it worked).

It must be a humbling experience for you to have to admit it. cnn lefties, liberals and libertarians were the first who criticized hydroxychloroquine because of realDonaldTrump And...after getting sick they will be the first ones willing to pay an overprice (in total secrecy of course) and still going on a Witch Hunt against it.

The only reason it was “controversial” was because of the media like , who wrote shitty articles about the drug, just so Trump would be wrong. You’re pathetic. 5hoab CNN is fake news Don’t Trump was crazy and people die bcoz Donald Trump saying it ...lets approve the use now because CNN is reporting it 🙈

CNN made the drug the expense of many lives. Your entire network is pathetic. LAMESTREM, eating up their vomit.... The liberal mainstream media immediately attacked this drug as if were the most dangerous poison on earth. They even went so far as to commission studies that were designed to fail and smear the drugs reputation...( and Donald Trumps ). smart medical people knew it was effective.

Aakbar84 NYGovCuomo banned doctors from using this while also sending the virus into nursing homes, how is he not in jail? “surprising” After you scoffed and panned it because Trump like it. How’s the humble pie taste now CNN? not a surprise to anyone else. Hint: It wasn’t a controversial drug until you made it that way. cnn 👀

Survive better? did Trump already say this months ago? 🍌 This article must've hurt CNN when they published it. Proof they are just another Propaganda outlet!! AhmedWJanjua Is your horrible news outlet going to publicly apologize to President Trump now for all the pathetic reporting now realDonaldTrump Oops. You killled thousands of people with fake news in the first place murder

ansukhera _Leitadas_Loen “Surprising” huh It’s almost as if you guys are just hearing about it and didn’t spend months trying to convince us HCQ was shit. EnemyOfThePeople Yea we have known this for a longtime, but you wanted people to die to rack up your death ticker to blame Trump. The only reason it is 'controversial' is bcuz your captive agency placed doubt around it. If people only knew that CNNs future is in question since it relies on big pharma money. Count the big pharma ads on CNN and other networks. firefauci BigPharma nomasks BurnYourMask

Trump was right... AGAIN!! The cure is cheap, safe & abundantly available Not surprising at all Hmmm. Now many did CNN kill by going after it? How utterly, despicably embarrassing for you. This wouldn't happen if you guys became journalists again. You might want to give that a try. Was this one tried by an Austere Religious Scholar?

Surprising? You bash 10s of thousands of patients, thousands of medical professionals, all telling you this. This study isn't surprising, it's vindication. So surprising, right? Nothing 'surprising' about it. The President told the people this. CNN and other outlets denied it. CNN is responsible for the death's of those who did not avail themselves of this drug due to CNN's desire to smear the POTUS rather than accurately presenting vital information.

This is not surprising. Just say it. SAY IT..Trump was right again.. Really cnn are you for real. Another crap news network disinfo’s not surprising it’s more that MSM has worked in direct opposition to the truth that had been there all along...this Rx works snd is safe in treating CV. MSMISTHEENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE

MY BOY WAS RIGHT! realDonaldTrump Wonder if they are going to apologize?!! The only thing surprising about this statement is that the statement is a surprise, group of losers!! Why is it surprising? mybrainissmart Hmmm .....Trump was right 🤔 This is how much they hate you. That they would stop science and prevent saving lives just because POTUS said it was a good thing. We are at war.

Any words Fredo? Surprised they even reported it hahaha. FakeNewsCNN FredoCuomo ChrisCuomo Not surprising actually. The evidence was there and you lied to the American people. Trump was right about this drug the entire time. Surprising to you dimwits. We knew that fr the start!, Fauci knew fr 2015 but never said a peep!! Knowingly!,And the Dem Govs who forbade and wrote EOs to ban fr their states actually I believe killed ppl on purpose forbade the cure, Terrible, Horrible Scary Controlling!!!

