Students at Vanderbilt leave fraternities and sororities, alleging racism and insensitivity

'It is seen as morally unacceptable to contribute to the culture these organizations have created,' one Vanderbilt student who left her sorority said.

8/1/2020 9:17:00 PM

About 200 students at Vanderbilt University have left fraternities and sororities recently, alleging racism and insensitivity, students say. 'I didn't want to be part of an organization in which people didn't seem to care when I was hurting.'

'It is seen as morally unacceptable to contribute to the culture these organizations have created,' one Vanderbilt student who left her sorority said.

"I left my fraternity after I realized the system was unreformable," said Wrocherinsky,who also posted on @abolishvandyifcandpanhellenic.Wrocherinsky said many of his brothers were not receptive to conversations about racism that he had sought to initiate after Floyd's death. He also became concerned over their attitudes toward sexual assault.

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"When we brought up the fact that one of the houses didn't have enough lights, one member of the frat made a joke that we shouldn't get new ones because that was the point," Wrocherinsky said."Even if I am trying to change that culture, I am still contributing to it by being in the fraternity."

Delta Kappa Epsilon did not respond to a request for comment.The ongoing push to end Greek lifeEfforts to abolish Greek life are not new. There have been movements to dismantle the pay-to-play organizations at many campuses, but the efforts typically have been led by outsiders, Pinto said.

"The difference between this push to end Greek life and previous efforts is that this is internal," she said."People within these organizations have decided they no longer want to be involved."Ten to 15 of the original 120 women remain in Thompson's former sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, she said. The rest left over the past two months.

"People started to ask themselves — if I don't leave my Greek organization, am I a bad person?" Thompson said."I would never call someone a bad person for their affiliation, but to be part of an organization that is harming others is irresponsible and harmful, as well."

Aug. 8, 201905:31Delta Tau Delta, a fraternity on campus, voted to disband after many of its members dropped out in recent weeks."It is impossible for us to ignore the fact that empathy and kindness are incompatible with the racism, misogyny, sexual assault, classism, homophobia, violence and transphobia that have been woven into the fabric of our former Greek chapter and community over the years," former members of Delta Tau Delta wrote in

a guest editorial in the student newspaper, the Vanderbilt Hustler."Our primary call is for the abolition" of Interfraternity Council fraternities and Panhellenic sororities. These include all fraternities or sororities aside from historically Black organizations.

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"Delta Tau Delta Fraternity is aware several members wish to disaffiliate from the local chapter," Jack Kreman, the chief executive of Delta Tau Delta's national office, told NBC News after the group voted to disband."We are committed to supporting the men who remain."

"It has become anti-clout to be a part of these organizations at Vandy."Emma PintoMore than 100 former members of Greek life at Vanderbilt communicate in a group chat on the popular messaging app GroupMe about their efforts to abolish historically white fraternities and sororities at the school. The group has no formal leader, Pinto said.

"It has become anti-clout to be a part of these organizations at Vandy," Pinto said."It is seen as morally unacceptable to contribute to the culture these organizations have created."Thompson agreed."No one is proudly repping their sorority or fraternity flag right now," she said."There are people who want to keep the organizations going, but I would say they are more embarrassed about their involvement now, and nearly everyone is listening to those who have been harmed by these organizations."

Historically Black fraternities and sororities exist on Vanderbilt's campus, but their memberships are small, and they have not been affected by the effort to end Greek life.“They serve a different purpose and no one is trying to get rid of them,” Pinto said. “They are not IFC fraternities or Panhellenic sororities.”

Bandas wrote in an emailthat the university is aware of"the continuing conversations related to the Abolish IFC and Panhellenic movement," but he made it clear that the university did not support it."No student should be made to feel unwelcome or unsafe on our campus — this extends to bullying or harassment for participation in an approved student organization or for students' choice to abstain from participation," Bandas wrote.

As fraternity and sorority membership declines dramatically at Vanderbilt, some question what the future of college social life may look like.Pinto believes she has an answer."Other people had social lives at Vanderbilt," she said."They just didn't have the organizational protection of the university to drink, and I hope that with Greek life ending, people will actually join clubs that interest them."

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Wrocherinsky, on the other hand, does not think Greek life at Vanderbilt will end so easily."I think some Greek life will continue to exist," he said."Many donors to the school were in Greek life, and Vanderbilt may not want to upset them by ending it."

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