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Study Documents Changes In Brain After Covid-19 Infection

Study Documents Changes In Brain After Covid-19 Infection

6/21/2021 7:28:00 AM

Study Documents Changes In Brain After Covid -19 Infection

A study based in the UK is the first to demonstrate brain changes on MRI scans after Covid -19 infections.

Comparing the two groups of scans, those with history of Covid-19 infections had MRI scans showing loss of grey matter of specific parts of their brains compared to their scans prior to infection. Those with no history of Covid-19 infection demonstrated no changes. The

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grey matterof the brain contains the majority of the neuronal tissue and cells, and is responsible for processing signals generated in the sensory organs. The investigators found grey matter abnormalities in multiple parts of the the brains of Covid-19-recovered patients, including the olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) systems, as well as the area responsible for memory (parahippocampus) and the orbitofrontal cortex, also responsible for emotion and memory.

Diagram of a BraingettyThis study was the first to document Covid-19-related brain changes based on prior MRI brain scans of close to 400 adults who recovered from acute Covid-19 illness. As the loss of sense of smell (anosmia) has become a known hallmark of early Covid-19 infection, as well as one of the sequelae of “Long Covid” illness, it is not surprising that brain scans show abnormalities in the olfactory (smell) area of the brain compared to prior to infection. The study authors acknowledge that it remains to be determined whether or not the olfactory nerve is a direct entry point of the virus itself, or simply a common manifestation of both the acute and chronic illness.

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