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Steven Rinella of Netflix’s ‘MeatEater’ Wants Us to Get Outside

The conservationist and hunting enthusiast teaches viewers how to be safe and smart in the wilderness

11/28/2020 2:30:00 AM

Conservationist and hunting enthusiast Steven Rinella of Netflix’s 'MeatEater' doesn’t want Americans to see the wilderness as hostile

The conservationist and hunting enthusiast teaches viewers how to be safe and smart in the wilderness

ByEmily BobrowNov. 27, 2020 11:54 am ETGrowing up in rural Michigan, Steven Rinella was hunting squirrels at age 7 and trapping raccoons at 10. By 12, he could scale a tree in the dark and sit still for hours, his limbs cold and numb, while waiting for a whitetail buck. Whenever someone shot a deer, his family would fry up the heart and eat it for breakfast. Mr. Rinella killed his first deer at 13, and he still remembers the rich taste of that heart, cooked with onions and served with ketchup.

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some day...he'll wander down the path of a mother bear...protecting her cubs...or a hungry mountain lion...but will shoot...squirrels...deer...possum. he says...:I got this' Is the wilderness hostile? Where are you safer, downtown in a major American city or in the woods with the bears and mountain lions? I know the answer.

Best hunting show ever. And i have never hunted and never thought about it until i saw his show. I still havent hunted but i have thought about it. I spend a lot of time in the wilderness and the most hostile things there are gun-toting yahoos. 'Camping With Your AR-15'.....remember kids, if you miss the target, your round(s) will continue on for another 500 yards...oh and high visibility vests are not made of kevlar.

Conservationist and hunting enthusiast being in the same sentence is pretty funny 'Conservationist and hunting enthusiast ' lucky you who don't have the brain exploding aftet writing oxymoron like that... We don’t, it’s just the gun-toting self proclaimed militia members we worry about Um...aren’t we the ones taking the guns out there?

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