Stressed? Train your body and mind to have multiple orgasms

Masturbation actually helps lessen stress.

8/3/2021 10:34:00 AM

Masturbation actually helps lessen stress.

Masturbation actually helps lessen stress. If you're feeling ambitious, here's how to train yourself to have multiple orgasms.

orgasm stress reliefCredit: bob al-greene / mashableThe relief comes from biochemical changes in the body, Dr. Mintz explained. The hormones oxytocin (which relaxes you), prolactin (which helps with sleep — which itself helps with relaxation) as well as endorphins are released during orgasm. What's more is that right before orgasm, the part of the brain responsible for thinking and self-monitoring shuts off, as

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MRIs prove."The bottom line is that an orgasm — whether it's created by yourself or a partner — just floods your body with relaxation and feel-good hormones, endorphins, chemicals," said Mintz.Even better, people with vaginas may be able to experience multiple orgasms due to the lack of

. In this context, multiple orgasms refer to someone orgasming a few seconds or minutes after their first orgasm.So if orgasms reduce stress, does that mean that multiple orgasms reduce even more stress?Dr. Mintz said she hasn't come across research or literature about that, but regardless, it probably wouldn't hurt. In fact, those with vaginas can train their bodies to achieve multiple orgasms.

First and foremost, Mintz recommends training your mind before anything else, in the sense of mindfulness meditation."Stop focusing on the goal and instead be fully immersed in the physical feelings you're experiencing," she said. The state of the brain before orgasm — when thinking and self-monitoring shuts off — is the same brain state of mindfulness meditation.

"Stop focusing on the goal and instead be fully immersed in the physical feelings you're experiencing."Mindfulness hashelped my eating habitsand with my stress, so I wasn't surprised to hear that the mind goes hand-in-hand with orgasm as well, whether single or multiple. Practicing mindfulness in your daily life will make it easier to bring it to the bedroom. The key is knowing when your mind wanders and bringing it back to the physical, to what your body is feeling, said Mintz.

This means to achieve an orgasm — let alone multiple ones — you have to stop putting pressure on yourself and thinking that youshouldbe orgasming or that your body is not doing what you want it to do. When you're all up in your thoughts, how can you expect to relax enough to feel your physical body, which is essential to achieving orgasm in the first place?

"There's so much pressure around women's orgasms," said Mintz,"that it's really important that women not set this up as another goal to achieve... that itself is going to be stressful."That's the great irony of vaginal/clitoral orgasms: The harder you try to have one, the less likely you will. This is why mindfulness is Mintz's greatest tip. If you pressure yourself (or have some other negative thoughts), your result will be contradictory to what you want to happen.

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"There's no right or wrong except not putting pressure on yourself," said Mintz. Read more: Mashable »

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