İnvesting, Stocks Just Wrapped Up Their Worst Week Since March - Cnn

İnvesting, Stocks Just Wrapped Up Their Worst Week Since March - Cnn

Stocks just wrapped up their worst week since March

US stocks close out their worst week since March, when markets tumbled with the first wave of coronavirus infections and lockdowns

10/30/2020 11:17:00 PM

US stocks close out their worst week since March, when markets tumbled with the first wave of coronavirus infections and lockdowns

It has been a messy week for the stock market. With only four days to go until Election Day, rising Covid-19 infections and uncertainty about further government stimulus to help the economy, there's plenty for investors to worry about.

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Trump's 'economy.' It's collapsing, but there's still a way to spin it as 'great.' Buy at the dip Breaking News: Biden was challenged by voters in Florida. Biden responded speechless. 'That is a lie, Joe. That is your son and Ukraine!' Good! Time to buy for when it rebounds next week Just a sample of biased news.

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They are tumbling on the prospects that Biden could be president. The writing is on the wall. Shocked the numbers didn't go as low as pre 2016 so I'm not worried at all. My 401K would have loved todays 26M 'low' during both previous administrations. Carry on...... But realDonaldTrump says we can measure the economy by how the market performs-and he says the economy is “the best!” it’s ever been!?!

CNN loves reporting on negative information. Stocks always tumbles before and after a election The official video for THE NAME is finally out hit the link watch and be bless. Please as you listen and download also retweet and try to share the link on your various platform don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Love you all.

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Great news Make America great again when Trump is President he’ll fix the economy and the stock market. Just round the corner. It’ll be a miracle. Unsolicited Advice: Buy Low and Relax.

This Is The Worst Week For Stocks Since March, With Four Days Left Before The ElectionThis is the worst week for stocks since March, with 4 days left before the election: KILLING IT OnceUponATime GO GE To be expected. HODL and buy $BTC. Lost $5k in value this week. They are pricing in Biden’s win

European stocks rebound slightly as earnings supportEuropean stocks edged higher on Thursday after strong earnings reports from companies including oil major Royal Dutch Shell and chip equipment supplier ASM, but sentiment remained fragile a day after a broad selloff on lockdown fears. You wait and see, globalreset2020 is on the way!

Bets on Biden-Led Stimulus Fuel Outperformance by Small StocksSmall stocks are outpacing larger companies by the greatest amount in years so far this month, underscoring investors’ bets on Democrats gaining control in Washington and ramping up spending to support the economy. thank you very much for your work greater fiscal spending It looks as this article was written by a Democrat party member. Wsj is a joke

Vote and virus: volatile markets bring reminder of March turmoilEquity and currency volatility shot higher on Wednesday and the cost of sourcing dollars rose, reflecting fears that the U.S. election and resurgent COVID-19 pandemic could tip markets back into the sort of chaos endured earlier this year. Covid meds aren't selling because no one needs them Reuters fails to remind readers that markets fluctuate. Instead, it tries to scare you. The market is teetering. No way without major stimulus will all the individual job loss and small business closures let it escape what is coming.

Stocks are dropping as the election nears, giving Trump a headache in FloridaThe swing state is a magnet for retirees, drawn by the warm weather and lower taxes. It seems to me that both, dems and reps, colluded to delay the stimulus until after the election to make the stock market drop so Trump would lose votes. Trump is not evil, Trump is satan. Yep! Because they are scared to death all their money is gone!! If Biden wins, America is doomed Boo Hoo. Fk Trump

European stocks turn lower as ECB declines to add stimulus earlyEuropean stocks slipped on Thursday as the European Central Bank didn't bring forward stimulus even after Germany and France announced lockdown plans. thanks