Somebody's gonna get fired for tweeting this! How is this surprising. Trump has been saying this for months!! It’s only surprising to CNN😂😂 Fauci lied Welcome to 3 months ago... How’s that excrement sandwich CNN lied people died. Hey Trumpers, read the story before commenting. There are a lot of flaws in this, including the use of steroids such as dexamethasone, which is also showing promising results. This wasn’t even a clinical trial. Just a data review.

“Suprising”. Acosta going to apologize to the President Yeah, no shit CNN - people die because of you!!!! Disgusting!!!!! This is what happens when CNN gets Zuckered by their own Zucker. Lol. Clowns! 🤡🤡🤡 Trump right now reading how you now say it helps.... Geez how many times can you prove him right with your fake news?

Only surprising if you’ve been brainwashed by for months and months. . The only ones surprised by the fact that HCQ works are the low IQ sheep that follow you. The rest of us researched this upon mention by the President. How many deaths did you contribute to by initially denying that HCQ worked? Surprising?

Now do that thing you do where you apologize and put out a big retraction on all the things you said against it and what the President said about it. Oh, that’s right. You don’t do that. You tell FakeNews and fairy tales and stupid listeners believe you. Nothing is surprising at the extent of your stupidity.

Remember brianstelter CNN and the rest of the Left Wing Nuts needs to apologize publicly to President Trump. We all knew this, yet Propaganda Media blasted lies to us. Ha ha ha that you actually had to report POTUS was right! Not sure why is in my feed but this post was worth it. MAGA2020 Not a bit surprising if you had your head out of the sand to be polite, or out of your own a* to be blunt. IngrahamAngle ”Medicine Cabinet” segment with many doctors reported this nightly! Also, other medical groups like the American Surgeons Assoc (?specific title?) + others!

Didn’t you call President Trump realDonaldTrump a killer? All that time, months!!!, we lost because of your partisanship Here is some good news. Yep. Just think of the lives you could have saved if you didn't suppress that information from your viewers months ago when it was confirmed by real doctors. Not like those hacks that are benefiting from hiding important information like that. Well, I don't have to tell you.

Is that an apology? To President Trump? Again. Another observational & not clinical trial. The study excluded a percentage of patients (why is that) and did not randomly select, read cherry-picked. Bad headline geared to Aquarium rock eaters. Everyone seems to already know this but the FAKE NEWS!!!! EnemyOfThePeople -MSM!!!

Surprising! Only idiots are surprised by the media BS. All along they wanted people to die rather than for Trump be proved right,Think about that for a minute.... No. Not suprising. You're just fake news No surprise, poor protocols because of big Pharma have lead to thousands of deaths that could've been avoided. HCQ+Z-pak and Zinc were the winning Trifecta from the beginning. Maybe now we can get the politics out of it!

Hmm.. almost as if realDonaldTrump was right after all. I'll bet you threw up a little having to make that admission, but we're proud of you. Surprising for the dimwits Only surprising to CNN Sounds like Yoda wrote this headline. Soooooo has the lady who killed her husband with fish tank cleaner been arrested yet?

Trump said this couple months ago!!! lol only CNN is surprised! So just to clarify, realDonaldTrump was right? That must have been hard for you to write. (Every leftist responding) That's not really surprising. Its on trend, unlike the pulled lancet study that was obviously flawed. You ran with it without looking away the methodology for your narrative. Wonder how many people that prevented from recovering.

WOW! YOU CAME UP WITH THAT ALL BY YOURSELVES? Sooo suprising 🙄 Now apologize to the 3 viewers who still watch you. CNNENEMYOFTHEPEOPLE Bet it was surprising to you lot! You ridiculed Trump because he suggested it may help. Best not to take Trump on.....he'll crush you if you're not careful! OMG Trump said it was fine. So CNN and the other B.S. news told us it was dangerous. The Fda Banned it and two factories burnt down now CNN tweet amazing new study. How stupid CNN to think we all must be stupid but we bloody ain't. Shameless sods.

flyers4tw Wait, is it April 1st? Surprised? How many more lives are you willing to sacrifice before your “surprising” found? Murderers! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

So Trump was right....AGAIN Surprising to who? Narrator: It wasn’t actually surprising WTF is wrong with you people? But Trump!!!!! 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Wait a minute..... Our President has been saying this for months but you dickheads kept calling him a liar and talking how it was harmful. How many deaths are on your doorstep?

