'Stranger Things' Just Revealed Hopper's Fate And I Need To Talk About It Right Now

'From Russia with love...'

2/14/2020 6:16:00 PM

'Stranger Things' Just Revealed Hopper's Fate And I Need To Talk About It Right Now

'From Russia with love...'

NetflixBut, arguably the biggest question was whether or not Hopper was actually alive.NetflixIn case you need a refresher, Hopper heartbreakingly sacrificed himself in order to close the Gate and save everyone else.NetflixIn the final moments of Season 3, we saw a scientific base in Russia and of course, we've been

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about whether or not Hopper is actually there.NetflixWell,Stranger Things Read more: BuzzFeed »

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ReRodriguez31 X2 He clearly wasn’t there during the explosion I’m not sure why people thought he died

Sheriff Hopper's Fate Revealed In First Footage from Stranger Things 4Hopper’s ALIVE – but the Hawkins sheriff looks a little different in this StrangerThings4 sneak peek (via toofab) TooFab 😭😭🔥 eltrshani TooFab Kgsitxkxgflyditxylcyusrdgagldfkzglx eeeeeeeee TooFab Yes!!!

'Stranger Things' Season 4: David Harbour's Return ConfirmedThe Duffer Brothers announce the start of production and a new Russia setting for Harbour's Jim Hopper and the series at large. DavidKHarbour I mean, what else was he gonna do? DavidKHarbour So, spoiler? DavidKHarbour Obviously since hes in the trailer for season 4 lol

‘Stranger Things’: David Harbour Returns For Season Four As Production Kicks Off – TrailerDavid Harbour’s Jim Hopper is back for the fourth season of Stranger Things but this time he’s imprisoned in an outer region of Russia. Creators The Duffer Brothers released a teaser video of Hoppe… OMG yesss 🤩

‘Stranger Things 4’ Teaser Reveals That Hopper’s Alive and Imprisoned in … RussiaNetflix dropped a Valentine’s Day treat on Friday morning in the form of a teaser for “Stranger Things 4.” The teaser, aptly titled “From Russia With Love,” reveals th… i knew it! What a shocker. wouldn't it have been great if the teaser at the end of the episode was actually a teaser and left viewers questioning beyond we even saw another episode.

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