Strictly's AJ Odudu left fighting back tears after dance 'disaster' in quarterfinal

Strictly's AJ Odudu left fighting back tears after 'disaster' in quarterfinal

Strictly Come Dancing, Kai Widdrington

12/5/2021 9:59:00 AM

Strictly's AJ Odudu left fighting back tears after 'disaster' in quarterfinal

The TV star performed a salsa alongside her professional partner Kai Widdrington which resulted in one of their lowest score on the series to date

MORE: Strictly's Rhys Stephenson causes stir as makes rare mention of girlfriend: 'I hope you're jealous!'He failed to get AJ over his shoulders, resulting in a rather awkward moment on the dancefloor. While Kai said he took total blame for the mishap, AJ was left in tears when it came to the backstage debrief with Claudia Winklemann."Do you know what, I'm so gutted because we've worked so hard this week," she said before she broke down.

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Trying to regain her composure, she continued:"I don't want to get emotional but we have just worked so hard this week and everyone at home, I just hope you dont feel like i've let you down. I'm sorry."MORE: Has Strictly star AJ Odudu danced before? Here's what she's said

MORE: AJ Odudu's health and fitness secrets will seriously impress Strictly fans - wait 'til you see her six-packSadly, it seems that the error cost the duo some points as the judges awarded them a score of 30 - one of their lowest of the series to date.

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Speaking of the performance, Shirley said:"Pure sass and full of attitude. I want to party with you. You are absolutely amazing, but like any quarterfinal in any championship, it takes nerves of steel and things go wrong. And your ending - a bit like John and JoJo's - it went wrong," adding:"It was just unfortunate."

Disaster struck right at the end of the performanceAnton added that AJ was on her way to a place in the semi-final before the ending went wrong."But the rest of it was terrific. The energy was great, I loved it in general but the ending was like: 'Please stop I can't bear it!'"

Johannes and John also experienced a tumble during a liftCraig concurred that it was"unfortunate" but said:"That's life. You've got to deal with it. The landings generally from the lifts were really, really heavy, your transitions were a bit ropey also, it was  flat-footed. All that being said, you were totally watchable. Yes, the end was a complete dance disaster, darling but that can be fixed one day. Well done anway."

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MORE: AJ Odudu's huge hair transformation for Strictly Come Dancing - photosMotsi was more positive. She said:"All in all, this was such a powerful Latin dance for you. And I know Latin has been an issue for you, and you almost, almost, almost showed Latin 'I can do this, watch me'."

As Shirley mentioned earlier on in the show John Whaite and his professional partner Johannes Radebe made a similar error with a lift in their Salsa when Johannes accidentally stretched out the wrong hand after being lifted by John, resulting in an awkward tumble.

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What's with all the lifts? AJ is a brilliant dancer, just let her dance Kai please. my best Prince bro looking handsome awesome share lot of love 💙

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AJ Odudu's health and fitness secrets will seriously impress Strictly fans - wait 'til you see her six-pack Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Odudu's six-pack is so impressive, see the star's health and fitness secrets

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