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Strawberry & Butterscotch Whipped Cream Cake From Jami Curl Recipe on Food52

A sour cream & vanilla cake that is easy, adaptable & about as fast as you can get. Make butterscotch whipped cream & strawberry compote while the cake bakes!

8/1/2021 4:00:00 PM

Pastry chef Jami Curl wanted the simplest possible vanilla cake to stir together at home—one that, without a mixer, you could be eating warm from the oven in under an hour.

A sour cream & vanilla cake that is easy, adaptable & about as fast as you can get. Make butterscotch whipped cream & strawberry compote while the cake bakes!

June 23, 2021This was an absolutely adorable video--loved how"real" you were about everything you did--and making decisions on the fly. The cake looks amazing and I'm going to make it after seeing you make it. It was fun to see and hear cameraman Mike, too!

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 Debora A.July 11, 2020I made half the recipe as it was suggested that this was OK to do. It turned out well and it was a nice, moist cake, I can see how it can be a very versatile. batter. For half the recipe, I used the same cooking temperature/time as suggested. It browned more in the borders and the cake had a little"dome". I noticed in the video that the cake came out perfectly even and flat. How would you suggest adjusting the baking time for half a recipe?

 Mike E.July 5, 2020Really did not like this. Cake was bland and dry and compote was wayyyy too sweet! Tried to salvage the remainder by mixing a little of it in with plain yogurt for breakfast and it was still too cloying. Masi'sMothi76 headtopics.com

June 30, 2020Oh so yummy! I did make two changes to the strawberry sauce, adding 1.5 C of sugar instead of 4 (Yikes!). I also added 2 T of Chambord to the sauce during the boiling process.Will definitely make it again! Nehal T.May 30, 2020The cake was excellent! I agree with some other reviews the texture is a little dry but the compote and whipped cream would counteract that. However, I added 1 cup of sugar to the strawberry compote and it was too sweet, 4 cups of sugar would be just too much! I added some lemon zest and a pinch of salt to counteract the sweetness. I just put a dollop of regular whipped cream on top.

 R F.May 30, 2020We just made this cake and did not love it. I was short on sour cream, so supplemented with about 1/4 c of Greek yogurt. The cake was really dense and dry, and didn't taste like much. I also made the compote, using mixed berries rather than just strawberries. 4c of sugar is a LOT of sugar. If I make the compote again, I'll use half that amount. My son and I are pretty disappointed, since we love berries and cake. This was bland and just overly sweet.

 AmyMay 7, 2020I’m sorry but I didn’t like this cake.Lovely video, nice effort, but no. It’s fine, just not something I would make again. I’m always thinking that I’ll find the holy grail of one bowl, no-mixer cake, but I never do. For me, there’s no escaping the creaming method. When using good ingredients, go the extra mile.

 RaquelOApril 27, 2020Made it. Loved it. Easy recipe. Came out lovely. Not too sweet. Great recipe for older kids in the kitchen (I'd say 10+, but that depends on your child). I helped my daughter with this one. We had it plain one night and then with ice cream the next. I just want it for breakfast! headtopics.com

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 strawbabyApril 26, 2020I'm not a baker, and by that I mean I almost NEVER bake. But I watched the video of Kristen making this cake, and thought,"Why don't I ever bake?" It looked so easy.And it was. SO easy. So much more delicious than I expected from that humble list of ingredients. I made a half recipe, by the way, to fit my little vintage Mirro aluminum 9 X 6 pan, and it was perfect for two for a week of indulgence.

AND, it lasted all week. I made it last Sunday and only today did it seem a little less fresh. We had it totally plain on day one, with ice cream on day three, and for day four (or was it five?) I melted some sugar-free strawberry jam and spooned it over the cake, finishing with some canned whipped cream.

I'm on your site now because I have to print the recipe and stash it so I don't lose it. And did I mention I am definitely now a baker? Thanks. :) Lisa L.April 23, 2020Kristen, I enjoyed your video so much more than the recipe. Made it yesterday for my daughter's birthday and am happy that she was thrilled, but I'm much more discriminating. The cake had a beautiful crumb, but it was too dense and hard and I baked it for only 35 minutes at which time it was beautifully golden and a cake tester came out clean. Smelled wonderful when it came out of the oven, but I didn't care for it (and I love vanilla and sour cream!). Made the compote w/a frozen berry combo & I felt that it was just flatly sweet. It needed something more than the apple cider vinegar to balance the 4 cups of sugar. And the whipped cream was fine, but, although I love butterscotch, I prefer a lot less sugar in my whipped cream. Overall, I think this recipe was just SWEET and tasted boring as a result.

 ThereseApril 20, 2020Terrific! Mine came out a little dense, like a coffee cake but no one is complaining here. I didn’t do the fruit or whipped cream. I had extra sour cream and chocolate chips do I made Amanda Hesser’s topping from her chocolate dump cake. Really good. I look forward to topping with summer berries this summer. headtopics.com

 Denise H.April 20, 2020 Read more: Food52 »

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