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Students Use TikTok to Document the Invasive Test-Taking Software Destroying Their Lives

TikTok users document how school test surveillance software is screwing up their grades and their lives

10/1/2020 11:29:00 PM

TikTok users document how school test surveillance software is screwing up their grades and their lives

Last week, in a viral TikTok viewed over 3 million times, user Daynuh Joe spoke directly into her phone’s camera, teary-eyed, explaining “how online school, college is going”: She took an exam, earned a B, and was told by her instructor that she would receive a “zero” because the digital proctoring service her school uses—ProctorU’s “Review+” system, which combines “a live environment scan and launch process with artificial intelligence behavior monitoring and professional review”—detected her re-reading the questions for comprehension and flagged it as cheating. In a follow-up video, she explained that she contacted the Dean, made an appointment to make her case, and contacted ProctorU, who sent her the full video of her taking the exam to use as evidence.

AdvertisementIn the end, the Dean told her she may need to take the exam again. Seems like an effective system, right?She’s not alone. Countless other students have been posting on TikTok, describing their own failings with ProctorU and the Review+ system. Another user, Cheyenne Keating,

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posted a TikTokwith the text, “Did I throw up during a ProctorU exam where I’m not allowed to leave the room or my desk so I had nothing to clean it up and I had to sit in it until I finished my exam?” as Kris Yute’s “I Did It” plays.AdvertisementBeyond the obvious surveillance concerns, privacy violations, and the overwhelming sensitivity of the system—not being able to move, or sit in a room with ambient noise (an impossibility for some), or speak or mouth questions aloud—are issues regarding race and disability. Sergine Beaubrun, a 30-year-old, Afro-Latina law student who attempted to take the New York State Bar exam

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