Cle_ Levanter, Straykidscomeback, Straykids

Cle_ Levanter, Straykidscomeback

Stray Kids Let Go And Chart A Brave New Course With 'Levanter'

The young Korean artists have carefully carved out their own unique path, paving the way for no one but themselves


.Stray_Kids is back with Cle_LEVANTER, and its surprisingly soft title track is a hopeful reminder that the path ahead is ultimately yours to define StrayKidsComeback StrayKids

The young Korean artists have carefully carved out their own unique path, paving the way for no one but themselves

. The release follows October's"Double Knot," a powerful digital single that saw the members running full speed into the unknown with abandon. (It's also their first release as eight members; vocalist Woojin

"I wanna be myself (I don’t care) / Even if it’s still strange (Just don’t care)," Seungmin sings on the chorus."After breaking away from you I can see / Everything, all before my eyes."

, brought them to a debilitating crossroads, self-doubt and anxiety seeping over a thumping bass line. The disorienting track captured the suffocating feeling of second-guessing your choices. On"Levanter," they choose themselves."The one I needed has been me," they sing.

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StrayKSubs Stray_Kids “ITS’S ALL GOOD NOW.” Stray_Kids StrayKids 스트레이키즈 Clé_LEVANTER 바람 Levanter YouMakeStrayKidsStay StrayKidsComeback Stray_Kids MY KINGS Stray_Kids Stream Levanter Clé_LEVANTER StrayKidsComeback StrayKids_Levanter 스트레이키즈_바람 Stray_Kids JEONGINFRANCE Stray_Kids THIS IS MY BOYS 👑

Stray_Kids This song is so pretty😭 StrayKSubs Stray_Kids Listen to their new album and you won't be disappointed 💛✨ Stray_Kids stray kings Cle_LEVANTER StrayKidsComeback StrayKids_Levanter 스트레이키즈_바람 Stray_Kids StrayKSubs Stray_Kids legends retropastell Stray_Kids Stream art. Stream Levanter. ☺️❤ Stray_Kids Clé_LEVANTER StrayKidsComeback StrayKids_Levanter 스트레이키즈_바람

straykids_italy Stray_Kids Kings💖👑 YouMakeStrayKidsStay StrayKids 스트레이키즈_바람 StrayKids_Levanter StrayKidsComeback Cle_LEVANTER 스트레이키즈_바람 Stray_Kids StaysPedia Stray_Kids STREAM LEVANTER Clé_LEVANTER StrayKidsComeback StrayKids_Levanter 스트레이키즈_바람 Stray_Kids

Helping Street Kids Is A Win-Win For The Kids And SocietyChildren are the future, but in too many countries, they are living on the streets. Ignoring their plight poses threats to their welfare and society at large.

StaySocialZone Stray_Kids The song is beautiful 🙌🏻💖✨ StrayKidsAddict Stray_Kids 💗 StaySocialZone Stray_Kids thats hot, now stream Stray_Kids Thank you for such an inspiring article on StrayKids_Levanter Cle_LEVANTER 😍 Stray_Kids Please give my new track a listen crystalbell Stray_Kids Woke Boys in Kpop ❤️ Stray_Kids Clé_LEVANTER StrayKidsComeback StrayKids_Levanter 스트레이키즈_바람

Stray_Kids Push with or without ‘you’ don’t believe in that

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