İnvesting, Stocks Tumble As Covid-19 Cases Surge And Stimulus İs Nowhere To Be Found - Cnn

İnvesting, Stocks Tumble As Covid-19 Cases Surge And Stimulus İs Nowhere To Be Found - Cnn

Stocks tumble as Covid-19 cases surge and stimulus is nowhere to be found

US stocks tumble as Covid-19 cases surge and stimulus is nowhere to be found

10/26/2020 6:27:00 PM

US stocks tumble as Covid-19 cases surge and stimulus is nowhere to be found

Wall Street is tumbling on Monday as coronavirus, Washington intransigence and earnings weigh on the market.

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Amazon's cloud service sees widespread outage Inc's widely used cloud service, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is experiencing a large-scale outage, the company said on Wednesday, affecting users ranging from websites to software providers.

olymtradescam OlympTrade id_olymptrade The_FINACOM they are not allowing to close trades of assets when market opens till 5 minutes .iam losing money . The Bidens and Tony Bobulinski blame trump and his minions Thanks Nancy. Vote her out Donald Trump: New York. Vote for Trump. What (the Hell!) do you have to lose? Governor Andrew Cuomo is no hero. He's to blame for New York's coronavirus the spring !

They should put a stimulus bill out then. Few suggestions for Placing Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers Thought CNN did not care bout the market When stock all time high, you do not appreciate Trump’s effort. When down, you blame him. Idiot Thanks Nancy Thanks Nancy Yes this Senate is corrupt focusing on this instead of what the American people have said , let them know with your vote never forget

Market is scared of a Biden victory Good thing we shorted the market. Hate that we even had to knowing this drop was inevitable Best. Economy. Ever. So. Much. Winning. Another Trump sell off This Guy has worse luck than Rudy Guiliani Nancy Pelosi wants a stimulus..but she knows it has to be enough of cover the needs of everyone ..essential workers, hospitals, medical, testing,PPE, schools,staff, Meals, seniors,mortgages, small businesses, EI and so much more! She knows ppl need money for more than a month!

Trumps world he is at the WH but he says Covid is not a problem taking this country down is his priority and taking life’s as well drmikemurdock CNN, can't you people just change your evil reporting tactics? And this is America.. Sad. But but, Trump says the Markets are doing great, when you hit rock bottom things do have a tendency to trend up! With Trump having money in play means strapping in for a rollercoaster ride! The markets hate uncertainty, and that is Trump’s signature play!

Network of doom and gloom! Trump will win big regardless and things will get better than they were before the plague from China. Markets tumbling because they a petrified sleep Joe may win via the unsolicited “postal ballot” route. It's not going to keep people from going out to vote. That is CNN goal.

The worst market is a market that doesn't move. IT'S TIME TO COME TO THE REALIZATION that Trump's only interest is his re-election & that Trump couldn't care less about anything or anyone else. 'TRUMP WILL SAY & DO ANYTHING' he thinks will secure his re-election, even endangering other people's lives.

Trump and Pence and the rest of the Republican Cult are trying to scare you into voting for them. All the while, they are trying to destroy U.S. with all their lies. 'One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man.' The Whitehouse CAN NOT HIDE from the fact that the Trump administration has 'never taken the coronavirus pandemic seriously.' If there's any doubt, there's over 225,000 DEATHS as reminders.

A vote for Trump is a vote for the coronavirus.....8 days While millions of people's lives are in a bind, TRUMP and the Republican Cult have DECIDED to do nothing but play with people's lives. Trump and the Republican Cult have decided another COVID-19 Economic Relief Package is not necessary at this time because YOU ARE NOT NECESSARY!

wait after the elctions Us sucks right now this is who you all vote for The economy will continue to get worse because of Republicans refusal to pass a stimulus bill. No money means no purchases & more downturns. Half an hour into the trading day , the Dow fell 1.5%. Good. Let it crumble and tumble. Trump loves his precious stock market,let everyone feel the effects from those suffering.

Natural gas FTW!!! The real reason Pelosi wouldn't do the stimulus. To your average voter, the stock markets falling week of election is disasterous. Will trump talk about the stock market today? I wonder why there's no stimulus.... Republicans already showed they're willing to negotiate and push through. Dems, stop playing politics at the expense of American lives! Leave out the pork!

The Dems and Pelosi are Blocking the Stimulus Relief With Pork....and the Covid Mortician Rate Is Way Down. So Trump can stop bragging about the stock market & without the stimulus the economy will only get worse. He’s so ignorant he doesn’t understand this. Got a quarter tank of gas in my new E class. But that's alright, cause I'm gon' ride. Finish the lyrics for me guys

The current administration ihas given up on both COVID and the stimulus. They have gone in hiding as far as the people are concerned. Very sad I think trumps been to busy with the campaign US stocks tumble **as world realizes GOP is determined to trash America's economy and leave as many sick & dead as they possibly can on their way out the door.**

SpeakerPelosi if you cared about the American people you'd stop playing games with the stimulus bills. There's no reason to include a rewrite of election laws. Also, why would a stimulus package mentions “cannabis” more than “jobs.”? Trump isn't the issue on this one, sorry. It was buried under Pelosi's office.

