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Stop Matching Your Eyebrow Makeup to Your Eyebrow Hair

According to three experts, your eyebrow makeup is most likely darker than it needs to be. Here's your guide to finding the best eyebrow color for you.

4/12/2021 8:53:00 PM

According to three experts, your eyebrow makeup is most likely darker than it needs to be. Here's your guide to finding the best eyebrow color for you.

According to three experts, your eyebrow makeup is most likely darker than it needs to be. Here's your guide to finding the best eyebrow color for you.

agrees: "Brows are so personal." That said, it's important to consider your unique hair color and skin tone before picking your brow makeup.When picking an eyebrow color for her clients, Medhin first looks at their hair and skin color. Fellow makeup artist

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, also based in New York City, concurs. "I look to the root color of my talent's hair."Iope Eyebrow Auto Pencil in Khaki Gray$20Shop NowThis seems like a pretty obvious tip, we know. If you have light skin and hair, for example, you might feel overwhelmed by a pitch-black brow pomade. Or if you have a deep skin tone, a light-colored powder probably won't appear at all. But it's a little more complicated than simply having brown hair and picking whatever brown eyebrow makeup is around. Thinking critically about the depth and undertone of a clients' skin and hair, Medhin explains, helps her determine how light, dark, cool, or warm their eyebrow makeup should be (more on that in a second).

Observing the texture of your hair can also help you determine how light or dark your brow color should be, Sacks says. "This helps me gauge how intense or soft to go," she explains. For example, those with naturally dark and dense hair will likely be a better fit for equally dark and dense eyebrows. Folks with lighter or finer hair, on the other hand, might feel a “rich, dense” brow in a lighter tone look m. headtopics.com

Even general facial structure can determine brow color for Sacks. "I also look at the forehead space," she says. "I will tend to create a softer fill if the forehead is smaller." In her opinion, the brow should be "enhanced but not overwhelmed." Observing your hair color and density as well as skin tone can help to avoid that if you're afraid of going

toobold.Aim for shades that are slightly lighter than your natural brow hair colorOK, so you've got a good grip on your hair color and skin tone and are ready to buy some brow makeup. Now what? It's time to determine how light or dark your brow product of choice should be. After determining a client's root hair color, Tommy will almost always select a color that is one shade lighter than their hair.

"The ideal color will mimic the shadow already there that is created by eyebrow hair," he explains. Medhin takes a similar approach: "I'm looking for an eyebrow pencil that.. conveys the look of a shadow," she says.To reiterate: The goal isn't to find brow makeup that exactly matches the brow hair; the goal is to mimic the color of the shadow-cast skin that lies between each of your brow hairs. Sticking to that rule, Sacks says, can help "camouflage" brow makeup into your hairs.

Anastasia Beverly Hill's Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe$21Shop Now"If the brow shade is too blonde or dark and you're looking to fill in gaps, you will notice your brows will appear to have pigment on them but they don't look any filler — or they just look drawn on," she says. "Brow color should create density or more depth but not change the brow's tone." headtopics.com

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Not matching your brow makeup to your brow hair might sound kind of backward, but think about this way: it's the contrast between darker brow hair and lighter brow makeup that creates the illusion of fuller brows. Filling in brows with a color that's an exact match to (or darker than) your brow hair eliminates that illusion and can make brows appear flat or blocky. So if you look in the mirror and can easily clock your own brow makeup, it might be time to trade up to lighter makeup shades.

When in doubt, opt for neutral or cool-toned shades over warm onesHere's where your skin depth comes into play. Medhin's rule of thumb is that "the fairer the skin, the less warm I would like the brow pencil to be." Tommy adds that skin undertone can also help when determining how much warmth or coolness will compliment a person's brows. "If someone has more yellow in their skin tone, the eyebrow pencil might need a touch of warmth, otherwise, it might read ashy or gray or artificial," he explains.

The biggest exception to that rule, Medhin clarifies, is redheads. "That is the time I lean towards a warm pencil," she says. But at the end of the day, the goal is to mimic a shadow rather than actual hair, so Tommy would argue that it's better in most cases to lean toward shades on the cooler side.

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