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Stock sell-off set to continue Tuesday as Dow Futures open lower

Stock sell-off set to continue Tuesday as Dow Futures open lower


Stock sell-off set to continue Tuesday as Dow Futures open lower

U.S. equity futures opened lower Monday evening as traders weighed the details of an ongoing trade war between the United States and China.

In a note to clients Monday, Citi said its China economists are "cautiously optimistic that a trade deal can eventually be signed." But added that the "window to avoid further escalations in US/China tensions is closing fast."

Post, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has already gone ahead with first steps on putting tariffs on roughly $300 billion of Chinese imports.

in a note Monday that higher U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods will likely turn into a a headwind for corporate earnings — and the economy could fall into a recession if the country's trade war keeps escalating.

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it is too early to call, probably $SVXY will end up being green tomorrow. I am wrong!!! Futures dipping further .. ouch

Futures fall on U.S.-China trade uncertaintyU.S. stock index futures fell on Tuesday as uncertainty of a trade deal being re... Same headline day two. Can anyone smell trump doesn't know what he is doing. Trump has no morals and doesn't work hard enough to get things done. How much longer is this China deal goong to take?

Stock futures head lower as U.S.-China tariff worries persistWall Street brace for further losses Tuesday as stock futures slump on simmering trade tensions, with U.S. officials confirming that China tariffs would be... AGAIN! Trump !!!

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US stock futures tumble after Trump administration says China reneged on trade dealThe Trump administration is taking stocks on a roller coaster ride. Investors are not pleased. Really.. oh no.. the market went down.. wait what back up again.. wait..down ..up.. it's what it does. Next! Tumble? The Dow lost 66 points. Wow, you guys are really grasping at straws here MAGA ‘ lmao

Stock futures slip in Asia amid trade standoffStock futures turned red in Asia early on Monday as a standoff in Sino-U.S. trad... Da! realDonaldTrump stevenmnuchin1 have you heard of the term global depression? Well you’re taking us to the cliff but you’ll jump out of the speeding car before it goes over right? Just let the rifraf take care of the destruction after? You entitled ass wipes will be accountable

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Asian stocks, yuan fall as U.S.-China seen deadlocked in trade talksU.S. stock futures fell and Asian shares slipped on Monday on growing uncertaint... trade war is a lose lose game. This is part of the Art of the Deal that Trump forgot to write about. Managing High Finance and Trade are not in his skill set. He is a Flim-Flam artist and the Chinese are not stupid or Putin or Kim Jung-Un. Kim asked for $2 million for Otto Warmbier UP Front. Another Trump Lie? Any fall in yuan will soften the harm to Chinese exports to U.S! Then U.S will blame China for currency manipulation! What happened to free market ideology of American conservatives?

Stock futures point to fourth-straight day of losses after Trump claims China ‘broke the deal’With U.S. and China set to begin trade negotiations on Thursday, markets get rattled anew after President Donald Trump tells a Florida rally that Beijing... SOMEONE TAKE TWITTER AWAY FROM THE HUMAN ORANGE!

U.S. stock futures slip after tariff hike, Asia shares eke out gainsU.S. stock futures fell and Asian shares held onto earlier-pared gains on Friday...

This Dow stock could be a top hideout trade amid the tariff war, technical analyst saysThe markets are feeling the heat from the trade war, but technical analyst Carter Worth says there could be a place to hide in the retail space. VIX?

Dow plunges more than 700 points intraday Monday as trade-related stock-market losses gather steamThe stock market on Monday touched an intraday low, with the Dow sinking over 700 points amid escalating U.S.-China trade aggressions that have roiled... Thanks, realDonaldTrump! Dow hasn’t heard about the beautiful letter from President Shi which just arrived... Good.

Dow stock swings are exhausting, but here's how to surviveMassive intraday swings in the Dow Jones industrial average can test even the steeliest investor. What you need is a little perspective.

Stock market internals increased selling intensity, but still far from panicThe Arms Index, a volume-weighted breadth measure, for the NYSE and Nasdaq are showing increased selling pressure in the broader stock market, but it's still... Yet. Well thats not panic selling hasn't started Yet...sheesh No panic ! The stock market will be back up in the next couple of days! Change it to the scam market !

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