Student has brain damage after bullying incident caught on video, lawsuit says

The boy, who was 12 at the time, was allegedly choked by a 14-year-old student at their Los Angeles middle school.


California woman sues school district claiming her son was left with permanent brain and spinal injuries after another student choked him during a bullying incident last year.

The boy, who was 12 at the time, was allegedly choked by a 14-year-old student at their Los Angeles middle school.

The mother said her son, who was 12 at the time and a sixth-grader at Animo Westside Charter Middle School, was"brutally assaulted and strangled" in January 2018 by a 14-year-old who allegedly had been violent toward other students, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

A female staff member walks by and looks at the group before walking away. The 12-year-old boy then falls to one knee and appears to be struggling to breathe.

The mother alleged that staff members at the school did not immediately tell her what happened to her son, and she learned from other students that he had been choked.

Meiselas told NBC News that the boy will have to be monitored for the rest of his life and now requires assistance to read and write.

The district told NBC News in a statement that it has not been served with a lawsuit, but said it was concerned by the incident.

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She should sue the kid's parents that who did that as well. This is the stuff that really gets under my skin. Hope she gets justice for her kid Heartbreaking. Public schools should not exist. Only online, private, religious & home schooling should be allowed. RipVictimsOfBullying Should press charges against the bully student also or he won’t learn a thing.

Where are the teachers? This bullying has to stop! The parents of this bully should be held criminally accountable! Get that 14 year old in the system now where he belongs and leave him there. This video should be played at every middle/high school throughout the country. Bullying ain’t funny and can be very dangerous. I hope that punk of a bully gets suspended for life

FIRE THE TEACHER and send his butt to Juvi for 6 months he WILL DO IT AGAIN and then what y’all gone say when the next kid DIES That is so terrible! Hope the student was arrested and put in jail for a long time. He was old enough to know right from wrong.

School That Got Millions from Bill Gates Sued Over Horrific Bullying IncidentA school that received millions from Bill & Melinda Gates is getting sued over horrible bullying incident. What does that have to do with Bill Gates? I hope his parents sue, and win every penny Bill Gates gave those thugs. How about teaching your kids to stand up for themselves and not be pussies

C pas fort Prayers for the families. Feel for her kid and hope she gets a fortune from the school district. I hope they win big That's diversity for you. Dear oh dear, that’s terrible .. Hey Mom..Press the charges! Consequences matter!! That's the lesson! Also fire the negligent staff. I hope they fired and sued the staff woman that walked away too. AND charge the thugs with ASSAULT.

Great parenting. Oh, did not realize this was NBC. Trump did it. Parents of bullies should be liable to pay for his care the rest of his life. Let them shoulder the burden

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Gotta get these little animals early. Just lock him up, save someone else's future. Rock Quarry: I am going to file this in the Schul Shuting category & remind everyone that this news in not necessary, does not serve the victims, and makes everyone a victim of News Media Terror. I urge everyone to pressure advertisers who help to promote Schul Schut terror.

And how about that staff member walking by and doing nothing!!! morgfair That video is horrifying. Every single school employee involved in this needs to be fired immediately. morgfair This needs to start happening more when bullying occurs; only then will schools stop turning a blind eye to it like they did when I was a kid. It's shameful.

Poor school system. 🙏🏽 for her Son. why did she sue the school? Why not the family of the child? OMG!That kid get in trouble?there will never b enough money for this family &child to have a normal life,blessings&prayers The toxic atmosphere ignored in American schools is sickening. Between the Bullies, the clicks and the rest of the can't mind their own business and let kids be who they are little jackasses!. It's a wonder kids even want to go to school!

Sickening. We need to be better parents. Something that lasts a couple of minutes could change your life forever. No one deserves this, especially not children. Sue the parents too!

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