All but the one stock I sold yesterday. Every fng time 🤔😞 It's on Nancy's desk CNN breaking news - millions of more tests are the reason for the uptick in Covid-19 cases showing up. The good news, it is a weaker strain and the new approved drugs will defeat this Chinese Pandemic. Sooooooooo much winning! realDonaldTrump MAGA WWG1GWA 🍊🤡 is a loser. TrumpIsLosing

I don’t support McConnell and Pelosi super PAC stimulus. We are in $25T in debt. We must cut spending and budget. Not increase it. The greatest stock market ever! I promise Mexico will pay for the wall! The best health care! Promises....Promises. realDonaldTrump is too stupid to understand the impact and too lazy to learn.

Now what realDonaldTrump. Yeah thought so! Oh my goodness what will all the people do who vote for Trump simply for the money in their 401k or the stock market or their portfolios with absolutely no thought of country suffering and death of so many people and children in cages and liars and cheats and criminals.

Trump destroyed America Thank God we’re confirming a Supreme Court justice, tho! That was pressing. I follow back assap guys Buhari can’t take us all Retweet aggressively Follow me , and Demand for a follow back 🥳❤️. Test the speed But by god we are going to push through an unqualified supreme court judge. Why are stocks gushing about this? Shouldn't corporations be jumping for joy since they will vote to remove all regulations?

But but but don’t they know Trump said we’re rounding the turn? Buy Gold 👍 We're rounding the corner folks! The stimulus is buried under Nancy’s political pork. Anyone got more of them 'stimulus hopes?' eh I'm sure those investment companies will be just fine, they always bounce back. realDonaldTrump as no plans for anything he nysts shouts and complains America needs a real President and a strong Vice president so vote realDonaldTrump and VP out and VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica

So pandemic...spreading...stocks ...tumbling...businesses closing.... Can we please get a new President soon? Trump has given up on both controlling the pandemic and helping the people

Cruise stocks drop as a surge in new COVID-19 cases sparks broad-market selloffThe stocks of cruise operators were hit hard Monday as a surge in new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. and abroad sparked fears that no-sail orders would be... تابعونى The carnival stock I bought in May looks to be a large mistake 😂 More lockdowns to come. Now is not a matter of stimulus its more to do with losses of economic activities

Trump Rips 'Fake News' For Focusing On COVID-19 'CASES, CASES, CASES' As Nation Breaks RecordThe president disputes facts about an alarming COVID-19 surge as a plot to sow fear ahead of the election. Arrest Huffpo fails to inform readers that the WHO IFR is 0.13%, and the flu IFR is 0.10%. Okay buddy whatever you say🤦🏻‍♂️

Trump Rips 'Fake News' For Focusing On COVID-19 'CASES, CASES, CASES' As Nation Breaks RecordThe president disputes facts about an alarming COVID-19 surge as a plot to sow fear ahead of the election. Americans are dying in larger numbers and trump is in denial about the truth. He has to go. Mainstream media wants to avoid looking at the broader picture. To only talk about cases when there is over 99% survival rate induces fear and panic. Put cases in context: of tests, of those with no symptoms or very mild case, heavy skew of elderly & co-morbid conditions.

Trump Rips 'Fake News' For Focusing On COVID-19 'CASES, CASES, CASES' As Nation Breaks RecordPresident Donald Trump on Saturday attacked the media for its focus on COVID-19 “CASES, CASES, CASES” after the nation hit an all-time high of more than 83,000 daily infections on Friday Lunatic EndSARS 5for5 aBetterNigeria EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA EndSWATInNigeriaNow He’s just a blowhard who I hope disappears

Dow down more than 300 points as COVID-19 cases surge, stimulus remains stalledStocks stumble out of the gate Monday as the number of daily U.S. COVID-19 infections hit a record at the end of last week and a final agreement on a new... Bullshit volatility due to the repeal of TheVolckerRule and these headlines are bought and paid for to give a semblance of credibility to the fraud. $SDOW, $SPXU, $SQQQ, $TMF, $LTPZ, $SGOL and $SIVR are your friends.

U.S. sets single-day record for COVID-19 cases during new surgeMore than 84,000 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 across the United States on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, a record one-day increase in infections during the pandemic as the virus surges again nationwide. Time to overwhelm social media with a single message. PCR test is not only being faked, with false results. Even true results are 94% false positive and previous innactive infections in too. It means both case numbers and deaths are huge lie. befreenow Trump is to blame!