Why is it “surprising”? Surprising Y’all are idiots Oh! CNN woke up! Yes, it helps! Now... If we can all stay alive past November 3rd, this virus will disappear. Oh cool so the president was right all along. Wow! Did hell freeze over? Can’t believe CNN is reporting on this! 'Surprising' Sure CNN was hoping for more misery.

It’s only surprising to FakeNews organizations working in conjunction with the Democratic Party to take down the president Not surprising. Folks have known this for months... zev_dr . The 'surprising' part is the funniest. commonsense258 Imagine letting people die just because you don’t want the president to be right? Or maybe you are getting paid to discount the cheep drug treatment for a much more expensive treatment? The media is dishonest & vile.

Only partisan idiots would be surprised. Lol CNN Surprising? To who? The only surprise is that CNN could no longer suppress what many have known all along. Only FakeNewsCNN is surprised. It cuts the death rate in half. So if hadn't been lying about the drug from the beginning, there would be 50,000+ less deaths.

Hydroxychloroquine is very cheap, has been used safely for decades throughout the world. But, nobody will make much money if it is used to treat Covid. Think about it. Hydroxychloroquine is a racist Drumpf drug. I’d rather die from COVID than take it. I’m literally shaking right now, knowing that CNN would promote this white supremacy drug.

Yeah....Drs all over the world have been saying this. If you needed to hear from need to say it 'Controversial' (because the media hates realDonaldTrump not because of any scientific evidence but they just didn't want him to be right...) Get BTFO! Surprising to who exactly? CNN and liberals that we've been telling this to all along?

See Trump knows best CNN🤣🤣🤣 Bunch of assholes at CNN was surprised. 😮 I guess if all u media didn’t hate a drug just because trump liked it , we could have likely waited to see what it actually did or didn’t do 'Unexpectedly' It's only 'surprising' because CNN was hoping the drug was useless because Trump had high hopes for it. Anything Trump embraces, you attack and try to undermine.

Duh? We all knew that I 've always said that . Is fake. Only shocking to cnn watchers. Many studies in Europe say the same thing but you wouldn’t know that because Orange Man Bad! So - extensive negative reporting relying wholly on the early efficacy studies of Hydroxychloroquine while the presentation of Covid-19 symptoms was yet to be fully understood may have cost lives possibly in the thousands...

Alao this came out too..notice the dosage is much lower than those that touted it as dangerous... The ones from lancet were give twice the amount or more. This is a study just published. yet you reported the opposite without evidence so people could die to own Trump. CNN is garbage with garbage people

Anytime drsanjaygupta it's suspect. He and other so-called professionals did not believe these results. The President and IngrahamAngle vetted this drug a long time ago. CNN is a great barometer to know what's fake; what's real wrong all the time! What’s surprising is that CNN is reporting something factual. What’s further surprising is the haven’t apologized for not reporting this earlier when certain hospitals in Michigan were saying it worked for their patients. The lives that CNN could have saved. What a shame

No shit? Lookie lookie, where Cuomo now? No shit Sherlock It’s only surprising to you. Surprising? Is that the word your going to choose... will give you a bit of credit because I know how painful it had to have been to write this 🤣🤣 now imagine how many people would still be alive had you guys not put politics over lives

Who was surprised So CNN admit it, Trump may have been right... Not surprising unless you have TDS. How many people did CNN scare from wanting to ask their Doctors about this? How many innocent lives were lost at the hands of Democrats? Who forced you to write this...🤣 How mad were you that you had to write the truth for the world to see....

Thanks! All thinking people knew this. Well considering Trump touted it as preventative care and said he took it he’s still wrong. This clearly says it’s for treating already sick individuals in the hospital. No shit Sherlock.... Trump was right. Well what do you know! When can we expect the apologies to POTUS?

OMFG, one days it's bad, the next day it's good, smfh How bad did it pain CNN to issue this? The GOAT, Donald J. Trump was right all along. “Surprising.” Oh dang wish some one had told us earlier Well we listened to the president, not your lying-ass FakeNews. Your apologies are welcome now. 🥚 on Face .CNN you are an absolute disgrace.

Surprising only to Liberals who reject anything Trump says. He told you. What else has he told you he has right? I know. There will soon no longer be a CNN Imagine that! realDonaldTrump was right yet again You should feel really stupid about now and fire Acosta, and everyone else on your channel. I've noticed that when a person from Fox goes to your station, they all of a sudden have a philisophical transformation. Before they were reasonable, now they are far left, Right Alisyn?

Hey Just one? All the others said it didn't work + may have actually increased the chance of dying. States were giving it to nursing home patients while they were doped up on psych meds. So now it does because of ONE NEW STUDY? Just like steroids? Just like remdesivir? Doh The Clown News Network is only out done in its HYPOCRISIES by Bezos' Tabloid WaPo. Or now it's politically correct ZoLo. 3 months ago this drug was terrible, because President Trump said it was the right drug. But, now it's the wonder drug, with no mention about his prior advice.

realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr Nigel_Farage SebGorka EricTrump kimguilfoyle RandPaul Jim_Jordan HillaryClinton BarackObama This is the drug President Trump was advocating and you CNN attacked TRUMP. You attacked TRUMP day and night. Are you going to apologise now? Fk you is this really your post? Well, I can’t believe it. After the damaging report you’ve put to discredit Trump on this. Let’s pray it works and heal some people

Lol FoxNews has been telling us this for months. Has anyone checked on Acosta The fact that doctors have been prescribing Hydroxychloroquine all along shows they believed it was good for their patients. But when Trump took it, he was signing a death wish. 🙄🙄 THE CNN KNEW IT BUT THEY HAD TO SELL FAKE NEWS FOR AWHILE TO MAKE $$$$$$

Anne43867448 Sounds like the Peers reviewing this study find it to be lacking. It’s not even close to a double blind study, and it appears the doctor was selective with patients which inherently manipulated the data. Bad data = bad study Damn, president Trump was right, again... Even as indisputable evidence piled up that this drug had efficacy for Covid19, you railed harder against it and ostracized anyone on the left who gave it the slightest credence.

Now CNN is going to admit Trump was right something must be coming because they fought it all the way and did not want to say Trump was right so they said it was no good and it would kill people this proves CNN is a liar as I’ve been saying all a long On this medication you are not allowed to donate blood for a year FYI!

Imagine That😀😀 “The combination of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin was reserved for selected patients with severe COVID-19 and with minimal cardiac risk factors,' the team wrote.” If you pick the right TYPE of people, the drug *may* help. If they survived the drug This is hilarious. I love how mad the leftists are that Trump was right. Just give it a few months and you’ll realize he’s right about a lot more than that. Open your eyes 🇺🇸

Funny I heard NYC Dr said it caused blood clots Wow. Who was wrong again! How much hell did you give Trump? If you reported unbiasly you wouldn’t be wrong so often. SURPRISING CNN LOL. that's month and month that hydroxychloroquine is in use here in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, China, Russia etc.. Only CNN has denied it just because POTUS promoted it. See. Prof Raoult concret results

Lol Thing about medical studies--always a work in progress. 10 studies find no benefit and unsuspected risk--now we have 1 going the other way. Nothing new in this ebb and flow. And dozens found it does not Yeah no. How did this snippet of TRUTH pass the CNN censors? Surprising to who, exactly? Wow... you don’t say... too bad you idiots politicized it for months instead of helping patients.

🤣 of course. Its all political The problem with Hydroxychloroquine is that it’s being endorsed by realDonaldTrump. People with severe TDS and children who are sick with Covid, they’d let their kids die before taking a drug endorsed by Trump. Whoa, careful . You just dipped into unbiased reporting. 🤮

No shit Sherlock people with any brains knew that but you pushed a different agenda the drug has been around for decades and been used on millions the only danger was your false narrative to push your bs agenda and democrat governors forcing patients into nursing homes Surprising? who published this should be fired!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its only surprising to CNN because once again they are made to look like fools. 'surprising' - not really It has been noted by doctors and studies that it only helps EARLY in the disease, more importantly combined with zinc. So Trump was right? Shocking We are tired of these researchers going back and forth about how effective this drug is...

And 10 others study found it did nothing. So we’re back at the start Imagine that . They reported the truth for once. African and few French doctors recommended it when the pandemic started!! Not surprising if you have been listening to doctors for the last 3 months. This thread shows a lot of stupidity. This study is flawed. People read more that the headlines. 🙄

Ojo This is crazy, someone is adamant on selling this drug ha! CNN - always a day late and a dollar short realDonaldTrump told us this long ago Hey NYGovCuomo are you reading this? This is the drug you prohibited in NY Your days in politics are numbered, better freshen up that resume! Didn't someone say this in the federal government? Who was that again?

Hmmm...Henry Ford Health System study. Remember what trump said recently when visiting Ford plant? He praised the Ford's good bloodline. Nazis support their own interests. This is not about saving lives it's about all the pills trump stockpiled not making them $ yet. LOL now it works again. This shows me that nobody knows wtf they're talking about.

🤦‍♂️ I seriously doubt this study! That's exactly what Trump kept saying all along Better It's simple Trump is a game changer Godcomment... 😂😂 Yeah no WOW! I really didn't think that , would have the balls to post this. Let's see if they post this, 10 times a day, like they did the negative study.

Lmao... Really... When Trump said good things about CNN scared the shit out of everyone about the dangers of this drug. CNN is pure 💩💩🤡 Nothing controversial about the drug, till President Trump talked about it. The MSM & CNN saw the drug as part of the Trump team. If their paymaster President Xi was the one who talked about it, Hydroxychloroquine would have been employed & loved by them.

Who did the study? Trump University on the down low? So realDonaldTrump was right? What a surprise! Trump was right! Again! “What we think was important ... is that patients were treated early. have a benefit, it needs to begin before the patients begin to suffer ... severe immune reactions...” They also monitor the heart. The truth might lie somewhere in between. Everyone is wrong and right

This must have hurt you to publish. Anytime cnn attacks realDonaldTrump for anything, know that he is right. BS! We have been through, yes it offers relief, but the risks outweighs any benefit Which study is to be believed? TeamCavuto you owe your viewers an apology Trump told you that months ago you sneaky bastards.

Yo trump that and bleach should sort it out !! Without_Crust The doctors know what works. No cnn. You are fake news! 🤯 Sooo... Are you going to give Trump credit? I would never have thought CNN would run an article like this But but but you guys said he was wrong... So now you know he was right all along,gee wonder what else he was right about ! Everything.

Na wah oooooo, conflicting reports daily CNN two edges swords. Trump is great leader. CNN have confirmed it for the first time. 'New' They've been talking about it the whole time. You people are fucking jokes. Supernatural Healing Oil, A Healing balm for Healthy Life and Sickness free life Kindly Dm if interested

Doubtful CNN, you are now changing your tune? What about a apology for you attacks on Donald Trump. How about saying you were wrong in many reports of the past. CNN, America's BS Network Let me guess, trump will exempt this from being fake news because it supports his narrative. Fyi Indonesia has been using it til now.

Can we just be done with this whole thing! communist news network 🤔 maybe orange man isn't so bad after all. No shit huh? You don't mean it Seems like you all tried to destroy someone when they said that a few weeks back. BUT, left brains remember actual events for about 5 minutes. It helped covid patients to die faster

So multiple studies with widely conflicting results. Seems thats a bad recipe for a treatment. Hope COVID-19 was not designed to halt Trumps from winning In November. I can smell political and health conspiracies. CNN why not close down hence you are full of lies? Last time you were bombarding Trump now you agreed with him, simply apologize to TRUMP.

Pick a lane, God damn it!!!! Will CNN apologized to President Trump now. All the liberals or Dems are fools for believing FakeNewsCNN opposition to this drug and let many people died from COVID-19 just because of her hatred for Donald Trump. Is this journalism or 'satanism'? If u still take cnn serious, then ur brain is wack.

Lmao shocking Did it cure the cov19?

Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech shows 'encouraging' data in early studyA Covid-19 vaccine candidate has yielded positive data in early tests, according to findings released by US drugmaker Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech. Follow live updates: the first PLUMS are every time full of WORMS ! sorry about this . he Covid-19 is a special Virus ! and he isn't a easy one ! Obviously this vaccine is just to inject mind control devices so our ultra important daily tasks can be govt monitored. The near eradication of measles, mumps & polio was because of the much more effective ‘thoughts & prayers’. so they elicited a fever in test subjects - OOOOHHHHH - i'm so excited - sign me up

U.S. COVID-19 deaths likely higher than reported, study showsThe number of Americans who died from COVID-19 in March through May was likely significantly higher than the official U.S. count due in part to state-level reporting discrepancies, according to a study published on Wednesday. Trump and GOP Genocide! Based on nothing And cases are 1000% more than reported. Ie death rate is not that bad

COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. may be 28% higher than official count, study estimatesResearchers calculate that there were 122,300 more deaths in the U.S. in March, April and May this year than are typically seen during that three-month period. All these counts are screwing up the planning for mail in voting. Please try to keep the numbers straight That’s over 170,000 dead Americans. magadeaths AmericaStrongerWithBiden AmericaOrTrump COVID19 Then was does the CDC show us at 104% of expected deaths for the year? Wouldn’t that be way higher?

COVID-19 strain in Beijing outbreak may have come from Southeast Asia: Harvard studyA strain of COVID-19 that has infected more than 300 people in Beijing since early June could have originated in South or Southeast Asia, according to a study by Harvard University researchers. Wait are we really trying to say CHINA is the victim now? Let's not forget where it originally originated: CHINA! You don't care about 2.7M infected people in the US? Who cares?

Demand for dexamethasone rises after study finds COVID-19 benefits, FDA data showsA steroid that was in shortage before the pandemic has gotten more scarce since researchers reported it can improve the survival rate of COVID-19 patients. Well if people are using it doesn’t that use the supply up? Like what so hard to realize? Hydroxychloriquine and zinc are excellent treatments and in excellent supply Has gotten more scarce Lovely English! Has become more scarce!!! Back to school!!

Only 9% of Brazil's COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic, study showsLess than 10% of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Brazil were asymptomatic and the majority of those who tested positive for the COVID-19 respiratory disease had mild symptoms, a survey of almost 90,000 people from all regions showed on Thursday. But some many Asymptomatic cases NEVER GET TESTED Interesting it’s only 9% in Brazil In a study in Italy the scientists there discovered to their surprise 40% asymptomatics in those tested. Italians believe asymptomatic and prehsymtomatics the driver of this virus. Interesting it’s only 9% in Brazil In a study in Italy the scientists there discovered to their surprise 40% asymptomatics in those tested. Italians believe asymptomatic and pre symptomatic the driver of this virus.